Dream House

by Lord John Thomas

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the tale of a girl who tries to keep a little white lie a secret from her fiance, but in doing so, leaves herself open to much more serious consequences.

At the time this story took place, I was 19, with only 3 months to wait until my wedding day. My name is Kate, and I was engaged to marry Brian. Brian was 39, and had a very successful business designing houses. He'd designed one especially for us, and we were having it built in one of the most picturesque places in England, the Dove Dale valley. Getting planning permission in this area is almost impossible, but my Brian knows whose strings to pull, and what loopholes are available in the planning regulations.

It was a beautiful summer's day, and as I'd got the day off work, Brian said he'd sort out his workload, so he could meet me at the house, some time around mid-day. We were going out there to see how the house was progressing; they had supposedly got the roof tiled, so by now I would be able to see the building really taking shape. He said meeting him at 12:00 o'clock would give me time to do some shopping before I made my way out to the house. He was also insistent that I took my mom along with me, this I found a bit irritating. Not that I minded my mom coming with me, but it was as though he didn't trust me on my own out there with the builders.

He, of course, said he just didn't trust these rough country types. See my Brian came from a well-to-do family in Harrogate, and he did have this attitude of looking down on people who only did manual jobs. So dutifully I'd asked my mom, and she said that although she needed to go to the doctors in the morning, she'd meet me out at the house by 12 o'clock.

Now another thing Brian had given me orders on was what to wear, or to be more accurate, "I don't want you arriving up there with nothing on."

"What are you on about?"

"You know what I mean, its ok you lounging about out here (we were in my mom's back garden) soaking up the sun showing off your belly button, but make sure you put something a bit more respectable on when you go up there. I don't want all those men leering at you." He could be such an old fuddy-duddy at times, it wasn't as though I was naked; I'd got a bikini on. And anyway, I wouldn't have gone out dressed in just a bikini.

I had a lazy morning, getting up late, and as he'd said, I did some shopping. But before I set out to the house, I returned home to get changed. Even by 10:30 the sun had lifted the temperature up into the 80's, and my little car was like an oven. So regardless of Brian and his instructions, I put on a little tennis blouse and skirt I'd just bought. Ok it was skimpy, but in this weather, it just felt right.

It was about 11:00 and I was making my way out from Ashbourne, the small town where I lived at present, along the very narrow roads, into the Dove Dale valley. The skies suddenly turn black, and I knew we were in for a violent lightning storm. Then the rain came crashing down, hitting the screen of my car so hard, I thought it would break.

I had to stop the car, it was impossible to see the road in front of me. The lightning was whitening the sky over the tops of the hills to the left side of my car, and then a few seconds later would come the crash of thunder. The nearest strike was about 5 seconds away, and as suddenly as it had started, the rain stopped. It had only lasted about five minutes, and now everywhere was eerily silent, apart from the occasional rumble of thunder in the distance, and the sound of the water dripping from the trees at the side of the road.

I resumed my journey, going very carefully, as in places there were streams of water taking short-cuts across the road. Nothing very deep; but never the less, it was still a little unnerving. The rain storm was still going strong at the other end of the valley behind me, but where I was, the sun was making clouds of steam rise from the roads. I was only about 3 miles from our new house, but the small stream that would normally be gently meandering its way alongside the road, was now running quite wild.

And with every minute that passed by, it got wilder, and in places actually was up to the level of the road surface. The speed the water was flowing at was actually getting quite frightening, as it carried all sorts of debris along in its path. But now I was turning from the road onto the small track that leads up the side of the valley to where our new house is being built, I began to feel a little easier, knowing I was climbing up away from its angry noise.

As my little car climbed higher, I got a better overall view of the valley, and a cold shiver went down my spine. The road I'd just arrived by was no longer in sight and the little stream was a raging river, at least 50 feet wide. It didn't seem somehow real; I was in bright sunlight with a flood tearing its way along the valley bottom, and only a few miles away at the end of the valley the skies were black as your hat!

