Birthday Surprise

by RoperTrace

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Rough, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Three women have run-in with local cops.

Sharon was running late for her lunch date with Kathy and Donna. They usually met every few months for lunch to get caught up with each other's lives. Sharon had recently retired from teaching at the local high school and missed some of her friends.

Today was her birthday and she didn't look anywhere near 54 years old. Kathy had called last week to set up the luncheon date on her birthday so they would have two reasons to get together.

Kathy was also newly retired from the same high school. Donna was still teaching physical education and was about 15 years younger than her girlfriends. The three had become good friends when Sharon and Kathy were still teaching. Their common interests for their children and making crafts had bonded them into a tight little group.

As Sharon increased her speed through the sleepy river town, she was only two blocks from the Italian restaurant on Front Street when she noticed the police cruiser. She tapped the brakes several times in order to reduce her speeding Ford Explorer, but was still 15 MPH over the limit as she passed the two local cops sitting in the empty parking.

Holding her breath, she continued down the street while keeping an eye in her rear view mirror. Evidently, they were going to let her go today. She exhaled a loud breath and continued down the block and made a left hand turn into the Luigi's parking lot.

"Why'd you let her go Sarge?" asked the young patrolman. He had only been on the job for about six months, after mustering out of the Army military police at twenty-eight.

"Bobby, who said we were going to let that little cunt go?" the beefy Sergeant answered with a smile on his face.

"I've seen her around town for years and know that she sometimes meets other women at Luigi's. We'll check back in about an hour or so, after they've had a few cocktails. A DUI arrest is easier to make than a driving too fast for conditions bust. Besides, maybe we can nail 'em all for drunk driving in about an hour. Hell, we might get lucky and they could resist arrest." laughed the Sarge.

Bobby looked at the evil grin spreading across Sarge's broad face and started to anticipate what his training officer was talking about. He was no angel himself and had enjoyed some of his own "peace keeping" missions with the local women, while stationed in Bosnia. The Sarge started up the cruiser and headed towards the Burger King located a few miles away.

Kathy and Donna were waiting in the lobby when Sharon arrived. After checking in her wool winter coat, the other two both hugged Sharon as they said hello. Sharon had worn a creme colored dress that accented her beautiful long brown hair.

Kathy was always less formal and wore long pants with a baggy pullover sweater. While Donna was still a gym teacher, she always wore skirts and blouses to school. Today was no exception as she wore a tight black skirt with high heels, that showed off her muscular shapely legs. Many of the boys at school had dreamed about the "hot" gym teacher with the great legs. For that matter, so had most of the male teachers, principals, and even a few of the school female athletic coaches.

After informing the restaurant greeter that they were now ready, they were shown to a nice table back in the corner. After a few minutes, a young waiter had returned and they all ordered some wine. Since the school was administering some new type of achievement tests today, gym classes had been cancelled and Donna didn't need to return.

All three women were enjoying each other's company, the good food, and each had three to four glasses of wine with their meal. All three had a light "buzz" as the waiter returned with their checks. Kathy and Donna insisted on paying for Sharon's since it was her birthday.

"You look great for a grandmother, and a very sexy fifty-four," beamed Donna to her friend.

"Thank you Donna, but you're the one with the perfect body at 37. I should be so lucky. As to my sex appeal, it's been a somewhat long dry spell since my divorce last year." replied Sharon.

"Don't be silly Sharon, any man would be lucky to be with you," Kathy chimed in. "My husband always said what a great ass you have," slurred Kathy.

At that remark, all three laughed at their obvious tipsy conditions and headed out into the parking lot. Sharon walked behind the other two and watched as Kathy and Donna were slightly unsteady on their feet. Donna's spiked heels didn't help matters that much.

"Listen girls, why don't I give you both a ride home? You don't look too steady and I'm not easily affected by a few drinks." Sharon offered. After a few mild objections, they all climbed into her Explorer and Sharon drove out of the parking lot.

