Brittany and Jon: Thrice Tempted
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brittany and Jon go through temptations and emotional downs, besides having sex.

The young woman twirled in time to the music playing from the boom box. Her dance movements caused her short skirt to fly up, showing off even more of her legs. Her dance looked a little strange as she maneuvered around the tables and chairs, for the nightclub she was dancing in was closed. She had an audience of only three men who watched her with the look of hungry wolves. She either didn't notice their looks or didn't care that they were after one thing from her.

As the dance continued, her movements grew more wanton and erotic. She leaned back pushing out her very nice looking boobs, a minute later she flipped her skirt up giving the three tantalizing glimpses of her panties and other times not so short peeks at her red and white underwear. She spun her way to the three, dancing close enough to be only inches away from touching them.

Her shoulder length blond hair continually bounced around, sometimes blocking her sight as she spun and kicked her legs up. Her pale red blouse even though modest for her, still allowed her breasts to jump in a most delightful way as she bounced. Her skirt wasn't the shortest skirt in her wardrobe but the hem was still high enough to allow them to see her panties fully as it flared out when she spun around in place.

The dancer's body was burning with excess energy. She had been promised that dancing would use up the energy that was starting to burn in her most intimate place, but so far it seemed to be making it worse. Her panties were soaked with the fluids being produced by the slit between her legs. The inside of her slit was starting to itch and burn almost uncontrollably, as it demanded that something long and hard be placed inside to satisfy the steadily increasing itch.

The problem was that her husband was not one of the three men so intently watching her. She didn't know where he was and she didn't care either, for the only thing she could think of was that he was not here to satisfy her sudden, burning desire.

She hadn't started the evening feeling this way or planning to do this dance. She had gone out to an early dinner with a couple of friends. George and Linda who had been going together on and off, mostly on, since High school. They now seemed to be ready to get married. He was a handsome man with black hair almost to his shoulders. She was pretty, Hispanic, with hair past her shoulders, a good cheerleader in high school but recently had put on a few pounds. Jon had not gone with her since he had a date to help someone they knew. She had agreed to the early time because there was a surprise party later that evening for Susan, who had been one of her bridesmaids, and Susan's brother Tommy. They had been both born in the same month, one year apart. Most of the time, their friends would celebrate their birthdays at the same time. Previous surprise parties had been ruined by word getting out so Edgar had told her about the party then made sure she told no one, explaining that he would tell everyone that was invited. That way no loose talking would ruin the surprise. This meant that even though she thought others at the dinner were going to the party, she didn't ask or mention the party at all. Tommy, Susan's brother, was making the rounds talking to people so there was a chance that he could hear something if she mentioned the party.

She chatted a while with her dinner mates even after their dishes were removed. As she expected, Tommy came over to say hi to her and the others at the table. He sat down and joined the discussion. After watching her fourth huge yawn, he motioned to a small can in his hand.

"This is a new energy drink, Pimp Juice, put out by some rap star. It will wake you up if you have plans for the evening."

"I don't think I need anything to wake me up."

"This stuff is good; it's guaranteed to wake you up... Here." He held the can out to her, "I haven't taken any sips out of it yet.

I was just carrying it around in case I got thirsty." She looked unsure as she said, "I don't know."

"It's nothing bad even with that name. And as I said my lips have not touched the can. It might be a little warm but other than that it's good."

George said, "It couldn't hurt. It is free after all and you have been yawning all throughout dinner."

She reluctantly nodded, and then accepted the can. She took a sip, made a face, and started to put it down.

"Hey, that's not enough. I realize it might taste a little crappy right now, but if you down it fast the taste won't last long."

"A little crappy?!" she said but then she put the can back to her lips; she did want to be awake for the party after all. She downed the whole can in two gulps but then almost threw it back up, the taste was that bad. She managed to keep it down.

"Yecch, I'm not sure if I should thank you or not but if it tastes that bad it won't be selling much."

"You can thank me after it energizes your body... and it will."

Soon after he left, the dinner broke up. George and Linda took her home and she was disappointed not to see Jon. She tried calling him but his cell phone was off. She decided to go without him so she left heading for where the party was going to be. When she got to the night club, she was surprised to see only one other car in the parking lot. She went in anyway. She found Tommy there as well two other guys. One was Edgar, who had told her about the party. She didn't know him all that well, except that he hung around with Tommy and Susan at times.

She looked around trying to see if there was anyone else, but there was no one. Edgar came over to her, said hi then quickly whispered that he must have told her the wrong time, but that the party would begin soon so she should stay. He also told her that Tommy had arrived early, so she shouldn't say anything about the surprise.

She nodded and said hi to Tommy and the third guy, who she didn't know. Tommy introduced him as Sam. She asked if Susan was around but Tommy said that she would be coming by later, after the crowds grew to see JonnsonTown.

She pretended to be excited about seeing them, since even though they were a smaller local band, they were good. It was about that point that she was starting to feel uncomfortable. It was too hot and she felt a slight itch between her legs. She realized the heat had started on the trip here, but it hadn't gotten that noticeable 'till now.

"Is it just me or is it hot in here?"

"I'm Okay," Tommy said.

The other two nodded.

"My face got a little hot in the car coming over here, but I thought it was the weather."

Edgar said, "I hope you aren't coming down with anything and have to leave early. It's the only time JonnsonTown will be playing here for months."

She nodded and sat down, but she just kept getting hotter. She tried flapping her blouse a little, but she didn't want to do that too much with three guys there.

After a few minutes Tommy suggested, "If you are that hot you could take off your bra... that might help."

She looked shocked so he quickly said, "I meant go in the bathroom and take it off. Your blouse should hide the fact that you have no bra on."

She shook her head but a few minutes later as her face got even hotter, she made a fast trip to the bathroom where she peed and took off her bra, putting it in her purse. Soon after she got back to the table she had been sitting at she began to pace. She was energized. Not only was her body so full of energy she had to do something to use it up, but her pussy was getting wet and itchy. She sat for a moment trying to decide what to do. When the guys weren't looking, she tried to rub her legs together for some relief. She even went back to the bathroom and rubbed her clit then pushed in two fingers trying to relieve that itch. It helped some for a few minutes but it came back.