Then as I turned the sharp bend in the track, standing so big and magnificent was my new dream house. Ok the gardens around it were like a building site, but the house was like something out of a magazine. I stopped the car, and almost cried. To think that in only a few short months, I'd be living there. Then as I looked back down into the valley, I thanked god that I'd arrived when I did.

I started the car and slowly made my way into what would soon be my drive, and stopped by the builders vans. There were three vans, a lorry and two cars. I knew we had a few men working on the place, but I never realised there was that many. At least five of them were standing in the main lounge, leaning out of the window frame. I say frame, as there was no glass in the building yet. With three more, doing the same, out of one of the upstairs bedroom windows.

I opened my car door, swung my legs out onto the sill, but stopped before putting them to the ground. The uneven ground that led to the house was a quagmire of muddy puddles and building materials of all sorts. I know building sites are untidy and dangerous at the best of times, but now with all this water about, I couldn't think how I could negotiate my way to the house.

"Hang-on love."

One of the men was splashing his way, striding from one pile of rubble to another, occasionally his foot would slip into a puddle, but with his big builder's boots on, he didn't look concerned.

Then he was at my open car door.

"I guess you'll be the Mrs Howard to be?"

"Yes. But I'm not a Howard yet, and anyway, you can call me Kate. Are you Mr Johnson?"

"That's me, but you just call me Stan. I'm the one building your little love nest for you. Well what do you make of this then? It's a rum old storm and no mistake. Looks like you only just got off that valley road in the nick of time. We've been a watching you make your way along the valley. There's one thing for sure, there won't be anyone using that road again today. I shouldn't wonder we'll all be marooned out here until tomorrow."

I hadn't thought that far ahead, and when he said it, I suddenly realised how serious this was. A few minutes later, and me and my little car could have been swept away never to be found again. A sudden wave of fear came over me, and I began to shake.

"Here my dear. Come-on don't fret, you'll be safe up here."

He'd knelt down, bent forwards into the car, and taken hold of me around my shoulders, pulling me to his chest. I had turned into a gibbering wreck; I just let my face bury itself into his shoulder, and began blubbering like a baby.

"That's right my dear, you let it all out, I bet that gave you a right old scare. Here, take my hanky, it ain't the cleanest, but it'll dry them tears for you."

He was so patient and kind, kneeling in a big muddy puddle, just to comfort me. And I had no idea why I was crying, I hadn't been hurt. But gradually I did sort of come to my senses, and started to take in the situation.

"How's that, feel a bit better now?"

This man was very well built, with a chest as broad as an ox, and a naked chest at that. He'd got a pair of old jeans on, that had been cut off to make shorts, but the bottom of the legs were all frayed, making a frill of cotton threads. As I'd said, the sun was still shining here, and even with the sudden rain storm, the temperature was still soaring. But as he knelt there in front of me, I realised I could see the end of his cock through the veil of cotton threads. I, of course, looked away, but no way could I get the sight from my mind.

No matter what he was saying, my eyes kept straying back to get a look. It was only the head of his cock, but such a big fat head, and it was as though the one eye was looking back at me.

"Are you feeling better now?"

I suddenly came to my senses, and realised he was talking to me.

"Yes, yes thank you. I don't know what came over me."

Now I'd gone from gibbering wreck, to bitch on heat. And as well as the heat I could feel in my neck and face, my tummy was all butterflies, and my pussy began to pulsate.

"You look like you could do with a lie down."

Well he was right about that, and I needed him lying down on top of me! But I could hardly tell him that.

"No I'll be alright, sorry; I don't know why I broke down like that."

"It's only natural my dear, its not every day you come that close to meeting your maker. But it's all over now. Look here's some of the lads coming; they'll give me a hand to get you inside."

"Is she ok boss?"

He was right, we were being joined by at least five more men, all like him, well built, and dressed in only ragged looking shorts. But as they arrived at the car door, I noticed their eyes were all focused as one, and the target for their attention was my crotch. I then realised I was still sitting with my feet perched on the door sill, but with all the attention Stan had been giving me, my knees had fallen open to allow him to get close enough to comfort me. As I told you, I'd been home and changed into a little tennis outfit I'd just bought, it was a loose fitting cotton blouse, with a short cotton skirt with built-in knickers. But at least the knickers were reasonably cut so they did protect my modesty as I sat there with all eyes focused. At this point, I was glad I'd at least paid token attention to Brian's advice; maybe he wasn't such a fuddy duddy after all.

