The Painter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - If you had a chance to see someone getting it on, would you spy on them? What would you feel like if they caught you at it?

Marilyn looked out the window of her apartment at the misty day. It had been raining off and on all morning and she was bored with the days of rain that California offers as the other season. All morning long she had been lying in bed and listening to it on the balcony roof outside her bedroom window.

Her boyfriend had been in Europe on company business for two weeks. She thought about the conversation on the phone last night. God, she couldn't wait until he got back! He was just as horny as she was and they had talked about the things that he would do to her when he returned.

She drank her coffee and listened to the rain starting to lash against the glass. From her window, she could see down into the apartment below and across from her. It was vacant and she had seen a young guy working down there, getting the empty place ready for the new tenants. He was a hunky looking guy with long blond hair and a beard. She had enjoyed watching him stretch and bend as he worked on fixing the holes in the wall. The way that the apartment buildings were situated, she had a view of the entire inside. He was wearing painter's bib overalls and no shirt. There was a prime piece of meat, she thought, enjoying the way the overalls outlined his tight buns when he would stoop or bend. She could see an interesting bulge along the inside of his thigh. I wonder what he's packing she mused to herself.

She went back to get herself more coffee, thinking about what she would do with the day. Maybe just get down some of Johns dirty books from the shelf and her trusty vibrator. The conversation last night had resulted in her getting off, but she was in one of her horny moods. Sometimes she and John would just spend Saturday naked, wandering around the apartment and fucking when the mood stuck them. She needed one of those days really badly right now. Maybe spending the day jilling off was what she needed.

She went back into the bedroom and looked down at the apartment below, hoping for another glimpse of the young stud. She saw him sitting on the living room floor, eating a sandwich. She realized that it was noon; he must be eating his lunch. He had his back to her and he wasn't alone. Someone handed him something that he put up to his lips. Then he handed it to the unseen person in the living room. It took her a second to realize that he was passing a joint. That seemed like a good idea \ and she got up and got the stash from the living room coffee table. On the way past the kitchen, she got a croissant and a couple of plums and a banana. Might as well be prepared for the munchies, she thought.

When she got back with the tray, she pulled out the little pipe and put a bud in it. She torched it and sucked in the smoke. It was good Humbolt bud that John got from a friend of his at work. It was a nice mellow weed, not the zombie stuff that just walked up and knocked your brains out. She didn't mind being that way occasionally, but this stuff was good for doing things on. She took a few more hits and felt the buzz coming on.

Wandering back to the window seat with her coffee and croissant, she looked down into the apartment and saw the painter lying on his back. It took her a second to realize what was happening. His overalls were undone and he was lying there on his back, his hands gripping a dark haired head over his crotch. At the angle she was at, she could see all the way down to his mid thighs. There was someone working away at him slowly, the dark haired head bobbing up and down.

My god, she thought. She pulled away from the window instinctively, afraid of being seen. But then she thought about it and realized that he would have a hard time seeing into her dark bedroom. He seemed to be engrossed in what the dark haired head was doing to his crotch. She thought about it for a moment, weighing the possible embarrassment of being seen against her curiosity. Marylyn had never seen anyone having sex before (except in porn movies, which didn't count somehow) and her curiosity got the best of her. She edged up to the window and looked down at the scene taking place in the empty living room. From the lower angle, she could see more into the room. The woman bent over the painter (at least she assumed it was a woman, it was hard to tell from this angle.) was holding him with one hand and slowly sucking up his cock. The top of her head obscured her view and she wished that she would move so that she could see what he had. But evidently the idea was to make this last a while, because the head moved up and down on him, taking it's time and teasing him deliciously. Marilyn could see the head occasionally shake itself from side to side at the top of the cock. From what she could see, the person knew what they were doing. She wondered if it was a girl or a boy doing the sucking. All she could see was the persons head, back, the shoulder blades and the bumps of the spine down the back. She was getting very turned on watching the slow mouth fuck. She slipped her hand into her robe and slipped her fingers into the soft folds of her already wet vagina. She drew them up the lips, drawing the slipperiness up over her clit, making it so that she could slid her fingers over her swollen clitoris.

There was naughtiness to looking down at the people below. They didn't know that she was there, they weren't acting for a camera and it was clear that the painter was into what was going on. There was a tension to his muscles as he enjoyed the oral attentions being paid to his groin. The blow job went on for some time. Marilyn kept her eyes on them, rubbing up and down herself in time with the heads slow bobbing. Just keeping the same time as they were gave an added sense of sharing in their private pleasure. She built up to almost coming several times, feeling in synch with the young painter and his lover. She wondered if it was a guy going down on him, having fantasized about watching some guys going at it many times. She would almost come, then the head would stop it's slow travelling up and down the unseen cock and she would stop her fingers. The orgasm would subside and then the head would go slowly down again. She could have brought herself over the edge quite easily many times, but she kept her strokes in time with theirs, enjoying the teasing sensation the delayed orgasm was giving her.

The slow teasing went on for maybe ten or fifteen minutes. Marylyn thought that she was going to go nuts if she didn't get off soon. It took all of her self discipline to keep form giving in and bringing herself off. She could feel a trickle from her sopping pussy running down her leg. There was a delicious sound of slurping as her fingers stroked up and down her slit. She ran two fingers up and down her split, the fat clitoris in the middle of her fingers. She stuffed them inside of herself on the down stroke.

