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Sex Story: Prologue - Genetic experiments earth in trouble boy meets girl bad guys all around

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My name is Al Bags. Geeks or nerds as the scientific types are sometimes called created me in a lab. It seems they had nothing better to do. BAGS [Biological Advancement Genetic Splicing] the name of the project is where I got my name. They started with Alpha-Alpha to Alpha-Zulu, Beta-Alpha to Beta-Zulu, and so on until they had Zulu-Zulu that is how the nerds and geeks identified each individual test subject they created.

I was Alpha-Lima, which I shortened that to AL and kept the program name for my surname. I was created to be a tool for the Government but what was promised and what their tests were showing was not close. I was supposed to have improved abilities due to DNA and Gene splicing.

The only things that the nerds and geeks were able to prove was that my body structure is in fact improved, my bones were 3X stronger than normal. I have a broken left forearm and right femur to prove that. It takes about 13 pound of pressure to break a normal bone it took 40 pounds to break my bones. It takes less time for me to heal too; I healed almost 10X faster than normal and have little if any scaring. It seems there is some kind of third blood cell that helps my body to heal. My endurance and strength are almost double the normal persons.

What they could not prove and did not even realize was that I could see farther almost like my eyes were binoculars; I could read a dollar bill serial number at a distance of 300 yards. All of my senses are heightened, but I am still learning to control them and understand them. I have a photographic memory and that makes me easier to teach and since my recall ability is superb, there is not much I cannot learn.

By my sixteenth birthday I had completed schooling through college with two degrees; the first in mechanical science and the second in pre-med. I had completed the last of every specialty military school there was, Special Forces, Navy Seal, Delta Force, Marine Recon, Halo, Scuba, Demo, and many others by my seventeenth birthday.

The day after my seventeenth birthday I was being driven to a different base to have some more tests done. When a meteor shower blasted the planet starting in Northern Scandinavia, across Russia, Middle of China, the Pacific, the Western United States, all of Central and South America, most of the Southern Atlantic, Africa, Australia and the surrounding Islands. The meteor shower lasted 24 hours and the whole planet was hit.

The largest meteor to strike the planet was about four cubic feet and hit near the Russia China boarder with the force of a nuclear bomb. It leveled everything for a 100-mile radius, and caused other natural disasters like earthquakes, land slides, avalanches, and tornados.

One meteor hit the road about 6 feet in front of our SUV and the force flipped our vehicle upward, but our speed kept us moving in the same direction so we landed in the hole from the meteor on our back bumper then tipped forward to stop with our front wheels on the outer edge of the hole and the rest of the SUV in the hole. Everyone in the SUV was unconscious from the force of the meteor strike, even me.

My watch told me that I had been out for 20 hours when I did wake up, the guards that were taking me to the new base were dead, but the meteor strike or our crash had not killed them. I checked them out using my medical knowledge and could not find any mechanism of injury that could have killed them. They had to have died from something else? Maybe they stopped breathing due to the crash but I was not sure. I knew my body was stronger and healed itself but I would have felt something if they had suffered injuries from the crash?

After getting the SUV out of the hole, I drove to the base and found it locked down. Nothing in or out! So I drove to the small town next to the base and stopped at a motel. I took the wallets from the three guards and pooled all their money totaling $217. Two of the guards had Glock 9mm with extra magazines, the third guard had a Beretta that could fire full auto and extended magazines that held 25 rounds of 9mm along with 3 boxes of 9mm ammo. I took the holsters apart and put them together to have a dual shoulder rig to carry both Glocks and the Beretta's holster was in the small of my back on the right side the extra magazines for the Beretta were on my belt just outside the pistol on the left, two Glock magazines were hanging under each pistol holster. I felt like a hit man.

The girl at the front desk was very pretty and seemed to be scared about what was going on. I asked for a room and paid cash. I crashed in my hotel room for almost 5 hours before I woke feeling very hungry. I asked the girl at the front desk if there was a place to eat? Tammy was her name and she said that the closest restaurant was half a mile down the road but was not open since it was almost 11 pm. Tammy offered to cook me something since she was about to get off working the front desk, she was waiting for the next person to arrive. It was another girl who was usually there about 15 minutes early every single time. I said that with the meteors she might have been delayed.

Tammy smiled and said that I was nice and asked if I was going to accept her offer. I told her yes and smiled back at her. At 1130 pm, Tammy put a sign on the door saying to knock on her door if a room was needed or there were anything someone already in a room needed. Then we walked toward her first floor room after she locked the door to the main office. Her motel room was more like a small apartment since it had a small kitchen, bathroom, and her bed folded up against the wall and the room doubled as the living room and bedroom.

I sat and watched Tammy make a quick hamburger helper meal that was ready in 20 minutes along with some canned vegetables and some Iced tea. The meal was delicious and was sure to tell Tammy that too. I offered her some money for the meal and she refused to take it saying my company was worth more than the money. I asked if she lived alone? Tammy said that that the owner was a cousin or something and she was a college student on summer break. I thanked her again and went up stairs to my room that was two floors up and two room over. I smiled as I looked down to the ground floor and wondered if anyone was looking for me yet? I had just finished a shower when I heard a loud bang and crack from down stairs! I went out on to the walkway and looked down to see two guys going into Tammy's room. What caught my attention was the fact that I heard Tammy scream for them to stay away! I turned, ran into my room jumping into my jeans and grabbing the Beretta before running back out of the room and jumping over the ledge. It was twenty feet to the ground and I landed like a ton of bricks. I did manage to bounce and roll right up to Tammy's door. Two guys had her on her belly on the bed and were binding her wrists behind her back while she tried to kick them. I moved to the door with the pistol in my hand down at my side. Reaching with my thumb, I moved the switch from safe to semi-automatic. I knew there was not a round in the chamber since I kept the pistol on an empty chamber for safety and because the universal sound of a slide action works in any language!

