A Christmas Family

by Suzie XX

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Mother, Daughter, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Lactation, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A student nurse does an unexpected Xmas day shift in theatre but when a woman surgeon invites her home for the evening she gets a lesbian induction from the whole family.

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It was to be a Christmas Day I wouldn't forget as long as I live. And I thought at the start of the day it would be the worst ever. For a start I had to work an 8 hour shift. I'm 20 years old, by the way and I'm in the second year as a trainee nurse. As a junior nurse of course you always get the shifts no-one else wants and my Christmas didn't really exist this year with shifts all over the so-called festive season.

So at eight o'clock Christmas morning, when others are beginning to stir and watch kids opening their presents and looking forward to the roast turkey dinner, I was starting the morning ritual of emptying bed pans, changing and making beds and taking round the patients' breakfasts in the surgical ward. An hour later, though, the shift was about to take a new direction. One of the top surgeons, Mr Douglas-Harper came hurrying through the ward. This was unexpected as there was no scheduled surgery for a few days and I was sure it had to be very serious to get him in on this day.

I kept glancing up as he held an animated discussion with the ward Sister and she shrugged her shoulders and once she seemed to be pointing to me. My immediate thought was that I was in trouble, and as he strode over to me looking quite serious it really gave me a sinking feeling in my stomach.

"Leave that and come with me please," he said in a tone that indicated this wasn't open to discussion, and I left the bed half-made and followed him as he strode on forcefully. I glanced round at Sister but she waved me on. Once again I had that feeling you get when you are sent to the headmaster's room at school.

"Sir? What's going on? Where are we going?" He didn't answer which didn't improve my stomach and I followed him as we went down a flight of stairs but in the main corridor he spoke.

"Ever helped in theatre, nurse?" he asked without turning round.

"Um... no. Sorry," I replied, trying to keep up with his pace.

"No worries, you'll soon pick it up. Bit short of theatre staff I'm afraid and there's a pretty bad RTA victim that will need a lot of patching up by the sound of it, so we're likely to have your charming company all day! Not what I had planned either believe me!" We turned off the main corridor following the sign saying Operating Theatres A to D and almost immediately swept left through double swing doors into Theatre A.

"What's your name?" he asked, throwing his jacket onto a chair in the scrub room and unbuttoning his shirt.

"Student Nurse Turner, sir" I answered.

"No, your first name, we don't stand on ceremony in here. I'm Harry by the way." Harry? I'd never heard anyone address him as anything but Mr Douglas-Harper and I could imagine Sister's face if she heard me call him Harry!

"Jackie, sir." It was a little disconcerting when he threw his shirt and tie onto his jacket and started unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers, kicking off his shoes as he went.

"Good, well welcome to theatre Jackie and none of that 'sir' stuff in here either. We all have to work as a close team so it's first names only, OK? And mine's Harry! Get your hands scrubbed now and get ready to help me with the gown and gloves when I'm scrubbed.

"Yes si... Harry I mean." He was now in just his button-fronted black boxers and held out a hand for a pair of disposable blues trousers. He pulled these on then stood at the big sinks scrubbing his hands well in the disinfectant soap gel. He had an extremely hairy, slightly greying chest and hairy legs too, and a dark beard shadow on his face so I guessed he was quite hairy beneath his underpants too.

Just then the door opened again and the familiar face of Sandra Gunnall came in. She was the senior registrar under Harry and the patient was certainly getting the first team of surgeons. She, too, started stripping off with no regard to other people in the changing room. She was a strikingly attractive woman of about 35, with mousey coloured hair and pretty blue eyes like a doll. Full red lips, and that was without any makeup. She was rumoured to be soon made a consultant too, the youngest female consultant ever known in the hospital. A real high-flyer and I was totally in awe of her.

Harry held out his arms to slip the gown on and held them in the air while I fastened the ties at his back. I tied a mask over his nose and mouth, then rolled a pair of long latex gloves and slipped them on his hands. "Good, lets get started as soon as possible; the patient should be here any moment."

