Making Do
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Fiction, Humor, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In this fifth segment of The Neighbors in 3-B series, Sandy starts college, finds an outlet for her high sex drive and meets the man of her dreams.

Sandy Carrey was posing as sexily as she could, sitting on her large beach towel not twenty feet away from the cute lifeguard sitting up in his tower on the crowded beach. The sun shimmered in the summer skies, and you could see the water evaporation trails as the ocean gave up some small portion of itself to seed the clouds that would form above. Right now, Sandy was hoping that the cute lifeguard would start paying her some attention. Her bikini was an aqua color, and so brief that she had been a little afraid, when she bought it, that she wouldn't have the nerve to wear it in public. That fear quickly proved unfounded, and Sandy had worn it now on three separate occasions. The summer was almost over, in two weeks she'd be starting her freshman studies at Cal State Fullerton. She had taken a year off after high school, wanting a short break before beginning four long years of college classwork.

It had proved to be an eventful year, her big sister, Donna had finally gotten her head out of her ass long enough to marry Jim Matthews, a man who'd loved her since she was sixteen years old. Sandy had loved Jim herself, in a big way for a young girl, but now she had moved on to other challenges and opportunities. It was a fact though, that Jim had been Sandy's first lover and, she suspected, he might have even "boinked" her mom as well. Sandy was certain that she'd played a huge role in bringing Jim and Donna back together and was very happy that things had worked exactly like she had planned. Jim and Donna were living out in Minnesota, but were considering making a move to a warmer climate before the next winter came. Sandy hoped they moved back to Southern California since she missed seeing the two of them.

Sandy took off her sunglasses and stared up at that cute lifeguard. The man didn't seem like he was ever going to notice her. This left her feeling a little slighted and confused as to why. She was a natural blonde, with hair that came down to the middle of her back, her face was cute, she had a pair of deepset blue eyes, and a very symmetrical nose that went well with her naturally full lips and near perfect complexion. She had a sexy pair of hips on her, and her butt was shaped like a dancer's or a figure skater's, full and tight, her waist was proportional to her hips and her stomach was well toned but still had a slight rounded softness about it that most men preferred. Her breasts, while not very large, had a very pert pear shape to them, and her nipples tilted up at a slight angle, making those times when she wore her simple cotton tops without bras, lots of fun for her, as most guys would stop whatever they were doing and admire her as she strolled by. She liked being admired and desired, she loved the excitement she was able to cause in both men and women, whether it was lust or jealousy, admiration or simple appreciation, she liked it all.

By the time it got to be three o'clock and the lifeguard had still failed to pay her attention, she got up and gathered her things together, ready to leave.

"Oh no, you're not leaving already are you? I get off in 30 more minutes and I hoped you'd be staying until then." The lifeguard was finally noticing her, she wondered what had taken so long.

"Are you talking to me?" she had turned back to face him, her sun glasses back on and both her hand above her eyes, giving her more glare protection, and not coincidently making her perky boobs raise up just a little.

"Yeah, I get off soon, and I hoped you'd stick around 'til then. We can't really socialize while we're up here working, but I sure did want to meet you." Sandy thought it was really cute, that note of hope and desperation in his voice. She decided it might be fun to stay a little longer. She gave him her most winning smile, then turned away and spread her beach towel out again and set her things back down on it and then dropped gracefully down on the towel as well. She was glad that he'd noticed her, and felt better knowing that he wanted to talk with her. Another 20 minutes passed before the relief lifeguard showed up and the new guy was briefed by the departing lifeguard. Sandy gathered up her things again and slowly began to make her way out to the parking lot to the little showers where beach goers went to rinse the sand from their bodies before climbing into their cars and departing. Sandy hadn't gone very far before the cute lifeguard caught up with her. He slowed down as he reached her, matching his pace with hers.

"Hi, I'm Sonny Sesto, I really appreciate you sticking around long enough to give me a chance to introduce myself and, hopefully, to meet you."

Hi, Sonny, aren't you sweet? I'm Sandy, Sandy Carrey. I'm happy to meet you too. So, how long have you been a lifeguard?"

"Sandy is a nice name, although I'm not sure that it suits you. For the past few hours, ever since you first sat down, I've been calling you "Beautiful Stranger" in my mind." He was cute enough, and had such a terrific smile when he talked, that Sandy let him get away with that obvious line. "I've been a lifeguard since school let out in May, but I'm leaving after another week when tryouts and team practices start for the golf team. I'll be starting my junior year at UC Irvine." They walked along together as they talked and Sandy was impressed with the fact that he was able to look at her face while they talked. It wasn't that he wasn't checking her out at all, more like he was able to do it while still giving her the impression that he enjoyed the conversation too.

"I'm just starting my freshman year at Cal State Fullerton. I took a year after graduation to travel around some, and later, to help my sister plan her wedding. I needed a break to build up my strength for the long grind ahead. I live in West Covina with my mom and step dad, how about you?"

