Fembot NOT!

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, Horror, Humor, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Interracial, White Couple, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Food, Water Sports, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Frustrated that she can't get a human boyfriend in a world where guys only want fembots, she arranges to have herself sold as a fembot to an unsuspecting male.

Chapter 1

Carol was sitting on her living room sofa going through her bills in her panties and bathrobe on a Saturday morning. She wrote a check for $143.97 for her electric bill. $82.06 for her phone bill. $53.20 for her cable bill. And she paid her Master Card down by $50.

Then there was the junk mail. A dating service sent her a special offer just for women. Women can join for only $800. Men, of course, joined for free. In a big yellow star, the flyer screamed they had a ratio of only 20 women to every man in their membership. But she had tried a dating service once, and never even got as far as one date with a man.

She opened a large, thick white envelope from Shinra Corporation. Just out of curiosity, she had sent for a fembot brochure a while ago. She couldn't understand how any guy could prefer a robot over a real live woman.

"Ugh!" she gasped when she opened the brochure. She felt like she was reading a porno magazine. She was looking at a photo of a beautiful woman--no, a fembot--giving a guy a deep-throat blowjob. The caption read, "Now a man can have multiple orgasms! A fembot can deep-throat you continuously, for as long as it takes, to give you orgasms over and over again. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy!"

The following page showed a man fucking a girl in the ass. "A fembot can take you up her back door as easily as up her vagina or in her mouth. A fembot is always in the mood for sex and will never refuse you."

She flipped to another random page showing another beautiful woman running a vacuum cleaner in the nude. "A fembot can clean your house for you between blowjobs, with never a complaint or demand for help."

She flipped to the back where the brochure talked about the technical aspects of a fembot: "Powered by a small LENR fusion reactor, a fembot needs only a small drink of water each day as a power supply."

The next page talked about her skin: "A fembot's skin is a protein-based polymer that has the feel and taste of live human flesh. It's porous internally, and warm oil is pumped through it to make it feel like human flesh. She's indistinguishable from a meat girl by sight or touch.

"Meat girl?" Carol shrieked to herself. "Is that what I am?"

The following page got a little more explicit: "A fembot's mouth has artificial glands that produce real saliva, and her vagina has artificial glands that produce real feminine lubricants that are chemically identical to those produced by a meat girl."

"This is sick!" She tore the brochure in half and slapped the pieces onto her coffee table.

The following weekend, Carol's brother, Brian, had invited her over to his apartment for dinner. She spent the afternoon washing and brushing her long natural blonde hair. She was an attractive woman, and she knew it. In a bygone era, guys would have said that she was "hot." But slender, beautiful women couldn't even get fat, ugly guys these days.

She arrived at Brian's apartment. Mom and dad were there too. In this age of fembots, will anyone in the next generation have a real mom and dad any more? Brian's fembot, Tifa, served them spaghetti after they sat at the table. Brian was a salesman at a nearby Shinra distributorship--so, of course, he owned one of the infernal things.

Tifa set Carol's plate in front of her. "Thank you, Tifa."

"You're welcome, Carol. I hope you enjoy it."

Carol sometimes didn't know whether to be amazed or disgusted when she visited her brother. If she didn't know that Tifa was a machine, she never would have guessed. She had talked alone with Tifa often enough. Having a conversation with the robot was just like chatting with one of her girlfriends. Tifa had opinions--intelligent opinions--about current events, her favorite sports teams, movies she likes, and so on. Of course, Tifa's sole motivation was to make Brian happy and be ready at any moment to obey any request, sexual or non-sexual, that he may make of her. That came through loud and clear.

After Dinner, after mom and dad left, and Tifa was washing the dishes, Brian sat next to Carol. "Is something wrong, sis?"

Carol could talk to her brother about almost anything, drinking, drugs, boy trouble, girl trouble, safe sex, and so on. "I don't think I'll ever meet a guy. All you guys want fembots. You don't want real girls any more."

