Lesson Well Learned
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Anal Sex, Bestiality,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young women learns early on how to use her body to succeed, and takes that knowledge to her adult life

I guess my secrete life style could be traced back to the day after my fifteenth birthday when I gave my best friends older brother a blowjob. Having a huge crush on Jessica's brother Roger, I was more than excited when he showed just the slightest interest in me what so ever. If he asked for the moon, I would have tried to give it to him. I guess I would have done just about anything to get him, and for one night, I did.

Since neither Jessica nor I had a boyfriend, my birthday was to be celebrated by just the two of us. Oh yeah, my parents had the cake and ice cream routine, but on this night I wanted a little more. Jessica and I planned on getting a little messed up on some vodka her parents usually had behind the bar. Unfortunately, or fortunately maybe, there were less than one shot left in the bottle. We started looking in the cabinets when her brother Roger came down the stairs and wanted to know just what we were doing. We tried to B.S. him, but he was way to wise for that, and we finally fessed up.

After conferring with his friend, Roger said he could get us some beer if we liked, but would have to them a favor sometime. We were quick to accept, and Roger and his friend said they would be back in about twenty minutes.

About an hour and a half later my head was spinning and I was having a hard time focusing on what was happening on the other side of the room. I stared a minute or so and realized that Jessica was making out with Rogers friend. When I turned towards Roger, he pulled me towards him and pressed his lips to mine.

About five minutes or so later, I felt his hand slid up under my sweater and he cupped one of my breasts. No one but me had ever touched my breasts before, but I guess the beer and the fact that it was Roger kept me from objecting. It wasn't long before Roger was leading me towards the extra bedroom and had me laying on that old hide a bed sofa. Reality stuck and I began to panic thinking that in a few minutes I could be on my way to being pregnant. When he tried to unzip my jeans I grabbed his hand and explained. "No Roger, we can't. I just started my period today."

Roger muttered something under his breath and stood up and unzipped his fly and pulled out his already hard cock. "Well Kim, if one hole is unavailable, the we'll just have to use another."

I knew right away what he wanted, but since I had never done it I wasn't sure just what to do. Before I could do a thing, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards him. I quickly opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in as far as he could get it. I guess I was lucky he wasn't all that big and the invasion didn't make me choke. When I heard him instruct me to suck him just like it was a pop cycle, I knew then what to do. I began to taste a small amount of sweet tasting liquid, and I actually was enjoying what I was doing. Suddenly he began to thrust his cock deeper in my mouth and grabbed my head hard and pulled me even harder against him, then bingo. The first spurt that shot out of him went straight down my throat, but the other five or six shots filled my mouth. With my face press against his stomach I couldn't breath, and I began to swallow in self-defense. When he finally finished, he plopped down on the sofa and just let out a big sigh. Finally he spoke up. "Gosh Kim, you did that pretty good for a beginner. So listen, you ever need some beer or something again, we can work things out, if you know what I mean."

So what I learned that night about sex was never forgotten, even after I got married. If I wanted my husband Jim to do or go someplace he really didn't like, well the promise of a wild night in bed would change his mind.

In my wildest dreams I never imagined that I would use this woman's gift anyplace but in my own home, but to keep that home I had to make some decisions, which were some pretty hard decisions at that.

Things were really going well for us until Jim's small construction company came upon some hard times, and as the business struggled, the more the creditors would call. Although Jim had always wanted me to be a stay at home mom, I knew I had to put the skills I had learned in college to good use.

June 22, 1995:

After sending out a dozen or so resumes, I landed a decent job working in an advertising agency as a personal secretary to the president. Although I wasn't paid all that much, it helped, but the lack of income from Jim's business was still putting a cramp on things. I thought that maybe I should try and find a part time job as well, and began checking out the ads during lunch. One day the president, my boss, saw what I was doing and asked. "Gosh Kim are you not happy here?"

"What Mr. Roberts?"

"I see you are checking out the job ads in the paper, you thinking about leaving us?"

"Oh no Mr. Roberts not at all. See things are really tight at home, and well I was checking on a part time job, that's all."

