Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman accidentally walks in on her parent's swap party, and ends up with a surprising number of life changes.

"Shit!", I exclaimed, settling back into the car seat.

"Double shit!", agreed Becky Reynolds, from the driver's seat.

"I can't believe Hailey got into it like that with her mother!", I replied.

Becky grumbled and put her car in gear, pulling out of the driveway. She had a Lexus of her father's and the tires squealed as she pulled onto the road. Reynold's Lexus-Lincoln provided everyone in her family a new car — she was so lucky! My father wouldn't even buy me a used car! He says I have to wait for my high school graduation. It is so unfair!

Becky laughed. "Well, she did find us toking up in the family room and passing around a bottle of vodka."

I laughed as well. It had been a fairly typical Friday night sleepover. It had been planned for a couple of weeks; we were going to spend the entire weekend goofing off. My parents had even planned one of their boring cocktail parties for while I was away. That was fine by me; they were just about the stuffiest people on the planet. I mean, I love my folks, but if they could be any more boring, their hearts would stop.

Who'd have thought that Hailey's mom would barge in to find us passing that joint around? I mean, she's so old, like in her forties, how would she know what pot smells like? And what's the big deal with drinking? Like, most of us were already 18. So what if the stupid law says you have to be 21? I mean, when she was a kid, you could drink at 18, right?

So she made this big flaming scene and shut everything down and kicked us all out and threatened to call the cops and our parents and everybody. She is such a drama queen! Really, it's not like she was going to call the cops on us, she'd have been arresting her own daughter! Becky and I grabbed our shit and headed out the door and ran down to her car.

We drove around town for a bit, but it was too late to really do anything. It was almost 10 and the malls were closed and the movies were closing. We couldn't go to her house since she has these really creepy little brothers who are always trying to spy on us. So, after lighting up a really large joint and passing it back and forth, she pulled up in front of my house and dropped me off. "Bye, Amber!", she yelled, and then roared off, laying down another patch of rubber.

"Shit!", I muttered to myself again.

I stood there at the end of my driveway and stared. Daddy's a big real estate developer and we live in this pretty nice house in a nice development so it's real safe and all, and there's even this remote control gate at the end of the driveway. Only now the gate was closed, I could see a shitload of cars in the driveway, some even parked on the front lawn, but there was no way I was going to climb over the fence. It's brick and about six foot high. I'd probably get caught by the damn rent-a-cops and get dragged into my parents and have to answer all sorts of stupid questions. They'd probably even call Hailey's and get into it with her Mom!

Screw it! It's not like I've never sneaked in and out before. I tossed my bags over my shoulder and headed down to the McNabb's, next door. Once inside their gate, I turned back towards the fence between our homes and snuck along the fence into their back yard. In the back, I crept through their back gate and made my way over to our back gate and slipped inside. From here it would be a snap. Sneak past the pool house, make my way around the pool, and in through the back door into the kitchen and up the back stairs to my room. Once inside, I lock the door and put the headphones on and do another joint while puffing out the bedroom window. If Mom suspects anything, I can always just blame one of their guests!

I quietly closed the gate and zipped up my sweatshirt. I figured that if I stayed in the shadows, nobody would see me. I had on dark blue jeans and black Nikes and this dark gray sweatshirt I had 'stolen' from Bobby (I put it on after the last time we got it on! He didn't complain.) My hair is blonde and long, so I had that tucked inside and the hood up. I started by sliding along the fence and shrubs between us and the McNabb's and then squeezed between the fence and the pool house.

And stopped! Coming from the open side window were some loud moans, followed by a distinct, "Fuck me, baby!" I couldn't help it; I had to see! Standing on my tiptoes, I slowly lifted my head and looked around the corner of the side window. Inside I could see my Dad's partner, Roger Baker. He was completely naked, laying back on one of the changing benches. Equally naked, and riding his cock, straddling his waist and sitting upright, was a blonde woman with small and perky tits. I'd never met Roger's wife, but I had seen a picture of her. She was a blonde, too, but with a lot bigger set of boobs and a wider butt.

