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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue - This is the story of Artemis Jones. How can one person's life change so much in such a little time.

Some people believe that ghost and ghouls don't exist. They're wrong. I hunt them. Not only that but magic exists too. There is a whole other world out there most people don't know exists. Those that do are a part of it and want to keep it a secret. Sometimes someone unwittingly stumbles in on it. Sometimes they purposely go looking for it. Rarely does anyone make it out alive. I have so far.

First off let me introduce myself, my name is Artemis Jones. I am a hero. I know that sounds contrived but I don't care. It's what I am. Well that and a few other things. I like to identify with the hero part. I've done things in the past that I am not too proud about. Maybe that is why I like to call myself a hero.

Other names I have been called are Cad, Rich Bastard, Unrelenting SOB, Financial Shark and those are some of the nicer ones. Like I said, I've done a lot of things in my life, not all nice. I haven't always been the model of society. I grew up a rich brat. It could be that what I am doing now is a way to atone for some of my mistakes, maybe it is because of my past that makes me want to help.

I do help people, that is why I am writing these stories. I want people to know that if the supernatural comes knocking at your door, there is someone to help.

I know most people don't believe in stuff like this, that is the way they like it. They try to explain it away rationally. They make up things, and convince themselves that is what really happened. The supernatural likes to get rid of those they can, and try to convince the rest of the world the others are crazy. So far you probably think I am crazy. If you still do listen up.

The reason that I call myself a hero, is that I save people. Hopefully beautiful women. A guy's got to have standards. Maybe it is easier to save beautiful women because they are easier to look at. The monsters might think the same thing, pretty girls are easier to look at as well.

I was born into a wealthy family. One thing I knew was that I would never have to worry about money. I was given the finest education money could buy. It also helps that I had a natural aptitude for learning. After graduating college, with a couple of Masters, at the tender age of twenty-one, I realized I wanted to travel the world, more than I already had. I had traveled the world with my parents when I was growing up. We traveled whenever a business interest came up or just for fun. I wanted this to be my own personal odyssey.

I took a lot of odd jobs. I didn't need them, but I wanted the experience that they offered. My parents instilled with a work ethic in me. Granted my wealth allowed it to be a little different than others, but I knew I needed to work. I took my share of jobs that required a lot out of me.

I took my first job as an herbalist in China, where I spent about eighteen months. I learned that sometimes folklore and superstition can play a very real part in people's lives. They would come from all over to get this magical remedy from the Ancient One(my guess is at least 106 years old though you would have only guessed 70 by looking at him.) His name wasn't really the Ancient One, I kidded with him about the awe and reverence that the everyone held him in. He was very methodical and precise. He would only do rituals and harvesting at certain times of the moon, and he would only picked certain herbs and plants on a particular day. I never really believed in that, but the power of the mind is indeed powerful.

If people could convince themselves that something was magical, then it actually might start working. Having learned what I did, the Ancient One dismissed me. He told me my destiny lie elsewhere, and I had learned all I could from him at this time. I did learn some things, I admit. I saw what detail and pride he took in his work. I learned how to show compassion to people. At the time he seemed like more of a father than a boss. I didn't use any of my own money when I worked for him. He took care of me completely by feeding, clothing, and making sure my mind was as sharp as my body was honed.

Lots of his simple remedies were very useful, antidotes to poisons, the poisons themselves, energy drinks, memory enhancers and more. I personally had occasions to try all of these and they worked. Western medicine could learn a lot from eastern practices. Maybe that is why a lot of doctors are from there now. But it was time to travel and experience more.

My next job was as a professional wrestler. My six foot six frame and two hundred seventy pounds were put to good use there. And it didn't help I had good looks too. Though if you watch professional wrestling you realize that isn't necessarily a prerequisite. I am also not that modest, which is good considering spandex doesn't leave anything to the imagination. It helps to be confident in yourself, and not to worry about what you look like.

Being a professional wrestler is definitely challenging. I spent a lot of time in the gym. I was never seriously injured, but I had my fair share of cuts, bruises and concussions. By the time my yearly contract expired, I was ready for a new challenge. I was very lean and trim. I was probably in the best shape of my life so far.

Again, I realized I had learned some things. I learned how to roll with punches and absorb damage. I knew what parts could take hits and where it was way to painful to get hit. I learned how to exercise and massage the tiredness out of your muscles. And of course in the manner of old school wrestling how to bleed and make what damage I took look a lot worse. But it was time to mover on.

