Ancient Rite
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Blackmail, Magic, Fiction, Science Fiction, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Goddess of Fertility meets the Demonic Sins of the Underworld.

Beliel watched the woman as she meditated. He wondered if she had thought that her words would be heard by his ears or if she truly did not understand what she was asking with the old incantation. Carefully and without her knowing he lifted her off the ground with his powers. Slowly, he walked around her enjoying the fact that she had decided to use sex magic for this ritual.

Ashtoreth opened her eyes and then blinked realizing she was floating off the ground. She had not thought that the spell had worked but then realized that it must have if she was floating. "Hello," she whispered, "is anyone here? Please, I need your help please are you here?"

He cocked his head looking at the woman trying to figure out exactly what it was that she needed that she would use such an ancient spell. "What it is that you wanted so desperately that you called for me, Beliel, the Wicked One?" he queried. He watched her head whip around and look in his direction. He still had her suspended in the air as she took in her form.

He actually enjoyed this time in the human stage much more then in the past. The women now were so thick and full. He had broken so many skinny virgins when it was the thing to be built like a twig. So many centuries of skinny flat girls had made he ignore pleas for his help. He moved before her so that she could see him and speak to his face.

"You have the name of the goddess of fertility. A white goddess so explain to me white goddess why you want Satan's second in command to help you," he queried.

"I am not Ashtoreth... I mean no I am Ashtoreth that is what my parents named me but I am not the goddess," she said half frustrated and looked at him as he slowly circled her floating form.

He moved behind her and reached forward. He was crass and had not had a female in several hundred years. He cupped her breasts roughly and growled in her ear, "What is it that you want female that is and is not the goddess of fertility?"

She could not help it she pushed against his hands and moaned loudly. He could smell her cunt already and was intrigued even more. He pulled and twisted her nipples hard through her shirt until he got fed up with it and tore of her blouse. He enjoyed that she was not wearing a contraption to keep her breasts hidden from him.

Her hands closed over his and she tried hard to explain to him, "I want to be with you. I have read all about you and seen pictures of you and I want to come with you. I want to live with you," she cried out as one of his talons cut the flesh of her nipple slightly.

Beliel let go of her and moved around to stand before her. Her brown doe eyes looked up as he moved around her and she gasped audibly as he held nothing back from his appearance. His sharp horns sprouted proudly from his head. His tail swished behind him as he stood before her. Her eyes traveled down his form as she continued floating before him. When her eyes reached the V of his legs she almost screamed.

His cock stood out from his body, long and thick. She had to guess that it was at least as long as her thigh and as wide as her arm. Beliel arched a brow and laughed, "Ah so you did call me using sex magic. So what is it that you need so desperately?"

"I... I... I am a virgin. I have read about you since I was a little girl. I want you to make me a woman. I want you to take me as only someone like you could," she finished on a whisper.

Using his talons he tore off her pants and panties from her body. He yanked her thighs apart and pushed his face between her thighs. He inhaled deeply and could smell her hymen still intact. He could smell the virgin's blood behind the thin barrier. His cock got harder as he realized that she was telling the truth about her sexual state although he truly wondered what she needed.

He waited for her to screw up the courage to tell him what she wanted. He didn't have long to wait. "I know that per the legends that only your true mate would be able to have heirs for you. I know that only those heirs are allowed to help you with your duties. And I also know that it takes a virgin and someone from the mortal plane to help," she finished looking at him.

"So Ashtoreth, you think that you are this woman that I have needed? You think that you can take all of me and breed for me?" he said as he stroked the full hardening meat that jutted from his rock solid body. Just then he sent her an extremely intimate and sexual image and feeling in her cunt. He watched her jerk wildly in the air and then an orgasm shooting through her body as he used her with his mind.

He continued sending her mental images repeatedly until she had passed out and was laying on her back slack jawed still floating in the air. He then searched her mind unstopped. He looked through her childhood and her teenage years. He saw that she had not been a mistreated child but was not understood which had made her childhood hard on her. He continued his journey through her life into her teenage years when she suddenly developed physically and watched as the males turned from her.

He found the point in her life when she discovered him. She had been at the library doing research as she always was when a book was pushed into her way as she was walking. He used his mind's eye to determine that it had been done deliberately but was unsure of just who had done it. She had been sent images of him in her dreams repeatedly and watched as her libido had taken over as she had nightly sexual exploits with him.

