by CasanovaComplex

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, True Story, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: story of seduction of a married woman, who is working together with the author

What is it about married women, that excites me so much? I don't know. What I know is - when I meet attractive married woman, I am dangerous...

I am married, and I have nice family and good family life. But there is also my second life, very much connected to my corporate relations.

Chapter 1

When I first saw her, she was going through the interview. Her boss to be asked my help - to interview July on some special skills she will need in her job. Actually she was not so very good in the skills, but while listening to her I could not keep my concentration. Just imagine - big blue eyes, nice small nose, a little puffy lips... her teeth were not perfect and she was aware of that, trying not to smile too much, but for me it didn't matter. I enjoyed myself a lot looking at her nice face. Her inborn shyness - she was blushing several times during our conversation - was so sexy for me, that I couldn't keep myself from fantasizing about many small things I would like to do to her. And - she was married, she had a child, and her husband was some kind of financial analyst in some bank. That was a good sign for me - I know many of these bankers, they are not very emotional, some of them quite boring people... there are exceptions, but I hoped - and I was right - this was not the case.

When I stood up to say goodbye, I had a good opportunity to see her figure. I liked the shape - she was small, but well proportioned, with a breast a little out of shape - a bit too big, but I am not a sculptor, for me that was just more exciting, of course.

She was employed, and after some time I stopped thinking and fantasizing about her - you know, you see a woman every day, chat with her, when there is opportunity, and look at her ass, when there is a possibility.

One day she came into my office. That was an unexpected visit, she was apparently disturbed by something.

She stood in the doorway, looking at me with her big confused eyes.

"come in and sit".

"can I?" That was a stupid question, she was here already, and she knew that I WILL talk to her.

She sat down and I went to close the door, at my way looking down at her ample breast. Damn - these nice things were so big on her little frame, that you could not escape without looking at them.

I started directly, though the temptation to have an easy flirting was really big.

"what's up, July?"

"I... I have a problem... of some kind..."

Tears were gathering in her eyes, as she started to talk. I sighed, and prepared to be patient and understanding. The conversation was going to be a bit complicated and I knew the cost of getting involved in such conversation - that was at least half an hour of my really valuable time. But I always liked this position of being a manager, who gets the most trust between employees... and in July's case I just liked her company.

July was breathing intensely, she covered her face with her hands, but now, though her breast was partially under her arms, I could freely ram through the rest of her nice small body. She had crossed her legs, and the skirt moved a little bit up, showing nice small knees and a bit of her nylon clad thighs. I was starting to get excited and tried to cover my growing hard-on.

"So, July, what is going on?"

"I... I am afraid, I don't want to loose this job..."

"What are talking about?"

I was looking at her surprised, at the moment even forgot my nasty fantasies.

"I don't know, how to tell you this..."

she started to talk and took her hands away from her face, looking at me hopefully and trusting.

"... I... I don't know, what is going on, but I cannot cope with my duties..."

Here we go. That was going to take longer, than I thought. Then the idea came to my mind. Brilliant idea. I have to postpone our conversation to the overtime, and then... we'll be alone in the office, and we'll have a lot of time, and... who knows. My body knew, what I mean, and my hard-on was getting it's strength again.

"Listen, July, tell me one thing: is there anybody else noticing, that you cannot cope with your duties?"

"Nno... I guess - no, nobody. That's just my feeling."

"OK. That's perfect. I think, you came just in time to talk to me. I really really want to understand you. The problem is, that I have to run to a meeting in five minutes."

"OK, I understand, I am sorry to disturb you, John..."

"Listen, July, that's OK, really. From what I hear and what I see, I understand, that it is quite urgent. Could we meet here, in my office at five, or maybe even a little bit later - quarter past five?"

"oh, John, thank you very much... I feel so stupid, are you sure, you think, we should meet?..."

fuck. That was stupid. SHE came to me, She wanted some help, and now she asks me, if I am sure?... I tried to calm down. I was becoming quite determined about my compensation for the help. I will fuck the stupid girl.

"Sure July, you come and we will talk. I'll try to help you sort things out."

"Thank you, John. And... please, don't tell anybody - I am so afraid, that Paul will find out... and you know - he is... so strict..."