I started an engineering and design firm to make all sort of cool gadgets. One of my degrees is in electrical engineering, so I knew what was plausible and would make money. I gathered the best minds I could buy and started letting them try to do things they wanted to do, within my guidelines. I knew this business would make money, but I must have inherited my families business sense. We have experienced rapid growth to try to keep up with the items we were creating. It turned into a fabrication and manufacturing business as well. By the time I was ready to leave, I needed to hire people more competent to run the business at the level it need to be.

I noticed that I started to soften a bit. I tried to find a place to hone my body next, and maybe gather a few more skills. I wanted to find a martial arts grand master and resume some of the studying I had done as a teenager. I had wanted to resume Tae Kwan Do. I had thought myself to be rather good at it, I had managed to attain a second degree black belt. I could not find a grand master, or a master to continue at the level I wanted to. I did find a grand master in the art of Ken-Jutsu that would train me. It was an entirely different concept. It dealt with sword fighting instead of kicking and punching. I hoped it would still satisfy my needs.

I spent about two years at this, longer than I had at any other so far. It was there I met Kimoko.

Standing five foot tall with long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, she was a vision of beauty. Kimoko wasn't impressed with my money, looks, or intelligence and was by far the most determined person I had ever met. Her eyes burned with a fierce intensity. She was as intelligent as beautiful. In every sparring match between us, she was the victor. Her agility was cat like in its fluid motion. When she attacked, it was almost as you were standing still, as her movements were a blur.

My heart leapt whenever we were alone together. There were other students, but Kimoko took me on to teach. I think she was better than the grand master herself. She showed me how to make my movements fluid, and how to keep from overexerting myself. Her slightest touch, was enough to send chills down my spine. After the first year, we spent more time alone. I was studying more intensely. There were times when after my matches with her, it was almost like sex. Some of the touches and the looks we gave each other were so hot and passionate, I had to resist from grabbing her and kissing her there on the spot. At one point I could resist anymore, and after a match I grabbed her and kissed her.

The sparks flew and I saw fireworks. I think that at my throat closed up as I kissed her, there was such an intensity between us. I don't know how long the kiss lasted, by the time we stopped we were both panting. Maybe it was the intensity of our match or the intensity of the kiss we felt, but I could almost feel the fierce passion that I saw in her eyes. I wanted her so bad. I actually ached for her, to touch and caress her. To share how much passion I had for her. I pulled the sash of my belt and my top came open. My muscles were glistening from the sweat of the workout we both had.

I hoped this showed her what I wanted to do with her, as I could no longer form rational thoughts; let alone speak to her. She pulled off her top as well. Then she removed her bra. I watched stunned as I saw more of her perfect flesh. There was a subtle danger to her body. Her arms and stomach were toned and lightly muscled. My arousal couldn't be contained at this moment. I pulled of the bottoms of my gi, as she pulled hers off. We both stared at each other's naked forms for a while.

Our bodies glistening with a slightly sweaty sheen, we moved towards each other. We kissed as passionately as before, but this time our hands were exploring each other's body. I felt the muscles in her back under the softness of her skin. I moved my hands up and down her sides, brushing the sides of her breasts as I moved down. I felt the tightest, smoothest ass I could ever hope to hold. My hands melded perfectly with the cheeks of her butt. I took her in my arms as I knelt down. I knew that I had to have her at that moment.

We were laying on the floor of the gym we had just been practicing on. We started to kiss, from there I moved my way down, gently kissing her chin and neck. I moved down to her breasts. She gasped slightly as I did this. My mouth moved down to her nipple as I flicked my tongue over it. I started to suck on her breasts, as her breathing became more intense. She reached down for my cock and it felt like heaven. I moaned as she moved her hand up and down on my shaft. A gentle hand touched the back of my head as I was sucking on her breasts. I knew what I wanted when my hand went like that on a woman's head.

My mouth broke contact with her breasts as I slid and kissed slowly down towards her vagina. I moved in between her legs and started to lightly kiss everything there. Her smell aroused me even more. I longed to enter her, but I wouldn't just yet. I moved down to lick around her mound and heard her gasp. She moved her hands to my head and grabbed some of my hair. I started to lick and suck around her clitoris. I licked lightly and rapidly at first. Then I changed pace to slow and hard. I tongued around the area and then went back to work on her clit. I attacked it with the passion and heat I felt for her. As she reached her pinnacle and had an orgasm I gazed upon her naked form and it appeared almost angelic. I knew I was in love.

It was unrequited love. Kimoko cared about me though. The time we had together was great, but she wouldn't leave. She would take over her father's place when he died. She was the grandmaster's daughter. In my opinion she was probably better than her father. He wasn't too happy about our relationship either. It was a great time and one I truly treasure now though at the time I never had so many bruises and felt so exhausted in my life and I never hope to again. After I was sure my love wouldn't leave with me, and she was sure that I wasn't going to stay, we said our goodbye's and I left again.

