When Two Souls Connect
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - By Jack's standards, she was beautiful and he was interested in getting to know her... She looked up as he turned from the desk, and he waved at her. She smiled in acknowledgment, and he felt as though he had been given the keys to Heaven.

Jack Travers had never had trouble finding a woman.

The forty year-old historical romance novelist's rugged handsome features, complete with steel-gray eyes and a just-had-a-romp-in-the-bed look to his ebony curls, had many women willing to keep him company and to provide him with needed personal entertainment. He had taken some of the ladies up on their offers, and, thus, had been seen about town with some of the finest belles Alabama had to offer. Jack's trouble with women was that he had not found one who did not want to provide him with a herd of children.

Now, Jack liked children -- in fact, he volunteered at the library three times a week for story time. He also visited the children's hospital once a week, dressed up as a clown. Jack just did not want to be responsible for them twenty-four hours a day. He made this decision after spending a summer baby-sitting. He had had various children to care for and as time went by, he found himself shuddering at the thoughts of having any of his own -- ever.

Given the fact that he had been only sixteen, he gave himself a few years to think over things, and at the age of twenty-five knew that he was not going to change his mind. He loved his nieces and nephews and loved his volunteer work with kids, but that was enough to fill any needs he had concerning nurturing and raising a family. Thus, his gift to himself that year at Christmas was a vasectomy.

He still used protection -- there were after all diseases that he did not want to pick up -- but when he had chosen to go bare, there had been no chance of his getting his companion pregnant. This came in handy when three women, with whom he had relations, claimed to be having his baby. Oh, they had been pregnant, all right, but not with his sperm.

Zelda, with whom he had parted ways six months before, thought she would change him; and a few months into the relationship brought up the topic of adoption. She persisted with the idea for three weeks; the third week, he told her that he thought it best she find someone who could meet her needs.

He was pondering over his predicament the morning he entered the library to do some research for his latest effort, Tryst in Twilight, and almost didn't notice her. He was used to greeting one of two librarians who worked during the week; and was half-way to the computerized card catalogue, when he realized that the resonant alto had not belonged to someone he knew.

Not wanting to be obvious, he continued to his destination and got his information. Then, as he made his way to the shelves, he looked toward the desk. She was wearing a silky black blouse, which went great with her beige complexion. Her auburn curls were resting on her shoulders; a light row of bangs fell across her forehead. Her eyes were chocolate brown. He couldn't tell how tall she was, not that it really mattered. By his standards, she was beautiful and he was interested in getting to know her.

When he had his books, he sat down at a table so that he could discreetly watch her while he made his notes. When she walked over to the computers to help an elderly lady, he saw that she was wearing a full denim skirt that reached her well-formed calves. She had on sensible black leather flats, and he estimated her to be just a couple of inches short of his own six feet tall frame.

He thought up several excuses for a chance to talk with her, but rejected them all. This felt very different from anything he had ever experienced; his heart was actually fluttering, and his mouth was dry as cotton. With a sigh, he went to the water fountain and returned to his notes and discreet observation.

He was rewarded for his patience.

"Excuse me. Mr. Travers?"

He looked up and found her standing across from him. She did not wear lipstick; and from what he could tell, wore little, if any, other type of make-up.

She smiled and held out her hand. "I'm Erin Kelly."

"Nice to meet you, Erin." He shook her hand.

"I just started working here this week," she continued, "and wanted to introduce myself."

"Did I miss a retirement?"

"No, sir. Mrs. Hancock decided to transfer to a larger branch. I'm her replacement."

"Miss Kelly," an older gentleman called. He was sitting at one of the computers. "I think this contraption may be ready to blow."

She giggled. "Coming, Mr. Hughes."

He watched her as she walked. Her movements were graceful, as she had no doubt learned from her time at Judson College -- he had noticed the class ring on her right hand. He had not, however, been able to see the year; but he was willing to wager that she was somewhere in her thirties.

At any rate, she left him feeling breathless, not to mention a bit out of sorts -- he was downright giddy and briefly wondered if this was how a mid-life crisis felt.

He reached for his pen to begin work, again, but noticed his watch. He cursed softly. He was due at a luncheon in forty-five minutes.

Making a quick decision, he tore a small section of paper off his legal pad, jotted down the name of a book chat room he frequented, added his chat name, and an invitation to join the group. He then carried the books he had removed from the shelves to the desk and left the note where she would see it.

She looked up as he turned from the desk, and he waved at her. She smiled in acknowledgment, and he felt as though he had been given the keys to Heaven.

He would begin the courting pursuit of Miss Erin Kelly the next day.

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