"That's it, baby!", commented Roger. "Make me come!"

"It's so big!", moaned the blonde, as she lifted up and hammered back down. Her fingers were working between them and Roger was reaching up to play with her nipples.

I whirled away from the window, hoping nobody had seen me. Jesus! Roger Baker was cheating on his wife here in our pool house! What the hell would happen if they got caught? All I wanted to do was get out of there that very instant. Trying to be as silent as possible, I stepped away from the pool house. I don't think I even breathed until I was about ten feet away.

I felt a twig snap beneath my shoe and came to another dead stop, half concealed by this big ass chrysanthemum bush of my mother's that sort of hides the pool filter and pump box. I looked out through the bush and got an even bigger shock. This wasn't like any cocktail party I had ever seen!

At least half a dozen people were around the pool area, not including Roger and the woman he was screwing in the pool house. Most of them were naked or almost so. I stared as Mrs. McNabb walked by the pool — she was wearing a very short skirt and high-heeled sandals, and absolutely nothing else. She was totally topless! She was carrying a couple of glasses with drinks in them and she walked up to a small group of people at the end of the pool near the diving board. She was laughing and handed one of the drinks to another man, wearing a pair of swim trunks, who put an arm around her waist. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but when the group shifted around, I could see that the man was Daddy! Mrs. McNabb was openly fondling Daddy's cock through the front of his swimsuit in front of the entire group.

Just then, I heard this splash and twisted my head. A woman had dived into the pool from the shallow end and swam down to the other group. She climbed out, totally naked, and walked over to the group with Daddy and Mrs. McNabb. It was Mom! She laughed with the others, taking Daddy's drink and draining it before handing it back, then kissed both Daddy and Mrs. McNabb. Not just little kisses. Full blown tongue swapping kisses! Both of them, Mrs. McNabb, too! She and Mrs. McNabb even pinched each other's tits before they split apart. Mom also grabbed Daddy's cock before leaving. Then Mom walked towards the back door, grabbing a towel and drying herself off along the way, before going inside. I could hear the stereo from out here.

What the hell was going on? Was this some kind of orgy sort of thing? I couldn't understand what was happening. I mean, my parents in an orgy? The only time they had ever had sex was nine months before I was born!

There was no way I was going in the back door. Plan B called for me to continue my sneak around to the side of the house and go in through the patio door into Daddy's study on the side of the house. From there I could make a quick run down the hall and up the front stairs into my bedroom. Then I could lock the door and go to sleep, so that when I woke up this weird dream would be over.

I resumed my sneak, staying behind the shrubs near the fence, and this time managed to avoid stepping on any more sticks. Once alongside the house, I hopped into a dark spot and crept up to the patio door. I poked my head around and saw nobody was inside. Success! I slid the door open as quietly as I could and snuck inside, then shut it behind me. Closer and closer...

"Hi there! Who are you?"

It was a masculine voice that asked that, a very masculine voice, from behind me. I whirled around, the hood to my sweatshirt falling down and my hair coming loose, and I faced the speaker. Unfortunately, I didn't know who it was. There were two men standing in the doorway of the study and coming inside, towards me, and all I could do was stare. They were totally naked and the most beautiful men I had ever seen. They were in their late twenties, tall, slim, muscular, washboard stomachs, perfectly tanned, all over — and I mean ALL over — even their cocks looked beautiful. They weren't stiff and sticking out, but hung long and thick between their legs, partially enlarged and not looking like soggy and forgotten noodles. They looked so similar they had to be related, probably brothers or cousins.

"Hello.", said the one on the right. "Just get here?" The voice was a bit higher pitched, so the guy who spoke first must have been the one on the left. They kept coming closer.

I was too shocked and surprised to say anything. Scared, too. And incredibly horny! The vodka earlier and especially the pot really had my juices flowing. Bobby and I usually lit up before screwing and it really got me horny, and I was kind of stoned by the time I snuck into the study, so I was horny then, too. But I was scared, also. I didn't know what was about to happen...