Sure enough when I cranked the action both guys stopped and looked up at me. I asked Tammy if she needed any help completely ignoring both guys. This made them mad {I had been taught that losing your temper in a fight almost always would make you lose the fight too!}

Tammy screamed, "YES! HELP ME!" The guy farther away slammed an elbow into Tammy's back knocking the breath out of her. The goon closer to me spoke saying I was dead meat or something like that just before I shot him twice in his face. The first bullet blew his face open and cracked the back of his skull open so the second bullet just passed right through all the mush and hit the second guy in his jaw. Tammy started screaming and bucking as the two guys fell on her dead. I felt bad because I did not intend for them to fall on her. I thought they would drop to the floor and since they were standing away from Tammy. I did not think about the force of the bullet pushing and turning them toward Tammy.

My senses warned me as the third goon was swinging the pipe to cave my head in with; I dropped and rolled letting the pipe impact with the doorframe. My kick caught him right in his groin and he fell to his knees coughing and vomiting as I kicked him in his throat with my other foot while I continued to turn as I got back to my feet.

Getting shot is a funny feeling! The best way I can describe it is being hit very hard and the impact causing a deep burning feeling along with an electric shock that shoots outward though the body. It did not hurt as much as when I had my bones broken, it was a different hurt altogether.

I turned to see three more goons dressed like the first three standing next to open doors on a four door car with only the driver still in it. A second car was stopping and three more were getting out of this one dressed like the rest. I was falling toward the open door from the force of the bullet hitting my left shoulder; I clicked the thumb safety one more notch to full automatic as I brought up the pistol. I knew they would not know its ability to fire full automatic and would wait for them to move closer.

They were deliberately slow figuring that they had all the time in the world to do as they pleased. When they all were in front of the lead car. I touched off the pistol with a slight movement left and right twice, all six were on the ground dead or dying. I jumped to my feet and flipped the switch back to semi-automatic and shot the driver of the trail car to keep the lead car driver stopped. He came out of his car drawing a pistol but was not fast enough, as I shot him in the throat while I was trying to hit him in the head.

I turned to Tammy and asked if she was ok. She did not answer just continued to look out at the massive death that was piled outside the room. I put the pistol in the back waistband of my jeans and buttoned the front since they started to fall with the weight of the pistol. Finally Tammy shook her head and looked at me, and then she started to cry and got to her feet. I was moving toward her and she stopped to tell me to get her out of this room quickly. I grasped her shoulder and led the way out of the room and up to my room. When I closed the door Tammy sat on my bed with her hands still behind her back, her wrists bound together with heavy tape. I emptied the pistol's chamber, reloaded the magazine from the box of extra bullets I found in the SUV and put the magazine back into the pistol and the pistol back into the holster.

Tammy just sat and waited until I was facing her to ask who or what I was and what I was going to do with her. Without making any facial expressions I sternly said that I was a professional hit man and that I was going to rape her of course. Looking into her eyes she suddenly smiled and said yeah right, you cannot rape the willing! At that point I had to start laughing and was unable to stay standing any longer. After about 2 solid minutes of both of us laughing I finally stood up and moved to undo the tape on Tammy's wrists. Tammy helped me to clean up my shoulder and stop the bleeding. I told her it was a clean through and through wound and we would need to get it checked as soon as we were finished.

She smiled stood up and pulled her T-shirt over her head, letting it drop to the floor, undoing the snap between her breasts; she shook the bra off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor too. Her beautiful 36C breasts were firm and her nipples were swelling to stand almost half and inch out and easily as thick as her little finger. She was pulling her jogging pants down off her hips and the thong was coming off with them. She stepped out of her deck shoes, pants and thong together. Standing she slightly spread her legs and kept her arms hanging loose at her sides. She was clean-shaven and her nether lips were also beginning to swell and expose her little treasure as it was swelling and peaking out from under her hood.

I smiled and undid the buttons on my jeans and let them slide down my legs as I shook them off. My shaft was already hard and getting even harder. I was not huge but was the biggest out of all the guys I had been around. Fact is I have never measured myself and would guess my length to be about 8" and my thickness about 2" Tammy just looked and smiled. We moved to the bed and began to kiss and touch each other. Tammy had just raised her legs spreading herself wide for me and I had just moved between her legs when I thought of something very serious and jumped up as I turned toward the door. I again jumped into my pants, unlocked and opened the door and walked out onto the walkway again looking down to the pile of death and then around the whole area.

Tammy by this point was really scared and cried out what is wrong? I did not answer instead I moved to the phone and dialed 911. The phone rang for almost a minute before it was finally answered. The man that answered quickly asked if this was a life and death emergency? I said people have been killed, did that qualify? The man asked me to raise my right hand and repeat after him - I state your full name do here by swear to up hold the law and report truthful information so help me GOD. Then he told me I was now a deputy police officer and to gather all the names of the dead people and any dangerous items. Keep the dangerous items safe and after I had all the names and a general report of what happen I was to call a number he gave me and file my report. Then he hung up. I shook my head and told Tammy that I was now a deputy police officer and what I needed to do. Tammy put my shirt on came down stairs with me to do as I had been told.

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