A Hike Into Hell
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two friends are abducted by a gang of five while walking in the woods.<br><i>It is not my intention to offend anyone so please note this story contains rape and mild violence, if this offends you please don't read!</i>

Sharon swore under her breath, brushing off the dirt from her white shorts and noting the green grass stain. Twenty-two year old Sharon couldn't think why for the life of her she had agreed to Lindsey accompanying her on the hike in the first place. Where Sharon was exhilarated by the outdoors, found peace and tranquillity in woodland, Lindsey was a city dweller whose idea of the outdoors amounted to little more than trudging around the fashion shops on a Saturday afternoon.

The ever fashion conscious Lindsey had actually put make-up on that morning before leaving for the hike. Her tight jeans, skimpy top and pink trainers more suited to a shopping trip than a day's hiking. In particular her pink trainers stood out in marked contrast to Sharon's strong walking boots.

Since setting out on the hike Lindsey had done little more than complain. First it had been too hot, then, once they reached the cool shade of the forest, it had been the bugs. As the morning passed into midday, Lindsey's constant grumbling was starting to wear thin. The more Lindsey complained about the pointlessness of the hike because there was nothing to see, except trees, the more determined Sharon became that they shouldn't turn back and just go home. Although Sharon had to concede, the hike had become pointless. With the constant racket Lindsey was making any chance of seeing any kind of wildlife was lost.

Then Lindsey went and turned her ankle. It wasn't bad; practically nothing in fact, but it looked like that was the end of their day out. With the fuss Lindsey was making, you would have been forgiven for thinking she had broken her ankle. Sharon suggested she bathe her foot in the small stream down in the deep cutting below. She didn't feel charitable enough to accompany Lindsey down to the stream; she was silently fuming with anger and instead made the excuse of staying up top with their two small backpacks while Lindsey tended her own ankle.

Lindsey had been gone no more than five minutes before she started wailing for Sharon to come down. With one pack on her back and the other in her hand, Sharon slipped as she picked her way down, landing firmly on her bottom. She inspected the green stain once more before calling down to Lindsey to come out. She couldn't understand why Lindsey was hiding out of sight.

"Where are you?" She called down.

"I-I'm down here!" Lindsey answered shakily.

"Well come out where I can see you."

"I can't," Lindsey wailed.

Sharon took a deep breath, holding her tongue as she carefully picked her way down the incline. A stone slipped under her foot and Sharon instinctively leaned back, bracing herself for the slide. She recovered from both the fright and the slip unscathed, managing to remain upright this time. Lindsey had made the journey down on her behind and Sharon followed her example, lowering herself down and stretching her long slender legs out in front of her. She manoeuvred herself downward; calling out to Lindsey again as she gingerly picked her way down the slope.

Lindsey responded, she sounded scared and still remained out of sight. Sharon judged her friend to be hidden behind a stony outcrop and angled her journey to cut out the obstruction. Nearing the bottom, the angle of the outcrop became less acute and as Sharon turned her attention from the path to survey the newly revealed area she was immediately confronted by a most startling and terrifying scene.

Lindsey stood bolt upright, beneath her dark hair her big brown eyes bulged wide with fear. Across her mouth was a hand, a dirty hand that pressed her back to the tall body of the man behind her. Sharon took in the sight of the wicked looking knife he held at her throat, his ill-kept greasy long hair falling limp around his shoulders. He grinned back at her with a smile that was full of malicious intent. Before Sharon could think or speak, a small cascade of loose stones and dirt rolled down the path behind her. She turned to look up and found herself staring up at two men picking their way down toward her. A loud whoop reverberated around the gully as Sharon looked up at them.

Two men, one heavier set than his friend, climbed tentatively down behind her. The slimmer of the two was nearest her. He had close cropped fair hair and an unshaven face. A gold ring pierced through the side of his nose glinted in the sunlight, but it was the twin track of scar tissue running down the side of his face that caught her attention. Two parallel lines of white that stretched from the top of his ear to the side of his chin, lending him a mean and formidable look. Sharon backed away.

