Making a Choice

by Alexand Morgan

Tags: Ma/Fa, Cheating,

Desc: : A son has to choose between his parents when he witnesses an incident that will forever change his life.

My father had always raised me to be truthful and never to knowingly allow others to be deceived in any way which would cause them pain whether emotional or physical. What did that mean I got into a lot of fights at school and I often lost guy friends when they would try to get me to back their stories to their girlfriends when they stepped out or fooled around on them. Whenever possible I tried to stay away from these situations but sooner or later the girls would corner me to have the stories verified. Of course this was not a one way street however and if I noticed any of my friend's gals in any similar situation I would let them know. In the end I lost a lot of relationships due to this but I never let in bother me though. I would rather have quality over quantity any day.

My home life was great or at least I thought it was. My mom was a short and attractive woman and while my father may not have been a hunk as the chicks would like to put it but he made up for that by his personality and the way how he treated people. He was always open, honest and friendly with everyone and he always treated everyone like they were someone important. My mom was a little vain sometimes of herself but she for the most part treated people well and was always honest as well. Me well I came from my mom's side of the family in looks but I had my father's husky build and was strong and tall for my age.

I never really had a girlfriend but that really never bothered me. I rode my bicycle wherever I went so I was fit and a fine example of health. I figured eventually that I would find the right girl or that she would find me but in the meantime regular masturbation was the only cure for my raging hormones. More than once the my buddies girlfriends had tried coming on to me but they quickly got the old heave ho and I passed the information on to the respective friend letting them know what was going on. I was never interested because it meant that I may have been good for a quick fuck but that a relationship with me was out of the question and I could never respect or trust the girl who would fuck around on her partner anyway.

One Friday on my way home from school I was surprised when I was passing through the tourist area of my town to see my mom with her lips and arms wrapped around a guy I had never seen before in my life. I braked the bicycle immediately and nearly flew over the handlebars because I had forgotten how sharp my front brakes were. Luckily a set of garbage cans saved me from this fate as I had steered off the road in my observing so steadily what my mom was doing.

Well with all the commotion I made she looked over at me and screamed "Oh my god Alex." Whether it was for my safety or the fact that she was found out I will never know but she and her friend ran over to where I had fallen. I picked up the bike before they could reach me and pedalled off furiously because I did not want to confront her at that time and I needed to think. I rode to the cliffs surrounded my town and just sat down and cried because I just did not know how to deal with anything like this I mean come on I was only fifteen fucking years old.

Finally I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to go home and I picked up my bike and slowly coasted to my home. I stepped into the house and was immediately seized and dragged to the couch where my mother told me in no uncertain terms to sit down. She looked at me and began to tell me her story of what had happened.

Nineteen years ago at the age of 17 my mom had been seduced by her boyfriend's buddy and the result had been that she had found herself to be pregnant less than two weeks afterward when she missed her period. She had gotten a home pregnancy kit and it had confirmed her worst fears. She had told Tim who was my father's buddy at the time that she was pregnant with his child and what should they do. He had laughed and told her to fuck his buddy so that he would think that it was his. Realising that she would get no help from him this is what she did and my father whose name was Ricardo had quit school found a job and taken care of the two of us since then. She went on to tell me that Tim had since gone on to college and had gotten back into contact with her about 10 years ago and once again seduced her. She had continued with him all this time but refused to leave my father because by this time she had fallen in love with my dad and refused to leave him. She just did not want to break up my childhood like that. So she had decided to wait until I was ready to leave school and then she would have informed my dad about what was going on.

I listened to the story she told me in shock and horror as I realised just how much she had screwed Ricardo over, No I mean my dad what the fuck I had started to stop identifying him as my dad. With this I realised just how much this story and these events would change my life and not for the better. I took a deep breath and choked back the tears as I fought to respond to this woman because for the life of me I could no longer think of her as my mom because at this point I hated her that much.

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