"Yeah. Shinra sells malebots too, but we sell ten fembots to guys for every malebot to a girl. And then there's the occasional guy who buys a malebot, or girl who buys a fembot..."

Carol gasped. "I don't want to go there..."

"Neither do I," Brian said. "Now THAT'S sick..."

"I don't know what I'm going to do!" Carol started crying on her brother's shoulder. (And, no, this isn't going to turn into THAT kind of story) "The last time I was at the mall, every fat, ugly guy had a beautiful woman on his arm dressed like a slut--obviously all fembots. You have to be a supermodel or a rock starlet to get a real live human guy anymore. I'll do anything to meet a real human guy!"

"Well," Brian said slowly, "If you're willing to take a risk, get a birth-control implant, and can be a fair actress, I have an idea..."

Chapter 2

Ted had returned home to the U.S. last month. He got a job right out of college and had spent the past ten years in India as a software engineer, starting as a tester, and working his way up to coder, to project leader, to DBA, then to system administrator.

With his living expenses practically nil all that time, and the stock market shooting up like a rocket for the past few years, Ted had accumulated over $1,400,000 in his mutual fund. Yet, he knew that wealth can be frittered away too easily. So instead of a lavish mansion, he had put $200,000 down on a small townhouse. Instead of buying a brand new Porsche Boxster, he purchased a pre-owned 2024 Boxster with low miles. Then he hung his shingle as an independent computer consultant.

He had one more major purchase to make, though. He kept a Saturday open to shop for a fembot.

The Nissan fembots weren't to his liking. They all had huge chests; while a lot of guys liked that, Ted didn't.

Honda went for the techno look. Their fembots all had skin and hair in wild colors: lime green, hot pink, Day-Glo purple, bright orange. Their fembots were the most affordable, but man! Were they ugly!

He considered buying American out of sheer principle, but American-made fembots had to be operated by a remote control. That wasn't so bad, but he had also heard rumors from reliable sources that most of them were secretly hermaphrodites with retractable dicks. Yuck! No way would he even consider an American-made fembot if that were true!

He stopped at the Shinra distributorship last. Shinra's fembots were the most expensive by far, but also the most realistic, and they didn't go for any glitz--all just normal, but attractive, women.

"May I help you?" a pretty receptionist asked as he entered the lobby.

"I'm just looking," he barked at her and continued into the showroom. Looking around at the fembots on display, most were inside sealed glass cylinders, but a few were standing openly on pedestals. He walked up to a brunette in a tiny black negligee. "Are you for sale?"

"Yes, I am," she said sweetly. "I'm Selphie. What's your name?"

"I'm Ted, but I'm not really interested in brunettes."

"You should ask a salesman for help," she offered.

Almost as on cue, a man in a white blazer came out with his hand extended. "Welcome to Shinra! I'm Brian. You are?"

"I'm Ted."

"You like Selphie here?"

"Hmmm, not really," he said, still standing in front of her. "I'm partial to blondes."

"No problem, sir. We have a large inventory of blondes. Please follow me."

Ted had wanted to look around on his own first, but he followed the pushy salesman into a small cozy conference room and sat at a small round table. Opening a thick binder, he opened it, revealing pages upon pages of beautiful women--no--fembots. "Why don't we start by choosing three or four, then I'll bring them out to meet you. Once we narrow down your tastes, we can narrow down your choices."

"Sounds good," Ted said.

"Do you prefer a type-1 body, or type-2?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Oh, you haven't seen our brochure yet?"

"No." Mild annoyance started rising in his voice. "I'd just like to see some fembots. Blondes."

"Then have a seat on the sofa, and I'll be right back."

The salesman left, and returned a moment later with a strawberry blonde with piercing black eyes. The woman--no, the fembot--sat next to Ted on the comfy sofa.

"This is Tara," the salesman said.

"Hi Tara."

"Hi Ted," she said.

"So, you're really a robot?"

"Yes, I was built three months and four days ago in Japan and shipped here."

"Wow! You look, talk, and act just like a real woman."