It was soon after she got back that Tommy said, "Maybe that drink is giving you too much energy, you should try running around the dance floor to use up the energy," here she shook her head no, "Or maybe... dance. Yeah that would use up the energy and not look funny."

The other two guys agreed.

Sam said, "Yes, dancing would do the trick. It's fun and it will use up any extra energy you have."

He quickly walked over to another table where he reached under it and pulled out a boom box. He brought it to her table, set it down and pushed the play button. Throbbing music started, it was just the right type for a dance.

Tommy said "You're going to have to dance or you're going to start hopping up and down. I promise it will help."

She reluctantly agreed since the itching in her loins had increased again. It was either try that or spend more time in the bathroom with her fingers inside her. She stood, went over to the middle of the dance floor where she begun to sway to the music, soon she was moving her feet in a step that fit the beat of the song. She twirled, bent over backwards in a gymnastic move that Jon liked to see her do and kicked out with first one, then the other foot.

Soon she abandoned herself to the dance getting more outrageous in her twirling and kicking. She knew that all three men probably were getting short glimpses of her panties, but she didn't care at that point. She was hot and her body was screaming SEX. Her panties were very modest anyway. After that bad experience with Steve, she had been trying to wear less revealing clothes out in public.

Now, she was having a conflict with her conscience. Her body was telling her to let go and just dance as erotic as she could and let the guys see her legs and panties, but her mind was telling her to be careful. At one point, her conscience won and she sat down not wanting to dirty dance in front of the guys.

Tommy came to her and said in a nice soft voice, "Please dance some more. It's my birthday and I would like to see you dance. I like to watch the way you move, you do it so well. I've seen a video of you dancing like that and I thought it was great. Please for my birthday, I've wanted to watch you dance for a long time."

His voice was melodic and very soft. She could lose herself in that voice. She thought it wouldn't do any harm so she got up and moved to the middle of the dance floor. Someone started the music at the beginning again. She started moving, and when she realized she was being too erotic she adjusted her movements.

She tried to compromise between the two, but she seemed slip into the erotic movements so easily. At one point she noticed it was a different song, she had been so much into her movements that she hadn't noticed that the song had switched. This one was even wilder than the first song. It seemed to call out to her to dance sensually. Her arousal had grown again. She found herself staring at the guys' crotches as she spun by them.

Jon wasn't there and she needed him. She had already decided that when he walked in, she was taking him to the back for a quick fuck and a longer one once they got home. Two or three longer ones that is.

But he wasn't there, and the only thing she could do was dance which was what she was doing. She suddenly ended the dance after she danced with her back to the guys, wiggling her butt suggestively then flipping up her skirt so they got a good glimpse of her panty covered bottom. She realized what she had just done and stopped.

"That didn't help; I'm hotter than when I started."

"Yes you are," Tommy said breathlessly.

She looked at him puzzled but he said, "I mean, you look like it but come over here. There is something else that will help. It's more extreme but it will scratch your itch."

"I might try anything right now."

"Good, I was hoping you would say that," Tommy said.

She didn't notice the other two vigorously nodding their heads. Brittany walked over to the three and looked up at Tommy.

He said, "Thank you that was a very nice birthday present. It was more energetic but not as long as the one I saw on the recording. It was very nice. I liked it."

Edgar said, "That was nice, you do a good job dancing. I like the way you move and your legs are so pretty."

Brittany felt like blushing but she was also in a predicament. Her panties were wet, soaked actually, from the way her slit was feeling. She couldn't remember a time she was so hot or so wet. Maybe on her and Jon's wedding night and once or twice since. When she did that role playing game with Jon, pretending to be a sixteen year old student at a Catholic school, she had been very wet. It not only had gotten Jon very aroused but her too. But she hadn't itched as much then. Now though wasn't the time to be dripping. She needed some type of release or she would be pulling off her panties to jam three fingers into her burning and itching pussy soon. The dance had made it worse, and now the compliments of the two guys had made her pussy almost a torrent. And her eyes kept going to the bulges in their pants. She tried fighting that, but she knew what those bulges were and the relief they afforded. It was all she could do to keep from rubbing her legs together to try to relieve herself that way.

While waiting for Tommy to say he wanted to say, she couldn't help but feel the muscularity of the three men. She could smell their sweat and their manliness. It aroused her even more; she knew her nipples were standing out without even looking at them. She could feel the fabric of her blouse against those currently very sensitive nubs. The cloth felt good. She was glad she had taken off her bra, her boobs needed the freedom.

Tommy started speaking again in an easy, soft voice, "You looked very beautiful out on the dance floor Brittany. I loved to see how your legs moved. You are very graceful, very athletic."

As his voice droned on drawing her into it with its soft melodic sound she nodded. Many people had told her over the years that she moved gracefully; even Jon had said that was one of the things that had attracted him to her. The thought of her husband though made her groan very softly for she needed him right now. A picture flashed through her mind of the last time they fucked. It had felt so good and right now she knew it would feel even better and with that growing itch, sex wasn't just a pleasure it was turning into a need.

Just as if he had read her mind, Tommy mentioned Jon or had she thought of him because Tommy had said Jon's name? She wasn't sure now but her confusion only lasted a couple of seconds as her mind lost itself in Tommy's voice again.

He was saying, "If Jon was here he could help you with another activity but he's not," She nodded, and he continued, "He's helping my sister with her problem."

Brittany was puzzled, "why would Jon be helping another woman with her itch?" She shook her head to clear the fogginess that seemed to be growing along with her need for relief.

She heard Tommy say in that gentle melodic tone, "Yes, He is over there with her helping Susan celebrate her birthday. I would like it a lot if you were to help me have what I've always wanted."