She had to keep crouched down to see the action in the apartment below. Finally, they couldn't stand any more and the head pulled off his cock. She had only a glimpse of the long shaft, the head standing out as shiny as a plum, all taut and eager for the pussy that was quickly lowered over it. She could see a pretty set of tits, but not the girls face. It was both disappointing and reassuring to know that she wouldn't be seen.

The girl had brown nipples that were all stiff and crinkly with desire. She must have been as turned on as Marylyn, because she engulfed the stiff cock with one quick slam. She moved around on it, getting herself settled on the organ. The painter's hands on her hips pulled her up a little. Evidently, she had said something, because she could see his blond beard moving as if he was saying something. There was a jiggle to the tits and Marilyn thought that the girl was laughing. Then she started to roll her hips around on his lap. Moving around in circles and his hands tightened on her hips, his fingers digging into her. Marilyn worked her fingers around inside of herself, putting another one into her vagina, then plunging it deep until she couldn't cram any more into herself. She imitated the way the girl was riding on him and enjoyed the way it dragged her clit across the palm of her hand. There was a lot of wetness in her caused by this teasing that she had been enduring and she wondered at how the painter had been able to keep from coming.

It didn't take her long to begin to really start pounding down on him. Her tits jumped up and down as if in glee as she fucked him hard. Marilyn watched as she bent down and kissed him. She could see the back muscles jumping and the painter's arms reaching down to grab her ass. She couldn't see where his hands were, the top of the window cut off the view, but she could see the muscles in his forearms standing out and bunching as he helped his fuck mate in her gallop.

She suddenly thrust her arms and pushed herself up into the sitting position that she had been in. She moved her feet and then really began to go to town on him, pounding him relentlessly. She could see the painter's body arching up, adding his thrusts to his lovers. He was bucking up into her as hard as she was slamming down on him.

Suddenly his back arched up and he froze. Marylyn pulled her hand up between her cunt lips, caught her clit between her knuckles, and squeezed hard. Her orgasm flashed over her like a skyrocket, the muscles inside of her sucking on her fingers and her knees giving away suddenly. She grabbed for the windowsill and opened her eyes as she felt her legs giving way.

She was looking right into the startled face of the painter.

Jesus, what the hell do I do now? She had stepped back from the window quickly, but the painter's face was still frozen in her mind.

There was no doubt that he had seen her. It was looking at someones eyes across a room. You knew when you were looking at someone and they were looking back at you. And there was no doubt about it, he had seen her watching his lunch hour nooner.

Oh shit.

It was one thing to spy on someone if they didn't know you were looking. It was another to be caught spying on someone.


She thought about the time that she had had a fight with one of her college boyfriends and gone back to her dorm room and walked in on her roommate and her boyfriend going at it. That time she had excused herself and left right away. It had been embarrassing, but nothing like this. Her roommate and she had laughed about it afterwards.

But this was different.

She went and had a shower and thought about it. She was chagrined at being caught spying, but she didn't know them and they didn't know her. At least she wouldn't have to face them. She finished her shower and toweled off. She got dressed and decided that she would vacate the scene of her crime. What the hell, she would go and do some shopping for the rest of the afternoon.

Then she glanced out the window and froze. There was a cardboard sign in the empty room. In blue tape it read: ENJOY THE SHOW?

It mortified her. She was set to flee when she saw the other sign.


She spent the afternoon wandering around an indoor mall window shopping. She wandered into a few stores, but bought nothing. How was she going to deal with this situation?

She wished that she hadn't looked out the window. Those signs burned into her consciousness all afternoon. She had intended to spend the entire afternoon out of the apartment, but she finally decided that she was being foolish. She had been caught looking, but the guy's signs hadn't said 'shame on you' or 'fuck off, voyeur', so maybe he wasn't pissed. She had to do something about this.

She stopped at an artist supply store and bought a large drawing pad and a big felt tip pen. She took a deep breath and went home.

The signs were still there when she got home. She opened her drawing pad and wrote in letters large enough to be seen: SORRY

She thought about it for a moment. Then she wrote: R U PISSED? She thought about it then tore out the sheet. She wrote U MAD?

She propped them up in the window she had watched from. She was afraid to look out. She went and got herself a cup of coffee, giving him a half hour or so to see it and reply.

She looked out the window and there was another sign. Seven numbers. What the hell?

Then she saw the phone on the floor in front of the sign.

It took her about fifteen minutes to screw up her courage to the point where she could pick up the phone and dial the number. She was nervous about the whole thing. It was one thing to spy on someone. It was a lot different to talk to the anonymous stranger.

The phone rang for about four rings before it was picked up.


"Hi." She cleared her throat nervously. "This is," she almost said her name, but decided not to at the last minute. "This is the woman who was spying on you. Uh."

"Oh good! I was hoping you would call! I was just about to give up and take down my sign."

"Uh. I was out shopping. And then I had to think about calling you for a while. I'm sorry about ah, looking at you today."

"No need to apologize. I found it flattering, but then I'm a bit of an exhibitionist. Matter of fact, I had been fantasizing about someone looking in and seeing Jeanie and I going at it all morning. Funny how things work out sometimes, isn't it?"

"Uh, yeah. So your not mad at me?"

"No. Why should I be?"


"Look, if we're getting it on in a room with no curtains in the middle of the day, how can I be mad if you look? Did it turn you on?"

"Umm" She thought about hanging up, then thought what the hell. "Yes, it did." She finally admitted.


