Doris - a Sexy Bookworm

by CasanovaComplex

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, MaleDom, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: I notice a sexy collegue behind her big and strong glasses, and decide to seduce her...


The problem with adultery is - you can never be satisfied. Always hunting for a new lady, always evaluating new possibilities. First you see her ass or her legs or her breast, or her nice face, and then you look into her eyes trying to find out, if there is any possibility to seduce her.

Doris was a new secretary of my colleague, Tom. At first I didn't pay any attention to her - due to her style of dressing and communication I didn't felt any sexual attraction. Then one day instead of usual trousers she came wearing a skirt, and suddenly I understood, that Doris' legs on high-heels look great.

Doris is not very small woman, and her hips are a bit too broad, but when I started studying her, I found out, that her ass was nicely rounded and her breast quite ample. Her face - a little hidden under big and strong glasses - was quite nice, though she was not a beauty. This is a kind of face which you cannot remember after you turn away from it. But, when I looked at her with a new idea, I suddenly understood, that this is a Cinderella case. If Doris would try - do a proper make up, dress in a sexy way, let her hair show their beauty and change her glasses, she would be at the center of male attention. Her hair was something she couldn't hide - strong, dark brown, long hair and she always tried to make a hairdo, which shows their beauty the least.

So, I opened my eyes and started watching Doris. It appeared, that she was quite sensitive to any signs of personal attention, and in some cases it was obvious, that she was not comfortable with male attention - she was blushing from compliments, was disturbed by jokes, and too tensed to respond to them. The role of a sexy woman was not usual for her. She was a mother of two boys and a wife of some guy, working in some kind of logistics company. There were photos of her family on her table. Many times, passing by her table, I could hear her talking with motherly love to her kid on the phone.

Most of the time Doris was sitting at her computer, working on some databases, and never lifting her eyes from the monitor. When I started getting interested in her, I often addressed her with my compliments, jokes, "hellos", and so on. From the beginning each time I would address her, Doris would lift her eyes with a confused and surprised expression on her face. Later she relaxed a bit and started smiling. She had a nice smile - really nice.

One day, when my department needed some help with some projects, I asked Tom, if I could involve Doris in to a project. He said OK. He informed Doris, and at the end of the day she called me asking, what are her responsibilities in the project.

That was the moment, when I made a decision. I will try to reach her. I will try to seduce this hidden beauty; I want her to open up for me - in many senses...

I could have explained her role to her by phone, because in any case the next day we had a common meeting of the project group, where all the roles and responsibilities would become clear.

But I didn't.

I asked her to come to my office.


There she stood: all prim, holding her notebook in both hands, looking at me through her glasses. She didn't smile, just looked at me seriously and questioningly.

I looked at her standing at the doorway and smiled. I didn't say anything for a moment, I just watched her. That was not very friendly, I know, - but sometimes I enjoy moments like this - creating a little tension and showing, who is the boss...

"Come in, Doris, and take seat."

"First of all, Doris, I want to ask you, what do you think about your participation in this project - I know, that you are quite busy, and this work will be additional, meaning, that you will have to work longer hours."

Doris looked at me a little surprised; she wasn't expecting such a conversation. In her career she was used to be informed, to be instructed, to be told, what to do, but nobody was interested in her opinion.

"Well, John, to tell the truth, I am happy to have this possibility. I want to show more of myself..."

She blushed with these words - the double meaning came together with words. I couldn't stop myself:

"OK, Doris, I like the idea."

We both laughed.

Then I went serious:

"That is off-topic, but may I be honest with you?"

"... aah, ye, sure, John."

"It may sound strange, but the second meaning of what you have said has some sense."

"John, what are you talking about?"

At the moment I was happy, that for several last weeks I was trying to be as friendly with her, as it was possible. Now she was comfortable enough to discuss with me even this double meaning.

"Doris, I think, there is a beautiful woman inside you, but you are not letting her out."

"Look, John, what are you talking about now is very personal, please, come back to our job issues."

"OK, Doris. Can I explain you, what connection is between your beauty and career?"

"Yes, please."

She was quite strict in her reaction. Now I was not so sure, that I made the right move, but I had to close the topic smoothly.

"Look, Doris, when I asked Tom for your help, he was surprised. He doesn't believe, that you are able to do more, than you do now, though actually he doesn't know you. How can you explain this strange phenomena?"

I tried to be a little humorous, not to sound too serious. And it worked. Doris smiled, and then thought for minute. When she looked at me again, I saw, that she is touched.

"John, you are special. Just a few minutes - and you open the question of my life. It is always like that..."

"What do you mean?"

"I am a smart girl. I was always in for the books and studies. I was always getting the best grades. And... I always see the possibilities passing by, I never get the job I want, and I never get the man... oh, shit..."

She sat there with her mouth open, her face was red, and she didn't know, what to say. She said too much already.