She looked up at him. Then asked, "What can I give you?"

He smiled brightly and said, "Many things but one thing would help you at the same time... First take off your blouse so I can see those wonderful boobs of yours, second," here he gently turned her head to look at the other two men, "Touch their bulges."

She looked at him sharply not believing what she had just heard.

"I was wrong about the dance helping you with your body heating up but I promise you that this will help cool you down. It's just what your body needs right now. Susan has had this problem too and this action helped her get over it. We don't want Jon to know you've been this hot around other men he might think you did it with them. Not that he would care right now but he might later."

Brittany shook her head not only to say no but to try to clear it. Tommy knelt down beside her.

"Please take off your top. I've wanted to see both of your boobs since I first saw you. I can tell they are so beautiful and sexy. I would love to feel them with my hands and to suck on your gorgeous nipples."

His voice was drawing her into it and when he said the words 'feel' and 'suck' her pussy quivered. It had never done that before. "God", she thought. "My body wants it so bad, worse than I had ever wanted sex before, and if Jon is helping another woman, even if it was Susan's birthday, and not his wife then why shouldn't I get my need satisfied?" She looked at the two guys again. One's bulge was noticeably bigger than the other. "God", she thought. "He would be able to really reach the deepest part of my itch." The guy with the larger cock rubbed it as she was looking. She licked her lips in anticipation. She turned as Tommy moved and she saw that he too was rubbing his crotch.

He said, "I've been so attracted to you that after that dance, I can barely keep from taking this out and wanking. Your beautiful body turns me on."

She turned her head more and saw the third guy doing the same. He had a pleading look on his face like he wanted her to touch it real bad. Brittany licked her lips again. She felt her panties get even wetter. They were already soaked; she felt that she would be dripping down her legs soon. "If I didn't have the panties on, I would be leaving drips on the floor," she thought.

Suddenly though, she turned away from the tantalizing sight and hurried over to a chair, she sat facing away from the three men. "I can't do that," she thought.

She heard someone come up behind her. She felt like she should leave, but her eye sight seemed to be affected by whatever was making her foggy brained and uber turned on.

She thought, "God, I feel crappy, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm so turned on I would think I was catching the flu."

The person behind her knelt down beside her.

"It really did help Susan when she had the same problem... maybe it's some type of strange flu," he said in his soft melodic voice.

She shook her head, willing to suffer to keep from hurting her marriage. She thought, "Jon where are you? I need you." She may have spoken that in a whisper, she wasn't sure but Tommy left.

A minute later she heard more footsteps like someone walking into the club, and then they came toward her. Again she felt a body kneel behind her.

A voice she knew said, "I'm here Brittany dear."

She said "Jon?" in a very puzzled voice.

"Yes," he said very softly, "I know why you feel this way and Tommy was right there is only one way to help you now."

She felt hands grasp her and gently pull her up. She was then walked over to the two guys. This time they had their cocks out. She could see them in almost all their glory. She wondered when they had unzipped their pants, but she didn't think long about that. That one guy was definitely bigger than Jon. She stared at that long, wide shaft. She allowed herself to be walked slowly over to the guys, until she stood right in front of them. She felt comfortable with Jon behind her. His body always felt just right against hers and now it turned her on big time. Even more than she already was.

That familiar voice said again, "Brittany dear you can touch them. It's okay; I won't hold it against you. You need the help that they offer you."

Warning bells went off in her head but she ignored them as she took a step even closer, and reached out to the largest one. Her hand was shaking from the combination of overwhelming desire and confusion. Even with Jon saying that it was okay, it still went against her conscience. Brittany quickly glanced over her shoulder and saw hair on top of the Jon's head go up and down as he nodded.

Her hand reached the one guy and she patted the top of his very hard and very huge cock with an open palm, just like it was a dog. She did it gently and Edgar groaned. She then turned slightly so she could do the same to the other. Sam groaned too.

That soft voice again spoke, "Go ahead Brit grab them both. You know you want to and need to."

She reached back toward Edgar's cock this time with her hand in a half closed fist. As her arm seem to move in slow motion, the warning bells got louder and suddenly her mind cleared for a second and she realized what was bothering her.

Her head snapped around and she glared up at Tommy saying, "You're not Jon!" in a very accusatory tone.

Brittany turned around and ran back to the chair she had been sitting in. She sat there for over a minute feeling sorry for herself, and fighting the urge to lift her dress so she could rub her clit. She rubbed her legs together twice, but stopped as soon as she realized what she was doing. Tommy came over to her and knelt down beside her again.

"I'm sorry for tricking you Brittany, but Jon would understand that you need what those guys and I have to offer you tonight. Not only do you need it but it's my birthday and as a special present, I would love to see you naked."

She looked at him noticing that his hair style was exactly like Jon's. But then she looked away. She found it hard to stay angry as horny as she was. He stayed silent for a while then spoke again.

"It's getting worse isn't it?" he asked in a very sympathetic tone.

She thought she nodded but wasn't sure.

"Come on back over there. Jon will understand that you need it. All you have to do is reach out and grasp each of our dicks. I promise you that this won't fail to take care of your problem."

She found herself standing and again allowing herself to be led to the two guys standing there, with their hard cocks sticking out of their pants. She heard a noise and turned seeing Tommy unzip his pants.

"Please grab mine first. I've been waiting for that for years."

She nodded thinking about Jon helping Susan with this same problem. She reached out and grasped his hardness. He gasped and so did she as her arousal jumped even higher. She slid her hand up and down it three times, but stopped as Jon's image came to mind. She saw him looking stern and hurt as she described what she had done with Steve.

She shook her head but the image got stronger. Brittany let go of Tommy then backed away a step.

"What's the matter Brittany? You need this and so do I. You can help us both at the same time." he said in that melodic voice.