"Thank you. My skin is an organic polymer..." and she gave the whole spiel about how a fembot is indistinguishable from a real woman.

Ted took her arm in his hand and examined her closely. Her skin sure looked and felt like human skin, even to the fine hairs. He held his arm out and held their two arms next to each other. In direct comparison like that, the differences between the human arm and the fembot arm became more apparent. His arm was covered with freckles and the occasional pockmark and scar from over 30 years of life. Her skin, on the other hand, showed a total lack of any kind of blemish, freckle, pockmark, scar, birthmark, or anything else."

"How do you like Tara?" the salesman asked.

"She's hot, but I'd like to see a few more before I make up my mind."

"No problem. I'll be right back." The salesman left with Tara, and brought Jubilee, a short bleached blonde. Next, he brought out a tall blonde by the name of Carol. Then Liane, a tall strawberry blonde. And last, just for variety, Nola, a black girl with blonde hair all in braids.

"From what you've seen, can we narrow the selection down a little? I can bring a few more girls out who more closely match your preferences."

"Actually," Ted said, "I rather like that tall girl with the long hair you brought out before. What was her name?"

"Carol? She just came out of assembly this morning. She'll go fast!"

"I bet! You give most of your fembots odd names, why did she get a normal girl's name?"

"I don't know, sir." The salesman laughed. "I just sell 'em, I don't name 'em. Would you like to meet Carol again?"

"Yes, please."

The salesman left and returned, once again, with Carol.

Carol sat next to Ted as she did not too long ago. Ted took her hand in his and examined her once again. Unlike the other fembots, she had a few blemishes and freckles here and there on her arm. "I can't believe how realistic your skin looks and feels! There's no way I could tell you from a human girl!"

"Thank you, Ted," Carol said. "My skin is made from an organic polymer..."

"Yes, I know," Ted interrupted her self-sales pitch, "by pumping warm oil though your skin with a mechanical heart, yada, yada, yada."

To the salesman, Ted said, "I don't need to see any more bots. I'll take this one."

"Good choice, sir. Like I said, Carol was just assembled this morning, and she'll probably be gone by the end of the day."

The salesman beckoned Ted and Carol over to the small oval table, where he laid out the sales contract and other paperwork.

"So, what's the bottom line?" Ted asked.

"If your credit is good, we can take a $1,000 deposit and then put the balance on an installment plan. Or you can pay in full, if you'd like."

Ted handed the salesman his credit card for the $1,000 deposit, and then signed the contract.

The salesman then handed Ted a form. "Read this number to her then speak your name."

"Why?" Ted asked.

"This process registers you as her owner to her. Once it's done, she'll obey only you. Of course, keep her registration number in a safe place."

"I see," he said to the salesman. Then to Carol, he slowly read off the string of 16 digits and then spoke his name.

A second later, Carol smiled and replied, "Registration accepted. I'm pleased to be your fembot, Ted."

"Great!" the salesman said. "It usually takes a few tries to speak all those numbers right. Good luck with her!"

"Thanks," Ted said and left the Shinra showroom hand-in-hand with Carol.

Ted hadn't had any loving since that fling with that cute Indian girl last year, and he was so horny!

So upon entering his townhouse and closing the door, he took Carol upstairs into his bedroom. He put his arms around her waist and kissed her, but she gasped and pulled back slightly.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

"No," she said. "I'm just a little nervous. I hardly know you."

"Oh? I didn't know that was a problem for a fembot."

"It isn't!" she said and threw her arms around his neck and pressed her mouth to his.

After they had kissed for nearly a minute, Ted pulled back and said, "Drop to your knees, Carol."

Carol squeaked but did as instructed. Ted unzipped his jeans and let them drop. His member was already hard in anticipation when it fell out of his Jockeys in front of Carol's face. "C'mon, Carol! What're you waiting for?"

Carol glanced up at Ted, then did as instructed. In slow motion, she opened her mouth and slid her lips over his quivering member. She began sliding her head back and forth, causing the pressure to build in his loins.