The first speaker, the guy on the left, walked up to me and put his hands on either side of my face and lowered his lips to mine, to begin kissing me. All of a sudden I stopped worrying or caring. My pussy flooded with juice as my body went on overload. Before I even knew it, without ever stopping the kisses, he had one hand behind my back, holding me against him, while the other began working the zipper on my sweatshirt down. That wasn't all! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the other guy come closer, but he knelt at my feet. Before I could say anything, he unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my panties down to my ankles. The next thing I knew, he was kissing me on my pussy!

Oh my God, but it felt so good! I gasped and moaned so loud it must have gotten past the lips that were kissing mine. I must have flooded the guy's mouth who was kneeling between my legs with pussy juice. I stopped caring about sneaking anywhere. I needed this so badly! Kneeling Guy managed to strip off my pants and panties completely, along with my sneakers and socks, and I spread my legs for him. He was licking and nibbling my clit, and poking and spreading my pussy lips with his fingers. I was going crazy. Meanwhile, Kissing Guy had managed to remove my sweatshirt and had pulled my t-shirt and sports bra above my tits and was fondling them. I just stood there and moaned as I came, hard!

It was almost as if I was watching myself in a movie, I was so out of it. I just went along with whatever they wanted to do. The next thing I knew, we had backed up to daddy's leather couch and I was sitting on it, my legs spread wide, while Kneeling Guy kept licking my pussy. I noticed that by now they both had amazing looking erections, big and fat, and long — a lot longer than Bobby's! Kneeling Guy straightened upright and laid his between my legs, and before I could say anything, he had stuffed his cockhead between my gaping pussylips and slid home, lifting my legs up and placing my feet on his shoulders. I moaned as it went in all the way. He was so much bigger than Bobby!

Also bigger was Kissing Guy's cock. After watching Kneeling Guy start fucking me, he knelt on the couch next to me, with his cock waving in my face. I couldn't help myself. I opened my mouth and let Kissing Guy stick it in.

This was beyond anything I had ever done before! I mean, it wasn't like I was a virgin. Bobby and I had screwed six times by then. Three times after dates, and the third time we had done it twice, to make a fourth. Those four times were in the back of his car out in the desert. The last two times had been last Saturday, down in the basement of his house. And I had sucked a cock six times, too. The first was with Bill Turner, right around Christmas time. He was the guy who I first let finger me and get inside my bra, and I sucked his cock, too, but he had a big mouth and started bragging, so I dumped him. Afterwards, Bobby asked me out. I knew that he had heard, but he wasn't pushy or nothing. I didn't give him a blowjob for almost three weeks! I did give him a couple of handjobs, but that's really not the same, is it!

But wow, like here I was giving a guy a blowjob at an orgy while another guy fucked me! It was definitely mind-blowing. My pussy was going crazy, I was coming non-stop, Kneeling Guy was pounding his huge cock into me, and Kissing Guy was pumping into my mouth. They were keeping up a non-stop conversation as well, trying to see if they could come at the same time, and they did! It was the first time I had ever really swallowed like that, and Kneeling Guy's back arched as he thrust in and filled my pussy with a load of jism.

Then it was over. They pulled out and kissed me on the cheek, then wandered back out into the house. I stayed on the couch for a moment, legs splayed open and leaking come onto Daddy's leather couch, then the sound of voices shook me awake. Jumping up, I grabbed my clothing and ran out into the hallway and up the stairs, still as naked as the day I was born.

I stopped at my bedroom door, seeing a sign I had never placed there, "ABSOLUTELY NO ADMITTANCE" and twisted the knob but couldn't get in. I was locked out of my own bedroom! I kept going down the hall, to the bathroom. Maybe I could clean up in there and get dressed again, and sneak out. It was just too strange!