She took a step forward again, feeling the heat build up in her pussy. She could feel a wetness in her upper thighs and she knew that she wanted all three cocks in her now. One in her wet pussy, one in her hot butt hole and the last in her slavering, quivering mouth. All at the same time. That surprised her, for she had never wanted to do a threesome let alone a foursome before. Now she not only wanted it but her body was demanding it.

She saw Jon again with that hurt look on his face, and she let out a loud agonized "No!!"

She pivoted away from the tempting sight, and then took off running, maneuvering around the tables and going through swinging doors that led into the hallway with the bathrooms.

The three guys stood there in shock. Sam, the guy Brittany didn't know said, "I guess she didn't want it after all."

Tommy turned to him and in a frustrated voice said, "She will. She has to."

With all that stuff I gave her she has to be hornier than ten women who haven't had sex in a year, he added in his mind.

"I will be back with her."

So that having been said, he hurried through the double doors. He quickly walked down the hallway to the bathrooms, thinking that would be her only refuge. He went into the girls' bathroom and quickly looked around. No Brittany. He even looked under the stalls but no feet so she wasn't hiding in one of them. He left and went to the boy's bathroom but it was empty too. He went further down the hallway and found a door leading into one of the offices open. He rushed inside looking around, even under the desk, nobody was there but he did see another door he assumed led outside. It was locked but she could have turned the lock as she closed the door. He half ran back to the main room.

"She must have gone outside through a door in one of the offices."

The other two looked puzzled so he said, "Some fool left a door leading to an office open. It has a door to the outside," he quickly said in explanation.

Edgar started to say, "But then she..."

Tommy interrupted him with, "She is in no condition to drive home, we need to find her. When we do I can convince her to let us fuck her. She almost did it and all she needs is a little encouragement."

The other two nodded, thinking about her dance. They both followed him outside. One went one way around the building, Edgar headed the other way and Tommy started looking in the parking lot.

Two minutes after they were out of sight another car pulled into the parking lot. It raced to the main entrance, where it stopped very quickly. A man jumped out before the car's engine completely died. He rushed inside. Once on the dance floor he quickly looked around. He saw the camera on the tripod and went over to it. He pressed the rewind button for a second then pressed the play. He watched through the viewfinder as a tiny Brittany grasped hold of Tommy's cock, then she let go and backed away. Tommy said something that wasn't picked up by the mic, and then Brittany took a step forward and let out the loud "No!" He watched as she ran through the doors.

He looked up at the doorway. He turned off the camera then quickly headed for the doors. Once in the hallway he went directly to the women's bathroom. As soon as he was through the door he saw Brittany. She was sitting on the floor against the far wall. Her legs were spread and out in front of her. Her panties were off and she was virtuously rubbing her clit.

As soon as the door closed behind him she snapped her legs together, pulling them up to huddle against the wall. He hurried over to her.

Before he could speak she said, "NO! I don't want to do that, please leave me alone."

He said, "It's me Jon."

Looking away from him she said, "No, you tricked me once. I'm not going to fall for that again."

He knelt down in front of her and said gently, "It is me. Remember what you did to me in the elevator going up to our room on our wedding day?"

She nodded and he continued, "And that you scrubbed my tux so that when I took it back they wouldn't know I had cum in my pants."

She looked at him, and then threw her arms around him.

With tears in her eyes she cried, "Jon what is wrong with me?" I'm burning up and my pussy is leaking like a faucet, my nipples, pussy and butthole all itch."

"I think I know and we need to get you to a hospital."

Just then Brittany realized this was what she had been hoping for. She reached up as Jon stood and began to claw at his belt. In no time she had it undone and was trying to get his zipper down, her fingers fumbling in her haste.

"Brittany, this is not the time for that, we need to go to the hospital!"

"I need relief." as she finally got his zipper down and was working on his snap.


"I'm not going until I get some relief... I mean it!"

He sighed, paused, and then said, "Okay, let's go into a stall."

She reluctantly stood up and while holding up his pants with one hand he walked over to the closest stall. He dropped the lid down, pushed his pants and underwear down, and then sat.

Brittany stared at his soft shaft, then dropped to her knees and immediately started sucking on it. As soon as it was halfway hard she stood, turned around, raised her skirt up, and then sat down on his lap. Her panties were already off so she didn't have to be concerned about them. On the way down she made sure he was positioned right and she let out a noise of pleasure as his hard cock separated the lips of her pussy. As she felt the flesh of his almost hard cock penetrate deeper and deeper into her pussy she sighed with relief. He thought she sounded very much like someone who was finally able to scratch a long term itch.

She said, "I want to be fucked, I need to be fucked... Ohhh Yeeees Fuck Me!"

His hardening shaft slipped in very easily as she dropped the rest of the way to his lap. He made an "ufff" noise at the suddenness of it. He was amazed that she was so ready. She groaned as she felt his flesh rub against the inside walls of her slit.

At once she started lifting herself three fourths of the way off of him then letting herself drop back down. She bounced up and down faster and faster, continually impaling herself on his hard cock.

He was groaning now but as good as it felt he still wondered about how wet she felt. Jon had never felt her this wet before. It was almost like wanking with a wet sponge. The thought crossed his mind and caused him to question if it was all her. He thought it was because he had felt sloppy seconds before, those being the few times they had fucked very soon again after a first time. And that day just before he left for a month he had even felt sloppy fourths and fifths, so he knew that it felt different when she was full of his sperm. She, unaware of his thoughts, kept pumping her slit up and down around his cock. "This is exactly what I've been needing for over an hour," she thought. She had hid in one of the stalls, with her feet up, when Tommy had come in looking. He had just glanced under the stalls so he hadn't seen her. She had also held her breath, thankful that he hadn't stayed any longer than he had. She had ran from the other room because she knew that eventually she would have fucked them all. One at a time then all three at once. She had been able to resist barely, because it would be wrong. The fact of how angry and hurt Jon would be gave her strength, but she was so afraid that her extreme horniness would make her forget him and to take what was being offered to her. Each time she had almost given in, it had been harder to say no than the last time. Finally she had just screamed out her frustration and had taken off trying to get away from the sight of those cocks. Even now with Jon inside her she kept fighting the images in her mind of those wonderful looking rods of man flesh. She still felt like she needed them all, in every hole and one to take the place of who ever was in her pussy when he came.

