Getting Accepted
Part 1A

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Grand Parent, DomSub, First, Size,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Part 1A - A young man who was continually rejected by his peers has a strange encounter, which changes his whole life. He has found new confidence and an ally from the most unusual source. A bit far fetched but fun anyway

Parked in a church car park early one Sunday morning, waiting for a friend who was arriving by bus from a nearby town, reading a novel about Ramsés I was disturbed by a woman rapping on the glass on the window. Rolling down the window I looked up at her bespectacled stern looking face.

"Why are you sitting here, why are you not in church?" She asked in a stern voice.

"I don't attend church," I answered.

She must have caught the title of the book for she now asked. "Are you an Egyptologist then?"


"An archaeologist then," she persisted.

I had continued trying to read while she was asking these questions, now I lowered the book, "No, I just like reading this book. I'm an agnostic," I said hoping she would go away

"You should come into the house of God he will show you the way," she went on.

Now I had a good look at her, she was in her thirties, tall, her hair cut square at neck height, with a fringe at the front, no make up, with a mouth turned down at the corners. Her figure was reasonable I would say, but hidden by a brick red dress to below the knees and done nothing to feminise her. She now leant into my car with her face just inches from me.

"Are you going to help him show me the way?" I asked looking straight at her.

"I could help you know, if you will just let me," she replied.

"Not now, I see the person I was waiting for just get off the bus," I replied and made to start the motor.

She quickly thrust a card on to my lap, "Please ring me, I want to help," she said withdrawing her head as I moved off.

Stupid religious cow, I murmured to myself as I exited the car park and drew up alongside the friend I was meeting. Well not a friend of mine, but a friend of my mother's.

Two weeks later I had been waiting for over twenty minutes for the date I was supposed to meet. I had hurried after work to change, missing my main meal. Now I am a good-looking bloke, everyone says so, and find I can talk to women easily. I had been hoping to take my date to dinner, but like all the rest after two dates, or once they saw, or felt, my deformity they just dropped me. I must be the only twenty three-year-old in Torpton who has never had his end away.

While waiting I was rummaging in the centre arm compartment when I drew out the business card;

Devine Simmerson
(Art, antiques and pre-owned furniture dealer)
Corner King and Smithson
Little Torres
534 67721

It was the woman from the church, the one who had placed the card on my lap. I took out my mobile and rang the number. Now why I did it I had no idea, it was one of those rash things that a person does periodically. The telephone only rang three times.

"Devine here," was what I got. I knew her voice yet we had only met for that brief time, it was that distinct.

"This is the man you spoke to at the church car park two weeks ago," I said.

"Wonderful, our group is having a meeting in my house which is behind the shop, come and join us for some supper. Don't say no, I'm expecting you," she answered, then the telephone went dead.

Now Little Torres was only six miles from Torpton, but it might as well be in a foreign country. Here people keep much to themselves; I knew no-one in that town. Well it wasn't what you would call a large town only seven hundred inhabitants, it had about ten shops a school and a church though and it was a terminal for the local bus service. Anyway it wasn't far in fifteen minutes I was drawing up outside Devine's home. There were five other cars parked outside so I parked alongside them.

Devine must have heard my car arrive for the front door opened before I could even knock. She led me into a large room with a laid out table at one end and a group of people seated at the other. The table contained dishes of sandwiches and cakes from what I could see all untouched.

"Ladies and Gentleman this is, oh I'm sorry I don't know your name," she said looking at me.

"Harold," I answered.

"We have two Harold here tonight but don't worry. I hope that this young Harold will be a regular attendee to our meetings. Now let me introduce you to everyone."

The first was a thickset man in his late fifties with a real sour face, beside him was a small woman who by her posture was timid. "This is Harold and his wife Simone," Devine said.

I had a huge manual workers hand thrust into mine and gripped as if he wanted to crush every bone in my hand. "Pleased to meet you young 'in, I'm the local builder. Where you from?" He said as if I should be honoured that he had shaken my hand.