"Well Kim I am glad you're not thinking of leaving, but you know I might have a solution that would make everybody happy. That is if you are interested in earning a little more."

July 12, 1995

I began my new job as manager of customer relations, which at first was nothing more than sitting behind a nice walnut desk in my own private office. Of course I wasn't complaining at all, especially since I was now earning fifty-nine thousand a year.

Sometime mid-morning, Mr. Roberts called me to his office to go over some of my new job duties. He greeted me at the door of his very large office, and quietly closed the door behind us.

"So Kim I'll get straight to the point. If after I explain just what is required in this new position you feel the job is not for you, then you can return to your old job without any repercussions at all. See I want you to enjoy your job, as well as the monetary rewards that you will realize. Since the job duties are, shall we say sensitive; I must inform you that only a special few have ever held this job and is not a permanent, but you will be compensated greatly. Usually the position is for no more than a year, if that. Miss Chambers was the last, and she was, well has retired. So let me somewhat explain, and you can make your decision."

Mr. Roberts went on to explain that I would be required to meet any new prospective clients, as well as our biggest clients already on board. Many times would be right here in my office, but most of the time it would require putting in some extra hours in the evening, sort of entertaining, he explained.

"So Kim, now that I gave you a brief description of the job, I'll give you some of the downsides to the job. See most of our clients are men from out of town and when they are here, they want to be entertained, as well as being convinced our company can do the job for then. I have found that if they are entertained well, they are easier convinced our company is for them. So basically, your job will be to help them make the decision to sign on with us, understand?"

"I think so, but just what do I do? I mean do I take them home with me for dinner, or what?"

"No Kim, never take them home, and it's best you don't reveal your home life what so ever. If asked, you are single, no family at all. What you have to do is simple, you're an escort for the evening, but be advised, sometimes they expect a lot for a person in your position. So keep in mind, the happier they are, the more likely they will sign on with us. Plus, in addition to your normal salary, this job has a bonus clause in it, twenty-five thousand sign on bonus for any new customers, and a ten percent of the annual billing to their company, even after you have been "retired" from the position."

"Twenty-five thousand dollars!!! Plus ten percent of what ever we bill them a year? Just what will I be doing to earn that much?"

"Kim, I know you are only twenty-six years old, but I know you are not naive. Like I said, these are men, and without doubt they will seek sexual favors. I said there was a down side to this job. If you feel you don't want any part of this, believe me I understand completely. You can simply walk away back to your old job, a job you do quiet well, by the way. The choice is yours. Sleep on it overnight, and let me know first thing in the morning."

All the way home I had trouble believing just what Mr. Roberts had said to me. Here I was, a married women with two small children, and he was asking me to be a whore for the company. I wanted to tell him to go to hell, but I didn't want to lose my job with company all together. I figured I would wait till morning and tell him thanks, but no thanks and simply return doing my old job.

That evening after I fixed dinner and put the kids to bed, I sat on the couch next to Jim trying to relax a bit before bed. Then, just like every other night the phone began to ring. Call after call was one bill collector or another threatening to damage our credit more that it already was. I began to think of what Mr. Roberts had offered, but figured it wasn't worth it even if it did stop the calls. It was only when the mortgage company called and said if we went three months past due in making the mortgage, foreclosure proceeding would begin, did I make up my mind.

July 13, 1995

I arrived at the office around 8:00 in the morning, and waited nervously for Mr. Roberts to arrive. Finally around 9:30 I heard his voice in the outer office. I waited a few minutes for him to get settled, then took a deep breath and knocked on his opened door.

"Oh, good morning Kim, please come in."

I slowly closed the door and move over to the large leather chair that faced his desk and sat down. I nervously played with the hem of my skirt as I began to speak. "Ok. Mr. Roberts. If I say yes to this job, do I really have to, you know, with the clients?"

"You mean fuck them. Possibly. Understand Kim, I have no idea just what may or may not be asked of you. I do know this; Carolyn at times just went to a quiet dinner and nothing else. Of course she did on occasion did more than that. The only thing I require is you insist you are neither engaged nor married, understand? If a client knew of your marriage status, he could use it against you or the company. That would not be a good situation for either of us."