"Yes she'll be ok, but we need to carry her to the house."

"No, I'm ok, I can walk."

"Don't be silly Kate, you'll get yourself plastered. Anyway, without boots on, you never know what you might get your feet caught on. I don't suppose you fancy a fire-mans lift?"

"What's one of them?"

"You know, I'll bend down, and you just lean over my shoulder."

I didn't get time to answer, but my expression must have said it all.

"Ok I'll take that as a no."

"We could take a leg each, and Kate could put her arms around our shoulders." Came the suggestion from one of his men.

"What about putting an old sack in the wheelbarrow, and she could sit in there?" Came another man's suggestion.

"You could have an idea there; but it'd be very hard on her bottom, and she'd get all mucked up. But if I sat in the barrow, she could sit on my lap." Was Stan's solution.

I didn't like the idea of being slung over his shoulder, or being carried by two men with my legs held wide apart. But sitting on his lap, with that big fat cock touching my legs was definitely a no no.

So instead, I made my own suggestion, "I've got an old travel blanket in the back of my car, if I put that in your barrow, it should be ok for that distance."

"Ok Jim, get the barrow, and make sure you put a few empty cement sacks in there first. Right Kate, where's this blanket?"

I knelt up onto my seat, and stretched over the back to get the blanket. Then as I turned back and gave it to Stan, one of the men helped me to my feet, and I was stood in my car doorway, on the sill waiting for my transport to arrive.

As Jim turned the barrow to face back to the house, I'd expected him to bring it in close enough for me to step into. But with my car door open, this prevented them getting the barrow close, so it was some feet away. Then without asking, one man moved into the doorway either side of me, and pulled my arms around their shoulders.

"You ready for this?" Said one of them.

I thought, are well, I've got to get to the barrow one way or another, so I replied, "As I'll ever be."

With that, their hands took hold under my knees, and I was lifted into a horizontal position, with legs wide open, and carried the few feet to the barrow. They then lowered my bottom into the barrow, while still holding my legs up high. I'd got my arms from their shoulders, and placed my hands firmly onto the sides of the barrow, but they still had my legs held high.

"Hey! Come-on, let go of my legs."

"Yes come-on lads, you've had your fun." Said Stan.

With that my feet were carefully placed down into the barrow, but it still meant my legs were bent double, with my knees up high, allowing everyone a good look up my skirt.

But as they began the slow walk back towards the house, the men were all walking in a tight circle around the barrow.

"Sorry about that Kate, they didn't mean any harm. You know what these lads are like for larking about. I hope they didn't upset you? You won't be complaining to that fiancé of yours will you?"

"No, don't be silly, it wasn't as though anyone touched me. I'm not like my Brian; I'm a working class girl. I wasn't really worried; I knew they were just having fun."

"Well that's real sporting of you my dear, from what I've seen of your Brian, I recon he'd have gone ape-shit. Excuse my French."

"You're right, and I don't think he'd approve of me getting a ride like this in this barrow either."

"Not with all my lads here gawking at your knickers."

"Well that's all they will see! This is a tennis skirt with sewn-in knickers; it's made to keep prying eyes from seeing things they shouldn't ought to see."

"Hey that's my phone."

Off ran Stan splashing his way from one puddle to another as he raced across to a caravan that was perched up on bricks at the side of the house. They used the caravan as office/canteen while they were on site. Stan had arrived at the caravan, and within a couple of seconds the end window opened, and he was leaning out of it, waving the phone in his hand.

"It's your fiancé, and he sounds in a bit of a state. Come-on Jim get her over here as quick as you can."

Jim started trying to get a move-on, but the barrow began bouncing me about, almost throwing me out as the barrow wheel bumped over the rough ground and rubble.