Marylyn hadn't expected that reaction. "Great?"

"Yeah. I once spied on my sister and her boyfriend from my tree house when I was a kid. It's a long story, but I really enjoyed seeing them make love."

"Yeah, but you weren't caught."

"But I was caught. It was okay with her. Well, it was okay if I looked as long as I didn't tell mom and dad what she was doing in the afternoon before they got home from work. She was pretty cool about the whole deal."


"Yeah. I've always had a streak of exhibitionism to me. So you see why I'm getting off on this. Do you want to watch us tomorrow?"

She hadn't been expecting the invitation and it took her by surprise. "I don't know." She hedged.

"You embarrassed about looking?" He asked. "Or about being caught looking?"

"I don't know." She admitted. "A little of both, I guess."

"Well. I think most people would look if the thought that they wouldn't be caught. I know I would, but I guess that I've already admitted that, haven't I?"


"Well, I figured that was bothering you. I just thought that I would make sure that you were okay."

She wondered if he was afraid that she would tell the apartment manager what he had been up to. She thought that maybe he was worried about losing his job.

"Thanks. Um. Did you girlfriend know that I was looking?"

"No. I didn't tell her."

"Why not?"

"Well, I wasn't sure that she would be into doing another nooner here if she knew that someone was watching."

"I see."

"I don't think that she would object if she knew that someone was watching. I think that she would get off on it. Sometimes when we're in bed, I tell her fantasies. There's one that I call 'the watcher in the closet' that I know she likes. I think that she'd get into it."

"Yeah?" She was skeptical of that and it must have come through.

"Yeah." He said confidently. "I'll tell you what. This is a speaker phone. How about you give me a call just before noon tomorrow and you can listen in to us? If you don't say anything, you can listen to us tomorrow and she won't know that you're there."

"You're kidding."

"No, I'm not. We have a lot of games that we play in bed and this could be one of the all time best mind fucks that we've ever had."

"You're really serious, aren't you?" Marilyn thought that this was the most surreal conversation that she had ever had.

"Yeah. You have any favorite thing that you want to see?"

"I feel like I am ordering take out." She laughed. "Or calling up a radio station for a request."

He laughed. "Yeah. Kinky, isn't it?"

"Yeah. You'd really do requests?"

"Yeah. What do you want to see us do? Little muff diving? Doggy style? Or my favorite number, sixty nine? I should warn you that my girlfriend thinks that anal is banal, so there are some boundaries. Think of it as a porn movie that you can direct."

"Hmm." She was intrigued by the offer. What did she want them to do? And would they?

"Come on. I'm getting off on being directed in a porn movie. What do you want to see us do next?"

"I don't know. I'm not used to having conversations like this with total strangers."

"Yeah. It's a real zipless fuck, isn't it? Maybe that's why it's such a turn on for me. Is it turning you on as much as it is me?"


"Maybe? Bullshit. You're turned on too, or you would have hung up by now. So what do you want to see me do to Jeanie tomorrow?"

"I know one thing that I want to see."

"What's that?"

She hesitated a second. "I want to see your cock!" She blurted out.

"Just my cock? Or do you want to see my hard cock?'

"Your hard cock." She admitted.

"Okay. Look out your window."

"Give me a second. I'm in the living room."

"Okay. Tell me... oh. I see you. Ready?"

"Yes." She could see him below her., facing the sliding doors that she had watched them through a few hours before. He smiled up at her. "Ready?" His voice echoed from the empty apartment.

"Yes." she whispered. He reached up and unsnapped his overalls. First one strap, then the other. The front fell down to his waist. Then she saw him unsnap the side and it fell down to his ankles.

She gasped. There was his cock, sticking out of the thatch of blond pubic hair that seemed to float around the base of the cock. He was really turned on by the conversation, that was evident from the way that his cock stuck straight out. He smiled and then stepped out of his clothes and turned in profile.

"Do you like it?" He asked.

"Oh yes!"

"God. Now tell me what you want me to do tomorrow.""

"Touch yourself."



"I will, if you tell me what you want to see tomorrow."


"You'll be truthful? "


"Okay." She watched his hand slowly stroke his cock. Now that he was stroking himself, she felt at ease with him and began to describe what she wanted to see.

"Hey, you!"

"Hi Jeanie! What's for lunch?"

The voices were very far away from the living room and she couldn't hear them very well. She had taken the mouthpiece out of the phone that she had in the bed room and had moved a chair over to the window. That way she could make as much noise as she wanted without having to worry about them hearing. She tucked the phone even tighter into her ear and strained to hear what they were saying.

She'd been awake most of the night, fantasizing on watching them, anticipating seeing them frolicking on the living room floor, developing the fantasy and making it much more than she knew it would be. She thought of being in the same room with a couple making love, being able to walk up and look closely at any part of them that she wanted to. Perhaps they would let her run her hands over their bodies, caress a bare back as it worked away on top of one another's body. She knew that she was fantasizing past what would happen, but because it was happening, she was able to get into a voyeur fantasy way past any that she had ever had. Just having permission to look in real life had supercharged her fantasy life and she jilled herself off several times, while running variations on the theme of looking at a couple fucking.

She had chided herself for letting her imagination run away from her and thought that if she didn't stop developing the theme way past the point that it could actually be, she was in danger of disappointing herself tomorrow. But it was no use, her fervid imagination was controlling her and she fell asleep thinking of a pair of young twins that had been brought up to put on a show in the luxurious hotel room in Monaco that her mysterious lover had provided for her amusement...