"I still live with my folks too, in Yorba Linda. They have a house on the golf course at Yorba Linda Country Club, and I get to practice my golf practically in my own backyard. I've thought about getting my own place, but it's a whole lot easier living at home with my mom taking care of the cooking and the laundry and all I have to do is keep my room in not too bad of a shape. This way I can use the money I make in the summers to take care of my cash needs during the school year, like if I get lucky and get myself a date or something." They had gotten to Sandy's car while he was still talking and she had opened her trunk and thrown her beach bag in there before taking her towel and putting it on the driver's seat.

"I bet you get lucky a lot. I hope for your sake they pay the lifeguards a lot, because I bet you also date quite a bit." She leaned back against the side of the car, trying to see his reaction to he double entendre and also letting him know with her body language that she was in no hurry to leave and end this little get acquainted meeting. He smiled his best "aw shucks" grin and showed most of his pearly white teeth in reply to her indirect question.

"I don't go out that much, too much hitting the books, and then my golf game takes up a lot of any spare time I might have. I play in quite a few of the local amateur golf tournaments and that takes time and some money as well. If I ever was able to get a really pretty girl like you to go out with me though, I'd sure be happy to spare the time and even crack open my little piggy bank so I could take her someplace nice on the date. Going out with you would be really special, and I'd sure count it as me getting lucky if you'd agree to go out with me sometime?" Sandy was really taken with how smooth Sonny was turning out to be. She could already feel the signs of interest her body was signaling to her. She looked down from his face to see if he was showing any signs of arousal himself, but he was either calmer than she thought he should be or he was wearing a good cup. That he might not have enough equipment to make a bulge in his swim trunks, well that wasn't an option that she wished to dwell on. She opened her bag and pulled out one of her mom's business cards that she always carried. They were the perfect size to write down names and addresses and they didn't cost either her or her mom a thing. She wrote her name and her cell number on the card and handed it to Sonny. She made sure to touch his hand for just a couple seconds, checking to see if the energy she felt him giving off was stronger with her touch. It felt good to her and she liked the tiny little tingle that shot through her whole body at his touch.

"I've got to run, Sonny, sorry. I'd love to stay longer but I'm going out with some friends tonight and I've got to get home and get all this oil off my body and see whether I can clean up well enough that I don't embarrass myself too much." She leaned up to him and gave him a chaste little kiss on the cheek, carefully pressing her nipples into his chest, and said: "Call me sometime soon, I'd really like to go out with you, too." With that, she jumped in her car, started the engine and pulled out of her space heading towards the exit. She gave him a final little wave with her hand as she watched in her side view mirror the image of him waving a long and enthusiastic goodbye to her. She was feeling really good for the entire ride home.

Sonny went back over to the restrooms area and changed into some shorts and a tee shirt, putting his trunks and gear into his backpack. He was especially careful to keep Sandy's number in a separate pocket so that he wouldn't forget it or lose it before he had a chance to enter her data into his address book and the speed dial on his phone. She was a great looking girl, easily the "foxiest" on the beach today, or even this month in his opinion. And she was also nice and easy to talk with. He was really looking forward to calling her later and seeing if they could possibly get together at least once before practice and tryouts began. He wasn't really worried about tryouts since he was the number two man on the team last year and the number one guy had graduated and was now playing on one of the developmental tours in Arizona. After changing into his street clothes, Sonny walked over to his car and started the 20 mile journey to his house. He was hurrying home because he hoped to get in 18 holes before dark.

He got home, jumped in for a quick shower before dressing and hurrying over to the club. He teed off at five and was able to finish his round, playing as a single, a little before 8:15. When he got home again his mom warmed up a plate of a nice pasta for him and served him a salad and iced tea as well. He thanked her and told her how much he appreciated having a mom who took such good care of him. He went into the study and found his dad poring over the accounts from the seven insurance agencies he owned either all or part of. His dad sold auto and casualty insurance all over the southern California area. He mostly oversaw things now, not really able to service any customers himself anymore. His dad seemed to really enjoy his business and he was pretty successful at it. Sonny had two brothers and two sisters, all older, all married, and all of them working in the family business, even the husbands of both sisters. Sonny had worked at the agencies too, being a janitor and courier until this year, when he took the lifeguard position instead. His dad didn't seem to mind it when Sonny told him about wanting to work elsewhere this summer, he told Sonny to do whatever he wanted to do, that it would be fine by him.

"Hey, Pop, whatchadoing?" he and his dad got along really well and he liked to take a few minutes and check in with both his parents everyday. They'd always been super to him his whole life, and he liked to do little things to let them know they were loved and appreciated by him.