She was glad part of her mind was still functioning. It had tried to warn her that Tommy's voice wasn't Jon's and it had finally gotten through her confusion by reminding her that Jon never called her 'Brittany Dear'. It was 'Brittany honey'.

"God, what is wrong with me? Why do I keep thinking those thoughts? Especially with Jon doing what he was can to satisfy me?" She had never wanted a three-way before, but now it was almost like she couldn't live without one.

She bounced even harder, yelling "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!" as she neared another climax. She had three while frigging her clit and she had had one two strokes into this fuck, but she was almost there again. This one was going to be bigger than each of the previous ones. She bounced faster then started to caress her clit. First gently but within seconds she was rubbing it as hard as she could while at the same fucking Jon.

Within seconds she let out a Groan-Yell as she climaxed. Jon moaned as her pussy clamped his hard shaft, unclamped then squeezed again even harder. He was beginning to near his orgasm and was amazed that she had cum twice already. The first one, very soon after she was seated on his lap, had been smaller but it definitely was an orgasm.

She kept her up and down motions and a minute later he started to jam it upward deeper into her very wet and hungry pussy. She let out a pleasure-filled grunt as he did. His motions were frantic now as he shoved upward with his hips harder and deeper. She was in heaven, loving the way he was getting deeper into her uber excited womanhood.

He was groaning big time now and a few seconds later, let out a small howl as he shoved it in the deepest so far and came. He spouted, pulled down then shoved it upward again letting out a second howl as he spouted again. Five more spouts and he was done. He sighed with relief but she wasn't done. Brittany grabbed his hand, pulled it around to her lap, placing it on her clit. He got the hint and started rubbing two fingers in a circle. It was a little difficult since he couldn't see, but he knew her body well enough to hit just the right spot. Two minutes later she let out a small screech as she came once more.

She sat there panting, silently hoping that he would get hard again for another fuck but he said; "Now we need to get you to a hospital."

She nodded knowing, by his tone, that he would not let her win this one. And she probably should go to a hospital, something was wrong with her. If only she didn't need something up her pussy to satisfy her huge itch.

Brittany stood then pulled her skirt down. She started to walk toward the door, but Jon went over to the wall and picked up her panties. As he picked them up he noticed they were soaked. By the smell it was with her juices. He quickly looked them over as he took them to his wife. There was no white stuff anywhere on them, but as he silently sighed he knew that didn't prove anything either way. He cursed under his breath not liking where his thoughts kept ending up. Brittany had proven she would say no to any other guy after all, but then again he had never seen her like this. Hopefully it was all because of what Tommy had given her.

He tossed the soaked panties to Brittany who quickly slipped them on, and then he hurried through the door and down the hallway. He half expected to see someone in the club as they went through the swinging doors but it was empty. As they threaded their way through the tables and chairs Jon paused by the camera long enough to take out the video tape that was in it. He was surprised that the camera was still there and he was surprised that it was an older video recorder. "Maybe that was all Tommy had," he thought.

They hurried out to his car, quickly got in and drove away.

Soon after they hit the road Brittany said, "Hurry up, I need it again."

He turned to her in surprise and asked, "So soon after that fuck?"

"That only helped as long as you were inside me. I need more relief now... I'm dripping on your car seat." she said the last half apologetically.

He shook his head in amazement but pressed his foot harder on the accelerator.

As they drove away another car pulled out from the parking lot of the building. It was filled with three very disappointed young men. One was extremely disappointed.

He thought, "God that was my fourth try and it failed too! What does it take to screw that bitch? I'm out time and money and I'm frustrated the most I have ever been that I haven't been able to feel my dick inside her cunt. There must be a way."

His thoughts were interrupted as Edgar said, "Hey you promised us a foursome tonight. She obviously didn't want it as you promised but some girl you know must."

The other guy agreed stating his frustration.

Tommy said, "You will get sex tonight!"

He took a breath to calm himself, but he had to fulfill his promise to these two to keep them doing what he wanted.

"I know some other girls who like more than one guy at once. Maybe Wu."

"Hey how about your sister... she is very good looking." the smaller guy said.

"Not a bad idea," Tommy thought, "it would serve her right since she let Jon get away. I know she has done foursomes before, in fact she had one the night I tested my concoction on her. That was one thing I didn't lie to Brittany about; sex did make Susan feel better when she had the same thing wrong with her. I gave a lot more to Brittany than I gave Susan so it should have worked even better on her but still nothing. I almost had her again."

He clenched his fist and was glad the others could not see his face as he drove the car. He didn't even have the video of her dancing. "Jon must have taken it- that bastard. Serves him right to lose his wife after I get done with her. This next time I'm pulling out all the stops, she won't be able to resist me and I will teach her to like it from me. In her cunt, mouth and her asshole and she will like it my rough way. I hadn't wanted to do it that way but it looks like she left me no choice."

His grimace of rage turned to one of unholy glee as he drove on to his sister's place.

Soon after Brittany and Jon pulled into the emergency parking lot of a hospital. He got her out and then went in. He told the nurse at the reception desk that Brittany had been given some type of Mickey. The nurse asked some questions about how it was affecting her. She typed, filling out an electronic form as he spoke. When she was done she told them to have a seat and a doctor would be with them soon. Jon thanked her but added a "hope it wouldn't take too long."

They sat and waited; Brittany kept squirming trying to relieve the itch in her pussy without being too obvious to the others in the waiting room. Jon felt like pacing wondering just how long it would take. There didn't seem to be too many people waiting, and he knew they took the people who came in order of need. Some didn't look as bad as Brittany was, so he hoped it would be soon for her. He wanted to tell his wife to stop fidgeting, but knew it probably wouldn't do any good and he thought he could imagine what she was feeling; in reality he wasn't even close. He did suggest that she think of other things.