It was then that he caught an image in a mirror of one of the messengers, Michkol.

"Michkol come to me now!" he bellowed. The messenger demon instantly appeared before him looking disheveled. "What is the meaning of this Michkol? Why did you give this girl the images of me? Why were you messing with her mind?"

"Greetings your excellency Beliel, this lowly messenger Michkol greets you this wonderful evening. What services would you need of me Sire," Michkol asked as he prostrated himself before Beliel.

Beliel leaned down and yanked Michkol upwards growling low and menacingly to him, "Answer my questions messenger!"

"Your excellency, my master Beelzebub sent me to the girl. She bares the mark, your mark Excellency. She is the first girl in more then millennia to have it upon her skin. She was destined to be your mate," he said as he quickly moved over to the girl and pointed to the mark on the small of her back. Right where he pointed there was the image of the Seraphim with Beliel's mark entwined.

"So she does what of her?" he said although he wondered now about her. He mentally stroked her body still and continued sending her images, keeping her well held in the plane of desires so that she would not awaken while he got some answers.

"You know you have been too long without a mate your Excellency. It was time that you took one and she appeared. She seems a lovely girl even if a little on the plump side. But I guess she would not break as easy as the last one that you found," then Michkol's eyes grew round realizing what he had just said.

Beliel forced him to disappear amid screams of pain from where he was sent. Beliel well remembered the last girl almost two millennia had gone by since Mildred had passed away. It had only been her fault. She had not been his true mate but had somehow faked the marking on the small of her back and had everyone convinced that she was the mate. Her screams in childbirth were still discussed among those that were around and those that had been told the stories.

Ashtoreth was not a thin girl. She was not obese either he thought to himself. He reached out a talon ended finger and traced a line over her bare breast. He delighted in watching her fleshy body shiver with uncontrolled passion. Honeydew melons that is what her breasts reminded him of. The flare of her extremely feminine hips was more then enticing. As he had images in his mind of taking her and using each of her body shapes in fashions that pleased him he sent them to her mind.

Tears poured down her face as she in her mind felt his desire and not disgust at her big beautiful form. He moved closer looking over her. Dark curly hair, the color of that sweet treat that the human females loved so much, what was it called he thought to himself, ah yes chocolate. Full honeydew shaped breasts; he had always loved that particular fruit through the ages. Her belly was rounded but not soft and squishy, but a firm roundness as if she had muscles underneath that were simply protected by the flesh. He suddenly had visions of her thick cocoa colored thighs wrapped around his head. She suddenly jerked wildly as the image was fed into her mind.

Beliel wondered if this was to be true, whether or not she was to be his. He was a demon and for all purposes she was the incarnation of a Goddess. He moved and wrapped his long arms around her and with a thought of his mind transported them to his bedroom that he had not used in centuries. He was not surprised that it was clean and spotless. He knew that as punishments went the minions got off easy when they had to keep his room for the possibility of his return.

He laid her naked form down in his bed and headed off to find Beelzebub. He rounded a corner and found him with four women draped over him in various acts of sexual release. Beliel just shook his head in amazement always wondering just what female had sold her soul to the master for carnal pleasures for a century.

Beelzebub looked up and nodded to Beliel, "Greetings, how are you today? I heard that you found your girl finally. Congratulations, many pleasant returns and I hope she is fruitful." He moved his tail and one of the women screamed in pleasure and came all down his tail. He reached out and pet her as he continued thrusting his tail deep into her body.

"Well at least you finally found her. I had wondered if you would ever run across her since you seem to lurk in the shadows so much," he said offhandedly. He continued using the women draped all over him.

Beliel looked up sharply, "What do you mean I finally found her? You knew didn't you? You knew where and who she was; and you never told me!"

Beelzebub frowned at Beliel. "Yes I have known where she was for much of her life. She is a power all until herself. I would not have been able to allow her to mature to age if I had not known where she was at all times. I watched those around her pull away from her and alienate her from their lives. She has been waiting for you since she was 11 when she found her powers."

"Her powers? What powers are you speaking of, I have not seen nor felt any powers in her," Beliel queried.

"Ah, then you have not fully understood her name. She is the direct descendent from the fertility goddess Ashtoreth. She was created specifically for you so that you would have your own mate. As soon as she bares you one child she will become immortal like yourself and she will bare many children for you," Beelzebub explained.

