Dream House

by Lord John Thomas

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the tale of a girl who tries to keep a little white lie a secret from her fiance, but in doing so, leaves herself open to much more serious consequences.

At the time this story took place, I was 19, with only 3 months to wait until my wedding day. My name is Kate, and I was engaged to marry Brian. Brian was 39, and had a very successful business designing houses. He'd designed one especially for us, and we were having it built in one of the most picturesque places in England, the Dove Dale valley. Getting planning permission in this area is almost impossible, but my Brian knows whose strings to pull, and what loopholes are available in the planning regulations.

It was a beautiful summer's day, and as I'd got the day off work, Brian said he'd sort out his workload, so he could meet me at the house, some time around mid-day. We were going out there to see how the house was progressing; they had supposedly got the roof tiled, so by now I would be able to see the building really taking shape. He said meeting him at 12:00 o'clock would give me time to do some shopping before I made my way out to the house. He was also insistent that I took my mom along with me, this I found a bit irritating. Not that I minded my mom coming with me, but it was as though he didn't trust me on my own out there with the builders.

He, of course, said he just didn't trust these rough country types. See my Brian came from a well-to-do family in Harrogate, and he did have this attitude of looking down on people who only did manual jobs. So dutifully I'd asked my mom, and she said that although she needed to go to the doctors in the morning, she'd meet me out at the house by 12 o'clock.

Now another thing Brian had given me orders on was what to wear, or to be more accurate, "I don't want you arriving up there with nothing on."

"What are you on about?"

"You know what I mean, its ok you lounging about out here (we were in my mom's back garden) soaking up the sun showing off your belly button, but make sure you put something a bit more respectable on when you go up there. I don't want all those men leering at you." He could be such an old fuddy-duddy at times, it wasn't as though I was naked; I'd got a bikini on. And anyway, I wouldn't have gone out dressed in just a bikini.

I had a lazy morning, getting up late, and as he'd said, I did some shopping. But before I set out to the house, I returned home to get changed. Even by 10:30 the sun had lifted the temperature up into the 80's, and my little car was like an oven. So regardless of Brian and his instructions, I put on a little tennis blouse and skirt I'd just bought. Ok it was skimpy, but in this weather, it just felt right.

It was about 11:00 and I was making my way out from Ashbourne, the small town where I lived at present, along the very narrow roads, into the Dove Dale valley. The skies suddenly turn black, and I knew we were in for a violent lightning storm. Then the rain came crashing down, hitting the screen of my car so hard, I thought it would break.

I had to stop the car, it was impossible to see the road in front of me. The lightning was whitening the sky over the tops of the hills to the left side of my car, and then a few seconds later would come the crash of thunder. The nearest strike was about 5 seconds away, and as suddenly as it had started, the rain stopped. It had only lasted about five minutes, and now everywhere was eerily silent, apart from the occasional rumble of thunder in the distance, and the sound of the water dripping from the trees at the side of the road.

I resumed my journey, going very carefully, as in places there were streams of water taking short-cuts across the road. Nothing very deep; but never the less, it was still a little unnerving. The rain storm was still going strong at the other end of the valley behind me, but where I was, the sun was making clouds of steam rise from the roads. I was only about 3 miles from our new house, but the small stream that would normally be gently meandering its way alongside the road, was now running quite wild.

And with every minute that passed by, it got wilder, and in places actually was up to the level of the road surface. The speed the water was flowing at was actually getting quite frightening, as it carried all sorts of debris along in its path. But now I was turning from the road onto the small track that leads up the side of the valley to where our new house is being built, I began to feel a little easier, knowing I was climbing up away from its angry noise.

As my little car climbed higher, I got a better overall view of the valley, and a cold shiver went down my spine. The road I'd just arrived by was no longer in sight and the little stream was a raging river, at least 50 feet wide. It didn't seem somehow real; I was in bright sunlight with a flood tearing its way along the valley bottom, and only a few miles away at the end of the valley the skies were black as your hat!

Then as I turned the sharp bend in the track, standing so big and magnificent was my new dream house. Ok the gardens around it were like a building site, but the house was like something out of a magazine. I stopped the car, and almost cried. To think that in only a few short months, I'd be living there. Then as I looked back down into the valley, I thanked god that I'd arrived when I did.

I started the car and slowly made my way into what would soon be my drive, and stopped by the builders vans. There were three vans, a lorry and two cars. I knew we had a few men working on the place, but I never realised there was that many. At least five of them were standing in the main lounge, leaning out of the window frame. I say frame, as there was no glass in the building yet. With three more, doing the same, out of one of the upstairs bedroom windows.

I opened my car door, swung my legs out onto the sill, but stopped before putting them to the ground. The uneven ground that led to the house was a quagmire of muddy puddles and building materials of all sorts. I know building sites are untidy and dangerous at the best of times, but now with all this water about, I couldn't think how I could negotiate my way to the house.

"Hang-on love."

One of the men was splashing his way, striding from one pile of rubble to another, occasionally his foot would slip into a puddle, but with his big builder's boots on, he didn't look concerned.

Then he was at my open car door.

"I guess you'll be the Mrs Howard to be?"

"Yes. But I'm not a Howard yet, and anyway, you can call me Kate. Are you Mr Johnson?"

"That's me, but you just call me Stan. I'm the one building your little love nest for you. Well what do you make of this then? It's a rum old storm and no mistake. Looks like you only just got off that valley road in the nick of time. We've been a watching you make your way along the valley. There's one thing for sure, there won't be anyone using that road again today. I shouldn't wonder we'll all be marooned out here until tomorrow."

I hadn't thought that far ahead, and when he said it, I suddenly realised how serious this was. A few minutes later, and me and my little car could have been swept away never to be found again. A sudden wave of fear came over me, and I began to shake.

"Here my dear. Come-on don't fret, you'll be safe up here."

He'd knelt down, bent forwards into the car, and taken hold of me around my shoulders, pulling me to his chest. I had turned into a gibbering wreck; I just let my face bury itself into his shoulder, and began blubbering like a baby.

"That's right my dear, you let it all out, I bet that gave you a right old scare. Here, take my hanky, it ain't the cleanest, but it'll dry them tears for you."

He was so patient and kind, kneeling in a big muddy puddle, just to comfort me. And I had no idea why I was crying, I hadn't been hurt. But gradually I did sort of come to my senses, and started to take in the situation.

"How's that, feel a bit better now?"

This man was very well built, with a chest as broad as an ox, and a naked chest at that. He'd got a pair of old jeans on, that had been cut off to make shorts, but the bottom of the legs were all frayed, making a frill of cotton threads. As I'd said, the sun was still shining here, and even with the sudden rain storm, the temperature was still soaring. But as he knelt there in front of me, I realised I could see the end of his cock through the veil of cotton threads. I, of course, looked away, but no way could I get the sight from my mind.

No matter what he was saying, my eyes kept straying back to get a look. It was only the head of his cock, but such a big fat head, and it was as though the one eye was looking back at me.

"Are you feeling better now?"

I suddenly came to my senses, and realised he was talking to me.

"Yes, yes thank you. I don't know what came over me."

Now I'd gone from gibbering wreck, to bitch on heat. And as well as the heat I could feel in my neck and face, my tummy was all butterflies, and my pussy began to pulsate.

"You look like you could do with a lie down."

Well he was right about that, and I needed him lying down on top of me! But I could hardly tell him that.

"No I'll be alright, sorry; I don't know why I broke down like that."

"It's only natural my dear, its not every day you come that close to meeting your maker. But it's all over now. Look here's some of the lads coming; they'll give me a hand to get you inside."

"Is she ok boss?"

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