"Hold-up there Jim, you'll have poor little Kate tipped out on the ground at that rate."

Jim stopped the barrow, and Ken, lent across, putting one arm under my knees, and his other around my back.

"Come on love, get your arm around my neck and hang on, otherwise he'll have your little bottom all black and blue."

Without thinking I just did as he'd said, and next second he was running across the site, as Stan had done splashing from puddle to puddle.

When we arrived at the caravan, instead of putting me down in the door-way, he took me to the open window where Stan was leaning out holding the phone. But as the caravan was actually mounted on big building blocks, it meant this window was high in the air. So Ken sort of swung me around, lifting me up and onto his shoulder, where I kind of balanced for a second allowing him to let go with his hands and then take hold of my waist. Then he just lifted me high in the air, and sat me on the top of a tall stack of timber that was piled next to the caravan window.

So perched up high in the air, I took hold of the phone.


"Are, there you are. I've been worried sick. The roads are all closed around here, and I can't even get out of Buxton."

While I'm busy trying to talk to Brian, all the men were congregating in front of where I was sitting.

"I'm ok. There was no need for you to worry."

"What about your mom, is she there with you?"

I knew he would only get all screwed-up if I told him I was up here by myself; so I told Brian lie number one.

"Yes, she's here. We're both ok thanks."

"Ok, I'll try getting out of Buxton on the Macclesfield road, and coming into the valley from the other end. It'll probably take me some time, but I'll let you know how I'm getting on later."

"I don't think it's worth you trying. The valley road isn't even there any more. There's no way you'll be able to get up here."

"What do you mean, isn't there?"

"That's just what I do mean, from here; I can see the whole valley is one big wide river, it's flooded to at least 100 feet wide."

"So how did you get there?"

"I only just got off the valley road before the flood arrived."

"What about your mom?"

"Oh, yes, she was with me in my car."

I told Brian lie number two, and one of the men who stood in front of me was wagging his finger, and mouthing the words, 'Naughty girl, telling hubby porky pies.'

"So you're both unharmed?"

"Yes, we're fine."

I'm stuck up in the air, with all the men stood in a semi-circle directly in front of me, their heads about in line of site with the height of the timber pile I'm sat on. I was having difficulty concentrating on what Brian was saying, with one of the men making silly gestures and taking the Mickey out of my every answer. And then to make matters worse, the two men stood at the extreme ends of the semi-circle of onlookers, both put their hands on the inside of my knees, and began to gently pull my legs open.

Without thinking about the phone in my hand, I said,

"Hey! Pack it in!"

"What's happening, who's there with you?"

"Nothing, just the cat, pulling at the phone cable."

It was the first thing that came into my head, and I could hardly tell him I had over half a dozen men playing silly buggers, trying to get a peek at my knickers!

"Ok, But what are you going to do about getting home, shall I get onto the emergency services to see if they will get a helicopter out to you?"

"God Brian! Don't be so melodramatic. I'm not going to come to any harm having to spend a night out here. I'm sure they've got some food, and it isn't as if I'll be out here on my own."

"I guess so, but put Johnson on the phone, I want to make sure he looks after you properly."

I handed the phone back into the caravan.

"He wants to have a word with you."

Then as Stan moved back inside the caravan to talk to my Brian, I thought I'd try to sort out these overgrown school boys that were tormenting me. But being perched so high, I dare not try to jump to the ground; and try as I may to pry the hands from my knees, they were far too strong. I was telling them to take their hands off, but not wanting Brian to hear, it was all kind of mime and whispers. Then Stan leant back out of the window, handing the phone back to me.

"Hi darling."

"Ok now I've told Johnson, I expect him to look after you and your mom, and he says he'll let you have the use of his caravan tonight, while he and his men sleep in the House. He says he has plenty of food there, so I guess there's no more I can do for now. If you're sure you'll be ok, then I'll let you get yourself sorted, and I'll phone again tomorrow morning to see how things are getting on."

"Ok. Bye till tomorrow, love you."

"Night night."

And with that the phone went dead.

"Can I ring my mom, I'd forgotten about her meeting me here, I hope she's alright."