Her immediate reaction was to take flight. And as Sharon swung her head around quickly, looking for options, she found herself looking at yet a fourth man, downstream of her current position, with a big drooping moustache running down either side of his mouth, wearing filthy denim jeans and heavy boots. His big muscular arms were covered in tattoo's and Sharon's heart sank as she realised escape was impossible. Her eyes nervously cycled between the three groups of men. As those behind her were nearest, she continued down to the bottom of the gully.

"What do you want?" She said at last, with more confidence than she actually felt.

"What do we want?" Scar-face climbing down behind her shouted with laughter. "She wants to know what we want — we've got what we want — you!"

The three men closed in on Sharon as though she were a dangerous animal, carefully picking their way towards her, watching her warily in case she should suddenly try to bolt. Indeed Sharon watched for just such an opportunity, knowing in advance that it wouldn't present itself. Scar-face reached her first and grabbed her by the arm.

"Don't touch me!" She yelled, wrenching her arm free.

"Oh I'll do more than touch you if you don't behave yourself." He said, lunging for her again.

"What do you want with us — let us go!" Sharon shouted, twisting herself around in an attempt to free herself as his hand closed painfully around her slim arm. "My friend's been hurt, she needs a doctor."

"I'll be all the doctor she needs." Replied the heavier set man, his baldhead revealed a big roll of fat at the base of his neck and Sharon watched in disgust as he grasped the front of his trousers and jerked his groin. "Know what I mean? Now you just follow my friend down there and don't try anything clever."

"Where are you taking us — what do you want with us?" Lindsey wailed as the knifeman pushed her forward.

"You'll find out soon enough, now get a move on."

As Sharon turned to follow the lead of the great hulk of a man downstream; Scar-face beside her sidestepped and Sharon suddenly swung the backpack in a wide arc. The bag hit him, catching him off guard and Sharon was already running, dodging his bald companion as she tried to scramble back up the path that would take her to the top of the gully.

A strong hand suddenly grasped the back of her shorts. With a cry of frustrated disappointment, Sharon was hauled back down. The big man stood beside her, gripping her arm painfully.

"Okay, you've had your chance!"

"Don't mess with her!" Both Sharon and her bald-headed assailant turned to look at the heavily tattooed man leading the way. "Save the fun and games till we get back — unless you want to fuck with me."

Sharon's eyes rolled to the man whose thick stubby fingers held her wrist fast. He swore under his breath, giving Sharon's wrist an extra hard squeeze. "Well we can't let her be — she'll be gone the first chance she gets."

"Bind her arms to a branch — she won't get far then."

Scar-face found a stout looking stick and called to Greasy Hair for his knife. The blade spun slowly through the air and Scar-face caught it deftly by the handle. Picking up Lindsey's bag, the one Sharon had swung at him, he cut the straps off. Baldhead laid the stout branch across Sharon's neck and pulled her arms outwards along the length of the stick. When Scar-face had finished binding her arms with the two backpack straps, Sharon looked like she was bound for crucifixion with her arms spread wide from her body.

"The next stunt you pull will bring you a beating." The tattooed leader told Sharon, pointing a warning finger directly at her.

He moved off and Scar-face stepped after him. Baldhead stood directly in front of Sharon, looking her hard in the eyes. Suddenly he leaned forward and ran his tongue up the side of her face. As Sharon recoiled, his hands closed over her breasts and gave a squeeze.

"Nice titties them!" He told her, "You want to keep them that way; you just see that you look after me later on..."

Sharon stood before him frightened and helpless, arms spread wide as he groped her. He nodded his head, motioning her to follow Scar-face. She moved awkwardly as she stepped around him, carefully trying to balance and pick her way over the rocks along the gully floor without the use of her hands. Lindsey hobbled along behind Baldhead with the help of Greasy Hair.

They hadn't gone very far before Baldhead called out to Scar-face and told him to wait. Their leader glanced back as he walked on and Sharon followed, passing Scar-face as he waited for Baldhead to catch-up. "Look at her cute little ass in those shorts." Baldhead laughed, "It's like watching two pistons."

Sharon felt her face colouring up as she quickly pressed on while the two men chortled behind her. She could hear them muttering in lowered tones and felt the hair on the back of her neck rise when the two of them closed in on her from either side. They each took hold of an end of the stout stick and forced her to stop. "Don't make a sound." Scar-face cautioned as Baldhead waved Lindsey and Greasy Hair past.

