Dinner With Daddy

by Patience Bryce

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Daddy's girl surprises him with dinner outdoors, then they make love by an open fire. This is NOT an incest story, but two consenting adults who define their relationship as Daddy/girl. Short Story


Copyright┬ę Sept 10, 2005

The sun had just started its nightly decent by the time Daddy pulled into the driveway. The air had already begun to cool. Soon fall would begin. Daddy turned off the engine and sat there for a moment, almost too weary to get out of the car. His mind began to drift to the next day and all he had to accomplish. From the corner of his eye he saw a small flicker of light. He turned his head towards the house and smiled. His girl had lit the candles along the walk and porch. The warmth of her efforts beckoned him to leave the car.

Getting out of the car, Daddy stretched, beginning to feel the tiredness ebb as he caught sight of his girl waiting for him. She stood by the table, which was set for dinner and illuminated with several different sized candles. When she saw him smile, she started walking towards him. He looked her over, taking stock of her appearance. Dressed as he preferred, she wore a black and white sleeveless blouse, showing just a hint of cleavage, the halter type collar disappearing under her long hair. Her waist length hair hung straight down her back where it reached her waist. The black skirt, stockings, and heels enhanced her legs to perfection in his eyes.

As they met at the edge of the porch he murmured to her, "You look so pretty."

She slid her arms around his neck, "Thank you, Daddy, I wanted to look pretty for you."

Grinning Daddy told her, "I see that. I see that you have also been busy. Thank you, little girl, this is so nice to come home to."

Daddy pulled her close and kissed her, hugging her to him.

"Come sit down daddy, I have a cold beer waiting for you!" She grinned at him and tugged at his hand.

He chuckled at her enthusiasm and followed her to the table. Sitting down she picked up the beer from a small cooler under the table and opened it for him. "Dinner will soon be ready too! I thought we could eat out here since its not so hot any more, ok?"

"That's fine with me, honey, but I want to get a shower before we eat. Do I have time for that?"

"All the time you want Daddy!" She pointed to the porch, I have the buffet warmer set up to keep dinner warm until you are ready."

Daddy took a long drink from the bottle and already felt himself relaxing. A few crickets chirped, and the water running through the nearby stream was comforting. A Downy Woodpecker hopped backwards down the tree branch to reach the suet feeder while two goldfinches perched on the purple coneflowers, picking at the seeds. It was peaceful.

"Daddy I need to go check on dinner, ok? Do you need anything?"

Daddy reached for her hand and pulled her over to him, "Honey I think I have everything a Daddy could want right here, and right now. The only thing that will make it any better is to get a hot shower. Then we can sit and enjoy our meal together."

She leaned down and kissed him on the cheek, "Thank you daddy. Go get your shower and I'll finish getting everything ready!"

Daddy drained the last of the beer from the bottle and keeping hold of her hand, they walked into the house together. Daddy headed down the hallway while she busied herself getting the last of the dinner ready. She wanted everything in place by the time he finished his shower and came back to the table.

She quickly set out the salads and filled up the small buffet server with the hot food. Surveying the table, she double-checked to make sure everything was in place. Napkins, plates, silverware, wine glasses all in their appropriate place. Taking a deep breath, she let it out slowly to calm her nervousness. She just wanted everything to be perfect. At the sound of the door opening, she turned her head towards it and saw Daddy coming outside. A smile played across her lips as she watched him come down the steps, handsome as ever. She felt so lucky to have him.

As he approached the table, she turned on the lights under the umbrella over the table, illuminating the place settings. Daddy slid his arm around her and kissed her cheek before sitting down. She picked up his napkin and shook it out before placing it on his lap. Reaching under the table, she pulled a bottle of wine from the cooler, setting it in front of daddy next to the corkscrew.

Carefully she sat down, smoothing out her skirt. She watched as Daddy opened the wine and held her glass out for him to pour. As he tilted the bottle over her glass, he noticed her freshly manicured hands. He placed a hand over hers, stroking her fingers, "Your nails look very nice, it pleases me."

In the dim light, he could not see the blush of pleasure tinting her face. She sighed happily, "Thank you Daddy."

He finished pouring the wine and held his glass up to hers, "Here's to the most thoughtful girl a Daddy can have."

She added, "And to the best and most handsome Daddy a girl could ever dream of."

A quick taste of wine and daddy dug into his salad. She watched him for a moment before she started to pick at her own. After preparing all day, and anticipating these moments, she did not have a strong appetite. However, she reveled in seeing him enjoy himself.

Daddy finished his salad she wasted no time in clearing the dishes and serving the main course. She filled his plate with two thick boneless pork chops slathered in a home made barbeque sauce that was chunky with onion celery and garlic, potatoes, corn, and still warm biscuits rounded out the meal. They settled into the meal, making small talk about their respective days.

When he finished his food daddy asked if there was any left over.

"Daddy will you have room for dessert?"

"All this and dessert too? I think I'll wait for that!"

She cleaned off the plates and went into the house, promising daddy she would only be a minute or two. They did not often do dessert after a meal, so Daddy was curious what she had prepared. He did not have to wait long as she made her way back outside, carefully descending the steps in her heels as she carefully carried two goblets.

She placed a glass in front of him, "I hope you like this Daddy. It is peaches with a red raspberry drizzle topped with vanilla ice cream."

After daddy murmured his approval they ate in silence, the only sound was from the spoons gently clinking against glass goblets. When he finished daddy let out a sigh and moved back a bit from the table. "Honey I really enjoyed that. What a wonderful surprise this was. You really know how to please Daddy, you know that?"

"Daddy there's more to come!"

"Please I hope it's not more food!" Daddy chuckled, patting his stomach.

She giggles, "No, no more food. Coffee if you want it daddy, or something else? But I do have to ask you for help with the next part."

Raising an eyebrow Daddy asked what she needed help with.

"Come on daddy, I'll show you!" She grabbed his hand as he started getting up from the chair and pulled him across the yard. "I got some wood for the fire pit but I'm not good at starting the fire. Will you do it for me please? I have it ready." She pointed to the wood stacked in the middle of the pit, newspaper peaking out from under it and a long handled lighter sitting on one of the stones surrounding it.

Daddy knelt down to the task of starting the fire. She took the opportunity while he was busy to go to the porch and retrieve the few items she had stashed beside the porch. Quickly she gathered up the blankets, pillows, and a small padded case and went back to join daddy.

He stood up and looked at her full arms. "Need help?" Smiling, she shook her head, "No, I can get it daddy." She tossed the materials on the ground and busied herself in spreading out the blankets, checking to make sure there were no stones lurking beneath them. Placing the pillows at one end, she sat down and patted the space beside her, "Come on daddy sit with me."

Daddy poked at the fire a few more times to make sure it had a good start before sinking down next to her, putting his arm around her shoulders. She leaned her head against his shoulder. They sat and watched the flames as they crackled and danced into the air.

At last, Daddy spoke, "You know what I'm missing?"

"What's that?" She asked, already anticipating what he was going to say.

"A good cigar."

Grinning broadly she reached under the pillow and pulled out the case. "Do you mean a good cigar like this Daddy?"

Daddy laughed and shook his head as she opened up his cigar case, "Exactly like that honey."

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