She was really excited by this whole adventure. She had been soaking wet since she had hung up on the phone call yesterday and couldn't wait for the painter's lunch hour. Now that it was really here...

She had almost told John about the whole thing last night on the phone, but she had held back. She thought that she might have a better story for him when he got back. On the bookshelf beside her, she had her boyfriends cam corder set up, zoomed all the way out. She smiled, thinking that he would cream when he saw the tape that she was making.

The couple in the apartment below had spread out their lunch in the living room, but this time they were sitting so that they were both visible in front of the sliding glass doors. They talked about mundane things while they ate. So and so had called and wanted him to call back about the bedroom job. So and so wanted him to estimate how much it would cost to do their kitchen. There were a few other things that took her from her fevered fantasy world and brought her back to reality. Somehow, she had never considered that the guy had a life, a job, friends, and all the rest of it.

This is strange. I have been horny as hell since yesterday and thinking about it so much that I couldn't get to sleep for hours. If this everyday life shit keeps up much longer, I am going to z out right now before they get to the good stuff!

They balled up the sandwich wrappings and put them back in the deli bag. Jeanie pulled out a joint and lit it, passing it over to him.

"I've been having a fantasy all morning long." He said. Marilyn could hear him sucking in smoke.

"MMmm?" He handed his girlfriend the joint and she exhaled. "What about?"

"Fucking your brains out doggie style in front of this window."

"Oh yeah?" She toked the joint. "Tell me more." She sucked in the joint.

"Okay. Here's the scene. I'm getting a blowjob and you're on your knees. Then I do you doggie style."

Marylyn glanced over to the small TV she had set up as a monitor. She could see that Jeanie wasn't really impressed by the fantasy. She could see her kind of shrug.

"What's the big deal about that?"

"I'll tell you while we're acting it out, okay?"

Jeanine hit on the joint and held it in.

"Sounds like you've really thought 'bout it all morning." she hissed out, trying to hold in the smoke. She took another toke to top off and passed it to him.

"Yeah, I have." He hit heavy on the joint.

She shrugged. "What the hell." She pulled her brown sweater over her head.

There was a slight angle between the apartment buildings and she had a good view of them getting undressed. Jeanie had a cute face, very gamine, and with her short hair, she reminded Marilyn of a boy. But when you got down to her tits, there was no doubt about what her sex was. Her ass was a little too heavy for her, belonging on a woman that was both heavier and taller than Jeanie. It was a matter of moments until they were naked and she was on her knees, stroking him slowly.

"So tell me about this fantasy?" She asked as his cock hardened out.

"You know yesterday, when we were screwing around in here? How I was on my back and you were sucking on me for so long?"

"Yeah. I was here, remember?"

"Well, when you got on top and started fucking me really hard and I started coming, I started to fantasize about someone watching us getting it on in here."

"Mnn." She sucked the head of his cock once. "Then what happened?"

"Well, your fucking away on me like mad and making me want to come really bad. And I'm trying to hold on and wait for you, but your just banging me too hard. Just fucking the come out of me and I can't stop myself and I know your trying to make me come and I start shooting off in you. Then I'm coming really hard, I throw my head back, and there's this woman watching us! I look right at her and it looks like she's coming from watching us. Oh yeah!!"

Jeanie sucked his cock in deeper. Then let it out of her mouth.

"Then what?"

"Well, she looked like she was getting her cookies pretty good. Then she could see that I had seen her and ducked down out of the way. Probably embarrassed at getting caught being a peeping tom."

"Mmmn" She said around his cock.

"Make you horny, having someone see you sucking my cock? Watching you fuck?"

She nodded her head, not removing her mouth from him.

Marilyn watched them in profile. Jeanie had about half of his good sized cock in her mouth and was fondling his balls in one hand. Her other was between her own thighs.

"Well, she had ducked out of sight before I could say anything to you. I thought about telling you about it, but you would have just thought that I was telling you a story, right?"

She stopped moving on him and looked up at him inquisitively. "Right?" he prompted.

She nodded again. "Well, after you left, I thought about what had happened. I could lose my job if some one ratted me out to the apartment manager. If I went up and knocked on her door, it might really freak her out, right? So that was out, too."

He paused and thrust his cock leisurely into her mouth. "So what I did was make a sign asking if she was mad about us and left it in the living room here while I worked on prepping the kitchen." He slowly humped into her mouth. She let him, just holding herself there and looking up at him.

"Well, I was really nervous. I figured that she had gone right to the manager and I kept waiting for the doorbell to ring and him to come storming in here and fire me. But as the afternoon wore on, I thought that maybe she was out or he was and it would take a while for him to come over and fire me. And you know how much I need this job right now."

Jeanie was looking up at him with a puzzled frown on her face. What kind of erotic story was this?

"Well, around four thirty, I looked up at the window and there was a sign. It said 'NO" and "CALL ME" and a number. I didn't know what to do, but I called up the number. This woman in her forties or fifties answered and told me that she had really gotten off on our little matinee. That's what she called it, a matinee."

"Is this for real?"

"What do you think?"

Jeanie thought about it for a moment. "Go on."

"You, too."

"Tell me the truth!" She squeezed him.

"OW! Easy!"

"Okay!" She let off.