Greasy Hair gave his two friends a knowing smile as he helped Lindsey over the stones. She looked at Sharon, her eyes full of concern as she made her way after the leader.

"Are you a natural blonde?" Baldhead suddenly asked her.

Sharon nodded her head, uncertain of where this was heading.

"So your pussy hairs match those on yer 'ed?"

She glanced nervously from one to the other.

"What do you say we take a look — make sure she's not lying to us?" Baldhead addressed Scar-face.

"Hey!" The man in charge suddenly shouted. "Quit fuckin' around and bring her on."

Sharon moved forward, anxious to escape the two men.

"Oh we'll bring her on..." Baldhead grumbled quietly to Scar-face. "I'll bet you he's planning on keeping the blonde bitch for himself and leaving us with the cripple."

"Stop y'bitchin." Scar-face told him, "You'll get your turn just like the rest of us."

"I fucking hope so — just look at that ass!"

The remainder of the march was slow and tedious, and for the main part was completed in silence. The small valley was long behind them when they eventually picked up a worn dirt track. At length they emerged from the trees to be confronted by a low ramshackle house of sorts. They passed in single file through a rickety old gate that hung by one hinge and through a long forgotten overgrown garden.

The door opened before they were halfway along the path leading to a house. A loud youth whooped and bounced about outside the door as the women were led to the house. The gang's leader stopped short of the doorway and pulled Sharon to one side as Lindsey was helped inside. He brushed her hair off her shoulder and let it fall down her back. His finger lifted her chin, turning her blue eyes to his face.

"You're a pretty little thing." He told her not unpleasantly. His tattooed arm dropped to her breast, his finger lingering before sweeping her blonde tresses aside. "Just do as you're told in there and I'll look after you — do you understand what I'm saying?"

Sharon nodded her head nervously, feeling his hand slowly close over her breast to cup it. He released her and quickly set about untying the straps binding her arms. As she stood waiting to be freed, the bouncing youth suddenly leapt off the porch.

"She got nice titties boss — let me 'ave a feel?" He wet his lips apprehensively, eyeing the leader keenly.

The man looked at Sharon, a small smile on his face as he nodded his head once, keeping his eyes locked on Sharon's. The youth snaked out a quick hand and grasped Sharon's breast hard. She stepped back, hissing with pain. "Get away from me you pervert!" She hollered.

"Nice titties." He grinned at her; and then slapped her hard across the face as his other hand shot forward to squeeze her other breast. Her senses reeled under the blow as she staggered back a step. Boss cuffed the youth across the head, kicking him hard as he tried to scramble into the house. He turned to Sharon... "Remember what I said and I'll see to it that you don't get treated too rough."

He freed her arms and ushered her ahead of him into the dim interior of the house where he herded her along a narrow hallway to a small room where Lindsey sat on a rickety old sofa. The door closed and they heard it lock as they were left alone. Lindsey started crying almost immediately. Ignoring her, Sharon headed straight for the boarded up window. The glass was still in place, behind it, on the outside, several planks had been nailed across the window. It was just possible to see through the few gaps between the boards. All that could be seen was overgrown garden and the trees beyond. She tried to open the window, but it was either stuck fast through age, or had been secured closed.

"What are you doing?" Lindsey whined.

"Shhh! I'm trying to find a way out of here." Sharon answered, moving quietly toward the door.

She pressed her ear to the door and heard voices beyond, they sounded excited. She grasped the handle firmly and slowly turned it as far as it would go before pulling the door. It didn't budge. Swearing under her breath, she turned back to the room, her eyes surveying the walls and ceiling for any possibilities. She swore again.

"What are they going to do with us?" Lindsey snivelled.

"I don't know." She lied. Lindsey knew, just as Sharon did, but it was better not to discuss it. "Whatever happens we must try to remain calm. Let them think we will go along with anything they want — if the opportunity arrives we have to be ready for it."

"What do you mean?"

"Run! The first chance you get. If it happens for you, don't think about me, just run like hell and get some help."

"I can't run with my ankle like this!" Lindsey protested.