No such luck. I set my clothing on the top of the hamper and sat down on the toilet to pee and think for a bit, but about a minute or two later the door opened up and a woman came in. She was about forty but looked really very pretty. She was wearing a very small tube dress and was barefoot. She was blonde, rather busty, had wide hips, nice legs, and seemed in pretty good shape. It was then that I realized she was Roger Baker's wife, the wife of my father's partner. We had never met before, but I had been to Daddy's office and seen a picture of her on Mr. Baker's desk. She waited for me to stand up from the toilet and flush, and then sat down in my place.

"Hi, honey, I'm Amanda. What's your name?", she asked.

I stared blankly at her for a second. Names? What should I do? She looked at me curiously, and I blurted out, "Amber."

"Hi, Amber. First time at one of these parties?" I must have nodded in agreement, since she smiled back. "I guess they can be a little overwhelming, sometimes." She reached out and took my hand and pulled me forward, so that I was standing in front of her, with her still seated on the toilet. Before I knew what was happening, she had leaned forward and begun licking my just fucked pussy! "Somebody's been having fun!", she said with a laugh. She licked me a few more times, then sat back. She wiped and flushed and stood up, pulling the tube dress back down over her ass. It was very short, just barely covering her ass, and her tits were almost popping out of the top.

If I had been thinking straight maybe I would have run out, but the moment slipped away. Amanda took my hand again and led me out of the bathroom. She first glanced into my parent's bedroom but a couple of people were screwing on the bed in there, so she led me back down the hall to the spare bedroom. Actually we have two spare bedrooms, but one of them is Mom's sewing and project room. The 'spare bedroom' is actually set up as a bedroom for friends or guests and is across the hall from mine. She led me inside and sat down on the bed, pulling me down besides her.

First Amanda kissed me gently on the lips, which was very nice, and turned me on a lot! I would have never have thought that a woman would turn me on, but just from what I had seen so far tonight, there was an awful lot of girl-girl stuff going on. Amanda's kiss was gentler than either Bobby's or Kissing Guy's, and I liked it. "Why don't you just relax.", she cooed to me, and pushed me down flat on the bed. Next she pushed her tube top down so that her tits popped out — really nice, big and not saggy — and then pulled her dress up to her waist. Amanda hadn't been wearing panties and now I could see she shaved her pussy clean. I kept a small Vee neatly trimmed, but she didn't even have a fuzz strip. Neither did Amanda have any bikini lines from tanning.

"I like the taste of come and pussy.", she said with a grin, staring down at where Kneeling Guy's come was still on my pussylips. She stretched out on the bed in the opposite direction, so that her feet were up by my head, then put her face between my legs. Oh my God but did that feel good! She licked pussy even better than Kneeling Guy did! She took me through a quick orgasm. Then pulled back and looked at me from between us. "Forgetting something?" She lifted a knee and moved her own pussy closer to my face.

Oh shit! I had never even thought about something like this. Only queers and dykes eat each other. But it would be so rude and it felt so good when Amanda started licking my clit again, I just naturally lay my head down and found my lips close to her pussy. Before I knew what I was up to, I had extended my tongue and found myself licking her.

She was right, come and pussy tasted very good. It was obvious that she had already taken a couple of loads of come in her pussy before this, and I really tried to clean her up. I must have been successful, because in only a couple of minutes she was almost shrieking as she came. We went at it for several minutes more, then she twisted around. Another couple, a man and a woman in their thirties, had come in and wanted to join us. I didn't say anything. Amanda twisted around so that she was kneeling on the floor, her face still in my pussy, and the guy moved up behind her and stuck his cock in her from behind. He wasn't real long, but he looked awfully thick. The woman, a very slim, almost skinny redhead, crawled up onto the bed and straddled my face, then ordered me to eat her. I couldn't protest, since she immediately lowered her pussy onto me.