"Strict" was not the right word. He was a cruel insensitive bastard sometimes with his employees.

"OK, July. See you at quarter past five."

During the day, whenever I remembered our meeting, I was getting excited at once. I tried my best not to fantasize too much, and at last I succeeded to really involve myself in some urgent and important discussion. When the agreed time came, I had to switch off my mind from all the businesses. I even had to make an effort to remember, what is going to happen after five o'clock. When I did remember, I became excited - just emotionally - and happy, that I managed to distract myself from my nasty fantasies. Though I know myself quite well, I try to fight my instinct of Casanova, as I call it. I AM a father and a husband of a happy family. But... I have some weaknesses...

As I could foresee, July came in unsure again. She started at once:

"John, I am sorry to be so stupid to disturb you with some strange ideas of mine. That was just a moment of weakness... please, forgive me for interrupting your work and let's say the issue is closed."

"hey, July, please sit down and do not hurry."

My smile was so confident and sympathetic, that she relaxed and smiled and sat down. I closed the door and sat next to her. I bent down and looked into her eyes.

"You may underestimate yourself, but I cannot. Do not be afraid to look stupid. Just tell me, what made you feel like you were feeling today, when you came to me, I want to listen and try to understand."

She sighed. Looked at me and started. Thank you, Lord, - I thought, that I will have to try harder.

"I get distracted too often. As you know, my duties require constant concentration. If I am not sure, that I didn't make mistakes, I stay long hours after work to check the work of the day. That is repeating almost every evening. I don't understand, what is happening. I never was so distracted before the child's birth."

There was a silence for a while.

"What is difference between your life then and now?"

I have been visiting psychologist for three years, I knew how they ask questions.

"well, I don't know. The same job - or almost the same. I have a child. I love my daughter so much..."

I could see her eyes becoming wet.

"Do you think of her often during working hours?"

"Yes, John, but I am sure, this cannot be the reason. I love my daughter, I care about her, but my mother is looking after her, and I am quite sure, that my daughter is safe when I am at work."

"What is it then?"

"I don't know. If I knew, I wouldn't bother you. Anyway, I should have visited a psychologist or psychiatrist, perhaps. Sorry, John, to bother you..."

Here it comes again.

I didn't want to get into calming her down again. I just kept silence and listened to her breathing and looked at her nice face.

"You don't talk about your husband."

She looked at me a little confused.

"Did your relations change after the birth of your daughter?"

That was my guess and my hope. She was thinking.

"John, do you think, this could be the reason?..."


"I don't know, July. You are clever and talented - something certainly disturbs you in your life. I know your duties, I am sure, you can cope without any problem. And... I know, that you are beautiful young woman, I think, you have some needs..."

She was blushing. She tried to avoid my eyes. I took her hand. I knew - this is the moment. I was crossing the line. She gave me her hand. I took her hand in my two hands and started to caress hers very gently. She closed her eyes. Her other hand was lying in her lap so helplessly...

I tried to speak VERY gently.

"When I first saw you, July, I had two strong impressions. Would you like to hear? 'Cause it is personal."

She didn't open her eyes. Just nodded.

"The first impression was about your beauty. When I was interviewing you, I couldn't concentrate, I just wanted to sit there and look at you and enjoy."

A tear came through her eyelashes. Her hand was very relaxed. I continued to caress it.

"Another impression was about your unhappiness. I had this feeling, that you are missing something in your life. Something important. Then I had an idea that this is something about your professional life - you had some difficulties to find a job, and this often influences self-esteem. But now I think it is something else you are missing."

I moved a little bit closer to her with my chair. Now I was sitting at her side and enjoying view from profile. Her breast coming up and down from her breathing, and it was becoming more intense. She was becoming excited. Was it fear?

I moved one my hand to her blond hair and gently removed hair form her nice small ear. I leaned down to her and whispered:

"You know, I am a bit dangerous for you now."

She opened her eyes and looked at me. Our faces were very close.

"I trust you, John. I know, you will not do any harm to me."

Fuck. She was naïve.

She moved her head a little further from me.

"John, I know, that I attract you. An I like you. But we are colleagues. And we are married."