Brittany tried to do that. She thought of her mother Jennifer, and some of the difficulties they had while Brittany was growing up without a father. It had been very hard at times. They never were very poor even though they had to get food stamps at times, but they never had much either. When she was older her sister Ashley had gotten a job giving half the money to their mother, which helped. Brittany had followed her sister's example when she was old enough to find a job. Relatives had made sure they always had something good for Christmas and Birthdays, even though the gifts her mother gave them were always special. She and her sister had been able to get scholarships to go to college and those same relatives helped them some with what the scholarships didn't cover. They both still had to have jobs but they were able to make it.

Those thoughts of her mother eventually led to her mother finding Fred and marrying him. That thought led to Brittany's own wedding. It had been wonderful except for what Tommy tried to pull, but that hadn't been bad enough to ruin any part of the wedding or reception.

That train of thought turned out to be a mistake, since it led to their wedding night and the excitement of her first fuck. That reminded her how horny she was and made her feel more like going home to fuck. She was tempted to throw Jon down on the floor, rip off his clothes and fuck him hard and long right there. She giggled at the thought of her doing that and that Jon would probably say that was his line not hers. She sighed again, trying to get her thoughts back on something not sexual.

As she sat, her mind wandered to something that had happened not that long ago. It was after their one year anniversary and after she had put on that role playing game with Jon. Hmmm, one of those games wouldn't be bad now but this time she would be a full fledged slut or whore even. But back to what happened that Saturday morning. She had been doing some early morning cleaning and Jon had been doing something in the bedroom. He had called her to the room saying he had a surprise for her. He said it was a very nice surprise and asked if she would get naked. She wanted a break from cleaning and if it was one of those surprises it would be fun. She had thought that Jon probably wanted to surprise her with something since she had surprised him by playing that high school student.

She had gotten a surprise all right, when she ended up spread eagle on the bed with her arms and legs handcuffed to the sides of the bed. It was a little uncomfortable but not extremely so. She wondered if Jon had found another video that had been fixed, but she didn't complain because she wanted to show him that she still trusted him.

Next Jon put a blindfold over her eyes then had said, "I'll be gone for a minute, don't worry if you don't hear anything."

She wondered about that but had waited patiently. She wasn't sure how long it was but it was way more than a minute. "More like over five, maybe over ten minutes" she thought. But as Brittany was about to say something; she thought she felt something very light on her pussy. It could have been her imagination playing tricks on her, but then she felt it again after a minute or two. Then again a few seconds later. It wasn't her imagination something was touching her. What it was she couldn't tell but it kept going up and down her labia. It was very soft and light. A piece of paper, a cotton cloth, she wasn't sure but the number of times it touched her kept increasing. Now it was pressing harder than at first but still very light. At one point, it brushed against her leg and she realized it was a feather. A very long one it felt like against her inner thigh. For what seemed like a very long time the tip brushed her pussy. It hadn't done much to her at first but now it was producing a growing thrill. A very slow building thrill. She tried to arch her hips to get more of it to increase the too slow feelings. It was in continual motion up and down but suddenly the feeling disappeared. She was left panting, wanting more. But there was nothing for another period of time. She tried wiggling her hips but that didn't produce the desired effect. Soon though she felt another very light touch, on her clit this time. At first she thought it was the feather again but this was harder and wet. After two more light touches she realized it was a tongue. Jon was licking her clit with very short flicks of his tongue. Brittany wondered how he was doing it for she felt no weight on the bed. He had to be leaning over it without touching the mattress. At least she hoped it was Jon, but that thought caused her to wonder if it was some other guy. She quickly put that thought aside, Jon wouldn't do that. Then the small licks made her wonder for a second if it was a small dog being held to her slit, but no way would Jon do that. She would kill him! He knew better than to cross her like that!

The soft, fast touches of his tongue continued as her euphoria built again. It had died down a lot during the time after the feather was stopped. Now it was almost to the point it had been. The harder licks made the thrills stronger, and soon she was groaning continually. She even bucked her hips to get him to press against her clit but he kept up the same rhythm. Finally she was on the brink but he stopped again.

"No Jon please," she begged as she bucked her hips, trying to get the release she needed. Still nothing, there weren't even any sounds except for the mattress creaking as she bucked. She realized that she couldn't hear him breathing, so she had no idea if he was still in the room or what. Did he go get something else to tease her with? She didn't know but after her thrills died down significantly again, she felt the feather.

She gasped as she felt it brush her pussy. He did it again and she couldn't help it as her back arched and she let out a soft scream of pleasure. She couldn't believe that light touch had created those feelings.

"Jon, please no more I can't stand it."

Again the feather was removed but it was almost immediately replaced, when she felt his tongue on her clit again. She arched her back again, this time she was able to smash her clit into his face. She could feel his upper lip. He grabbed hold of the whole clit with his mouth and sucked hard.

She screamed in pleasure. Again he stopped and again the feather was back.

After two strokes up and down she said panting in-between words, "Please... I... need release..."

A pause then, "AGGGUUAANNN... OOOHhhAhggggga, Please-noggggaAGGGAAA"

The start and stop routine was feeling like torture. It felt like pain it was so intense.

He sucked again but as she was about to go over the edge, he stopped and did the feather again.


She felt something new; something was worming its way through her butt crack. She realized it was a finger headed toward her butthole. She panted, waiting for it to make contact. When it did she sighed-moaned. It felt around, found the small brown sphincter then slowly pressed in. She went "uh" as it penetrated her other hole then moaned big time as it went deeper. At the same moment she felt that it was all the way in, she felt his mouth enclose her clit. Neither the mouth nor the finger did anything for a moment or two, and then he withdrew the finger until just the tip was still in her. Jon then shoved it back in as he sucked hard on her clit.

"EEEIIIGGAAANNNAAA" she screamed as she went over the edge. She bucked and her head went back as her back arched.