"If you have the chance then you must — it's our only hope."

They heard the door being unlocked and both turned to look at it with varying degrees of fear on their faces. The door opened and Greasy Hair entered with two cups. He kicked the door shut behind him and walked across with the steaming cups, offering them each a cup.

"What is it?" Sharon asked suspiciously.

"Tea — thought you could use a drink, that's all."

"How do I know it's only tea?" Sharon retorted.

He took her cup back and slurped from it. "There — see, no poison. Not much point in bringing you back here just to poison you."

"But you could have drugged it!"


"Well..." Sharon shifted uncomfortably, glancing sideways at Lindsey, "To make us more compliant." She answered awkwardly without looking at him.

"Please..." Lindsey whined, "I want to go home."

"No fun in it if you're stoned." He replied, a gloating twinkle in his eye. His eyes travelled down from Sharon's face and she folded her arms defensively. "Why are you doing this to us — we haven't done you any harm?"

"Nope!" He agreed. "We just saw you out and thought we'd have a bit of fun, that's all."

"Well you've had your fun." Lindsey retorted, "Now let us go."

"But the fun hasn't started yet."

"Why — what are you going to do with us?"

A smile was his only answer as he headed for the door. Despite hearing the door lock, Sharon took it upon herself to check anyway. The door held fast, just as she knew it would. Keeping her ear pressed to the door, Lindsey stared as a frown creased Sharon's forehead.

"What is it?"

"Shhh!" Sharon waved at her.

Through the door she could hear what sounded like furniture being moved. She could also hear their voices, though it was impossible to pick out what was being said. She gave up and headed across to the old beaten up sofa on which Lindsey was perched resting her ankle.

"What's happening?" Lindsey's tone sounded more worried than the panicky wails she had been using before.

"I don't know — it sounds like they are moving furniture around."

"They're going to do things to us aren't they?" She said quietly, eyeing the cup in her hand.

Sharon nodded her head. By 'things' they both understood what was meant and Sharon saw no point in ducking from the truth, or building Lindsey's hopes up. She picked up her mug and drank deeply. If it was drugged, it might be a blessing. But she knew it wasn't, just like he said, they would make much better sport sober than they would doped.

She couldn't stop her mind from dwelling on what they would do. Would they simply come in and take turns at them, both of them? She couldn't see them taking her to another room where they would come in on her one at a time, while others took turns at Lindsey. It just didn't seem sordid enough somehow. Whatever it was that they were planning, she felt there was more thought to it than that. She tried to push the thoughts away from her mind as she sat, feeling her nerves tensing as the minutes passed by.

They heard feet trooping down the narrow hall outside and knew the time had come. Sharon squeezed Lindsey's hand. She didn't know how things were going to happen, just that they were about to commence; the excited tones outside bore testament to that. Lindsey started weeping and Sharon braced herself as the door opened.

"Out you come." Baldhead jerked his head through the door.

"Where are we going?" Sharon asked shakily without rising to her feet.

"Next door."

"We're happy where we are." Her voice was tight in her throat.

"And we'll be much happier when you're next door. Now get up or we'll help you up."

Reluctantly Sharon rose to her feet and helped Lindsey to stand. Without looking at either of the two men standing in the doorway, she assisted Lindsey to limp across to the door and out into the hall beyond. They were guided into another, much larger room. The curtains, such as they were, had been closed and room was lit by oil lamps. In the middle of the room stood two tall pairs of stepladders, a plank of wood bridged between the top of the two.

Lindsey's eyes flicked nervously from the ladders to the big old table with a dirty mattress resting on its top. The significance of the pair of 'A-frame' ladders was lost to her, but the mattress covered table held massive connotations to her. She stopped when they were told, leaning heavily on Sharon as they stood in the middle of the room. Her ankle was aching, but it was a minor distraction to all that was happening. Ahead of her, Boss lounged back in an old sofa, beside him sat Greasy Hair looking at the two of them with an intense gaze, whilst the youth bobbed about behind them like some erratic and over excited monkey.

Scar-face remained at the door, propping himself against the door jamb as Baldhead moved around to face the two women as he leant back against the wall.

"Which do you think has the biggest tits?" Greasy Hair asked of no one in particular.