"There is no way this will get back to my husband?"

"Only if you tell him, or do something to jeopardize yourself. If you do a good job, you will do quite well and so will the company. So why would I want to destroy that? So can I take that as a yes? If so, then you need to make some changes to your wardrobe."

That afternoon I spent three thousand dollars of McMillan and Roberts corporate money at Victoria Secrets to better serve the clients. From there I was chauffeured to a lush apartment on the gold coast, where I spent the rest of the day putting all my new "work" clothes in their proper place.

July 20, 1995

Jim grabbed his lunch I had made and leaned down to kiss me goodbye when I finally told him I would be late. I gave a B.S. story about a big deal coming down and had to spend a few hours on it after hours. He thought nothing of it, and promised to bath and get the children in bed for me. I felt a tear begin to develop as I kissed him goodbye and quickly had to pretend to have something in my eye. After getting little Jimmy and Tammy off to school, I drove to my apartment to change into my work clothes.

I fumbled with a pen while I waited for Mr. Roberts to call me in for the meeting while taking slow deep breaths to calm me down. When my phone rang, I about jumped out of my skin. Seconds later I was taking my first steps in my new "profession".

I knocked lightly on the walnut door and waited for permission to enter. When I heard Mr. Roberts say to come in, I put on my best smile and opened the door.

"Kim, good morning. Please meet Mr. Tom Williams. Tom, this is Kimberly Olsen."

I smiled and ran my tongue over my lips before I spoke. "Hello Mr. Williams. I am pleased to meet you."

He reached out and took my hand and smiled. "Oh, please, call me Tom, and my I call you Kim?"

I assured him that was fine, and three of us sat at the conference table in the small meeting room connected to Mr. Robert's large office. Since this client had been on board for a few years, there was not beating around the bush on his part. He knew just what my job was, and was not shy about it at all. Once Mr. Roberts and he completed the business part of the meeting, Mr. Roberts left us alone.

Without saying as much as a single word, Mr. Williams stood directly in front of me and slowly unzipped his suit pants. Pulling his semi hard cock from his boxers, he whispered. "Ok Kim, show me how much you appreciate my companies business." Seconds later I began my first assignment on my new job.

Trying to fantasize that this was my husband Jim's cock I was sucking helped a little, but in the back of my mind I knew I was just performing the same duties as any common whore would. Now that I faced those facts, the remainder of my encounter with Mr. Williams went pretty easy. Felling he grip the back of my head made me aware of his fast approaching climax, and I now began to gently tug and pulled on his swollen nuts trying to enhance his pleasure. When his cock started to jerk and throb, I knew it was time and pushed my face farther against his cock and allowed the engorged head to slide deep into my throat. I lost count, but at least five enormous spurts came from his throbbing cock and all but the last weaker ones went past my tongue and down my throat. As his climax began to cease, the last few drops of his cream settled on my tongue. I was surprised at the rich texture of his cum and actually thought his to be much more of sweet nectar than Jim's. When his cock was completely drained, he silently pushed it back into his boxers and zipped his pants.

Gathering his attaché case from the marble conference table, he then reached inside his business suit and pulled out a plain white envelope and placed it on the table in front of me. Without saying a word he turned and left the room, and soon Mr. Roberts re-entered.

"Well Kim, I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Williams was most impressed with you and is looking forward to his next visit. Oh, and by the way, that envelope is a gift for you, and for a job well done you may take the rest of the day off."

After returning via limo back to the apartment, I changed clothes and headed for home to make dinner for my husband and family. That evening I finally had a chance to open the envelope that Mr. Williams had given me, and I stared in shock as I counted out five one hundred dollar bills. I took a deep breath and silently said that this job wasn't all that bad after all.

Soon a call from Mr. Roberts informed me that I would have to represent the company at a meeting in Detroit on Monday morning. He assured me that I would be back in the office by three in the afternoon, so it wasn't necessary to make any special arrangements at home.