"EEEGGGGGAAANOOAOooooo" she said again as the pleasure center of her brain went nova. She kept trying to buck against him as her back continued to arch. She let out another shorter, softer scream as the very intense feelings started to die down. Finally she dropped back to the bed but he sucked for a few more seconds.

She lay there panting, thinking that she had never felt anything quite like that. After a short rest it started all over again.

As before the feather was first, followed by light tongue flicks then the feather a little harder and finally soft sucking. It didn't take as long for the sensations to build since her body was still keyed up. Within a couple of short minutes she was again begging Jon for release. Again he teased her, letting her thrills slip back before he went on to the next step. This time the teasing didn't go on as long though, for in less than half the time she was screaming through another long orgasm.

This time as she lay panting she felt something different. Somebody was climbing on the bed. Soon that someone was on top of her and she felt a very hard cock quickly pressing into her very wet pussy. For a second as it entered her she wondered if it did belong to someone else, for it seemed longer and harder than Jon's. She almost panicked, but then a body lay on top of her and she knew it was Jon. From the feel of his body against hers and from the heavy breathing, she could tell it was her husband.

After what he had seen and heard of her groaning no wonder it was harder than normal. She had seen his cock get bigger at times when he was extremely excited. It had also been smaller at times. Probably only half an inch larger or smaller, but enough to be noticeable.

He bottomed out very quickly then pulled out and back in all the way in a flash. She was still so turned on that even after the two extreme orgasms; she would have had her arms and legs around him egging Jon on. If she could move that is. Now she had to settle for him doing all the work. Most of it that was, she could still thrust upward meeting his downward strokes.

Three strokes and she was groaning loudly. He mashed his mouth against hers and she continued to moan into his mouth. His thrusts were hard and deep but she didn't care as his thrusts carried her away to another climax. All too soon his groans were getting intense and his thrusts desperate. He lifted his head back and screamed as he fucked in very hard. Even with all the wetness in it already she felt a new wetness blast into her pussy. That feeling combined with the knowledge of what it was set her off again. She bucked and screamed through a third wonderful orgasm. He finally collapsed on top of her, breathing hard. After a minute he leveled himself up, got off the bed and undid her handcuffs before collapsing next to her again.

Brittany took off the cover over her eyes and looked at Jon.

"Wow that was some surprise. I liked it a lot better than the... um... the other time you handcuffed me. But I don't think I would be able to take that very often."

He nodded and they kissed some before they were able to get up, get dressed and got back to cleaning.

In the waiting room Brittany squirmed, trying to bring relief to an area she couldn't touch in public. That memory had only made things worse but she knew why she kept thinking about sexual things. She gritted her teeth at not being able to scratch where it really itched. Part of her was tempted not to care that others were around, she needed release again. A few seconds later a nurse called her. Just her, Jon had to wait as she was examined.

Jon felt like pacing while he waited but didn't want to act like a movie cliché in front of the others that were waiting. He tried looking through various magazines to distract him but that didn't really work. Finally a doctor came out asking him to go to an office to talk. Brittany was getting dressed. The Doctor explained that Brittany had been given a high dose of a drug cocktail, a combination of various drugs designed to arouse her and make her resistance low he thought. Jon asked if it was a date rape drug.

"No," was the response, "or I should say that it wasn't totally any of those drugs. There may have been some mixed in. I could give her something that would partially counteract it but I don't want to give her anything more if I don't have to. Her blood pressure was up but not dangerously so, for someone her age. Her other vitals signs are within acceptable levels. I didn't know exactly what was given to her; I don't want to give her anything that might react with what is already in her system. Her blood and other fluids are being checked right now and if there is anything that needs to be contracted we will call you."

Before Jon left the doctor gave him three Viagra saying the best thing was to give her plenty of water to drink, and enjoy the next day or two. He probably would need the pills before it was all out of her system.

The doctor added that he had taken a swab of her vaginal fluids and noticed that there was evidence of her already having some relief.

It took Jon only a second to figure out what the doctor meant blushed and said "Ur, that was me. She refused to come to the ER unless I did something... to give her some relief."

The doctor nodded saying, "She is highly aroused. While I took the swap I heard her make a small noise. When I looked at her she was gritting her teeth evidently even that little pressure I was using was enough to make her feel pleasure."

The doctor closed by reminding Jon to give her water, to just relax and enjoy the next few hours.

Jon left the office finding Brittany in the waiting room. They left after giving their insurance card to the reception nurse. In the car on the way home she tried thinking of something sad again thinking of the first time Jon had been gone a month. She had been so lonely and as the time crawled by and so horny. She thought about kissing the guy who had come over. She still couldn't believe she had done that. She had been the horniest she had ever been, up to that point, but still why had she forgotten she was married for a moment?

Brittany shook her head at that thought but remembered something else she had done during that time. She had masturbated. She had a couple of times before when she was still single but always with her fingers. This time she had used a vibrator. She hadn't told Jon she had kept the one given to her at her bachelorette party. As she had lain in her lonely bed one night she had suddenly remembered it. She quickly got up and rummaged around in a box on the floor of their closet. She had to go through two boxes before finding it in the third one. She had dumped it in the bottom and covered it with papers and books left over from college. It was still there in the package it had come in. She quickly ripped it out, and then had to find the right type of batteries for it. Finally she had it buzzing. She laid back down and quickly pushed down her sleeping shorts. Before she used it though, she looked it over. It was a simple shape, almost like a thick pencil but with a curving top half that ended with a point. It looked almost like a hook and it was designed to get to her G-spot or that is what the box said anyway. The top half was transparent and it had three circles of lights inside the device. Each circle was a different color and they were supposed to flash, something like strobe lights. The lights had added to the humor of the gift but at the moment she didn't care. She could also see a short metal bullet shape at the point where the vibrator started to bend. Brittany assumed that was what vibrated.

