The Professor's Bride
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/mt, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Humor, Revenge, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Couple, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, BBW, Leg Fetish, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Professor Andre Levin is about to marry his 3rd wife. Naturally, his first and second wives will help him greet her and assist her in satisfying him. After all, that's what a harem is for, right? This is a story set in a future where plural marriage is commonplace.

Andre Levin got home late, knowing that he would be meeting his 3rd wife that very night. Ever since polygamy became legal, under the wise, benevolent leadership of Comrade Gustavo, the State made a point of arranging marriages. No one was forced to accept the government's recommendations, but resisting was frowned upon and quite rare. Most people, for the past 40 years, had simply found it easier to go along with the State's plan, rather than try to pursue lovers on their own.

Comrade Gustavo, the "Glorious Leader" of the Federal Union of Earth, had been the enlightened dictator of the planet since the Global Crisis of 2030-2035. For about 5 years, after the Great Panic of 2030, national governments had collapsed, warlords ruled large areas, and gangs committed terrible crimes against their neighbors.

Anarchy reigned supreme, until the ruthless Spanish mercenary Gustavo Ortiz imposed law and order, systematically, nation by nation. He brought peace and prosperity back to Earth, uniting humanity under one flag for the first time in its history.

Ortiz established a Charter of State, which gave him supreme authority and made the Federative Assembly, the global legislature, a passive body to rubber-stamp his laws. The High Council, an advisory body, was also given the job of selecting the Supreme Consul of the FUE, the office that "Comrade Gustavo" formally held.

He was to be chosen by unanimous vote and given sweeping powers for the rest of his life. Judges were appointed by the Supreme Consul and no longer had any independence. Juries were abolished and private defense counsel was banned. All lawyers were employees of the State from that point forward. Law firms were nationalized.

Earth was divided into 6 Continental Prefectures, with each headed by a Prefect directly appointed by the Supreme Consul. Former prefects were among the many public officials who automatically joined the High Council when their terms of office expired.

The cities were semi-autonomous, with appointed Mayors and elected City Councils. The Councils had more say on their level of government than the Federative and Continental Assemblies did on the higher ones.

Andre Levin was a professor of history at the University of Trans-Ohio's Cleveland Campus. The UTO was one of the several regional universities that consolidated the former state and provincial institutions after states and provinces were eliminated. Levin, for his part, had no complaints about the regime. He knew that his ancestors had more political freedom than he did, but he thought that democracy was an outdated system that was impractical in his own age. It was 2075 now and too much had changed to return to the nation-states and their traditions.

One of Andre's favorite books to assign students was Rights, Responsibilities, and Democracy, a political manifesto written by Dr. Donald Larkin. Larkin was a sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin a decade before the Great Panic. His controversial work claimed that democracy had been corrupted to avoid blame, hide behind a tyrannical majority rule, and subvert personal freedom in the name of "morality" and "community standards". The best way to secure liberty was to scrap Western-style democracy in favor of a benevolent dictatorship committed to protecting civil liberties from public hysteria.

In any case, Levin had indicated his preference for plural wives when he registered at age 18 with the Family Affairs Commission, the powerful bureaucracy that chose marital partners for citizens of both sexes. People were encouraged to discover their sexuality and declare it by the age of 25, so as to make it easier for the FAC to select their spouses. This gave a person 7 years between initial registration to "Final Dispositions".

Levin had informed the FAC officials in his precinct that he was a heterosexual male of mixed Jewish and Latvian descent. He wanted the maximum number of wives: 3. Since he could not afford the 3rd wife until this year, he had to wait 12 years for her.

This system of phases not only helped a man reach the fiscal circumstances that would best suit his choice, but also increased the chances of the wife's availability. Age was not a serious consideration for the State, provided that all marriages be between mature adults.

A man could declare himself bisexual and opt for both a husband and a wife. A woman could announce that she was a lesbian and request just one wife. It was a matter of personal choice, as well as finding willing and compatible partners, which sometimes took a while.

Even so, the State was more efficient about the process than individuals had been in the old days. With a world population of 10 billion people, it could locate partners anywhere in the world, but the clientele were expected not to be too picky, especially about race. It was a part of the price of greater sexual convenience.

The government was not interested in requiring "fidelity" of the spouses. It wasn't the State's job to enforce a particular morality on people. People were to obey the laws of the FUE and respect each other's rights. That was all that was expected of them. Some husbands and wives took lovers, while others didn't. That was a matter for the spouses to work out among themselves.

Whatever the case, the divorce rate had plummeted since people had been encouraged to openly seek what they wanted from the outset. If a man wished multiple partners, all he had to do was ask for them and he would get what he desired sooner or later. A woman who preferred monogamy was more likely to actually find it than in the old days. The reverse was also true.