The Sarge and his young partner had returned about fifteen minutes earlier and watched from their cruiser as the three attractive women climbed into the SUV. "Looks like we might have some fun this afternoon," chuckled the older cop. Bobby felt a familiar stirring in his dark blue trousers as the Explorer drove by. After giving them a short lead, the cruiser pulled out onto the road and followed.

Sharon was driving out of town towards Kathy's home on Beaver Run Road and laughing at her giddy friends. She was starting up the mountain road when she noticed the police cruiser in her mirror. "Oh shit!" she said loudly.

"What's the matter Sharon?" Kathy asked.

"Those two cops were watching me as I was speeding on the way in to meet you guys for lunch. And now there back on my tail." she answered. Both Donna and Kathy looked back at the cops, but didn't see any reason for concern.

"Don't worry, they would already have stopped us if we were doing anything wrong," Donna giggled.

"I guess you're right," Sharon replied. She continued up the mountain road as the cruiser stayed back about a quarter of a mile. "We'll stop these bitches up at the top of the mountain. That way, we won't have a lot of other cars or houses in the area."

"What's the plan Sarge?" Bobby asked.

"We'll just stop them and maybe do a strip search," bellowed the older cop and he roared at his own joke. Bobby laughed along and felt his own heart rate increase with the excitement.

As Sharon approached the mountain peak, she noticed the cruiser closing on her rapidly. The other two noticed the change in her demeanor and looked back at the familiar red and white lights flashing behind them. Sharon pulled over and tried to gain her composure as she watched the large, cop step out of his vehicle from her side view mirror. She lowered her window and offered a "What's the problem officer?" in her friendliest voice.

"License and registration Ma'am. And shut off your motor," ordered the uniformed policeman.

Kathy and Donna were looking out the other side of the car at the muscular looking policeman standing almost parallel to his partner. They both had an uneasy feeling at the slight grin he was wearing.

"Please step out of the vehicle, Ma'am. We're going to have to give you all the field sobriety test."

"Why must my friends get out? I'm the one driving," protested Sharon.

"Out of the damn car," bellowed the cop. Sharon and her two friends got out of the Explorer and were all marched over to the side of the road. "Hands on the vehicle, all three of you," he ordered.

Sharon and Kathy stole a glance at each other and both had a look of disbelief on their faces. Stepping over to her Explorer, Sharon placed her hands on the right front fender. Kathy quickly followed suit at the passenger door. Donna's mouth had dropped open and she wasn't moving. The fear was obvious from her expression.

"Get your cute little ass over against the car honey-- and I mean RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" ordered the large policeman.

Donna stumbled in the gravel with her high heels and the young cop grabbed her arm and led her to the car. She also paced her palms against the side and shivered as a cold gust of wind blew down off the mountain.

"We're going to have to frisk you for weapons and then administer a sobriety test to all of you. So keep your hands on the vehicle and take two wide steps back with your feet," commanded the Sarge.

All three of the women complied and the younger cop stepped up behind Donna. She shivered as his hands reached inside her open coat and expertly moved over her voluptuous body. After several unnecessary squeezes, he worked up and down her thighs and gave her firm butt an extra squeeze. "She's clean Sarge." Kathy was next given the work-over and Bobby's hands found their way under her sweater. "Wow Sarge, she's really packing some dandies here," he said as his hands cupped her large breasts. Her long pants provided some protection, but he still managed to touch places that were only reserved for her husband.

"I'll handle the driver myself," said the Sarge. Stepping in behind her, he opened her overcoat with one thick hand while pressing the other one against her back. Moving his heavy leather shoe between her feet, he moved her legs further apart.

When his free hand moved under her coat, he smiled as his fingers detected her ample breasts swinging free without a bra to encase them. Sharon closed her eyes and silently cursed herself as she felt her nipples grow hard from being handled by the burly policeman.