Beliel arched a brow looking at the other demon; his gaze was pure ice as he clenched his jaw. "So what your telling me is that I have had this mate living alone and scared away from me and you were never going to tell me of her even if I never found her?" he asked.

"Yes. You have to understand I am not sure I truly want you having her. I don't know what it will mean for you to finally have found her only that she is to be yours for infinity. She must give birth to a child for you however first," he remarked.

Beliel left Beelzebub's presence then; he could not continue to stand asking questions with his cock hardening thinking of the soft supple woman laying naked in his bed waiting for him. He had heard the legions of the woman that was meant for him. He had never thought that after Mildred that he would find another that was to be with him for all time.

He entered his bed chambers to find her standing at the window with a blanket wrapped around her body. She turned when she heard him enter and her eyes grew large and round again seeing him as she assumed he always would be around her; naked in her human eyes.

"I wasn't sure how long you would be gone. I couldn't find my clothes so I used a blanket I hope that was okay," she half whispered as parts of her body tightened just looking at him.

He watched her physical reaction to his being in the same room with her. He read the reaction of her mind. Love. What an odd emotion he was not sure that he even had it within him to love another being let alone a human female that was the descendent of a goddess. He walked over to her and watched as the covering dropped from her hands to the ground. He did not touch her but allowed her to approach him.

"You understand the legend do you not? You understand that because of the marking on your back that you are to be my mate for all time and that will only happen if you bare a child for me. I will not be easy; I will not be a gentle lover. I have lusted after women with your body shape and size for the time of my life because I have always wanted to take them hard and completely. You are a virgin, you probably know nothing of what I speak," he finished.

She reached out as her fascination finally took hold of her tighter and stroked her fingers over the swollen thick head of his cock. His nostrils flared as her female scent filled the air around them. She looked up at his face then down where her fingers trailed over him. His cock was so hard, so hot to the touch. She wondered if it would fit within her body. She looked up the question in her eyes as she moved closer and rubbed the head against her belly.

"Yes Ashtoreth, it will fit within your body. Once I have you no other will ever be able to have you and fill you like I have done. If for some reason you manage to leave you will never find another lover that will satisfy you. Can you live with that, can you live with knowing that I will be your one and only lover for all time?" he asked with a more then usually raspy voice.

"Take me to your bed, please," she whispered softly. If he had not the incredibly keen sense of hearing that came with who and what he was he would never have heard her. With her words he reached down and picked her up into his arms. He realized then that even as big and beautiful as she was that his almost eight foot body would dwarf her.

He laid her on the bed and leaned forward suckling at her nipples and pushing a talon into her cunt. She wiggled and screamed loudly as he touched her. He did not break the proof of her virginity, no he wished for that evidence to lace his cock. She was soaking wet for him already. He looked at her questioningly.

"I have waited for eight years for you Beliel. I have been yours since I was 11. Please, don't make me wait please take me. Make me yours so that I will be yours for all time," she said as she moved around on the large bed trying to move under him.

He moved between her thighs, spreading them widely with his hands. His long thick cock slick and wet on the head from the precum leaking from it. He watched her face as she reached down between them and moved the head to her entrance. He looked into her eyes and only saw need, hot, wild, and only for him. He did not have to read her thoughts as he knew they were all of him.

Beelzebub looked in upon them from a distance as to not disturb their coupling. He used their images as he watched them to cause him to use the females that were crawling all over him harder. He thought for a moment that when the female did not breed for Beliel that she would make a fine concubine for himself.

Beliel heard him in his mind and growled low in his throat. She would never be his and he would mark her and ruin her for status as a concubine even if she did not bare children for him. He sent back a message to the master essentially saying, "Mine!"

He leaned down and kissed her roughly on the lips, blooding them as he did so. She let go of his cock and curled her arms around his neck, her thighs curling up around his hips. His skin was so hot and hard under her soft fleshy body. He leaned back showing her his fangs and the vision of his face. She reached up and touched his face, feeling the hard boned planes. She did something then that caused him to roar in pleasure, she stroked his horns.

He struck then, slamming his cock fully and completely into her body at the same time he sunk his fangs into her throat on the side. He made sure to miss any organs that would kill her. Her scream of pain excited Him fully as his cock was fully embedded in her body, the evidence of her virginity spread all over his cock. The marks on her neck would never heal completely away; it would be the mark she would wear for life for being his.