As she looked it over thinking about where she was planning on placing it, Brittany thought back to the first time she had masturbated. She had been horny and had been hearing for some time that one could satisfy that urge themselves. So she finally decided to give it a try. She touched her clit getting a feel for it. It felt different than any other part of her body. She could feel her fingers caressing it but it felt strange. Brittany jumped as she pressed two fingers against it harder. That had felt good. She rubbed the fingers against that spot again, harder and longer. She almost let out a groan. That did feel goood. After a minute of playing with her clit she moved her hand further down, tracing the lips of her pussy. That kinda felt good too. She stuck two fingers in up to the first knuckle. She didn't want to fuck herself with her fingers but she did want to feel herself. It felt wet inside and she knew enough to realize that was her own lubrication. After a few seconds of feeling her pussy, she withdrew her fingers and bought them to her nose. She sniffed and sure enough she smelled something. She wasn't sure if she liked the smell or not but she realized that she had smelled it before. At times she had gotten traces of that smell when she had been very excited.

She thought about tasting it but decided she didn't want to taste that part of her body. Instead she placed those two fingers on her clit again. Her lubrication made her fingers slippery and intensified the feelings she thought. She had gone on to have a nice orgasm.

Then she had been careful and unsure of herself, feeling that part of her body for the first time, sexually that is. Now she was a bit more self assured as she twisted the bottom of the vibrator. It buzzed satisfactorily. She decided to try it against her clit first. That way her body would have time to produce her lubrication before she fucked herself with it.

Brittany placed the tip against her pleasure button and jumped as the vibrations immediately sent thrills through her. That was good, even better than her fingers. Maybe better than Jon's fingers. She pressed harder and was rewarded with more good feelings. "God, that was so good", she thought and it was what she needed. If she had done this last night she wouldn't have been horny enough to kiss Tony.

She ran the length of the vibrator across her special spot getting into the thrills it was producing in her. She found that certain sections of the device vibrated harder. It all felt so good, but those sections were more intense. Brittany continued to it run back and forth across her clit. She was definitely approaching an orgasm. She could feel the delicious build up of euphoria. It was already better than a climax using her fingers.

She moaned out loud, "Graa, oh Yes Oh-God, Gaaaa."

She thought about how each of the guys that had been here, especially Tony would love to see her do this to herself but only Jon would ever be able to. And probably not even him, she was too embarrassed to do it if front of even Jon.

"Haaaaaa OOOOOO God," she exclaimed as her thrill level jumped without warning.

She debated for a few seconds then removed it from her clit. She had a better place to put it or to insert it that is. She moved her hand downward dragging the tip across her hot flesh. As soon as it hit the tip of her slit she knew it. Brittany let it stay there enjoying the feelings the vibrations were creating throughout her pussy. It was different from her fingers and Jon's. Different from what his mouth did to her. In some ways more intense.

She let it slip downward and partially sink into her eager slit. "God, I never thought I would be so desirous of artificial pleasure like this but this was GOOD."

She rubbed the tip up and down the entire length of her pussy's lips. She was enjoying finding out what a vibrator could do for a woman. It felt great. The thrills were getting stronger and stronger. She liked the build up almost as much as the finale. Jon, when he was home, seemed to know just how to make her euphoria build and build.

This was different than Jon probably because she was doing it to herself, and the fact that there was no other body to feel next to hers but she loved it anyway.

"Uggggnnnnaaaa" burst out of her mouth at one point as the feelings increased suddenly again.

She decided it was time for the next step. She placed the tip at the entrance of her pussy then slowly began to push it in. She could feel it separate her most intimate lips. She shoved it in deeper, groaning louder with each inch in went in. "God that felt so good," she thought. It surprised her.

She decided it felt strange doing that to herself. Good, but so different. She could feel her hand pushing it in deeper and she could also feel the results. When she did anything to Jon she could feel her hand move, but had to depend on the noises he made or the look on his face to know that what she was doing was producing thrills. Here she could feel firsthand the thrills her hand were producing.

She gasped in joy and stopped the insertion when the device was halfway in. She let it vibrate enjoying the sensations. She pulled it out, and then inserted it again up to the halfway point. She did it a third time. It felt neat having the smaller tip first separate her pussy then the larger section push her lips apart more.

Finally she pushed it in further; she rotated it since the hook was not against the correct wall. Ohhh- uaaahhhnnaa. That felt so good, sliding the tip across the inside of her pussy. When she had it against the right wall she slid it deeper, very slowly. She could feel it approaching her G-spot and when it touched that special inside spot she let out a low level scream of ecstasy.

That felt good- very good.

"No wonder women love these things," she thought. She was panting now as her euphoria grew and grew. "I am definitely going to do this again," she said to herself as she let out constant pleasure groans.

Brittany twisted the hook slightly back and forth over her G-spot. It felt so good she could barely hold the vibrator. She found she had to keep concentrating on moving it back and forth, since she would get so caught up in the thrills she forgot.

After what seemed like a very long time-long, but enjoyable time-she felt she was about to crest. She was shoving the vibrator in and out now and it felt very much like Jon fucking her. The size was different, it was over an inch longer, and Jon didn't have a hook on the end of his cock but the pressure it was creating against the walls of her joy tunnel as well as the friction along her inner walls was the same.

Seconds after these thoughts she was very close. Brittany dramatically increased the speed of her thrusts going almost as fast as her arm could move. Her head was back against the mattress and her middle was arched. She couldn't move the thing as she wanted to, but the vibrations was taking care of her need. A second later she let out a low, primal, and very feminine scream as she went over the edge. She let out another scream as her orgasm continued. Finally, she was able to relax and to take the vibrator out of her now dripping pussy. That first experience with one had been very satisfactory.

Currently her memories were combining with the way the stuff she had drunk was affecting her. Brittany wanted to do what she had done that night again and again, but she wanted it with Jon. Brittany hadn't thought of that before, but the vibrator in one hole and Jon in the other would be very good right now. It would fulfill what had been in her mind at the Club when she had seen all three cocks out.

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