Now don't think I grew up like some wealthy kids with me not knowing my parents or any crap like that. I loved them and they loved me. I talked to them at least a couple times a week no matter where I was, satellite phone and all. And I decided to spend some time with them to get in with the family business for when I had to take over. We were all happy to be together and I knew that they were sad about Kimoko not coming with me but I had to get on with my life. So I became the natural rich bachelor. I was hound daily by paparazzi. Though I could handle it better than some celebrities, I had more money to watch out for me. The United Inquisitor was the exception they published all sorts of stories about me. Take a grain of rice and they would make General Tao's chicken with it and fried rice to boot. So the stories had something in it that was true but the rest were lies and exaggerations. I did discover we had things all over the world we were connected to. I had a corporation in every country that had a major airport. Form logging, to media, to pharmaceuticals we had a hand in everything. Politics too, but hey if your that rich you almost have to be involved in one way or another.

I spent some time with my family and friends back home. I needed to catch up with them and see how everyone was. My personal odyssey of self discovery and play were over. It was now time I started becoming what I was groomed to be. An heir to an empire.

My parents were ecstatic that I was back for good. I don't really know if they understood what I did, but at least they supported me in it. My father took me to the board meetings. I attended regular outings at the country clubs. I made speeches to our various companies and oversaw a few projects. I realized how much power we really had. My parents had managed to acquire companies and contracts in third world countries and countries in the communist bloc that had previously not accepted outsiders. We were connected at in international level, though we had those offices headed up by people form those countries.

Life was good. I had to cull about half of my friends. They had not accepted their wealth that well and were running their life to hell. I was too busy in mine to try to help. Drugs, alcoholism and illegal activities of all sorts had some of them heading down the wrong direction. In stead of helping them, their families bought their way out of the messes and reaffirmed the lesson they could do what ever they wanted to do. I missed some of them. I did have a few real friends left. Those I kept in touch with in some form or another. Most had taken over the family business or started their own. Others I kept for the same for the same reason they kept me, a contact.

Then in one night it happened. My entire existence was turned upside down. My mother and father were killed. I was away at a business function at the time. I got the call in the hotel when I got back from a evening dinner party. I immediately flew home. Police surrounded my home. It still looked like the same place I grew up. I expected the house to be destroyed, and everything laying in pieces. I couldn't believe it. I was devastated. I was getting to know them so much better. I wasn't quite ready to take over the business yet.

The next day I found out that all of my close friends had been killed too. I was away at the time at that damn dinner. I wondered if I could have prevented this. Maybe I could have been killed too. If they knew I was away, that might mean it was personal towards me.

I surrounded myself with bodyguards, since I figured so I was probably on that list as well. The FBI was called in, as well as the state police, to help the local police with the cases. I personally called and hired some of the best detectives and private investigators money could buy. All these conventional means weren't helping, I was getting frustrated. One detective brought in a psychic to help with the investigation. She looked a like a librarian to me, I didn't really know what to expect. I was desperate, who was I to complain if it helped. She took a look around and whispered to the investigator. When he told me what the psychic said I nearly hit the floor. She tried to tell me it was magic.

I checked the references on this investigator. He after brought in a psychic named Susan if he wasn't able to find any clues about a case he was working on. I found out he had a very high number of resolved cases. His clients were sang his praises. It was another avenue to investigate.

I never really believed in magic. I could say that whoever saw something unexplained, we just couldn't identify it yet. Nobody else came up with any information. At all. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Something was just plain wrong with that. Naturally I was a suspect, but I had alibi's apparently the killings happened in waves. Three to be exact. I was also still a target. I began to think about what I could do to avenge my parents. I set up a board to deal with the companies and had several back accounts set up everywhere in the world. Then Kimoko came to visit.

She said she was attacked by invisible assailants. She was able to defeat them. As students, we were blindfolded and attacked by several other students many times. We learned to use our hearing, and to feel the air around us. By the end of my training, I was good. As always though, she was better. And I only assume she just continued to get better. She told me that her father had died in the attack as well as over eighty percent of the students in the attack. The rest of the student left the night of the attack. The dojo she was going to take over was now abandoned. We held each other, taking comfort in our embrace.

Then my attack came. I could smell it in the air, the foul stench of decaying flesh. The hairs on the back of my neck started to stand up. My attackers weren't invisible, but looked to be something from an old horror movie. They looked like the dead reanimated. From all of the old horror movie, I knew to aim for the head. Between my swords and fists, Kimoko and I were able to defeat this inferior but numerically superior force. I hoped this was the only attack. I was wrong. I wondered about my bodyguards. How had this force entered so easily.