"Anyway, I started to apologize and the woman said that she was wondering if we were going to be putting on another show tomorrow. I started to stutter that I didn't think so, then she said that if we did, then she wouldn't have to mention to the manager that I was screwing my girlfriend in an empty apartment."

"She didn't!"

"She did!"

"This is one of your best," she said admiringly, then sucked him in, sliding forward to straighten her throat and deep throat him.

"Thanks. Anyway, she told me that if we put on a good show, she wouldn't tell. Then she said that she wanted to see us fucking doggie style. I told her that I didn't think that I'd be able to get it up if I knew that someone was watching me and..."

She slipped him out and commented, "Liar." And giggled before taking him back in.

"And then I said that it sounded too kinky for me, go ahead and tell. She said that if I felt that way, she would see that I was fired. Then she hung up. I thought about it for a few minutes and then called her back up. She sounded like she was pleased to hear from me and then started to tell me how she wanted to see us fuck. Ohhh!" Marilyn could see Jeanie's throat gulping. "Oh yeah! Oww wee! Easy! I'm going to come if you keep that up!"

"So? You decided to go along with this bitch?"

"Yeah. She said that she had always wanted to see someone fucking and doing what she told them to do. So I said that I'd do it and she could watch us fucking if she didn't tell."

"Okay." She turned around and pushed her ass up in the air. "Let's give her a show!"

Marilyn had the feeling that Jeanie was going along with one of her boyfriends fantasies and getting off on it. There was something in the girl's voice that sounded like she didn't really believe him.

"Okay. Spread open your pussy so that she can see where I'm going to be putting my dick. Show her that lovely snatch of yours. I just wish that she could smell how good you smell when you're turned on. Or feel how great your pussy milks my cock. Yeah, like that."

He dropped down to his knees and put the head of his cock up to her. One of her hands came up between her legs, wrapped her hand around his cock, and guided him into her. He moved his hips forward and his dick slide slowly into her.

"Oh god!"

"Oh baby! This is getting to you, isn't it."

"Yeah! This is a great fantasy!"

"How would you feel if it was real?"

"Kind of slutty. Thinking about someone blackmailing us to make us do things. It's kind of dirty and..." she hesitated and he pulled back, then slammed into her. "Uh!"

"And?" He prompted. He drew back slowly, them slammed into her again. "And?"

"Turned on! It turns me on!" She gasped. "Do that again! Uh! Yeah! Ram that big dick of yours into my cunt!" He did the slow withdrawal and hard slam again.

"What would you say to her if you could tell her how you felt?"

Marilyn was fingering her clit while she slammed a dildoe into her pussy. God, she was hot!

"I'd tell her, uh, that she was a, uh, lucky bitch to be, able to see how you fuck me! I'd tell her that she, huh, should feel how good you cock, uh, feels inside me."

"I didn't tell you the other thing that she had me do." He bucked into her.

"What's that?" She gasped, working her ass around in a circle.

"She had me put us on speaker phone, so she could hear us fucking."

"Oh god!" She bucked back against him.

"That turns you on, knowing someone's hearing us fuck. That they're watching us fuck out brains out, doesn't it? Knowing that they can see us and hear us."

She wailed as her orgasm hit her. Marilyn could see her free hand clawing at the carpet.

"Oh god oh god oh GOD!!!!!!!!"

The painter had his hands on her hips, holding her to him and riding her deeply. The girl's body lost some of its tension and she seemed to melt.

"God, that was great." She sighed.

"Yeah. Turned you on, eh?"


"Should I invite her over for a close up view?"

"Sure." She grinned lazily. "You do that."

"You don't think I will?"

"Oh, I know you would. But I think that you're going to have a long wait for your dream girl to show up." He laughed.

"Would you go for having someone watching us close up? If we could do it for real?"

"Mmm. Maybe. But it would have to be someone younger than forty. And good looking."

"Long brown hair, kind of liquid eyes, very sleepy and dreamy?"

"Yeah. That would do." She wiggled back against him. "Want to finish off this way?"

"Well, we could wait until she gets here. If she wants to come down and watch us up close, that is."

"Hey, I got off on it, already!"

"Well, I guess that you should be the one to ask her then. A decision like this shouldn't be made in the heat of passion, should it?"

Marilyn held her breath. Would she actually do it? Would Jeanie?

"So what do I do? Call up some none existent woman and ask her if she wants to come over and watch us fuck?"

"No. All you would have to do would be say, 'would you like to come down and watch us up close?' Remember what I said about it being on speaker phone?"

Jeanie twisted around so that he popped out. "What the hell is this?"

"Well. You know that part where I told you that she was blackmailing us? That was a lie."

"Uh huh. And?"

"She really exists and she's not forty or fifty."

There was a look of mingled doubt and a dawning awareness on her face. "We were really being watched?"

He spread open her legs and slipped into her. He kissed her lightly on the lips. "We are being watched!"

She pulled his hair until she could see his face. "Prove it!" she demanded.

"Owww! Ease off!" When she let go of his hair, he said, "Hey watcher! Wave at Jeanie, would you?" Marylyn sat frozen for a second. Jeanie was looking out the window, but she wasn't looking at her.

"I don't see anyone."

"If you did, would you invite them down to join us?"

"Sure. If there was someone really watching us, I'd invite them down." She humored him.

"Okay. Say it then."

"Okay, watcher. If you're really there, come on down and watch us fucking."

"You didn't sound as if you meant it."

"Right. Now you're criticizing my acting?"