"yes, July. You are absolutely right. I have only one small dream."

At that moment her hand became active. She started to respond to my caresses and our fingers interlaced. She was looking at me and I could see mixture of excitement and uncertainty in her eyes.

"July, all I want is one small kiss."

"No, John. We shouldn't do it."

I leaned down to her and very gently pressed my lips to hers. She didn't respond. She was waiting. I started to move my head, caressing her lips with mine.


She opened her mouth, trying to say this...

My lips catched her upper lip. I started caressing it with my tongue. She closed her eyes. I felt, that she relaxed a bit. My left hand still played with her right hand, and I lifted my right - I started to stroke her hair. I started to kiss her more intensely, my tongue found her tongue, and she started to respond. I was afraid to stop the kiss, didn't want to break the magic of the moment. I let my hand go down from her hair to her small ear, caressed it for a while, went down to her neck, and then - slowly slowly to her breast... Damn, what a breast! Big, heavy, firm, it was so nice to fondle it...

Suddenly she stopped and pushed me away.

"No, John. We cannot go on. Please, let me go."

She was breathing heavily. She stood up. Her hand was still in mine, and I was holding it firmly, our fingers intertwinched. I draw her by her hand in between my spread knees. July stood there obediently, and started to talk again.

"Please, John, I have to go now. Don't make things worse than they are now. We have to work together. It is not fair. It is not right..."

She was obviously looking for the right words to convince me. I looked down at her nice legs, standing on black high-heels. Very very slowly I moved my right hand and with the tips of my fingers started to stroke her leg.

"John. Please. You are very nice, good looking man, I am sure, you are very popular between women..."

"July, you are the only one I want now. You are so beautiful. From the moment I saw you I tried to conquer my attraction to you. But I cannot. July, I want you so much. Please, let me at least to kiss you again. Please, July."

With a sudden move I draw her to sit on my knees. From surprise she didn't react, just gasped. She was tensed now, she took her hand from mine, and was pushing a little at my chest to keep me in distance.

I took her hand again and started to kiss it. First her palm, slowly, caressing it with my lips, then fingers - one by one. My other hand was on her knee, moving just a little bit, just tips of my fingers stroking her nylon clad leg. I felt, that she is relaxing again, giving up. Now I knew - she is mine.

I moved for July's lips and she was now waiting for me. We were hungry for each other, exploring each other's mouth. Now it was an aggressive kiss, we were moaning, July was holding my head in both her hands, my right hand was aggressively roaming along her smooth leg, coming up under her skirt.

Now it was intense. I was groping her all over, - her wonderful big breasts, her legs, her ass... And we didn't stop kissing - that was fantastic feeling of the first kiss, getting to know new woman, her sweet smell, soft lips, wet and warm tongue.

When I lifted July's sweater to reach her bra, she suddenly asked - what if somebody comes in?

Shit. I took her in my arms, and laid on the floor.

"don't go anywhere."

She chuckled. Her eyes were shining. While I took the key and closed the door, she took the sweater off. I jumped on her like a mad man and she chuckled again. I was kissing her again, and took her bra off, then I went down on her breasts and started licking and kissing and sucking on them. July was moaning, she just lay there with closed eyes, kept my head, moved her head from side to side.

Only when my hand came in between her thighs under the skirt, she caught it and tried to stop, but I didn't care, and she was not too persistent. I reached July's nylon covered cunt, and it was soaking wet. I stroked it for a while, all the time licking her big breast. July's body was wonderful. When I tried to insert my hand inside her panties, again she tried to keep my hand, and whispered "no, please, stop..."

"That's OK, July, I just want to touch your pussy..."

Strange, but that was enough. She released my hand and I started to explore her pussy lips, found her clitoris, caressed it for while, and then moved my two fingers deeper.


July gasped. Now I was working on her pussy, mostly focused on my actions there, and lay beside July on my elbow, enjoying the view, kissing from time to time her sweet lips, licking her nice breast. July laid there, with her closed eyes, breathing very intensely and moaning a little. She was so beautiful at this moment, and I thought about the stupidity of her husband - to ignore such a woman... I was looking for her G spot, and was quite successful at it - in a few minutes she started to moan louder, her legs tensed and clenched together, my hand was caught in between them.