Sharon drew in a lungful of breath, feeling Lindsey tense beside her. She already knew the answer to their question, as they all did, but it didn't stop everyone from ogling at the two women's chests.

"The one on the left," The youth stopped moving about long enough to point a finger, "Definitely."

Sharon felt the colour racing up her face.

"Turn around." Boss commanded. "Let's have a look at your ass."

Biting her tongue, Sharon walked around in a circle as she helped Lindsey to turn so they both stood with their backs to the men.

"I reckon the one in jeans has the best ass." Scar-face announced.

"Nah — look at her in the shorts, I bet she got a real tight ass." Baldhead countered.

Lindsey started sobbing quietly as the men continued to discuss the view. Sharon could feel her insides beginning to churn, her hand was trembling and she didn't think it was from the effort of supporting Lindsey.

"I reckon the one in jeans has an unfair advantage — her jeans are tight, the other one's shorts aren't."

"Right — take the jeans off."

"No!" Lindsey span around. "Please don't!"

Sharon also turned around to face the men, not knowing what to say or do.

"Take your jeans off..."

"Yeah and your top." Added Youth excitedly.

"No — please." Lindsey begged, tears streaming down her face.

"Grab her."

Sharon stood back, powerless to intervene as Baldhead, Scar-face and Greasy Hair converged on Lindsey. She wailed and kicked, thrashing out with her arms and legs as she sank to the floor in an attempt to avoid them. They pinned her down; her top was unceremoniously peeled off her body as first, one trainer, and then the other, with a howl of pain, was pulled off her foot and thrown across the room.

She shrieked in protest as the waist of her jeans were opened and soon the garment was heaved over her hips and down her legs, threatening to take her underwear with them. Lindsey clutched at her briefs, pulling them firmly back into place as the men departed, leaving her sobbing on the floor in just her underwear. Boss looked at Sharon. "Now you have the advantage so to even things up you had better remove your shorts and top."

Sharon stared at him incredulously for several long moments. His eyes held her gaze with a calm impassive look. She watched him draw deeply on his cigarette before telling his friends to help her. Sharon reacted instinctively, shouting 'NO!' as she grasped the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. The men stayed put, watching her greedily. At the moment her brimming bra was unveiled, the bouncing youth yelled out that he was right, Sharon did have bigger breasts.

Ignoring the remark, Sharon reluctantly unclasped the front of her shorts and after carefully ensuring her underwear was properly in place, unceremoniously dragged her shorts down her shapely legs. She left her shorts around her ankles as she stood up to face the grinning men, only to be told to remove her boot's and step out of her shorts. Apprehensively she complied as Lindsey was ordered to stand up on her feet where they could get a good look at her.

The two of them faced the five men in the room; both had their arms folded before them defensively. "Hands by your side and turn around again." Boss instructed.

"No — no, don't pleeease!" Lindsey cried.

Sharon unfolded her arms, unnerved by Lindsey's noisy display. She turned herself around as the men insisted and Lindsey sobbed loudly. A loud cheer from the men made Sharon glance down and sideways. From the cut of Lindsey's briefs, Sharon knew she was wearing a thong which had caused the shouts of approval from the watching men. Typical of the ever fashion conscious Lindsey, she thought, throwing a sideways look at her. Lindsey's face was twisted up as she sobbed with fearful shame of the spectacle she presented.

"Now that's an ass — she wins the ass contest. The other one wins the tits contest."

"Hang on — we haven't seen their tits yet!"

"Yeah — but you can tell who's got the biggest tits."

"Don't make 'em the best tits though!"

"Okay! Turn around and take ya' bras off."

"No!" Lindsey said vehemently as she span to face the men.

Sharon's also turned, only less boldly as her eyes flicked to Lindsey apprehensively. Something had snapped inside her friend. The tears still rolled down her cheeks, but her stance and defiant attitude made it perfectly clear she was unwilling to comply with their demands.

"She's first." Boss announced, rising to his feet and grinding out his cigarette beneath his big heavy boot. Several of the men cheered with laughter as they moved toward the two women. A tattooed arm draped over Sharon's shoulder and pulled her to one side, his hand sliding smoothly over her breast. She remained stock still, too afraid to even flinch as his thumb circled her nipple through the fabric of her bra.