Levin's 1st wife was Jessica, a 29 year old woman from Brooklyn. She had long, jet black hair, a swarthy complexion, and dark brown eyes. She also was rather short and petite. Her flirtatious manner and smile indicated both her Italian and Puerto Rican ancestors. She had been Levin's wife for 11 years, having married him within months of her 18th birthday.

His 2nd spouse was Melanie, a 25 year old belle from Augusta. Her Southern accent, along with her strawberry blonde hair, pale skin, and delightful backside made her stand out anywhere. Her wedding to Andre had occurred 5 years before. A bisexual girl, she had fully enjoyed sex with both her husband and co-wife.

Now, they all looked forward to meeting the professor's new mate. Jessica and Melanie hoped that she would turn out to be as accommodating as they had been. That would keep the entire household happy. The last thing that any of them needed was a jealous wife. Of course, that was rare under the present system, since those unwilling to share were generally assigned to partners who demanded equal exclusivity.

They both kissed Levin enthusiastically as he entered the house, relieved that he had shown up before their fellow wife. They were afraid at first that it was her when he knocked and they wanted everyone ready for the civil ceremony that would mark the nuptials.

"Honey, your bride is almost here. You might want to change quickly before she and the FAC officer arrive. That regular business suit just won't do for the wedding. You should know that after our weddings," Melanie pointed out, winking at Jessica as she did so.

"Yes, my love. I guess it does pay to have a wife with a sense for these things," Andre teased her.

"And which wife is that?" Jessica probed.

"Okay, scratch that. It pays to have WIVES with eyes for fashion and taste," he corrected himself, not wanting to hurt either wife's feelings.

"That's a quick save! Typical Andre, not wanting to hurt his women. It's obviously more to do with kindness than fear. After all, if one of us doesn't put out, he can still get laid with the other," Melanie joked.

"Same with me. That's one of the benefits of group marriage. Sexual blackmail is a thing of the past. Of course, I'd never try it anyway. I like fucking too much for that," Jessica commented.

"Believe it or not, in the last century it was considered inappropriate to use words like 'fuck' and 'screw' in public, especially for women. That changed only gradually until the 1970s, when major progress was made toward verbal candor, followed by 2 minor backlashes in the 80s and the first decade of this century," Andre observed, while nervously waiting for his new wife to show up.

"That's just silly! Our poor ancestors, living through all of that! I'm just glad that I don't live in the 20th century. It sounds dull. Guess I can expect my academic husband to bring up boring historical stuff like that," Melanie reacted to this footnote.

"Actually, it was anything but uneventful. There was plenty to occupy their time and energy," Levin noted.

"You mean those crazy wars and all of that crime?" Jessica pointed out.

"Exactly. Under the old system, criminal defendants had their own lawyers, whose quality depended on how rich their clients were. People even hired attorneys to begin lawsuits. And almost every nation had an army, even if it stood little chance of effectively defending the country. The military and police forces weren't like the Corps of Guardians. They were far less efficient, since they had limits to where they could go and whom they could arrest. They even had to remind people of their 'rights'," the professor informed his wives.

"I've heard that religion was a major part of the old way of life. Is that true?" Melanie inquired, curious for once.

"Yes, before atheism became mainstream, most people believed in a Supreme Being of sorts. There were many different faiths, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Now, of course, these sects have few if any followers. Larkin's philosophy took some time to take hold, but eventually, his views became more accepted, until most people understood that man is just the smartest beast in the jungle. Religion is perfectly legal, but it is mostly irrelevant today," Andre declared, about the time that he saw the fusion-powered Cellucar pull up to the house and his bride step out in her gown.

The 2 wives, as prescribed by custom, formally welcomed their co-wife to the house. Then they officially introduced her to their husband. Following tradition, Jessica and Melanie kissed first Andre and then the newest wife, as a way of indicating that they harbored no jealousy or resentment. After these formalities, there was plenty of small talk, while the movers put the bride's possessions in the groom's house.

Tamara Chun was half-Korean, but had been born in and grew up in Manchester. Therefore, she only appeared Asian until she spoke. Then, of course, she revealed her upbringing. Her Korean father, a Guardian, had spent 2 years in England. He met a local, had a fling with her, and claimed the child that resulted from the tryst.

"So, where did you go to school?" Jessica asked her.

"Greater Britannia University, Cambridge Campus. You?" she replied, curiously.

"I took 2 years of Junior Level Studies at Trans-Ohio's Cleveland Campus, after I married Andre here. That was enough for me. The professor is the intellectual in this household. What did you study?" she probed.

"Economics. I take it that you never had a major and only received an associate degree?" she asked.

"Yes, that was enough for my chosen profession. If I had stayed on, I would have pursued a degree in business administration. I just decided that I wanted to spend more time with Andre. He earned enough for me not to need a higher-paying job. And then, of course, Melanie arrived with her income, which is considerable," Jessica winked at the other Mrs. Levin, who blushed.