His cock moved within her and pushed open her cervix, it then coiled within her womb. He pulled back from her neck, slowly licking the wounds closed to heal them. She was looking up at him with glazed eyes. "Do you still wish this Ashtoreth?" he asked.

She could only nod now, as he moved his body over her taking her laying claim to her body as he pumped in and out of her repeatedly. Her screams of pain changed slowly but surely to screams of pleasure. Beelzebub glared at Beliel through their mind link having wanting the girl to beg him to stop. Beliel only continued on more. He reached back a hand and blew across the tips of his razor sharp talons instantly making them burning hot.

"NO!!!" Beelzebub roared just as Beliel used the talons to mark her with his scared symbol upon her thigh and then another of the same marking but smaller near the mark of his teeth on her throat. He flooded her mind with pleasure wanting her to feel only immense pleasure as he made her his whether she had his child or not.

He had not stopped his movement in and out of her body. Taking her as deeply as he possibly could. Making sure to lick all the marks that he left upon her body to heal them enough so that they no longer hurt her. She withered and bucked under him as she became more impassioned. Her body bowed upwards and shook violently as her first orgasm with him possessing her ripped through her body.

He felt the click within her body when she game in completely, he whispered into her mind how much he cherished her as he released his demon seed within her belly knowing that if she was truly his then she would bare his child. He would make sure that she survived. There would be no doubts as there had been before about his woman surviving.

As his seed poured into her body and she continued to orgasm repeatedly, five figures appeared within his chambers. He looked up at them with anger in his eyes for disturbing them until he realized whom they were.

"Who dares send messengers from the Seraphim's to my chambers? As you can see I am busy," he motioned in her direction as she was still gripped in the waves of the orgasms.

"A thousand pardons Beliel but since the prophecy has come true we only thought to come and tell you of it," the five men looked between Beliel and Ashtoreth. "Would you mind stopping your um actions while we talk?"

"No, you invaded my room you will have to deal with what I am doing while you tell me whatever it is that made you cross all dimensions to find me," he picked up her body and held her to him as he continued thrusting into her deeply. He was finding great amounts of pleasure in watching them become flushed and excited over her being taken by him and their obvious problems with their excitement. He gently covered her with a blanket.

She in her need to get close to him bared her neck to him again. His cock stiffened within her once again and he leaned over sinking his fangs back into the marks already there. He felt her cumming around him repeatedly. He looked up with his fangs in her neck and watched the men's face go pale. He retracted his fangs and watched them all visibly relax.

He did not let go of her but simply held her to him. Suddenly Beelzebub appeared within the chambers also. As he was about to strike down the men Lucifer entered and looked over the scene before him. "Do not interrupt the Seraphim's Beelzebub you will vex me greatly. Gentlemen please do continue," he inclined his head and leaned against the wall, his tail slowly swaying from side to side.

"Well Lord Lucifer as you already know from the conversations that were had this morning, the girl is the decedent from the fertility goddess. Already she is carrying Beliel's child within her womb. Her impregnation was immediate upon his breaking her hymen. Because they have now fulfilled the prophecy the scales will tip towards the white and good with each of their children born. This was the result of this. If they had not met then upon her 21st birthday the scales for each year passing would have tipped to the black and your favor," the lead man explained.

"Ashtoreth actively sought him out. He responded to her sexual spell as only he would have been able to. The prophecy is complete. Any that would now harm her or any of the offspring would bring down the wrath of both sides," the man finished.

Ashtoreth chose that time to awaken. She looked up into Beliel's eyes and moaned into his mouth as he kissed her fiercely and protectively. He lifted her up and uncoiled his cock within her womb so that he could turn her around to see those in the room with them. The shattering orgasm tat rocked over her body spilled enough sex magic into the chamber that all of the males present ejaculated. Beliel pleased beyond compare turned her so that she was facing away from him. He settled her back down onto his lap and wrapped her in the blankets once again. He gently fondled her breasts and nipples as she took in the sight of those around them.

Beelzebub was so enraged that he could not sit still and took to pacing the room. The five Seraphim bowed deeply to her. Lucifer walked over to the bed and stood before her. He reached out a hand and she placed hers on top of his. He kissed it gently and looked at Beliel questioningly. Beliel nodded and Lucifer took another half step forward kissing the unmarked side of her neck. He carefully but quickly sank his fangs into her throat also. Ashtoreth was so beside herself with the sexual and sensual feelings pulsing through her body that she leaned back into Beliel as Lucifer placed his mark upon her also for protection.