"Torpton, sorry I haven't heard of you, but I'm happy to meet you," I replied. That was it I was a foreigner in his eyes.

"He's from Torpton, Simone," he said to his wife as if it was a disease and not a place.

"Pleased to meet you Harold," Simone said in a soft voice, but kept looking at her husband as if looking for approval, of her talking to me.

Next to them was a woman in her late thirties and alongside her was an older woman. "Where have you been Tommy, I've been waiting for you," the old woman asked me?

"This is Claire our Primary schoolteacher and her mother," Devine explained.

All I got was a handshake for the woman was talking to her mother. "Mum that's not Tommy, that's Harold, he's new here," she said to her, but the mother watched me like a hawk.

Next was a faultlessly turned out woman in her early fifties, her shoulder-length wavy auburn hair looked as though she had just come from the hairdresser. Her dress was a long-sleeved silky green with a vee neck which showed no cleavage, but it was a wonder that she didn't for she had two lovely firm looking breasts standing proudly from her chest. Her nylon stockings were a dark colour with a motif on the ankle, one of her shoes was off showing her polished toenails. She had that authoritarian air about her.

"This is Myra our vicar's wife; she comes to all our meetings."

Her hand was cool in mine and she held my hand all the time we were being introduced.

"Happy to meet you Harold, Devine told me all about you. I was wondering when we would meet," she said.

The next one round was a thin woman, in her forties but it was hard to tell. This woman had a sad long pinched face and she was wearing big round glasses which weren't her style. Her hair was straight and black, cut in a pageboy cut with a fringe in the front. Her dress, for one couldn't call it a dress, looked like a sack and over it she was wearing a cardigan with long sleeves.

"This is Susan our post mistress," was all the introduction I had.

"Pleased to meet you," was the soft answer I got, but she didn't look me in the eye, she kept her eyes down, she looked a real timid woman.

Next to her was the other male, well this one was gay, you just had to look at him and you knew. His right elbow in his left-hand and the slack wrist. His dress and use of was another telltale sign. I would say he was in his sixties, but tried to look younger.

"Well you have met some of our group; if you come again you will meet some of the others Harold. Have a seat while we continue what we were discussing.

I was surprised it wasn't religion they were discussing but the coming Fete and dance which was going to be held soon. I sat back and just watched, studying them all as they spoke. It was obvious that Devine and Myra were two dominant females and I'd hate to see them in opposite corners. Simone never got a chance to say anything it was obvious she was dominated by her husband. Claire's mother watched me all the time and kept on waving and smiling at me. I was sure she suffered from mild dementia and amnesia. Why Susan attended I have no idea, for all she did was sit there and say nothing.

Devine though was a mystery, why would a woman her age want me to come here, it was obvious she was much older than me; maybe she wanted a toy boy. Hell she would get a shock if she saw what I had in my trousers, they all would.

After just over an hour Devine and Myra stood up. "Ladies and of course Gentlemen, that is enough for tonight, let us have some supper which Susan and Simone has so gratefully provided us with tonight," Myra said.

As I got stuck into a large plate of sandwiches, for I was staving the heavens opened. First there was the thunder and then the lightning with torrential rain, beating on the room's windows.

"Oh I hope it stops soon, for I have to get mum home for her medication. When we get home in this weather we will be soaked to the skin," Claire said to Devine.

'I'll take you and your mother home," I said to Claire," Is it far?"

"No just to Wilson Street, about four hundred yards away," she answered.

"I'll pull the car as close to the front door as I can so you won't get wet," I said getting my keys out. "Thank you Devine for having me," I said to Devine.

"Harold come to our Thursday meeting please," she said, then unexpectedly she kissed me on the cheek.

"Yes please do, we need younger people," Myra said also kissing me on the cheek. Hell I even liked the way both of these women were acting.

"I will try, especially when two lovely women put it that way," I replied, knowing then and there that I had said the right thing, for they both had that pleased smile on their faces.