"That's Ok, Doris, though it is not Ok."

We laughed again, and the tension was gone. I didn't hurry. Doris was so alive in this conversation; I've never seen her like that before. And - she was beautiful. Her eyes were alive, shining, her face showed so many feelings, and I noticed her hands - they were so nice - long, thin fingers, and nice, not very aggressive, nails. Her hands were still holding her notebook.

An idea came to my mind. I smiled.

"So, Doris, the opportunities pass by you?"


Now she was sad.

"Doris, can I invite you to a strange experiment?"

"Well, ok."

"I am the opportunity. What can you do to make me stay with you?"

She looked at me stunned. Then I could see the understanding coming to her mind - the expression on her face changed from surprise to curiosity and suspicion.

"What do you mean, John? Do you want me to seduce you?"

She IS a smart girl.

"I like the idea, Doris."

We giggled together.

"But I can make a bet, Doris - you are NOT able to seduce me."

She was just sitting and looking at me.

"Here comes the connection I mentioned before - you remember?"

"You mean - beauty and career?"

"Yes. Doris, you have a potential, but you are stuck in your fears. You understand everything, but do not participate; you avoid to play the games of our life."

I hit the bull's eye. I knew it. And she confirmed it with the expression on her face. She closed her eyes and sighed.

"Are you a psychologist, John? I hate you now, I feel nude in front of you."

"I like the idea, Doris."

She laughed again with me, but she took away her glasses, and I could see a tear coming through her closed eyes.

"I am not a psychologist. But I thought about you quite a lot. I was watching you."

She opened her eyes. They were beautiful without glasses.


That was the moment I was waiting for.

"It is kind of personal. Can I?"

"Yes, John, please."

Now her voice sounded in a different way - it was deeper, richer, and SEXIER.

"Because, Doris, I like you a lot. I am aware, that you are in the shadow, nobody notices you, but I see your potential in many ways. I see, that you are really smart, I've noticed your strong connection to your family - at least kids..."

I made a pause, and she blushed, grasping the stress I've put.

"I have a strong feeling, that you are ready for some little changes in your life, that you can do more, than you do now. That is the reason, why I asked Tom for your help."

"May I ask a stupid question?"

"Sure, Doris."

She was still blushing. She raised her eyes - for some reason she didn't put her glasses on, and the eyes were beautiful.

"So it is strictly professional? Or is there a reason beside my professional potential?"

OK, she is asking for it herself. That's good. Makes it easier.

"No, it is not just professional."

I moved my chair around the table closer to Doris.

"Doris, I have a strange wish, would you help me?"

She smiled.

"Lets try, John."

"Could you let your hair free?"

"You are a strange man, John."

"Please, Doris, could you do it for me?"

"Well, John, if somebody comes in now, and finds me here with you with my hair in disarray, what do you think they will think about the situation?"

"Look, Doris, this is happening again. You are afraid of risk. The possibility is starting to pass by..."

"Possibility of what?"

"Possibility of appearing in a different light, possibility of playing another game, then you are used to, possibility of new kind of relation."

Doris sat there confused, her eyes focused on her hands, playing with her glasses. I stood up, took the key and closed the doors. In any case it was the end of the day, and nobody would be surprised to find my office locked.

I came close to her, leaned down to her ear and whispered: "So, Doris, what about my strange wish? Will you let yourself a little experiment?"

"OK," she whispered back. "I can do it. But what will happen then?"

"I don't know," I whispered to her again. I enjoyed the smell of her hair. Then I blew to her ear - slowly, gently. She closed her eyes again, and sighed.

"We'll see, what will happen next. It depends on both of us."

Whispering and our closeness, and her smell, and nice face, and the outlines of her breast from above - all this together was creating some kind of sexual tension, I felt my hardon growing, and had very strong temptation to touch Doris. But I didn't.

She opened her eyes, put her notebook and glasses on the table, lifted her hands, - carefully, trying not to touch me, breathing into her ear, - and took away two bobby-pins from her hair. Her hair fell down, she moved her head to let them fall freely and while moving, her head touched my cheek. I pressed my cheek to her head, and it was wonderful feeling - her hair smell good, and this silk-like sensation of touching them excited me very much.

I was standing like that for a couple of minutes, just enjoying the sensation and slightly moving my cheek around her hair.

Then I asked her - this time louder, but my voice sounded deep and hoarse from the passion, rising within me.

"Doris, now it is your turn. What is your strange wish?"


"Yes, Doris."

"We can stop this experiment, whenever we want, can't we?"

"Sure, Doris."

She lifted her head and kissed my cheek. My lips found hers. The kiss was slow and careful - we were getting acquainted. First it was just our lips. My lips caught hers one, then hers caught mine, then... then our tongues came into game, and started exploring our lips... then the tongues met. Now it was getting more and more intensive.

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