Stan held the receiver buttons down, "What's her number?"

I told him the number to her mobile (cell phone), and within seconds my mom was answering.

"Hello, Mrs Kelly Speaking."

"Hi mom, it's me. Where are you? Are you alright?"

"Oh Kate, I'm so sorry, you wouldn't believe the morning I've had. It's absolute murder trying to get around town. I don't know if I'm going to be able to get out to your house, my little fiat has broken down, and I can't get a taxi for love or money."

"So are you still at home?"

"Yes dear, as I said, my cars broke-down."

"But you're alright?"

"Yes why?"

"Look mom, I need to ask you a favour."

"What my dear?"

"Well Brian thinks you're already up here with me."

"Why? Isn't he there?"

"No I only just got off the valley road before the whole valley flooded, and the valley road isn't even there any more. Brian got stuck in Buxton."

"Oh my God Kate! Are you ok?"

"Yes mom, I got up to the house and I'm quite safe. But the problem is, when Brian asked if you were here, I knew he'd get worried if he thought I was up here on my own with all these builders, so I said you were here with me."

"Oh. So what do I do if he comes to my house?"

"You know what he's like; he wouldn't visit you even if he knew you were there, so he's hardly likely to come to Ashbourne if he thinks you're up here with me."

"So what exactly do you want me to do?"

"I don't know, I hadn't thought that far ahead. But somehow, when the water does recede, I need you to get up here before Brian."

Now all the time I've been talking the men around me were getting more adventurous, or cruder, depending on how you view these things. A couple of them were stroking my legs, and I was attempting to get them off with slaps, but it was like swatting flies, as soon as you slap one, another hand touches somewhere else. But more worrying, one man began stroking his dick! It was still inside his shorts, but he was pulling the material tight as he stroked, showing me its size.

Then Stan began to make gestures as he lent out of the window.

"Hang on a second mom. Look you lot, pack-it-in!"

Then I turned to Stan.

"Please Stan tell them to behave themselves."

Stan put his finger on the mute button of the phone, meaning my mom wouldn't hear what was being said.

"I've got a pal who's got a Land Rover; I bet if I was to phone him up, he'd be able to get your mom here using the road over the top of Darwin's peak."

"What you mean get mom out here tonight?"

"No, it's far too treacherous tonight, but maybe some time tomorrow morning, before the valley road has cleared, and more important for you, before your Brian arrives."

"Oh god yes! That would be great. Shall I ask my mom if she can be ready?"

"Well maybe."

He was just looking at me with a kind of silly smirk on his face, and as he didn't let go of the mute button, it was obvious I couldn't ask mom yet.

"Ok. What is the maybe?"

"Well Kate my dear, if I get this arranged for you, and we all keep your Brian in the dark about these little white lies of yours, is there gonna be any rewards coming our way?"

"Like what?"

"If that's your attitude love, then I think I'll cut your mom off now, and call your Brian and explain how I don't think it right and proper for his fiancé to be spending a night out here with all my men, I'm not sure I want the responsibility of keeping them under control."

"You wouldn't? Please don't do that. If he knew I'd been deceitful, he might call off the wedding. What were you thinking of for rewards, surely you don't expect me to have sex with any of you?"

"God no! Nobody mentioned having sex. But maybe you could put on a little bit of a show for the lads?"

"Like what? Strip?"

"Why not? It'll keep them occupied, and that way we all get something out of it."

"Just a strip, no touching, and nobody tell anyone what went on?"

"That'll do us wont it lads?"

There was a general sort of cheer, and acknowledgment with various gestures.

"Ok. But that's as far as it goes. Can I ask mom if she can be ready in the morning? What time do you think?"

He let go of the mute button, and said,

"I'll try to get him to be ready for nine o'clock, but we won't know until we see how the weather is tomorrow."

"Hi mom, sorry about the delay, but Stan, he's the builder, he says he has a pal with a 4 x 4 that can pick you up tomorrow morning, and bring you here over the top of the mountain, using the old dirt track."

"Is that safe?"