Lucifer stepped back and kissed her lips softly, "You are a beauty to behold. If ever you need me touch the mark that I have left upon you and I will appear. Beliel is my brother in all things."

Lucifer turned and looked at Beelzebub growling low as he did. "You on the other hand have much explaining to do. You have known since her birth where she was but yet you informed no one. You have known what her presence meant and still you said nothing. For all of these things and those not yet known you will be punished for a time," he said as he waved his hand in the air already setting the punishment into motion.

Beelzebub howled knowing that his females were gone and eighty percent of his minions were gone. He glared at her wanting her death more then anything but knowing that he could not easily kill her or her offspring now. He however could kill Beliel, he thought to himself. A moment later he sat up shaking his head as Lucifer could hear his thoughts and put him through the wall.

"No you will not attempt to kill him either. This is a mess that you created on your own. Deal with it," with those words Beelzebub disappeared at Lucifer's behest.

All but the highest of the Seraphim left. Lucifer glanced over at him and then back at Beliel and Ashtoreth. "We have to be able to say that we saw the virgin blood if we are questioned. I do apologize lady," he said gently.

Lucifer sneered slightly enjoying that the Seraphim was uncomfortable and that he would indeed get to look and touch her body. Beliel complied and picked her up under her arms. He carefully uncoiled His cock from within her womb and pulled it free of her. As the blankets dropped to the ground his fully erect cock came into view, it was smeared with her virgin's blood, and both of their cums.

The Seraphim looked closely at the opening of her cunt and then his cock nodding as he was satisfied that it was indeed true. He promptly disappeared. Lucifer however cupped her gaping sex. Beliel growled low but Lucifer said, "You have already seeded and bred her nothing can change that Beliel. You know as well as I do that having her taken by both of us protects her better. I do not wish and will not breed the girl but I want her protected."

Beliel nodded and held her until Lucifer released his also impressive cock from his cloth coverings. Ashtoreth looked at him. He blocked the images of her mind from Beliel. He did not wish Beliel to ever know that she desired to mate with Lucifer. He instead allowed Beliel to believe that she did not wish it but would accept it to protect her and her offspring.

Lucifer spoke into her mind telling her that he understood and wanted her as well. He lined up his cock with her opening and slid fully into her cunt. She wrapped her legs around His waist her feet stroking the base of his tail. He cast a small spell in the room so that Beliel would only see them standing as Lucifer pumped into her body. However, that was far from the case. Lucifer laid her on the furred carpet and thrust in and out of her repeatedly. She knew by what he whispered to her that no one would know what it was that she said or did with him.

Her nails cut into his back. He buried himself over and over into her willing body. He touched her belly and her eyes widened in shock as she felt him drag another of her eggs into her womb to be fertilized. She did not know what to do or think. Lucifer pounded into her body until she was screaming in desire and lust for him. He erupted into her cunt, pouring his hot demon seed deep into her body and seeding the second of the eggs.

"Whether Beliel wishes it or not. You are partially mine. I will take something that he has yet to think of," with his words she felt him pushing his tail into her sopping wet cunt also. She closed her eyes in rapture and opened them as she felt his tail pushing against the tight hot little rosebud that had never had anything in it. She wanted to resist but Lucifer pushed in and with the thrusting of his hips worked his tail and cock in and out of her.

He knew the instant that the other egg was fertilized. She screamed and shuddered violently in his arms. Her orgasms sapped her strength completely and firmly embedded his fertilized egg into her wall. His tail and cock moved in and out of her as fast as he could manage as he made it as pleasurable for her as possible.

Lucifer never tired of her but he knew that he would have to return her to Beliel. He did not realize that three days had passed since they started making love on the furs. Lucifer made sure that no one knew and he picked up his well fucked and made love to girl. He walked over to the bed and laid her within it. He leaned down and touched her belly knowing that his daughter and Beliel's son were within.

Ashtoreth looking up at him with glazed eyes and drifted into a deep sleep of exhaustion. Lucifer slowly let time move back into place and fixed it so that Beliel would walk up holding her in his arms thinking that Lucifer's coupling with her had been quick.

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