"C'mon, Carol! Deep throat me!" He grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her face hard against his groin, jamming his hard cock down her fembot throat.

She immediately began bucking and gagging and pulled her mouth away, sputtering and coughing.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked angrily.

"I'm sorry, Ted. Let me explain. I'm one of the latest models with even more realism that most others. I have a gag reflex that I need to learn to overcome. You need to be patient with me."

Ted slapped her hard across the face.

"Ow!" she cried out!

"You will call me, Master!" he demanded.

"Yes, Master," she squeaked.

"And why would they give a fembot a gag reflex?" Ted asked. "That kind of defeats the purpose!"

"I have no idea," she squeaked. "Why don't you lie on your back on the bed and let me blow you?"

"Sounds good," Ted agreed, so he removed his remaining clothes and lay on his bed. Carol climbed onto the bed at a 90-degree angle to him and began to suck him once again. After a few minutes, the pressure built in his loins and he exploded into Carol's mouth. She continued to drain him until he grew soft, then she sat up.

"Was that good for you?" she asked.

"I've had better," he said. "Go downstairs and make me dinner. I have macaroni on the counter and cheese in the refrigerator. And I'll have a cup of coffee to go with it."

"Okay," she said and hurried out of the bedroom.

Some time later, Carol came upstairs and peeked into Ted's room. "Our dinner's on the table, Master."

Ted followed Carol downstairs and sat at the table. "You're eating too? I thought you only needed water for your fusion thingy."

"I need extra protein for my mechanical glands and related functions," she said. "I'm an advanced model. Remember?"

"You mean I have to feed you every day? Shit!"

After dinner, Ted went over to his computer to surf the Internet while Carol struggled to finish her dinner, then she washed the dishes. After she had finished the dishes, he called her over to him in the living and to put Planet of the Apes in the DVD player then join him watching the movie.

"I love this part!" Ted said, just before Charlton Heston shouted out, "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"

Then, after the movie, Ted took Carol, who was still naked from earlier, back upstairs and to bed.

He told her, "Lie down diagonal on your back on the bed."

"What are you going to do to me, Master?"

"I paid good money for you, Carol. You're going to deep throat me."

"But my gag reflex. Please be gentle!"

"Look! You're just a machine--a fancy sex doll! I'm going to sit on your face with my cock down your throat and mouth-fuck you, gag reflex, or no gag reflex!"

"Okay," she squeaked. Had he looked down, he would have seen the stark terror in her eyes.

He climbed on top of her body, and lay on her, straddling her head between his thighs, and slid his hard, erect member into her mouth. Arching his back, nearly his full weight, 180 pounds, came to bear upon her jaw.

He then began pumping her. Hard! He slammed his crotch against her lips, over and over again, as her body bucked under his weight.

"Hmm," he said to himself. "Maybe realism is a good thing, after all!"

Her gag reflex massaged his cock, bringing him to rapid orgasm. He exploded deep in her throat. Her gag reflex continued to milk his cock, and he continued to shoot wad after wad, evoking more gag reflex.

Then, finally spent, he rolled off her and curled up and went to sleep.

Ted woke horny the next morning. So he grabbed his sleeping fembot, startling her awake. Without hesitation, he mounted her and slid his eager member between her legs. She was dry, so he pushed his hips down hard, thrusting into her, evoking a screech from her. Lost in his own pleasure, he continued thrusting until his release came, filling her robotic twat with his hot seed. As soon as he was spent, he rolled off her and walked into his bathroom to shower and leave for work.

That evening, Ted stopped to do some food shopping on his way home from work. Among other things, he picked up a case of cat food.

That night, Carol prepared a rare T-bone steak and mashed potatoes for Ted's dinner. As he sliced his steak, he noticed that Carol was barely nibbling on her cat food. "If you don't need protein today, let me put it in the refrigerator for tomorrow."

"I'll eat it, Master," she squeaked.

Ted finished his dinner and left the dirty dishes on the table for Carol to clean up while he took a seat in his living room to catch a game. Carol was still struggling to choke her cat food down.