"You'd get off on it."

"Yeah. I probably would. I get off on your stories enough."

"So. This is the perfect time to try it for real."

She looked at him. "Where are you going with this?"

"Trying to enrich our sex life."

"By having a non existent voyeur join us?"

"She exists!" He insisted. "Come on, wave to us, then when you see she's real, you can invite her to join us for real. Or you can just watch her watching us while we finish off."

For a moment, Marilyn froze, seeing Jeanie looking out the window and searching around for her. Then she raised her hand a little. What the hell, she thought. She pulled the curtains wide open and stood up in the window.

"Don't you see her up there? Maybe she's shy."

"My god! There is a woman up there! And she's looking at us!"

"Yeah. I told you that she was real!"

"This isn't happening! Get up!"

"Why? I thought that you got off on being watched?"

"She just looked out her window! She wasn't watching us!"

"You really thing so?"

"Get up!"

"But I haven't come yet!" He protested.


"Well, okay! If that's the way you feel about it." He grumbled.

He let her up and she scrambled out of the sliding door view.

"Shit shit shit shit!" Jeanie was swearing.

"What's the matter? I thought that you were getting off on that?"

"There's a difference between fantasy and reality!"

"Yeah. I realize that." He said agreeably.

"Think that she'll report you to the manager?"

"Naw. She was really embarrassed to be caught looking at us yesterday."

"WHAT! You mean that... You knew she was watching us!?!?"

"Well, yeah. You pissed at me?"

"Bu... but..."

"She was pretty embarrassed about being caught being a peeping Tom. I had to talk her into watching us."


"No. You're mad at me, aren't you?"

"Mad at you? MAD AT YOU! Why in the hell would you think that?"

"Well, I'm sorry. I thought that you would get off on it. You always seem to enjoy it when I tell you stories about someone seeing us screwing. I thought that you might like to see what it would actually be like. I'm sorry."

"Shit shit shit! Where's my fucking panties?"

"Uh. They're over there. I'll get them." He strolled into view again.

"She can SEE YOU!" Jeanie screamed at him.

"Yeah. So?" Marylyn had gone from turned on to feeling sorry for the poor guy. It had been a great fantasy while it lasted, but now it looked like he was going to have to pay the piper. She wondered how she would feel if John had pulled something like this on her. Probably like Jeanie.

"What if she calls the cops?"

"I told you. I set this up. Why would she call the cops?" he asked her.

"Reality check! What the fuck is going on here, really?"

"I told you. When I was coming yesterday, I looked up and there she was, looking right at us! She saw me look at her and then I made a sign and put it in the window and she called me up. I told her that I got off on her watching us and talked her into watching us today."

"So she isn't going to call the manager?"

"No. The whole thing was prearranged. I asked her what she wanted to see us do. You know how I've always wanted to be directed in a porn movie. So I got her to tell me what she wanted to see us do and all the rest of it."

"You're telling me the truth? This just isn't more of your fantasies your trying to make me buy into, is it?"

"Scout's honor! I thought that having some one watch us for real would turn you on!" There was silence for a moment. "Forgive me?"

"Shit, I don't know."

"Hey, I'm sorry that this upset you."

There was a faint sound of a zipper. "Who is this woman, anyway?"

"I don't know. She's just someone who lives in one of the other apartments. I don't know anything about her."

"Really? And you invited her to watch us fucking?"

"Uh, yeah. That about sums it up."

"Jesus, Jim."

"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time." He said defensively.

"That's your little head thinking. What if she should recognize us on the street? What the hell would I say to her?"

"Hello?" He said tentatively. Jeanie snorted. There was the sound of footsteps walking across a hard floor and then a door opening and then banging closed.

A moment of silence ensued. Then his voice said meditatively, "Shit. There goes my nooners."

Marylyn broke up.

She watched him put on his clothes and then pick up the phone.

"Are you there?"

She switched on the speaker phone, making a mental note to replace the talk piece in the head set she had been listening to them through.

"Yeah. Sorry about your girlfriend."

"Oh, she'll get over it. Probably think it's funny by tonight."

There was a pause. "Sorry you didn't get to come."

He laughed. "Yeah. Well, I guess that's one orgasm that never happened that I'll always remember. I hope that you got off good on it, though."

"Well, I was almost there when your girlfriend lost it."

"Too bad."


There was another moment of silence. "You want to do what we did yesterday? Take the edge off a bit?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well. I was thinking that I could stand in the window and play with myself some more. Then you could join me."


"You up for that? Whatcha thinking?"

"I'm amazed at guys. First you piss off your girlfriend and you're still trying to get off."

"Well, just thought I'd ask."

There was a pause. "I didn't say no."

"Maybe your rig... What?"

"I didn't say no." She repeated, amazed at her boldness.

"Wow. Cool."

"I've got a better idea."

"How's that?"

"Are you really into exhibitionism?"

"I guess so. I know I really got into having you watching us."

"Well. How about I grab my cam corder and come down there?"

He hesitated about one split second. "Sounds like a plan to me."

"Good. I'll see you in a few. Bye."


She couldn't believe that she was doing this. She grabbed the cam corder, pulled the power line out of it and put a fresh tape into it. She tossed another tape into her coat pocket and a spare battery. Then she walked down the three flights of stair and across the parking lot and up three flights to the apartment that was about fifteen feet away from her own window. Was he going to go through with this? Was she?

