Accidental Commander

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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - John Whitmore a thirty-eight year old design engineer, finds himself back on the family farm. An extraterrestrial craft lands in one of his fields. After which his life changes forever. He now possesses amazing technology. He has two years before someone misses the craft, and comes to investigate. What will he do? Stay and fight or run for the stars.

"While it is has been said in the past, that for every beginning there must be an ending; it must be just as true, that for every ending there must be a beginning."

Mirzik walked thoughtfully through one of the carefully cultivated fields. Obrinak, was one of the few places such vast plains were found. Each cycle, since he had discovered how and where he would spend his term of service, Mirzik had been coming to visit the fields.

His father had beamed when the official notice had arrived. Of the two of them, his father was the only one who thought he should spend his term of service on a ship.

"After all," his father claimed, "time on a ship will make you mature in a way that no other service could."

Most of his life Mirzik had been forced to listened to his father's tales. He had heard all too often of his father's term of service on a battle cruiser. His father would spin tales of how he had worked his way up through the ranks. That was, until he lost a leg in battle. Even that had become a tale in itself. Most of his father's stories, including how he lost his leg, Mirzik could repeat verbatim.

Because of his father's lost mobility, he had been unable to properly perform his duties on the ship. Which meant he had to be released from his term of service, early. His father had found a government position which had appealed to him when he returned. He had since spent his life working his way up through the ranks there, as well.

In Mirzik's opinion, his father wanted to finish his term of service vicariously through his son, by having Mirzik serve on a ship. His father spoke of the challenges, the adventures, and the conquests. He spoke very highly of the esprit-de-coeur of one's fellow crewmates.

Mirzik wanted none of it. He liked his solitude. He had applied as a horticulturist. He could tell a variety, simply by its distinctive smell. In addition, he knew the benefits of each and every plant, and what was required to grow it to its optimum potential.

The previous lunar cycle he had taken the exams for service. He knew he'd scored very high on every question that had to do with horticulture. There wasn't a question he didn't know the answer to. Where as, other areas of the test he knew next to nothing. Especially when it came to anything having to do with the workings of a ship.

He had been stunned into silence when he heard he was to be assigned to a ship. Deep down, regardless of what the notice had said, Mirzik knew this was his father's doing. He knew that the council had listened to his father. His father had tremendous influence with them, having held a government office for so many planet-cycles.

The notice he received stated that the fields were fully automated. The only service employees they needed, were the ones in maintenance which took care of the drones. This was their lame explanation as to why there weren't any openings in that department.

If that was true, than why was the horticulture department constantly sending out vids begging for applicants?

Two galaxies away on a planet far too obscure and primitive to have been noticed by anyone of importance. John Whitmore sat in his office, putting some final touches to a presentation for his company's largest client. The phone on his desk rang. After talking on the phone for several minutes, he hung up the receiver, and slumped down into his chair.

He hadn't been home to visit his parents in several years, but news of their death was still devastating. His boss chose that time to walk into his office unannounced. After hearing the story, John's boss thought that he should have someone else make the presentation. John was having none of it. This office complex had been his baby since its conception, and he planned to see it through to the end.

Well, he did see it through 'till the acceptance of the design and the start of construction, but that is when things in John's life went sideways. The lawyer, who John had hired to settle his parents estate called with some problems.

It seemed there were several liens against the property and the machinery, including one against the crop that was still in the field. John sighed heavily. It looked like he was going to have to go back, again. He had hoped that his parent's funeral would be the last time he had to be in his hometown.

John hired men to bring in the crop, as he began liquidating his assets to pay off the many debts his father had accumulated. Of course, he and his father had never gotten along very well, even when he was growing up. His father thought it was John's obligation to take over the family farm when he was an adult.

Their last true conversation happened after John had graduated college in the top ten percent of his class. It was the best and worst night of his life so far. After the graduation ceremony his father started going off about how he wanted John to come back to manage the farm. John informed his father that he already had been offered a job as a design engineer.

The discussion had turned into a heated argument when neither of them would see the others point of view. It had nearly come to blows before his mother had stepped in-between them to stop it. John had kept in touch with his mother and over the years he had gone back for holidays. Those had always been stressful times. He and his father never spoke again other than to ask for something to be passed at Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner.

His mother had always tried to act as peacemaker trying to get the family back together again. He and his father were both too stubborn to let go of their animosities. Now John had to live with the fact that he and his father had never had the chance to bury the hatchet.

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