"She's referring to my trust fund. I sort of inherited one from my cousin. It isn't that large, but I am technically an heiress," the woman admitted, somewhat embarrassed at her wealth.

"She's a well-meaning girl that feels kind of guilty about having gotten her money the very old-fashioned way: inheriting it. Something about being a millionaire causes her to be uncomfortable. I don't think that she expected a wealthy tech baron to leave her anything, simply because his mother was her dad's sister," Andre told Tamara.

"So, Melanie is the richest member of the household?" Tamara asked to clarify the matter, which definitely piqued her curiosity.

"Yes, she is. Mind you, partners are chosen by computer analysts, so I can't be accused of marrying for money," Andre noted.

"True. That's another idiocy that is behind us. Andre and I are very compatible, as are he and Jessica. He wanted bisexual or bi-curious women, for instance. I was already the former and Jessica the latter when I showed up. She had never tried it with a woman before, though she had watched Andre with other women once or twice and he had viewed her encounters with other men.

"That's the great thing about the FAC system, you know. None of us wanted monogamy and we were matched with people who agreed with us. I hope you're okay with that arrangement. We all like to fuck around and enjoy sex to its greatest extent of pleasure," Melanie explained.

"Indeed. I wouldn't be here if I were the jealous type, but I have to admit that I prefer group marriage to swinging per se. Would you guys be willing to try that? Just the four of us? I can make it worth the sacrifice. I love a communal atmosphere. Group sex without condoms and without fear of disease is what appeals to me, if you don't mind," Tamara proposed.

"Hmm... let's try it for 100 days and see if we like it. Would do you guys think?" Jessica offered a compromise.

That was another thing. Just because a woman was a plural wife or a man was a plural husband did NOT mean that they had no say in the decisions that affected the family. Nor did it mean that things didn't happen. On the contrary, so many opinions were offered that everyone KNEW that compromise would be necessary. Furthermore, one or more of the spouses was usually the diplomatic type, acting to end the gridlock of disputes. In Levin's marriage, that partner was Jessica. She wasn't the boss, but she tended to be the mediator.

"I am willing to give it a shot. What about you, Melanie?" Andre reacted to the suggestion.

"It sounds okay to me as well. Group marriage it is, then," she agreed. "Very well then. I don't know about you guys, but I am ready to consummate my marriage. It's not like I'm a virgin, either. If I had more time before the wedding, I'd have tried you out. There's no law against it," Tamara declared.

"True. I did that with both Jessica and Melanie. The geography and time constraints prevented it in this case. Annulment is still a choice if it doesn't work after a month, you know. Of course, that's thankfully rare," Andre observed.

"Indeed," Tamara stated, as she removed her clothes.

The other women undressed Professor Levin, following the custom established for polygamy. They then disrobed themselves. There was no rule barring the other wives from participating in the wedding night. On the contrary, it was unofficially encouraged. They DID have to wait until the bride got her turn at the groom, but that was common courtesy.

Tamara licked her lips before she put her new husband's cock in her mouth, sucking him to get the proper effect. She totally enjoyed giving men blowjobs. At 22, she was already experienced at this act, which she had learned in college. The texture of a man's dick delighted her in a distinct way. While she liked eating pussy, a manhood was a more satisfying sex organ to her tongue.

Andre just about flinched as he felt his new wife's mouth on his dick. As she deep-throated him, he felt an incredible sensation in his groin. Her oral efforts were making him dangerously close to an "early release". Knowing that he might cum too soon, the lady let his cock slip out of her jaws and got on her hands and knees in front of him. That was a good sign from Levin's perspective, as it told him that she was a very wild and more submissive bride than some.

He started taking the newest Mrs. Levin from behind, ramming her drenched cunt. She bucked her hips enthusiastically, inviting him to slam her more forcefully. Her delicious Asian flesh was silky beneath him as he screwed her. Her movements encouraged him to thrust deeper into Tamara's pussy.

Levin felt his meat jump inside his bride's warm hole as he roughly took the ecstatic woman. She wanted more of his cock in her pussy, so she pushed back at him even harder. Finally, his cum burst from his dick, filling the Manchester girl with his seed.

"Thank you, honey," Tamara responded, winking at him.

"My turn, girlfriend," Jessica said as she began to suck his dick.

Melanie promptly joined her fellow spouse, cleaning the cum from Andre's cock. They clearly loved the taste of his jism and Tamara's juices as they took turns deep-throating him. They also kissed each other, drinking their husband's essence from each other's mouths. It was delicious and it was just the beginning.

All of the people there knew that the rest of the wedding night and the marriage itself would be incredible. The four of them belonged together. Clearly, Tamara's idea of a pure group marriage had some potential.

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