First Time... Last Time?

by msboy8

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A varsity High School quarter back is dealt a life changing blow. Can he learn to live with the sudden change in his life that fate has dealt him?

Thanks to 4degrees for his help and friendship.

It wasn't fair, it just wasn't fair! The coach had said, "Save your energy for the game boy." And now it was too late for me. I didn't even see that drunk driver and here I was crippled at 18, out of the game, out of life! My masseuse will be here soon. Doesn't it figure, she has to be a stone fox too. I can kiss all of that goodbye too, even though I never got the chance. Ryan Philip, the ex-quarterback, was bitter. Who could blame him? His life has changed so abruptly and things would never be the same again.

Ryan has been this way for three weeks and all he can do is lie there and watch TV or play computer games all day. He doesn't play sports games, because it would be a painful reminder of what he has lost. His toned body has not yet lost its well-built muscles and sheen but, if he keeps lying listlessly in bed, it will. Even with the stimulating massages Paula gives him every week.

Ryan was in bed dreading the arrival of Paula. Last week, in a moment of despair, he had blurted out everything he was feeling to the masseuse. Now, he was afraid of how she saw him. Will she treat me like a spoiled child? Will it be evident in the way she moves and how she acts? Why did I even open my big mouth? Ryan vowed to himself that if she displayed any of those things, he would have her fired.

Paula arrived with a smile and a song running through her head. She greeted him warmly and set her supplies on the table. She was dressed differently today, Ryan saw. Her long brunette hair hung loose around her toned shoulders and she had on just a bit more make-up than usual. She wore short-shorts and a small rose colored cotton blouse that left her midriff bare, Ryan could swear that he could see the outline of her nipples, but she had him roll onto his stomach, so she could massage his back.

Rubbing the massage cream on her hands, with a smack-smack sound, Paula started on his left leg. Ryan didn't see and couldn't feel her long hair drape and perform a sensuous drag along his right leg. She worked on his leg and foot, relaxing the muscles and smoothing the kinks that he couldn't feel. After she finished his other leg, Paula slapped him on the ass and moved to his left arm. Ryan didn't feel the pain from the slap, but he felt the vibrations. What the fuck? He had never felt the vibrations before and it made him wonder. Ryan didn't feel much like talking, so Paula worked quietly. The only sound heard in the stylish bed room was from her hands as she manipulated his flesh.

This time Ryan could feel Paula's hair on his bare back. He was going to comment, but he liked the feel of the hair on his body. When she moved to the right arm, she had to reach across the bed. First Ryan again felt her hair, and then he felt something heavier, more substantial draped across his back. Is it her tits? Why would she do this for me? Does she feel sorry for me? Anger flared in Ryan's brain and his face flushed; however, her soft caresses soon eased his mind. If Paula felt when his muscles tense then relax, she gave no sign of it; she just continued her soothing session.

Paula had to sit on the bed to reach Ryan's right shoulder. She made certain that her full breasts pressed down on his back and moved when her hand moved. Guaranteed to make a dead man stand up and beg! Loosening up his muscles is just part of my treatment. Paula massaged her way over to his left shoulder working Ryan's stiff muscles. She didn't have to keep sitting on the edge of his bed, but it allowed her to keep her tits pressed against his back. Paula was becoming aroused, something she was trying to do to Ryan. She smiled as her nipples became erect and dug twin furrows in his back.

Ryan felt her hard buds through the thin fabric of her blouse and moaned. Why is she trying to stimulate me? She should know by now that I have no feeling below the waist. It's all dead down there. "Why are you giving me a massage like this? You never did before. I demand that you just give me a regular massage or leave me alone."

"Ryan don't get yourself upset, I'll finish my massage without touching you with anything but my hands. You're not as appreciative as I had thought you would be." Paula got off the bed and sat upright. Her touch was strong and masterful as she knocked the kinks out of Ryan's back. It was rough, almost too rough, but he had had asked for it. She finished up with his back by grabbing the skin on his neck, massaging and pinching the folds of skin.

"Don't get upset? Don't get upset! How I supposed to feel, I'm half a man and you're trying to appeal to my dead half! You're a strange girl, I've heard of cock teasers, but this is ridiculous."

Paula helped Ryan turn over so, she could massage his front. She looked over at the lump in his crotch. "Look down sweetie, my 'special massage' was not in vain." He gazed down at the boner he could not feel. Ryan reached down and grabbed a hold of his erect cock. He was amazed to find it hard as a rock. He looked up at Paula with a question in his eyes. He never got a chance to ask it, his mouth dropped open. She had taken her blouse off and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts were firm and lush with erect nipples pointing straight out. "Are you ready for the rest of your special massage?" Ryan couldn't answer, he just nodded are stared at her standing by his feet wearing nothing but a pair of hot pink short-shorts.

Unable to tear his gaze away from Paula's ripe boobs, Ryan watched them quiver and jiggle as she massaged the top of his feet and legs. He could not feel her hands or the delicate brush of her nipples on his legs; however, he could see it and his fertile mind kept his cock at full mast. Ryan watched her massage her way closer and closer to his aroused manhood. My dick has never been this hard before. I still can't feel anything, but I can see that it's erect! Paula continued her erotic massage, determined to keep Ryan as sexily stimulated as she could.

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