July 24, 1995

The limo sped from the north side apartment to the suburban airport where the company's private jet was scheduled to take off at 8:45 a.m. sharp. Although I have flown a few times, this was the first in a small Lear jet and I could feel my heart pounding in my throat. By the time I began to relax the pilot was already beginning his final approach to the greater Detroit airport. Once on the ground I was escorted to another waiting limo and brought to the home of our biggest client, Mr. Donald L. Stoneman, owner and C.E.O. of the Landers Corporation.

When the limo pulled into the driveway, I first thought we were in Washington, and this was the White House. I couldn't imagine owning a home this big, and marveled at the huge white columns that bordered the front steps. Soon the door opened and an actual butler greeted me and led me to a sitting room just off of the large library. A few minutes later a maid brought in a cheerleaders outfit and instructed me to undress and put on the uniform. For the life of me I couldn't understand her request, but I also realized just where I was, and whom I was going to soon be meeting for the first time. Quickly I removed my short skirt and blouse and pulled the sweater with a large "C" on the front, over my head. Usually a cheerleader has a pair of shorts or something under the tiny skirt, but all that was given me was the sweater and the short, very short dress. Since my instruction were to always wear just a garter with nylons and no panties, I knew if I sat down my freshly shaved pussy could be seen very clearly. About fifteen minutes later, I met both Mr. Stoneman and his very pretty wife.

After some idle talk about my flight, Mr. Stoneman held out his arm and asked if he could escort me to the "meeting room", while his wife followed quietly behind us. Once on the second floor of the mansion, I was brought to what appeared to be a young girls bedroom, not a meeting room as I had thought. Mrs. Stoneman sat quietly on a chair on the other side of the room while Mr. Stoneman quickly pulled me towards him. Without saying a word, he leaned down and pressed is lips to mine as I felt his strong hands gripping my exposed buttocks. This next thing I knew was I was being urged backwards towards the bed that was covered with all sorts of stuffed animals. Mr. Stoneman gently placed me back onto the bed while continuing to passionately kiss me.

A few minutes later, he stood up next to the bed and removed the casual outfit he had been wearing. Kneeling next to me, he urged me to stroke "daddy's" cock. I took his flaccid cock in my hand and slowly stroked it up and down, but for some reason he remained completely soft. It was only after Mrs. Stoneman whispered in my ear, did I realize just what Mr. Stoneman's fantasy was, a desire to fuck his daughter. I held his soft but massive cock in my hand while I gently caressed his large nut sack and seductively moaned. "Daddy, I want you to fuck me. Oh fuck me daddy, please fuck me." With that, his cock began to stiffen in my hand. When he reached a full erection, I was holding what appeared to be the size of my forearm, and balls the size of walnuts. He pressed his monster cock against my lips and I strained to get just the head inside my mouth. While I struggled to get him deeper in my mouth, he moaned over and over again for me to suck "daddy's" cock. Now in a fit of lust, he moved between my legs and pressed his horse cock against my moist cunt. Without hesitation, he plunged deep inside until he bottomed out against my cervix. I cringed a bit as I felt a small twinge of pain with each of his thrusts into me. I felt his massive cock begin to actually enter my womb as his pressed deeper and deeper inside of me. Suddenly I felt like I had been opened like a ripened watermelon and now all of his thirteen inches was buried inside of me. My cunt gripped his cock as he pulled back, and my womb accepted the invasion of each thrust. I could feel my orgasm starting to build, as not only was my cunt being fuck, but my womb as well. I then heard Mrs. Stoneman urging him on. "Yes Donald fuck her, fuck your little slut daughter. Give it to her. Fill her with your love seed."

I don't know what that did for Mr. Stoneman, but hearing his wife beg him to fuck his daughter drove me over the edge. With his cock buried deep inside of me, I began to scream out my climax when I felt his hot cream shoot in my stretched womb.

The entire flight home, my cunt oozed sticky cum that Mr. Stoneman had pumped inside. Not only did he give me the best fuck I had ever experienced, his wife's expert tongue gave me another earth shaking orgasm, along with a two thousand dollar bonus.

November 13, 1995

"Business" was sort of slow, and this was my first assignment in almost four months. For some reason, I was actually looking forward to it, especially after provided some details. He told me that more than likely, more than one gentleman would be involved.