"He says they'll wait for the right weather conditions, but it will mean you'll be here before the valley road is opened, but more important before Brian arrives."

"Ok if you're sure that's what you want?"

"But will you be safe up there with all those men on your own?"

"Course I will, it's not like they are going to rape me, for gods sake, I know who they are, so they wouldn't dare."

Now as I was saying this, I saw at least three of them with their shorts pulled down, and dicks in their hands, stroking their lengths in a taunting manner.

"Ok my dear, I'll be ready in the morning, night night."

"Bye mom."

I handed the phone back to Stan, and as soon as he'd put it back down I asked.

"Stan, please tell them."

"Tell them what? They're only showing you how much you turn them on."

"But you agreed there'd be no touching?"

"They aren't touching you, are they?"

"No, but I don't exactly feel very safe with them playing with their... You know what's."

"Well I've heard lots of names for a dick, but that's a new one on me. Come on one of you, lift our Kate down and we'll take her inside, so she can show us what a little mover she is."

Before anyone took a hold of me,

"Hang on a minute. You promised no touching. Haven't you got some step ladders?"

"Bloody hell Kate, don't tell me you object to someone lifting you down."

"I know your men, it starts with hands on my waist, and before I know it, they'll be sliding them up inside my blouse. Just bring some steps, and I'll get myself. Ouch oh my bottom."

As I'd been talking, I'd shuffled myself forwards to the edge of the wood pile, so as I could climb onto the step when they arrived. But this little skirt had slid from under me, and the bare cheeks of my bottom were on the rough wooden planking. My shuffling had impaled me on a splinter. I guess only small, but god did it sting.

"What's wrong?"

"I've got a splinter in me."

"Silly girl, Jim, reach up there and lift her, but make sure you lift her backwards first, to pull her off the splinter. And you Kate, don't struggle, if you'd have listened to me in the first place, this wouldn't have happened."

Jim reached up, hands on my waist, and lifted, pushing me backwards at the same time.


I was up from the wood pile, and now he just tipped me over his left shoulder, and carried me like I was an old kit bag. My arms were dangling down his back, and he had both his hands on the inside of my legs about six inches above knee height.

"Bring her into the van." Called Stan. Jim did as he was told, and then lowered me onto the bed/settee in the end of the caravan. Stan knelt down in front of me and took hold of my ankles.

"Come on then, let's have your bottom up, and get that splinter out for you."

And with that, he was lifting my legs up and tipping me onto my back.

"Here Jim, you hold these for me." He said as he passed my ankles to Jim, with me now held on my back, ankles almost touching my shoulders. Which, of course, meant my legs were parted some-what.

"Please, is this necessary?"

"We've got to get it out for you; you wouldn't want it turning septic. Now just hold her still. Let's see now, are I think that's the little bugger. It's right on the edge of your panties."

"Can you see it?"

"Well I can see where it's scratched you. But I think it's broken off, I'm not sure if there's still some left in."

"Maybe it'll be ok; I can put some cream on it tomorrow."

"Don't be a silly girl, I'll hold your legs, and let Jim have a look; these young'uns have got better eyesight."

They swapped places, taking no notice of whether I wanted to be in this embarrassing position or not. Now Jim was kneeling down out of my line of sight, and the anticipation was driving my libido into overdrive, just being held in this position waiting for him to touch me. What you have to realise, is that although I said the splinter was in my bottom, where it actually stabbed me was as Stan had already pointed out, just on the outside of my panties. But it wasn't around the back on the cheeks of my bottom; it was on my inner thigh, alongside my now pulsing pussy lips.


As his fingers made contact I took in a sharp audible intake of breath.

"Sorry did that hurt?"

"No. I didn't mean to do it; you just took me by surprise."

"Well I'm just going to squeeze it a little, to see if I can get it to pop out. You tell me if it hurts."