"Sonny, how are you hitting them? Still fairways and greens?" Sonny's dad played golf too, but he didn't play that much and hadn't ever been serious about his game. Sonny gave him 10 strokes a side and still always managed to take all his money whenever they played. He didn't know that these little Nassau's were his dad's way of increasing his allowance without his wife ever knowing. Sonny was his pride and his joy. He loved all his children, loved them to death, but everybody in the family knew Sonny was the "special" one in the family. "You still looking for that dream girl you're always talking about?" Sonny had been going out with the girls since he was 14, but he'd never gone out too long with any one girl. He always told his family that he was looking for a "Dream Girl" and that he'd know it when he found her. He was 21 years old now, and still dating a lot, but was no closer to finding that "Dream Girl" than he'd been at 14. He'd certainly had a lot of fun looking though, and because he was good looking and a nice guy as well, he'd had his share of experience with all aspects of petting, up to and often including, going all the way.

He'd had his first sexual experience when he was 15 and a neighbor girl had talked him into helping her out with a school project. She had been a little bit older, a grade ahead of him in school, and light years ahead of him in experience. For two weeks, Sonny hadn't really known what hit him. Every afternoon he went over to help her with her "project" and he'd come home every night, his balls totally drained and with a dick that felt like it had been squeezed hard and wrung out to dry. He didn't do any complaining though and would have kept right at it if she hadn't met someone else she liked better and gotten him to help her with her school "project". A couple months later, after she had gone through one or two more new guys, she'd approached Sonny about a rematch, but by then he'd altered his opinion of her and was no longer interested.

He'd gone out with plenty of girls in the last six years though, and he'd run across quite a few who made up their minds pretty quickly and wanted him inside them as much as he wanted to be there. He always used protection, no matter what the girl said about being on the pill or other types of birth control. He did it so that he didn't have to worry about picking up anything and neither did they. He'd heard from several of the girls that it felt better to be in there with skin touching skin, but he'd never once wavered from his convictions in that regard. He'd eaten a few pussies though, and no Saran Wrap for him. He'd been lucky enough to have his cock sucked a few times as well and hadn't ever felt the need for a condom then.

He had three more work days on the beach before quitting to get ready for school. He had liked the lifeguarding job a lot and was hoping to get rated high enough by his superiors after his first season that they'd ask him back next year. The pay was OK and the job was really interesting the few times he'd had to go in the water and help someone who looked like they needed helping. He hadn't had any serious incidents this summer and hoped that that reflected on the way he paid attention and warned swimmers before they got into a strong rip current or got too far out in the waves for their conditioning or swimming ability.

He went up to his room before 10 and thought about Sandy for a few minutes. He promised himself that he'd try to get a hold of her sometime tomorrow and that he'd ask her out to a nice place for dinner and then maybe take her to one of the lifeguard parties that had already started happening as the season wound down. As he tried to make himself sleep, he couldn't help remembering the electricity that had shot through his hand and arm, right up through his shoulder, when the two of them had touched as she handed him her name and number. He thought of how glad he was that he'd been wearing his cup from high school water polo when she'd kissed his cheeks and he felt her nipples touching his chest. It had hurt quite a bit when his dick had sprouted up so quickly, but with the help of his cup, at least he didn't have to try and explain and apologize about his trunks tenting out so much. He even thought he'd noticed her looking down to see, but that was probably his hormones and wishful thinking on his part. She looked pretty innocent to him, even in that terrific bikini, and she was just starting college herself. He promised himself that, if she did consent to go out with him he'd act like a gentleman and not try to get in her pants. He didn't want to scare her away.

At that same time, no more that 15 miles away, as the crows fly, up in her own bedroom, Sandy had her panties hanging off one of her ankles as she rubbed her clit vigorously with her right hand while moving a large rubber dildo in and out of her steaming hot quim with her left. Her eyes were tightly closed as she fought hard for her third and final orgasm of the evening. She was in the midst of her favorite fantasy of all time. In her fantasy, she was in a room filled with many people, and she was up on a lighted stage, she could hear noises coming from the people gathered all around her as she was being fucked from behind, doggy style by her brother in law, Jim. Her sister was holding her hands down preventing her escaping from Jim's assault, while at the same time trying to thrust her pussy up into her face, trying to get her to eat her out, but Sandy's resisting her as hard as she can. Someone else was up on the stage with them, a man who, while his voice was familiar, she couldn't quite place it. The man had a microphone and was talking to the audience asking for volunteers to come up and fuck her after Jim had finished. In her fantasy this time, the first one to come up on stage is Sonny Sesto and he was holding his very thick cock in his hand, obviously ready to get down to business. She feels Jim start to cum inside her and just then the man with the microphone steps closer into her field of vision, she sees it is her stepfather, Tom, and he is naked as well, his super sized cock aimed straight at her sister's mouth. Seeing Tom's cock, Sandy leans slightly forward and rams her tongue as deep as she can into Donna's soaking wet cunt just as Donna opens her mouth to accept Tom's offering. At that instant in her actual life, Sandy cries out in passion, quickly pulling out the dildo and squirting all over the towel placed firmly over her pussy, which is in full spasm and forcing out a heavy flow of her spend. After a minute, finally fully drained and exhausted, Sandy wipes off her pussy and thighs with a separate damp towel, pulls up her panties and calls it a night. Right before she drifts off to sleep, she wonders why Sonny hasn't called her yet.

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