The flight to Denver was delayed in landing due to a heavy snowfall, which gave me some more time to ponder just what would take place that evening. Normally I would always be back at the office by quitting time, but this assignment required I be on site for at least two days. Convincing Jim that this was one of our normal sales meetings was a lot easier than I had expected and I was confident he hadn't the slightest idea of what my job duties were.

Once the plane had finally landed I headed to my pick up point and nervously looked around for a sign of my driver. Within seconds I heard my name paged, and quickly located one of the white house phones and answered the page. The message was short and to the point and moments later I was being escorted to the waiting limo in the staging area.

Twenty minutes later, I was taking a deep breath waiting for someone to answer the doorbell. Suddenly the door opened and a person I recognized as one of our clients who had visited the office just last week greeted me. He smiled and introduced himself as Mr. Travis and offered his arm as we walked towards the living room.

As we entered the living room a quick count told me that there were at least seven men in the room in addition to Mr. Travis. I was somewhat relieved to see that there were also five ladies in attendance also. Maybe Mr. Roberts had things wrong, and I was just Mr. Travis's "date" for the evening.

It didn't take long, about a minute or so, before I realized that I was more, a lot more that just Mr. Travis's date when I heard one of the ladies remark. "Oh my Travis, you really got a young one for tonight's entertainment." And with that I was instructed to stand in the center of the room and remove my blouse and skirt, but leave my under garments on.

Soon, seven men encircled me and I immediately knelt and turned to the closest gentleman who already had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. For the next fifteen minutes or so I sucked their cocks, but each pulled away before I could finish them off. Suddenly I was helped up and led over to some sort of bed, but was about the height of a dinning table. There I was placed on my back and my head hung over the edge, where I now was getting my pussy fucked, and well as my throat. As each of the men neared climax, they would pull out from my pussy and press their cocks into my mouth, making me swallow all their loads. Finally when I had succeeded in downing seven large loads, I heard Mr. Travis speak out. "OK ladies, she is all yours now."

My legs were urged upwards towards my chest, and I felt my slit being teased by an aggressive and darting tongue of one of the women. As two other women kneaded and teased my breasts, another straddled me and lowered her cleaned shaved and dripping cunt towards my mouth. In less than an hour, I sucked the five women to orgasm, and now the men were ready for round two.

Now with one of the women straddling me but facing the opposite direction, she pressed downwards and ground her puckered brown eye against my lips. Instinctively I darted my tongue out and rolled the tip around her puckered ass. She then pulled my legs even farther upwards and clamped them under her arms. I now could feel something cold being smeared on my own brown hole and then a small vibrator was inserted. After allowing my anal opening to become accustomed to the intrusion, the small vibrator was removed, and a larger one took its place.

I was beginning to feel little shock waves attack my pussy and knew I was soon going to enjoy my own orgasm when the large vibrator was pulled from my stretched asshole. The shock of such a departure made me take a deep breath, but before I could exhale, a throbbing cock plugged my ass. The woman whose ass I had been tonguing, now leaned down and teased by clit while one of the man was busy pounding his cock in my gripping anal passage. She would get me to the very edge of cumming, then back off a bit before diving back in again. This was repeated over and over again until my body was racked in orgasm. During that time, all seven men fucked my ass and deposited their seed deep into by bowels.

During the next six hours this routine was repeated over and over again until the party guests had either passed out from exhaustion, or simply to spent to continue. A housemaid then led me to the guest room down the hall where I was allowed to shower and prepare for a good nights rest.

By noon the next day I was being chauffeured back to the office where I was given the rest of the day off for a job well done. Once home, I sipped a freshly brewed cup of coffee and smiled at the fifty or so crisp one hundred dollar bills that were neatly placed in a plain brown envelope.

The rest of the year I wasn't required to provide any "customer service" and most days I would report to work and was normally on my way back home by 9:00. Some days I was detained a bit, but only those days when Mr. Roberts requested my services.

At first I thought that Jim being too exhausted from long hours he put in at his company would be a blessing. After all, I felt I might not be up to pleasing him and "doing" my job also. The problem was I found that not only was I not too worn out, I actually wanted, no needed more. Those nights that Jim was fast asleep before I could even get finished with my shower was making me quite frustrated.