Lindsey screeched loudly as two of them grasped her arms and held them open. With slow deliberateness, Greasy drew out the long blade of his knife, adding to her torment as he slowly ran his finger over the edge of the blade. Youth bounced about beside him impatiently. "Go on man — do it. Cut her bra and flash her tits."

Baldhead and Scar-face fought back, hauling Lindsey back in line as she tried to pull away, her eyes fixed on the blade in Greasy Hair's hand.

"Go on man — show us her titties man!"

Greasy stepped forward and extended the evil point toward the centre of Lindsey's chest as she pulled and twisted against the two men holding her. "Don't move baby-doll, or this is gonna hurt you a hell of a lot more than it will me."

Lindsey froze in terror as the blade inched closer. Her eyes screwed tightly together and her heaving chest stopped as she held her breath. The blade slipped between her breasts, sliding up beneath the centre of her bra. With a quick flick, her bra collapsed, split in two. Greasy used the tip of the blade to brush away the cups and uncover Lindsey's breasts.

"Fucking hell man — look at them tits." Youth whooped loudly, "Can I touch 'em?"

Ignoring Youth, Baldhead and Scar-face stripped Lindsey's broken bra off her shoulders. As soon as they released her arms, she tried to cover herself, standing awkwardly as she tried to balance on one foot.

"Aw! Look at this — she's hurt her foot — she can barely stand-up. Why don't we just fix her to the ladder to give her a bit of support?" Scar-face scoffed.

"Get y'arms out the way!" Baldhead shouted at Lindsey.

"Can I touch her tits?" Youth insisted.

"Sure man — play with her tits." Greasy replied as Baldhead and Scar-face continued to debate the merits of fixing Lindsey to the ladder.

Lindsey clenched her arms across her chest and tried to resist Youth as he wrestled her arms down. He shouted at her meanly, threatening to hit her if she didn't let him touch her. He forced her arms down and reached for her breasts, taking one in each hand.

"Fucking hell man — they're real soft ain't they — And look at her nipples!" He ran his thumbs over her nipples as she stood before him, her face twisted into an ugly contortion.

"In case you're wondering," Boss muttered in Sharon's ear, "He ain't ever been with a woman before so one of you lucky ladies are going to get to pop his cherry."

Sharon shuddered at the thought as she watched Youth pawing at Lindsey. He started pulling and squeezing her breasts as Lindsey tried to twist her shoulder out of his grasp. He pinched her nipple and pulled it hard, stretching her breast away from her. Lindsey squealed with pain and slapped his hand away. At that same moment Scar-face shouted... "Upside down!"

Baldhead paused for a moment, then laughed. "Yeah — upside down, legs open!"

They turned to her as she tried to back away. There was nowhere to run and with the help of Greasy and Youth, Baldhead and Scar-face easily overpowered Lindsey to tip her over and spin her upside down. They carried her to the ladder frame and bending her knees over the plank, suspended her between the two ladders, tying her legs wide apart with just the flimsiest piece of fabric protecting her modesty. They taunted her as they tied her off, leaving her hands free to support herself off the ground.

"Aw shit! Look — you can see her pubes poking round her knickers!"

The three of them laughed at Youth's earnest expression before Greasy suggested he might like to see more than just her pubes. Youth started hopping about from one foot to the other as Greasy approached Lindsey with his knife. Lindsey, red faced from hanging upside down, howled a beseeching, begging him not to do it. Paying no attention to her cries, Greasy slipped the knife under the thin strap at her hip and gently sawed the strap through, ensuring the elastic did not snap and uncover her at the same time.

He walked around to stand next to her other leg, making sure he didn't block the view of Lindsey's legs from his friends. Lindsey continued to protest and then again to beg as the blade slid under the remaining strap. Once more he cut carefully so that Lindsey was not immediately uncovered. Lindsey screamed in outrage as he took hold of the two strands of elastic hanging down her torso. He grinned wolfishly at his friends before snatching the remains of her thong away and exposing her. A loud cheer erupted as Lindsey howled in dismay and the four men surged forward to look at her.