His fingers began touching all around the area, but obviously, as his fingers probed around on one side, they were actually touching the outer flesh of my pussy lips. And I guess it comes as no surprise; that with each and every stroke or probe, a shock wave rippled up my pussy. Just that would have been bad enough, but as his fingers and thumbs pressed and probed; his remaining fingers of one of his hands strayed inside my panties, and were just gently rippling their way back and forth over my pussy lips. I bit my teeth together to prevent myself from letting out any of the groans or gasps of pleasure that my body was driving me to make, but there was no way of preventing my pussy from pouting its lips.

Then with my lips pulsing, as they closed I could feel his finger ends inside my hole. He was just gently sliding them in and out, only the very ends of his fingers, but with this, it confirmed what I'd thought, that this interference was deliberate! But as I tried to protest with my mouth, it was as though my throat was dry and my words refused to leave my lips. But if the lips of my mouths were dry and paralysed, the opposite was the case with my pussy. It was positively dripping, and opening for his every probe.

"I'm sure there's something still in here, but I can't seem to get it moving. Can you just open her legs a bit wider boss, and I'll try sucking on it, see if that does any good."

"I... P... Please... No..."

Stan had just taken my ankle that he was already holding, and spread them wide open. Then hearing me trying to make some kind of objection, he asked. "Are you ok?"

"Please no, just leave it now."

"Don't be a silly girl; it's got to come out. Just let me know if it hurts you."

And Jim just carried on as though I'd never spoken, although I couldn't see exactly what he was doing. It felt like his fingers that were inside my knickers, were easing my gusset across! Then as his mouth made contact with the splinter area, his little fingers were pulled out of my pussy, to be replaced by his first two fingers, the size and length left me in no doubt about this. But my pussy was so wet and willing; it was as though it was sucking them in.

"N No please No."

"What's wrong, is it stinging?"

"Oh god! No. Please tell him to stop."

"Hang on Jim, she's getting upset."

Jim sat up, but his two fingers were still deep inside my pussy.

"She don't feel all that upset, I got the impression she was enjoying it."

And with that he began giving my pussy a few long sliding probes, whilst waiting for my reaction. My pussy loved it, and my hips lifted to let him know the fact. It sent such a thrill through my body, while he kept his fingers moving, I was at a loss to get my words out.

Then he stopped, fingers still deep inside me, and he waited for me to speak. It must have taken me at least half a minute to get myself together.

"Please don't. You promised no touching. I I know I'm at your mercy, but please no more."

He slowly pulled his fingers out, and put them to his mouth, making sure all the onlookers through the door and windows, all got to see what he was doing.

"That is one sweet tasting pussy you've got there Kate, I can't believe you don't want to try a length of my dick up there."

"Please no. Stan please. I've said I'll do a strip for you. But please, let me get up now."

Jim answered, "Hang on love; I haven't got that splinter sorted yet. If I keep my fingers out of your little twat, do you want me to have another try to see if I can suck the little bugger out?"

"It makes sense Kate my love; it'll only turn bad if you leave it." Chipped in Stan.

"Ok, but please try not to show too much of me off to all these others."

Why I said that I don't know, I'd already agreed to do a strip for them. But Jim put his face down, and his mouth began to suck around the splinter area. But his tongue was also licking, and as it lapped my flesh, my pussy pulsed. He'd only been back down there a few seconds before I was heaving my pussy into his mouth. Well I was heaving, but I guess he'd moved his mouth across. But whoever was at fault, the result was the same, he was locked onto my pussy, and I was helpless to protest.

He knew how to eat pussy, by god did he know. My whole being was transported to another planet, as his tongue circled my clit and lapped up and down my slit. He'd been giving it to me for some minutes before I realised I wasn't being held, and I was heaving like I was possessed by a demon. Then his mouth left my pussy, and I first felt like I wanted to call him back, I really needed finishing off. But then I opened my eyes, thinking he had taken his mouth away, only to replace it with the big dick he'd told me about.

But no, Stan was kneeling down, and within seconds had taken over sucking my pussy. His technique was different, but just as effective, but this was the first time I've been sucked by a man with a beard, and boy was it good. He took me to my climax, sending my body back to the planet pleasure for its second trip today. When I did come, they both stood to the side so as the onlookers could all get a good view of me writhing around with my pussy dripping sticky fluid.