She hesitated outside the door on the vacant rental. She mustered up her courage and knocked on the door. He opened the door immediately and she slipped in.



He closed the door behind her and she looked at him. There was a lot of him to see, as he hadn't gotten dressed. A good, clean, well muscled body. There was the smell of paint and turpentine in the air, as well as the very faint smell of turned on people. She could feel how soaked her own panties were and thought that the might be putting out a lot of male sex hormones himself.

Was she really going to video tape him jacking off?

Apparently so. His cock, which was still in that less than hard, more than soft, filled out state, caught her eye. A nice circumcised one, it was even more impressive up close that across the space between the buildings. "Wow," she said, staring down and complimenting him.

He blushed, which somehow made her feel more confident. "Uh, thanks."

She felt a bit odd, just having her long coat on over her slinky satin robe. There was a pause when they looked at each other up close.

"Well, come in! Make yourself at home!" She laughed in relief, recognizing his feeble attempt to defuse the situation as nervousness. It was good to know that she wasn't the only one nervous about the situation.

She walked into the apartment, which was the same layout as her own. The smell of paint hung in the air and it was making her feel odd.

"I don't think that I can stay. The smell of paint is making me sick."

"Oh." He was disappointed, she could see. But being a gentleman about it.

"How about we go up to my place instead?"

She walked back to her place by herself, wondering what she had gotten herself into. This was getting past where it was an impersonal situation and she knew it. He'd stopped being a fantasy sometime during the conversation that he'd had with his girlfriend and she was realizing that she might have gotten into something that she shouldn't have.

Well, she could always back out of it.

Chicken, a voice whispered in her mind. You always regret the temptations that you didn't give into more than the ones that you did.

She picked up the phone and hit the speed dial. The phone rang in the empty apartment and it took him a few rings to pick up.


"Hi, it's me."

"Hello, me. Having cold feet?"

"Something like that. I just thought that we should talk about what we're about to do."

"Okay. That sounds fair. After all, we hardly know each other."

"Yeah. I don't want you to think that I'm going to sleep with you. I'm in a relationship and all." Christ, he was going to think she was a prick teaser. She hated that. But she didn't want him getting any ideas.

"That's cool. I'm in a relationship, too. Or I was at least until a half hour ago." He chuckled. "I can see where you're coming from, though. After all, you don't know me and this is moving pretty fast. If you want to back out, that's okay."

"Well, thanks. I just wanted to make it clear that this isn't about sex. Well, it is, but it's not about us having sex, if you see what I mean?"

There was a pause. "Yeah. I think that I do. Maybe we should think about this some more before we do anything that we both regret. It was a turn on for me, knowing that you were watching us. I got off on it. But it might complicate both of our lives if we went any further with it."

"Yeah." She was disappointed, as well as relieved. "Um, I still want to thank you for the ah, show."

He laughed at her nervousness. "You're welcome. I will admit that I am a bit disappointed. I was looking forward to having Harvey immortalized on tape."


"Uh, that's what Jeanie calls my cock." He sounded embarrassed and she smiled to herself.

"I like it. Named after the invisible rabbit?"

"No. Well, yes, in a way. Named after a tom cat that was named after the rabbit. It's a long story."

"Well, I was looking forward to seeing Harvey."

"Not as much as I was to showing him to you."

"I was just afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off him. I have a thing for the way rabbits feel."

"How do rabbits feel?"

"With their paws."


"Thanks. I love bad puns."

"That was bad, all right."

"This thing this afternoon isn't going to cause you problems at home is it?"

"I don't know. Sometimes Jeanie will go for some pretty far out things. Uh, I think she'll get over this one."

"I hope so."

"Yeah. Me too."

"Want me to call her up and try to explain?" She hoped he would say no. She didn't have any idea of how she could ever explain how this whole situation came about.

"Well, let me think about that for a while. It's one of those things that could wind up pissing her off more than helping or it might help. I appreciate the offer, though."

"Well, I feel that it's partly my fault."

"Naw. I talked you into it. Jeanie's right about my little head doing all the thinking."

"Well. It's not like we did anything."

"No, but I was thinking that we might." He admitted. "I guess that it's just lucky that you can't stand the smell of paint."

"Yeah." She paused. "Thanks for being honest."

"Yeah, well, what the hell. Thanks for being open to this whole thing."

There was another long pause. "I was glad you talked me into it. I'm just sorry that it didn't work out with your lady. I hope that it doesn't cause you any problems."

"She's pretty neat people. She might laugh about it late on. One thing that I'm curious about though: If I ask you something, is it going to piss you off?"

"Guess we won't know until you ask. What's the question?"

"Would you have come down if Jeanie had asked you to?"

Marilyn paused. "I don't know. Maybe. I was wondering about that myself. I guess we won't know, will we?" There was a pause. "One things for sure. I am sure going to be getting off a lot thinking about what might have been."

"Thanks. Me too." There was a sound of a door opening on his end of the line. Suddenly his voice was all business. "So that would be a primer coat and two top coats on the new base boards and you think that the new paint for the walls is close enough so that we can get by with one coat on them. How about I come take a look at it tomorrow and you can show me what you want done with the rest of it?" Obviously, someone had just walked in.

"I'll be thinking about you tonight. Tell Jeanie that I am sorry that she got mad."

"Okay. How about tomorrow at noon?" He asked in his business voice.

"A nooner? Sure, I could go for another look at that big cock of yours. I'd be delighted to see how far Harvey can spit." She enjoyed teasing him.