"Ain't that a sight?" Baldhead said, slapping Youth on the back. "A real life pussy."

Youth extended a finger and touched her, jerking back his finger sharply when Lindsey shouted. They all burst out laughing and Youth looked about himself sheepishly. Sharon trembled as the heavy tattooed arm undraped itself off her shoulder. His hand moved down her back, finding the waist of her briefs. His finger's slipped inside her underwear and followed the crease of her buttocks down until his hand was able to cup one of her cheeks. She said and did nothing as his hand clutched her buttock.

"Have a taste of her — lick her pussy." Scar-face laughed at Youth.

"I dunno..." Youth answered embarrassed, his eyes travelling around the three men.

"Come on lick her pussy out before we do her." Baldhead encouraged.

"Yeah man! Lick her pussy and see what it's like. They love it when you lick their pussy's man." Greasy told him. "Ask her friend over there — you like having your pussy licked don't you?"

Four pairs of eyes turned to Sharon and she looked back at them in horror not knowing what to say. She felt the big hand clamped to her rear squeeze tight. "Tell 'em you love it."

Sharon nodded her head, the word 'yes' came out as little more than a squeak as her face coloured up.

"See..." Greasy replied, shaking Youth's shoulder. "You get stuck in there and she'll be begging you to fuck her."

Lindsey's only response was to sob as Youth stepped in front of her, his feet only inches from her fingers. He bowed his head between her widely splayed thighs and suddenly pulled back. "Smells like fish man!"

They roared with laughter. Then took turns to bow their heads to her sex and sniff deeply. Greasy urged Youth to try again and as Youth prepared to lower his head between her legs, Sharon watched Baldhead unfasten his trousers. Lindsey shouted in protest as Youth accomplished the task his friends set him, even bowing his head for a second go. Baldhead's naked cock sprang into view, a thick stubby erection with an angry purple head that flashed into view as he stroked himself.

Scar-face saw him and whooped loudly as Baldhead, with his trousers around his ankles, hobbled across to Lindsey, pulling Youth away from her.

"Hey man!" Youth protested. "You said I could go first!"

Lindsey screeched as she saw Baldhead and started thrashing against the bonds that held her.

"You can go first — but this bitch is going to suck my cock first." He fell to his knees in front of her and Lindsey started wailing...

"Nooo! Nooo! Nooo!"

"Open your mouth bitch and get it in there." He pressed himself against her lips and Lindsey twisted her head aside. He leaned back and swung his open hand at her face. The slap missed its mark, glancing off her cheek. He reached her breast and squeezed hard. Lindsey screamed, bucking wildly in the frame. He let go... "Now do it."

He knelt up, pushing his loins towards her. His face dipped over her sex as she opened her mouth and accepted him. Everything happened so fast it was a blur. One moment his face was burying itself into her sex, the next his back arched as he screamed, throwing himself away from her, clutching his groin. "She bit me! The fucking bitch bit me!"

Baldhead recovered himself from the floor, inspected his limp penis and then flew into a rage. His hand slammed down between Lindsey's splayed legs and it was her turn to scream. Scar-face grabbed him, pulling him away with Greasy Hairs help.

"Calm down man!" Greasy said, "No sense in fucking her up. Let's just cut her down and finish her."

Sharon panicked — did he mean kill her! She turned to Boss whose hand was still locked to her behind. "Don't let them kill her." She said quietly.

"They ain't going to kill her — they're just going to fuck her, and fuck her real hard."

Lindsey was carried roughly across the room and dumped down heavily on the mattress. As she tried to sit up, Scar-face hit her hard across the face, knocking her back down onto the mattress as he shouted at her... "You just lie down there and take what's coming to you."

"Open your legs." Greasy demanded, pushing her knees apart.

Lindsey tried to sit back up, but Scar-face shoved her back. Her hand reached down between her legs as she begged them not to. Baldhead joined the affray, grasping one of her legs as he wrestled with her arm. Greasy pulled her other leg open and Scar-face pinned her down.

"Come on man!" Greasy told Youth, "You're first — do her man!"

Youth stood at the end of the table and without any further encouragement, quickly undid his trousers, hurriedly thrusting them down his legs to reveal his slim throbbing erection. "What do I do man?"