Though, true to her word, she gradually got better at giving blowjobs over the weeks that followed. After mouth-fucking her enough times, she got over that annoying gag-reflex. She eventually got to the point where she could keep him in her mouth for hours at a time, bringing him to orgasm over and over again--something he could never expect to get from a meat girl.

His consulting business was picking up, and he was starting to get to know his new neighbors. One of his neighbors, a Justin somebody, had won a fembot in a radio station call-in contest the prior week, and the two got to talking out by the cluster mailbox one evening. Justin had invited him and Carol over for dinner the following evening, and so he accepted. Justin said that his fembot, Aerith, came pre-programmed with a lot of recipes. Maybe Aerith and Carol could "link up" and download each other's recipes.

So, that evening, Ted and Carol went over to Justin's townhouse.

"Come on in," Justin said when Ted rang the bell. Justin's townhouse was laid out identical to Ted's.

"Let's catch the game while our bots make dinner?" Justin said.

"Sure, maybe they can download each others' recipes, or whatever?"

"Sure," Justin agreed.

The two fembots prepared dinner as the game went into overtime, appearing once or twice only to bring out beer for the men. They served dinner just as the game ended.

The steaks were prepared just right, and the two fembots hovered over their respective owners, keeping their drinks and plates full.

Ted was puzzled that the two fembots just waited at attention while he and Justin ate alone. "Your fembot doesn't need to eat with you?" Ted asked.

"No. Aerith says she gets all the protein she needs from me by giving me blowjobs. Why? Does Carol?"

"Yeah. Carol is some kind of advanced model who needs to eat like a real person. Like the first night I brought her home after I bought her, I mouth-fucked her and she told me how they built a gag reflex into her for extra realism. That was stupid!"

"Hey!" Justin said, looking over at the two fembots. "Your fembot is blushing, Ted! Her face is as red as a tomato!"

"Heh!" Ted chuckled. "Yeah, she blushes sometimes."

"Cool!" Justin said. "Your fembot has more realistic features than mine."

"Fuck realism!" Ted said. "I just want to fuck all her holes! Isn't that what you want?"

"Actually," Justin said. "Not at first. I originally was going to sell her. When I first won Aerith in that contest and brought her home, I couldn't understand why anyone would prefer a machine to a real girl..."

Carol coughed, another annoying bit of unnecessary realism, then Justin continued, "but after fucking Aerith, I was convinced of the benefits of a fembot over a meat girl."

"Yeah," Ted said. "After breaking her of that stupid gag reflex, Carol can fuck circles around a meat girl!"

Dinner continued. The fembots served dark chocolate cake for dessert. Then, after coffee and dessert, it was getting late, so Ted and Carol headed home.

That night, after Ted had mouth-fucked Carl as he often does, he rolled over and started to fall asleep. But then he needed to pee. Not wanting to go down the hall to the bathroom, he said, "Carol! Get on your knees by the bed here."

"You want another blowjob?" she asked sleepily.

"No, I need to pee. So I'm going to use your mouth."

"Master! Please! Don't make me do that!"

"Get over here, you fucking belligerent machine!" he demanded.

Carol crawled over and knelt before him at the side of the bed. He slid his soft member into her mouth. He knew about water sports, and had tried it once with a real human girl, but he was too tense to let his pee flow into her mouth. But peeing into a robot's mouth was no different that peeing into a toilet, and his piss flowed freely. He felt her swallow so as not to spill any on the floor.

"Now get back into bed!" he commanded as she headed toward the door.

She stood and pointed at her mouth, still full of his piss.

"Oh, swallow it!" he said. "It's fuel for your fusion thingy."

She swallowed and returned to bed, as did he. But a moment later, she emitted the strangest noise, then rushed out of the bedroom to the bathroom.

"Jesus Christ!" Ted cursed as he followed her into the bathroom a moment later to see her puking into the toilet.

She stood and wiped her mouth with a wad of toilet paper. "I'm sorry, Master. I couldn't help it."