I believe the next things to attack us were vampires. They didn't really have that white face, claws and fangs sticking out though. They did possess a supernatural grace and speed that easily dispatched all of my guards, while only taking one loss for them. My bodyguards weren't your typical type of body guards. They were actually mercenaries, battle hardened and field tested. They were one tough bunch of guys They're dead now. The attackers came at us. They were either blindingly fast, tough as steel, or strong as hell. This was a tough fight. But my swords are razor sharp. So were Kimoko's. They managed to rip my shirt during the fight. I could see blood starting to stain my shirt in a few areas. I got hit once that sent my flying across the room. It felt as if I had gotten hit by a Mack truck. I could feel the bile start to rise in my throat. We did start to even the odds. Kimoko seeing that I was starting to get hurt turned on the speed. Her movements with her swords were barely visible. On one attacker she turned around in a one hundred eighty degree arc and had her swords at head level. She connected with the swords. The head flew form the body it had previously been attached to. The body turned to dust. It was like a scene from "Kill Bob." She was doing a deadly sword dance that had the attackers both captivated and scared. Seeing this, I could feel myself remembering the moves that had been drilled into my by Kimoko.

You could tell our attackers weren't used to being beaten and they were starting to get scared. That made it easier to kill them. Eventually we killed them all, but we were really ragged. We were bleeding bruised and tired as hell. Then the demon appeared.

I guess it was a demon at least, he was about 7 foot tall had multiple arms and made the vampires look like school kids. I went in with my swords raised and brought them down on his chest. My blade broke on him. He didn't take a scratch. My fist was doing damage to him though for some reason. Kimoko's swords were able to cut it and though it didn't look hurt, its arms had deep gashes caused by her. After what I thought was one well placed jump kick it caught me by grabbing my chest in mid air and punched me. If I thought I had been run over by a Mack truck in the second fight, I must have been hit by a freight train this time. I thought I died. I found out later that I had four broken ribs. It caused enough pain that I almost passed out, I was severely dazed though. I couldn't see straight and everything was fussy to look at. Then I saw the demon coming for me. I could see by the look in its eyes, that I was dead. It was coming to kill me. The demon was almost on me when Kimoko jumped it. She bought her swords down in a blindingly fast arc towards its chest. This green ooze poured from the open wound. The look in the things eyes changed from gleeful murder to a hell bent rage. The demon lunged at Kimoko, with a speed that it hadn't previously shown. It caught her off guard, and it grabbed her. It was as if something clicked in my brain. I felt rejuvenated. I stood up, seeing clearly, and could almost feel where to aim my attacks on the beast. The demon was holding her up in the air with one of his arms and fighting me with the others. I felt like a man possessed. I was hurting him, blow after blow I would land on his head and chest. The thing started to stagger, and wasn't holding Kimoko quite as high as it had been. It was getting weaker. It landed some hits on me but I didn't really feel them, I knew they should have hurt but I wasn't going to complain. I was just trying to save Kimoko. I jumped up and caught the beast right on the side of the head. It swayed back and forth a bit then some guttural sounds came from its mouth. The room smelled of sulphur and then it was gone. So was Kimoko.

I felt my life force draining from me at that point. I crawled to my phone and I was able to call 911 before I passed out. Three days later I woke up in a hospital. I hurt. God did I hurt. I knew at that moment that I had to find out more about this stuff. A few days later I checked myself out much to the protests of my doctors. I went to see Susan, the psychic. Her home was lying in pieces, and the place had been police taped off. I learned she wasn't home at the time, but her house had been blown up(maybe she was a decent psychic.) I went about trying to find her. When I arrived at home to pack a few things I got a letter from her saying to go to a place in a suburb of the city at noon and to come alone. I was curious about this but I went anyway. First though I went to the man who made my swords, and got another set. At around fifteen till noon I saw standing where I was supposed to go. About thirty minutes later this kid came up to me and looked me over. He told me to follow him. I didn't go at first thinking maybe we were looking for different people, but he mentioned Susan's name and I followed him.

He took me took me to a rather unremarkable house. It was a nice white one story ranch. Nothing that would make it stand out. It didn't have any flowers, the colors on the house were white and a dark color for the accents on the shudders and trim. Now that I think about it, I can't remember a single detail how I got there. An old lady appearing to be at least 80 years old was sitting in a chair. She looked at me and it was and the intensity of her look made the hairs on my arm prickle. It felt as if she was staring into my soul. I never was one to look away from someone, I was just to overconfident to ever consider it. The look she gave my was so intense, that I couldn't keep meeting it and had to look away.

She said she was a sorcerer, and there was a whole world I was going to have to learn about and try to fight if I ever wanted to see Kimoko again.

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