"Hey Sarge, I think she likes that," laughed the young cop. Still smiling the Sarge stooped down and slid his rough hands up between her spread legs. Sharon only hoped that her silence would help end their ordeal more quickly. She jumped when the thick fingers bumped against her panty-clad pussy. After a moment the fingers were removed and she started to relax.

"We're going to have to take you all back to the station for a more reliable test," stated the older cop. Sharon started to protest when he pulled her hands back and expertly slapped a steel handcuff onto her wrist.

Bobby did the same with Donna. They stood there as the Sarge produced a nylon electrical tie from his jacket pocket and wrapped it around Kathy's wrists.

"Where are you taking us, you sonofabitch?!!" yelled Sharon.

"Just shut up and get in the cruiser, little lady," the Sarge replied with a smirk on his face.

Bobby helped to get all three of the handcuffed women into the back seat of the car, and proceeded to get into the Explorer. The Sarge got in his car and continued over the backside of Mount Tussey.

Sharon and the other women shared looks of disbelief as they sat uncomfortably with the steel and nylon cuffs biting into their wrists. Kathy was crying softly and Donna did her best to console her. After a mile further, the big patrolman slowed the cruiser and made a right turn onto a dirt lane leading through the trees. Bobby followed in Sharon's Explorer.

"Where are you taking us?' stammered Donna. The cop picked up his radio and called in his lunch break, even though they had already eaten an hour earlier. After driving another half mile, they came to a pine cabin. The officer pulled up next to the door and got out. He walked up three steps onto a porch and reached above the door jam. With a key he retrieved, he unlocked the cabin and left the heavy door stand open.

When he returned to the cruiser, Bobby had already opened the door and had Sharon and Kathy standing next to him. The Sarge reached in to help the shapely blonde gym teacher.

After all three women had been helped out of the cruiser, the Sarge motioned for Bobby to move them up to the cabin's porch. He waited at the wooden steps and grabbed Sharon by the arm and roughly pulled her up the three steps. "What do you want? What are you going to do to us? You're police officers-you should be protecting us." Sharon nearly shouted. The Sarge pulled out his polished hickory riot stick and placed it under Sharon's chin. "We'll do whatever the hell we want, so shut your big mouth cunt." roared the beefy cop. Bobby had the other two standing on the porch during the commotion, and all three, terrified, shackled women were pushed through the cabin's door.

The older cop went over into the corner and retrieved a large kerosene heater. He set it in the center of the cabin's first floor and lit it with a zippo lighter. He'd obviously had been here before.

Sharon looked around her surroundings and saw that the cabin had an open loft built for a second story with two large log poles supporting the beams under the loft. Her eyes caught several round iron rings hanging from the beams overhead. The big cop retrieved several coils of nylon rope from a box near the empty fireplace. Keeping one coil, he tossed the others to the younger cop who caught them in the air.

Grabbing Sharon's cuffed hands, he looped the end of rope around the chain connecting the metal bracelets and tied a quick knot. At six feet-three he merely raised his arms and pulled the other end of the loop through one of the iron rings. Sharon gasped when he pulled her arms overhead, causing her to spread her feet to keep her balance. She had to rise up on her tiptoes to keep the handcuffs from biting into her sore wrists.

Bobby, the young patrolman similarly tied Donna up on her toes in her tight black skirt and high heels. Kathy was starting to sob softly and Sarge merely pushed her into a high backed chair, between the other two. "Please, don't hurt her," begged Sharon. "We'll do whatever you want--just don't hurt us."

The Sarge and Bobby were all smiles at that remark. Bobby looked at the gym teacher suspended in front of him and she repeated her friend's words. "You do what you want with us, and we'll cooperate-okay?'

Without any warning, the young cop reached over to Donna's tight blouse and ripped it open, sending the buttons flying. Her quickened breathing caused her breasts to rise and fall in the flimsy bra she was wearing.

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