"Okay. Harvey will be there?" Making it sound like a question for his unseen listener.

"Goodie! Before you go home tonight, put up a sign and I'll call you."

"Okay. You'll call if anything comes up. Talk to you later."

"Bye," She whispered in her sexiest voice, putting a lot of throb into it.

"Bye," he replied in his business voice.

She thought about Jeanie and the trick that she had helped him play on her. It was an awkward situation for Jeanie and whatever his name was. It was odd, but she still didn't know his name.

It was another afternoon where the rain was coming down between spells of misty overcast. She didn't feel like going out and she didn't know what to do with the rest of the day. She dug out one of John's erotic novels and read for a while, hoping that it would put her in the mood. But her mind kept circling back to Jeanie.

She hadn't told him that she had been making a tape of them. She thought about just erasing it. She had made it for John, wanting to tell him all of the details of the adventure and then showing him the tape after they had made love until he couldn't anymore. She figured it would put enough lead in his pencil for one more lap around the old bed. But now she wasn't so sure that she would show it to him. They had gotten to be people. Watching them fuck had been one thing. Having a tape of them fucking felt like an invasion of privacy.

She paced around the apartment for a while, thinking about the problem. She had gotten off on the whole scene up until Jeanie had lost it. Now she was obsessed with how she could make it up to the woman that she had never met. She had seemed like a nice person.

She did another little bud to see how being stoned worked on the problem. At first, it didn't make any difference. She was too busy thinking about the problem. Finally, she just let it go.

She was looking at the tape from the cam corder, wondering if she should look at it or not for the umpteenth time when a thought crossed her mind. It was a crazy thought and it took a while for her to turn it over and look at it from all sides. What the hell, she thought. Let's give it a try and see how it goes.

About five twenty, she called up the vacant apartment and he picked up in his business voice.

"Hey you. I was thinking about your problem."

"Oh? What problem?"

"The one with your girlfriend."

"Oh. That problem."

"Yeah. There's a plastic bag on the hood of your truck. Take it home and give it to her. Tell her it's from me. And don't open it. I put a note on the box that if you unwrapped it, to throw your ass out. My number is on the note inside, so if you don't give it to her, I'll know about it."

"Why? What is it?"

"Something that should get you off the hook. At least it will give her someone else to be mad at."

She hung up the phone.

The next day she kept her drapes closed until it was lunchtime. She wondered if he had thrown the box out or not. Or opened it and then tossed it out? She was pretty nervous about the risk that she was taking. After all, if her present was effective, she wouldn't be just an anonymous person anymore, but somehow involved in their lives. She didn't know how Jeanie would react. Having her showing up on her doorstep and screaming about what had happened would cause a long explanation.

Well. What was done was done: Now to deal with the consequences.

She took a deep breath and opened the curtain. There in the almost done apartment below her was what she was hoping to see. Jeanie was standing looking up at her apartment and she had the phone in her hand. Marilyn hit the speed dial on her phone.

"Hi." Said a voice that she recognized as Jeanie's from yesterday.

"Hi. You got the tape." It was a statement that was almost a question.

"Yes. Thanks for making it."

"Your welcome. So would you like to join me for lunch?"

"Just me?"

"No. You're both invited."

"Let me ask Jim." So, that was his name. There was a pause and the muffled sound of a hand over the phone. Then she said, "He's just got the paint clothes he's wearing and he's worried about your furniture." She knew that he was worried about the smell of paint on them, rather than her furniture.

"How about he wears a pair of my old mans sweats? They should fit him."

"One sec." Again the muffled phone and then she said. "Sure. If it's not an inconvenience."

"No problem. I'll bring them over."

"I can come up and get them."

Marilyn thought about that for a split second. Probably she wanted to talk to her alone. "Sure! See you in a few!"

Marilyn was pretty antsy waiting the few minutes that it took her to get there. When the knock came at the door, it took her only a second to open it.

Up close, Jeanie was even cuter. She had on more stylish clothes than the jeans and ratty sweater that she had been wearing the day before.

"Hi Jeanie! I'm Marilyn! Come in!"

"Hi." Jeanie said shyly. She stepped in and looked around at the apartment curiously. John had a long term lease on the apartment and they had painted the place to their taste. The walls were a deep brown that set off the old photographic prints that were framed in black frames on the walls. There were two couches and a coffee table, oak book cases and a cabinet that hid their TV and stereo gear. She'd spent the morning dusting, vacuuming, and straightening up the place in general. "Nice place."

"Thanks. I'm glad that you came. I was worried that you wouldn't."

"I thought about not coming, but I couldn't leave you hanging."

"I appreciate that. Why don't you come over for some girl talk after we all do lunch?"

Jeanie gave her a grin. "Yeah. I'd like that." She looked at her for a minute. "Making that tape took a lot of guts," she said with admiration. Marilyn blushed.

"Here's the sweats." She said awkwardly.

"Have you got a towel? Jim's taking a shower over there. He didn't want to smell up your apartment."

"Yeah. I'll get one out of the hall closet."

Jeanie followed her down the hall, checking out the prints on the wall. "You've got some great prints. Jim's a photographer, too."

"Thanks. John collects old photos. These were taken by some French guy whose name I always forget."

"They're great."

"Here's a towel. Do you think he needs soap?"

"He's got some. Thanks, though." She looked at her for a minute and then smiled. "I better get these over there before he wilts."

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