Greasy laughed at his earnest expression. "Get over here man and put it in..."

"Nooo!" Lindsey sobbed, craning her neck to stare down herself.

As Youth approached cautiously, Lindsey started to buck and twisted her hips in an attempt to deny him entry. It only made them more determined. They fought against her, holding her steady as they raised her legs backwards, pulling her knees up toward her chest.

From where she was standing, Sharon could see the whole thing as Youth, hand on his cock, slid it into her. No sooner had he entered her and it was over, at least for him it was. Sharon felt the tremors of laughter through Boss standing next to her as the other men taunted Youth about the speed of his climax.

"Two-Stroke," Boss shouted, "That's what we're going to call you from now on!"

Youth looked suitably embarrassed as he swiftly pulled his trousers up. Scar-face undressed himself and stepped between her thighs. Lindsey cried out as he rammed himself inside her. It seemed he was intent on using her as roughly as was possible, grinding his hips against her whilst forcing himself deep inside her.

Greasy took his turn next and whatever fight had been left in Lindsey deserted her. Greasy was by no means a small guy, but he didn't treat her as harshly as Scar-face. It seemed he was more intent on taking his pleasure at a more sedate pace, standing between her thighs, his hairy buttocks tensed, his eyes closed while his loins emptied into her.

It was Baldhead who rekindled the fires of resistance. He demanded that Lindsey be bent across the table and the sight of her taut, bare buttocks, doubled over the table renewed their interest in helpless Lindsey. Baldhead stood behind her, his thick stubby cock apparently recovered as it pointed at her rear. He grasped her buttocks, pulling them wide apart, and then he bent down and spat at her.

Lindsey obviously understood his intent before Sharon comprehended what he was planning. She launched herself forward, screaming with horror as she tried to climb across the table away from him. Baldhead grasped her hips whilst Greasy and Scar-face from opposing sides of the table; thrust her down on the mattress in an attempt to halt her escape. Lindsey fought bravely until they forced her arms behind her back and pinned her down.

She panted loudly as he entered her anal passage, moaning protests and gasping with each thrust. Youth, now rechristened Two-Stroke, Greasy and Scar-face laughed at the contortions Lindsey's face pulled every time Baldhead pushed into her. Sharon turned to Boss, keeping her voice low so as not to be overhead above the boisterous laughter, and spoke timidly... "Don't let them do that to me, please."

He smiled down at her, his hand slipping down beneath the base of her buttock as his fingers pressed between her thighs. "No one's going to hurt you if you do as you're told — you will do as you're told won't you?"

Sharon nodded her head shakily.

"Everything you're told?" He affirmed.

"Yes." She whispered, unable to look him in the eye.

Baldhead grunted his climax in a loud vocal celebration and slapped Lindsey's rump when he finished. Sharon watched nervously as they took Lindsey off to a side room and left her there with instructions to clean herself up. She found herself pressing back against Boss as the four men turned to eye her.

"What about her?" Baldhead challenged.

"What about her?" Boss shot back.

"You keeping her for yourself — is that it?"

Boss stepped forward, pushing Sharon to one side and slightly behind him. "You got something to say?" His voice rose. "You got something on your mind — maybe you fancy your chances with me — huh?"

"Hey man — he's just asking what we're doing about the other one — that's all." Greasy tried to defuse the situation. "You wanna go in there and fuck her brain out that's cool."

Baldhead wet his lips tensely, "Yeah, you know, we just done the one and I was wondering what we was doing about the other one. I mean, we haven't even seen her tits yet."

"You wanna see her tits?" Boss took hold of Sharon's wrist and pulled her over to stand beside him. "Take y'bra off, let 'em see your tits."

Sharon paused nervously before reaching up behind her back and unclasping her bra. Shrugging the straps off her shoulders, she allowed the bra to slip down her arms and expose herself. She stood stiffly, shifting uncomfortably under the intensity of their eyes.

"What about the rest of her — do we get to see that?" It was Scar-face's turn to speak up.

"The rest of it you get to see when I've fucked it — okay?" Nobody answered and he took that to mean they didn't object. "Now why don't you rustle up something to eat while I indulge myself."

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