After that, it just seemed like an endless stream of people wandering into the spare bedroom, sometimes singly, sometimes in pairs or groups, all wanting to have sex with me. The word had gone out that somebody new was at the party, and I was the center of attention. After I licked out the skinny redhead, I found myself in a sixty-nine with a nice looking guy with an average cock, and before that was even done, another fellow started fucking me from behind. The first guy came in my mouth, and a pair of women had me lick them out. It seemed to almost blur together after a bit and I lost track. I definitely lost track of how many times I came!

Then I heard a pair of voices that scared the living hell out of me! Mom and Daddy came in. I glimpsed them out of the corner of my eye but they didn't recognize me. I was kneeling on the bed, being screwed doggy style while sucking the cock of a guy half laying on the bed in front of me. My hair was up and all over, obscuring my face. Both my parents were naked, and holding hands. I surreptitiously eyed them. Mom and I are built fairly similarly, medium height, like 5'6" tall, with 36D tits. We could wear each other's clothes if we wanted to. She looked in very good shape for a woman who was almost 40 years old. Daddy also seemed in good shape, without a pot belly, even if he wasn't the Greek God type like the first two guys who screwed me that evening. He had the start of an impressive stiffy, and Mom reached down and began to stroke him so he could fuck me.

Oh shit! My Daddy wanted to fuck me! Before I could even think of protesting, the guy behind me came, filling me with a heavy load of jism and pulled out, and Mom pushed Daddy into place. Daddy's cock slipped into my well fucked pussy easily, but then he pulled out. "Oh man, I think I want something a little different.", he said, and I felt his hand wipe some come and pussy juice up. I had no idea what he was talking about, but the next thing I knew, his strong hands were on my ass, spreading my buttcheeks, and he said, "Put it in her.", to my mother! Mom guided Daddy's cock into my asshole, and he slipped all the way in.

Okay, it hurt some, but I was so surprised I could hardly move. I did let out one scream, but nobody heard me since the guy I was sucking off chose that moment to come! He held my face in place as he unloaded into my mouth. The next thing I knew, he had pulled out from in front of me and a bald pussy, coated with come, was in front of me. "Come on sweetie, do me!", asked Mom. She still had no idea who she and Daddy were fucking! I lifted my eyes up to see she was laying back, her eyes glazed over, and I put my face into her pussy. She also shaved her pussy totally bare, and like Amanda, had gotten a couple of loads into her.

Daddy meanwhile was plowing away with his cock up my ass. Once I was over my initial shock, I realized it really felt great! I was humping back at him with all I was worth. Daddy had a big cock and this was maybe my best fuck of the night. He was slamming it up my ass and telling Mom how good it was and how tight my ass was and how he was going to come so hard!

Finally it happened. He almost roared as he slammed into me, yanking back on my hips to bury himself in my butt, and it completely drove me over the edge. My back arched and I pulled upright, gasping as I came so big! Mom looked at me, a tremendously happy smile on her face, a smile that instantly turned to horror as she realized they were fucking their daughter. "Amber!", she gasped.

Daddy stared over my shoulder at her, coming to a complete stop, even as come still pulsed out of his cock into my rear, and for the first time saw my face. "Jesus Christ!" He pulled out and I sagged back on the bed, twisting around and leaning against the headboard. "Amber?"

"Hi, Daddy. Hi, Mom." What the hell else could I say?

"What?... How?..." They both tried to stammer out their questions. Somehow, we were the only ones in the room, though we still had some people out in the hallway and the house. Somehow I got the impression the party was starting to wind down, but wasn't over yet.

Daddy was the first to move. He jumped up off the bed and closed the bedroom door, so it was just the three of us. "Amber, what are you doing here?"

"Hailey's party got cancelled.", I answered. They both looked at me dumbfounded, so I continued, "Hailey and her mother got into a big fight and her mother sent us all home. Becky gave me a ride home."

"And...", said Mom, urging me to keep going.

"And I came in through the back gate. I mean, I tried to get upstairs, but well..." Suddenly I felt very tired, and the room seemed to spin a bit.

"Amber, are you all right?", asked Mom.

"Just tired..." I fell asleep.

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