"Yeah, well, get back in bed! I feel like fucking your ass!"

"Yes, master," she squeaked.

No sooner than she climbed into bed and lay on her stomach, he pulled her legs apart and slammed himself on top of her, forcing a gasp from her. He immediately jammed his hungry member into her tight sphincter with all his weight, producing an ear-shattering shriek from her mouth.

"Shut up and enjoy it, bitch-bot!" he screamed back as he pumped her ass.

The new-felt tightness on his cock spurred him to almost immediate release.

Then, spent, he rolled off her and promptly fell asleep, sparing his ears the sound of her sobbing.

Months went by, and Ted was growing dissatisfied with his "realistic" fembot. He had decided to return her to Shinra and make a royal stink if he didn't get a good portion of his deposit back. But upon checking his statements, he noticed that his credit card had never been charged the $1,000 deposit. Nor had he received any monthly payment bills for her.

Then, upon calling Shinra, they had no record of him buying a fembot from them. After countless calls through layers and layers of automated call direction systems, "Press 1 for this, press 2 for that, press 3 for something else," and speaking to numerous customer representatives, it was clear that Shinra had somehow lost all record of their sale of Carol to him. So he decided to keep her for a little longer, then either sell her for what he could get, or just take her down to the dump and junk the worthless bot.

Still, during the year that followed, she learned how to deep-throat him for continuous hours, to give him bedside toilet service without puking, and to ignore the torture of taking him up the ass without lubricant. She also became an efficient housekeeper, cook, and personal assistant.

Ted and Justin got together occasionally to catch a game on a Sunday afternoon while their two bots waited on them tirelessly.

But Ted was getting itchy for adventure again. His consulting business provided him a modest income, but not the big bucks he had grown accustomed to overseas. So he placed his impressive resume on Monster and Dice, and quickly got calls for interviews. He was so confident that he had even begun to pack his townhouse in preparation to sell it. He wasn't interested in most of the jobs, but when he got invited out to Los Angeles to interview for the position of CIO for a LotsaTech, large multi-national company that ran the bulk of their Information Systems in Japan, he had most of his belongings packed away in small moving boxes--except one.

He had obtained a large wooden crate made just for storage of bots. "Carol! Come here!" he ordered.

"Yes, Master?" Carol came over. She was naked, as he liked her to be when they were home alone.

"Stand in that crate for a minute."

She seemed to hesitate for a moment before complying, then backed into the tall narrow, shallow crate. Her neck, waist, wrists, and ankles fit nicely into half-circular cutouts in three cross planks that ran horizontally along the back of the crate.

Ted slid the matching front planks into slots into the side walls of the crate.

"What are you doing, Master?" she squeaked, the panic rising in her voice.

"Relax," he said. "I'm just trying something."

"Master. I think, maybe, I should tell you something about myself."

"Just shut your metal mouth, you stupid machine!"

"Yes, Master, but you won't keep me in here for long, will you, Master?"

"Of course not!"

Upon hammering the planks in place from the sides of the crate, she was securely fastened inside the crate by three gallows, the top one around her neck, a second around her waist and wrists, and a third around her ankles.

He was about to place the front panel on the crate and hammer it on, but he checked his watch--the taxi would be here any second.

"This is really uncomfortable, Master! Will you let me out soon?"

"Yeah, in just a minute," Ted rasped. "Now shut up!" Ted rushed upstairs to grab his weekend satchel that he had packed a little earlier. Almost as an afterthought, he snapped the switch on the thermostat to turn the central air conditioning off. Then went outside just as the taxi arrived and blew its horn. Being it was the middle of a heat wave, he was sure glad the taxi came quickly.

His flight to Los Angeles was uneventful. He met with the executive team the following day, and they promised to make a decision quickly. Indeed, they did, they called him on his cell phone the following morning while he slept late in the hotel.

"Ted, we'd like to extend an invitation to join LotsaTech!"

He returned to their Los Angeles headquarters that afternoon and negotiated a six-figure salary with generous benefits.

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