"Are you ok?"

I'd just about come down to earth, and was now feeling very embarrassed, and more than a little ashamed.

"You promised me no touching."

"Well no harm done, and you did seem to be enjoying it."

"But all the same, you promised."

"Come on no sulking, we didn't hurt you. Anyway, we could easily have given you a good old fucking, but we didn't. So surely you must be grateful for that?"

I thought for a second and realised he was right, I'd expected Jim to have fucked me once he'd got me that turned on, so I guess I hadn't got off to badly.

"I guess so." I replied.

I'd sat up by now, and pulled my gusset back across to cover up my pussy.

"Come on then, show me just how grateful you are."

"Oh no. What do you want now?"

"Don't be a spoil sport, come on you told me earlier you were a working class girl, like us lot. Don't go getting all snooty now."

"Well what do you want me to do?"

"Come and sit on my knee, just a little kiss and cuddle."

"Just you?"

"Of course, just me, come on, let's be having you."

As I got up and walked towards him, "Ok, but no monkey business."

I sat my bottom back onto his knee, and he pulled me up close to him, lying me back in his arm as he lent across and we began kissing, tongues were swapping juices almost immediately, and the on looking audience were all making their own comments.

It didn't take long before my initial anxiety melted, and I was responding to his advances in a willing manner. Even when I felt his other hand working its way up inside my blouse, popping the buttons as it advanced on it way to my breasts, I still let him have his way without protest. I suspect Jim must have been helping him, as I felt my bra releasing, and being pulled aside. So now I was deep into a heavy petting session, with my blouse open fully at the front, and no bra. Stan was manipulating my nipples, and the sexual arousal was once again building in my body. I knew if I let him carry on, I'd get back to the point like before where all my resistance would just melt. So I managed to pry my lips from his.

I said, "Gasp! Ok. I think we'd better call that it."

"Oh come on, I was just getting into my stride."

"Yes, that's what I was afraid of. Come on, you said just a little kiss. And I've let you, well you know, you've had my bra off. If we don't stop now, I can see you going all the way."

"I wouldn't do anything you didn't want me to, I don't believe in using force."

"I wasn't saying you would force me, but you know how to make a girl forget her modesty."

"So now we have it; it isn't me you don't trust, it's you. That gives me an idea for a game."

"Oh no, what are you cooking up now?"

Well you've already agreed to strip for the lads, but by now, they've seen both your tits and pussy, so getting dressed just to strip off is a bit pointless."

"So what are you expecting me to do now?"

"A little game of hide and seek. You hide, and we all come looking for you. The one that finds you gets to snog (kiss & cuddle) you for ten minutes."

"So if I agree, how many times do you expect me to do this for, in other words, how many men do you expect me to have a snog with?"

"Well there's only ten of us here, so surely that isn't too many?"

"If you're all gonna get a go at me, what's the point in me hiding? Anyway, I think if I let five men snog me, then that should be good enough."

"So you're game for it, it's just how many times you do it that you're not sure about?"

"I'm not sure what I'm letting myself in for. I hide, you all look for me.

Then what? Who ever finds me, gets me on the floor there and then, and starts snogging me? Who counts the time? Can I be sure he won't do anything else but snog me?"

"Ok this is how I see it, first you strip off completely."

"You've got to be joking?"

"Why, you agreed to strip, and we've already seen the goods. Its lovely hot weather out there and we'll give you a big pair of boots to wear so you can splash around as much as you like, and without your clothes on, you won't get any of your stuff mucked up."

"Ok if I do agree to go around naked, and then I hide, what happens when someone finds me?"

"He has to call us all in, and bring you back here to the van. Then we give him ten minutes with you on the bed."

"So I'm naked on the bed, and he has tem minutes, but just kissing?"

"Well like we said earlier, no force, if you say no, we will stop him."

"So if he gets me worked up, you'll let him go all the way?"

"Only if you do. If you say stop, we'll stop him, surely you can resist for ten minutes?"

"I'm not sure about this, doing a strip is one thing, but letting you animals loose to maul me is something else."

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