Sandra said she would be right there as she pulled on a pair of blues over her pink panties and stood scrubbing her hands in a rather sexy pink bra. As she dried her hands she seemed to notice me for the first time. "Hi Jackie, first time in here?" I nodded and she continued "Don't worry all you have to do is be a gofer. Mop our brows if we sweat under the lights and bring us water to drink now and then. Oh, and keep the drips primed with bloods and saline. Oh and if it goes on a bit you may have to take us to the loo so we don't have to scrub up again. Apart from that just do anything we ask. Call me Sandra in here please. The boss likes first names only."

"Yes I'm to call him Harry, that's so weird."

"I can imagine. Outside here it's Doctor Gunnall again OK?"

When she was gowned, masked and gloved, I put on blues myself and followed her into the theatre area where a theatre nurse was already checking the instruments and the distinctive bald head of the man checking the equipment told me it was Gerald Ainsworth, an anaesthetist. He was always on the ward chatting to patients and I knew him well. He smiled and nodded to me in recognition but carried on.

The doors banged open and the patient was wheeled in on a trolley and was hoisted over onto the op table by the porters. He looked in a really bad way with what looked like crush injuries all over him. The nurse pulled off the gown he had just laying over him, slinging it in my direction, leaving him naked, but as he was unconscious I'm sure he didn't care. There didn't seem anything for me to do immediately so I went back to the changing room and hung the surgeons' clothes onto coat-hangers. The door opened again and a cool-box full of cross-matched bloods was delivered and I took some in to theatre where the nurse set them up on a drip.

Gerald had fixed a mask on the patient and an injection was sending him to a deep sleep. Hardly waiting for it to take effect, Harry started making a long incision from his chest to the lower abdomen. There was obviously massive bleedings inside him and they were all working feverishly on him for hours. Every now and then they would say Jackie — more bloods! Or Jackie, mop my brow or Jackie water etc and I was kept quite busy. After about 3 hours Sandra said she needed a pee and called for Jackie, naturally. In the changing area was a stainless steel toilet bowl but with no seat or lid. Sandra held her blood-covered gloved hands well clear and said "Come on hurry up get my pants down." I suddenly realised that I was expected to do everything for her as she kept her sterile hands well away. I undid the bow tying up her blues and pulled the trousers down, followed by the pink panties. She squatted and released a huge stream of urine.

When she was done I pulled off a few sheets of toilet paper and wiped her. She had a thick gingery bush which extended right underneath so I made sure it was all dry, wiping her pussy lips from front to back, before getting her dressed again and she went back to the operation. No sooner had I flushed the toilet when the theatre nurse came out saying "Sorry, another one for the trough!" She had plain white knickers under the blues and when I pulled them to her knees I saw she was completely shaved. She also had a giveaway string hanging down from her pudenda and she pulled a face and said "would you mind?"

I grimaced back and she laughed and said "Sorry, but it must need changing." It was odd pulling a tampon from another girl and she squatted a little as it slowly eased out. I dropped the very full tampon into the water when it popped out. "There's some in my bag, would you mind?" she asked and I realised it was going to be worse putting a new one in. She peed while I found one in the pocket of her handbag, and after I wiped her she raised a knee and somehow I managed to get the angle right with the applicator.

"Does that feel comfortable?" I asked

"Perfect, now get my knickers up so I can get back to the fray. Thanks by the way Jackie, I know that's not very nice for you." I flushed again and washed my hands for the millionth time it seemed and did a round of water to everyone, holding the plastic cups while they drank. It was another hour before Harry had to take a pee break and this was what I'd been dreading. I pulled the blues down while he stood in front of the bowl with his arms raised. Rather than fiddle with the buttons on his boxers I pulled them down. "You'll have to hold it" he said "It won't bite!" I gingerly put two fingers underneath it with my thumb on top and he started the flow. I tried to guide the flow against the side but I managed to get some on the floor. When it was finished I squeezed up the shaft and over the foreskin and shook it and a few bits more came out. But as I pulled up the boxers another few drips came out into them but he said not to worry.

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