When she relaxed after her orgasm, I had my cock ready for the attack. The sweetness of this moment - entering a new pussy, starting to fuck another's wife - is incredible. I like to do it slowly and enjoy every moment of the first penetration, while looking at that moment into her eyes.

So here I was - climbing slowly on top of this wife, relaxing after a wave of pleasure, putting my cock at the entrance of her pussy - touching just slightly her pussy lips - and speaking out her name.


she opened her eyes.

"I want you, July. I want to fuck you now."

She just moaned loudly (almost groaned), embraced my back with her both arms, and put up her head for a kiss. I like this kind of kisses in the middle of love making - they are open, - no more exploring or "getting to know" thing - just enjoying play of tongues, wetness of mouths, softness of lips. She was mine.

I entered her slowly - to the very end. And then I stopped. We laid there kissing each other, my cock deeply buried in her pussy. She pulled up her legs, and gently caressed my hips with her nylon clad calves. That was very nice.

I started to move, at first slowly, stopping from time to time. That was starting to drive July crazy - she started to intensify our movements from her position, and it was not easy for her, but she was leaking like a bitch, crazy for a fuck.

Ok, that was too much for me. I put my hands under her buttocks, and started to fuck her. That was long, pure, real fuck. I was becoming rough, groping her ass - soft and round and nice ass of another man's wife - really hard, slightly biting her lips, and her ears, and groaning out something possessive.

"you are mine, you are my woman now, July..."

that is stupid, but I like this kind of nonsense. When we finished - both of us together - I decided to stay for a while on her. And in her. And - sometimes it happens - my cock flattened just a bit, just for a moment, and then this realization, that I have someone's wife, that my cock is in her pussy, made my cock harden again.

When I started to move again - she just looked at me with her big beautiful eyes with a surprised look and didn't say anything.

Now I could stand a really long fuck without coming. I enjoyed our fuck - I fucked her doggy style, and I fucked her big breasts, and at last I asked her to finish me with a blowjob. She doubted for a moment, but then she did it. That was a wonderful blowjob. I liked to watch this beautiful woman coming down on my cock. This was really exciting.

When at last I came into her mouth, and she swallowed, we laid on the floor exhausted and sweaty. After some time I lifted myself on my elbow, took her hand and kissed it.

She looked at me.

"John, I am so confused about all this, I don't now, what to say."

"July, you don't have to say anything now. All I want to say to you now is - you are beautiful and wonderful."

"Oh, John, you are great. But this is the only time it ever happened between us."

"July, lets meet in a few days and discuss what happened. We are both grown ups. We need to talk, to sort thing out, but not now. In a few days - OK, July?"

She looked at me.

"To talk about what, John?"

Shit, she was slipping away.

"We'll see, July. About what happened, about our feelings after this - whatever. I promise - nothing will happen again, if you won't want it."

"Just talking?"

"Sure, July."

"Ok... And you know, John - thank you. I feel really relaxed, and feel great. I feel like a wanted woman again."

I leaned to her and kissed her sweet lips.

Chapter 2

It is really nice to work in the office, where many young nice looking women work together with you. You come in the morning and see these nice legs and asses and smell female perfume when you say "good-morning" for a passing in a corridor young lady... This is a real bonus for a man, who is hungry for feminine beauty.

But when you become hooked by one of these ladies, you become more focused on her - you see her from a distance, you differentiate her in between many other people, you catch her eyes looking at you.

July's eyes are beautiful. And especially beautiful now - after I managed to seduce her once. Though she told me very clearly, that this was the only case of our love-making, I was so much attracted to her after what has happened, that I could not even think about stopping now. Maybe later - someday...

When I met July now, she either tried to avoid me, or, when she looked at me, I saw some kind of gentleness in her eyes, and at once I wanted to dive into her eyes. The memory of our sex on the floor of my office excited me very much - I remembered her smell, taste of her sweet lips, incredible feeling of touching and groping her breast and her ass. My eyes longed for the sight of her long shapely legs, and her excited face with her eyes closed and her wonderful big breast hanging heavily on her small frame...

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