The entire month of December found me thinking of sex every waking minute. I would finger my clit silently while Jim slept soundly. I was actually looking forward to my next "assignment" when I could enjoy some really wild sex, not that I was not happy with Jim; the perverseness of it all was such a turn on.

December 21, 1995

The holiday party at the office was usually a pretty dull affair, but since it was better than just sitting home alone, I looked forward to it. As more and more alcohol was being consumed, the office staff was getting more and more drunk by the minute, I included. When I noticed John, the mail boy gazing at my very revealing dress, I moved a bit to allow him a better view. Pretty soon I had succeed in getting my skirt up to just below the top of my garter, and my shaved pussy could be seen clearly. When I was certain that I had gotten John's attention, I stood up and walked past him to the booze table. As I passed, I looked him straight in the eye and told him to meet me in my office.

After a quick visit to mother nature, I went quickly towards my secluded office on the fifth floor. I was a little disappointed when I walked in and found that John had not taken me up on my offer. I was about to shut off the light and head back down to the party when I head footsteps on the tile floor. I stood to the side and let John enter, and after seeing that nobody else got off the elevator I quietly closed the door.

Without saying a word I dropped to my knees and began to unbuckle his pants. As they fell to the floor, I helped him remove them from his legs. I reached up and felt his rising cock through his jockeys, and within seconds I had him at complete attention. Slowly I moved my lips over his rigid cock until my nose was pressing against his pubic hairs on his flat stomach. He wasn't built like Jim or any of the clients I had to service, but being only seventeen he was quite hard. It took only a matter of minutes before I heard him start to moan and felt his legs start to tremble. I reached up and grabbed his firm butt cheeks and pulled his cock deeper inside of my mouth. His cock started to spasm and I counted eight spurts of his young love seed spatter across my eager tongue.

Being so young, John was able to re-load and this time I leaned over my desk and guided his five inch cock to the rim of my puckered anus. A little urging, and John plunged in and began to thrust back and forth. This time it took him about ten minutes before his cum splattered in my bowels, and when I reached under and gripped his nuts during his climax, he began shaking violently.

Over the next two hours I had succeeded in getting John off two more times but I was still in the need for some good rough sex. I thanked John for his effort and headed back down to the party to seek out another volunteer.

When I reached to office party I was somewhat disappointed that there were only about a third of the office staff still in attendance. I did notice however, that Ruthie and Karen from payroll were getting a little frisky with each other. I smiled as I passed them, wondering why I never caught on to that before. When I saw Pete, also from payroll staring at them I just had to bust his balls a bit and needle him for spying on them. I also noticed that the activity was getting him a little aroused, as well as two others, Joe and Roger from tech services.

Soon most of the office staff that still was around was checking out Ruthie and Karen themselves. In all, it was I and one other girl and six guys watching the show that Ruthie and Karen was giving. When I was convinced that the guys were about to blow there nuts, and Sue looked like she could use a good fuck, I spoke up. "Ok, I don't know about you people, but I need some good old fashion lovin." With that said, I unhooked my dress and let it fall, leaving me standing there looking like an ad for Victoria Secrets.

I knew that the guys would be game, but I wanted Sue to join us also, and I quickly moved towards her and urged her to get undressed. Minutes later, Ruthie, Karen Sue, the six guys and I were on the conference table doing our best to be the first to cum.

It wasn't long before I was placed on my back atop of the conference table while one raging cock plugged my pussy, and another plunging deep into my mouth. After the throbbing cock in my cunt finished spurting warm nut cream deep inside, another was ready to take its place. I quickly reached down and grabbed the nine-inch woman pleaser and guided it downwards towards my inviting anal passage. Being in a fit of lust, he didn't wait for my ass to get used to the invasion, and quickly plunged balls deep inside. My cries of protest were quickly muffled by the massive amount of nut cream that was now spurting into my throat.

Now with yet another eager cock pressing against my lips, the pleasure I was receiving from the stud butt fucking me was taking over my body. I began to convulse while I experienced one of the most violent orgasms possible. When all six of the guy had finally dumped a load inside of me, the party ended.

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