It was only a short journey to Claire's house and while she went and opened the front door, her mother and I stayed in the car. We sat there rather than all three of us getting soaked while waiting for the door to be unlocked.

"Tommy, I have missed you, I want you like it used to be, where have you been?" The old woman asked. I had no idea what she was inferring or who the hell was Tommy.

At a signal from Claire I helped the old woman to the front door and was about to return to my car when Claire called, "Come in and have a coffee with us, unless you are in a hurry."

I had too much spare time on my hands, so I followed them in. "Thank you I will," I said shivering with the sudden damp cold wind.

"I'll light the fire in the lounge, go in there we will be in shortly," Claire said entering a closed door off the hall, I just tagged behind. This was a lived in room not all tidy without book or magazine in sight. A desk was strewn with papers, with books on the floor around it. Near the fire were a couple of magazines on a small occasional table, one opened and folded back. Obviously it was in this room where they spent most of their time when at home.

Shortly after Claire left the room her mother came in and sat on the carpet in front of me with both hands-on my knees. "Tommy why are you ignoring me, wasn't I good to you, I thought you liked me," she said so seriously. We heard Claire coming and she got up and sat on the chair. It was then that I realised she wasn't suffering severe amnesia or dementia.

"Has mum been keeping you company," Claire said as she placed a tray with three mugs, the receptacle from a drip coffee machine, a jug of cream and sugar. "Help yourself, make yourself at home," she said smiling?

After half-hour I went to leave, the rain hadn't let up, but when I got outside I noticed I had a flat. "Hell!" I shouted at no-one in particular.

"What's the trouble?" Claire shouted from the doorway.

I dashed back and entered the doorway, soaked in that short time," I have a puncture," I told her.

"You can't fix it in this weather, stay the night you can have Tommy's old room."

"I can't impose myself on to you like this."

"Is there any reason you can't stay the night?"

"No none, but my mother will worry if I don't come home," I said. In these little towns there is no nightclubs and night-life is non-existent. The only way I wouldn't return home at night was if I were injured and landed up in the cottage hospital.

"What is your home number?" Claire asked picking up her mobile phone.

I told her and she dialled the number and handed me the cell phone. My grandmother answered, she lives with my mother and I. "Gran, I have to spend the night in Little Torres, I have a puncture, I'm staying at the house of the schoolteacher," I told her after she asked where I was staying. "I'll see you in the morning," I said switching it off and handing the cell phone back to Claire.

"You are asking me to stay, you know nothing about me." I said as we walked back into the lounge to the delight of her mother. "Harold is staying the night mum, he can sleep in Tommy's room."

"I may have not known you that long Harold, but I have your car number and make, your home telephone number, also a photo of you in my camera. Now that isn't all you told your own grandmother where you're spending the night and the group knows you brought us home. Now you may not know much about us but I now have information on you.

"I don't care Claire, I have nothing to hide and I have no design of any action that would bring shame to any of us."

"I knew I could trust you, mum does too," she said smiling.

"Come, I will show you your room. I have to get up early so I have to get to bed," she said taking my hand and leading me up her stairs and into a small bedroom. "Tommy's room he never spent that much time sleeping here in the years before his death," she said.

"How did he die?"

"Idiot walked into the path of a large lorry, from behind a van, he never had a chance," she said speaking with an angrily tone. "I'll give you a call in the morning, so you can fix your wheel before returning home," she added in a softer tone.

I have always slept in the nude and there was no reason to change here. I listened to the noises of a strange house, hearing the pair of them entering their bedrooms and the doors closing. The quietness made sleep come easy, but I was suddenly brought wide awake by someone climbing on the bed and pulling back the bedclothes.

There facing me kneeling across my hips was Claire's mother. "Tommy, I have waited a long-time for you to come back. You used to love me doing this, why didn't you ask me to come to your room?"

I couldn't believe it, a naked woman in front of me and sitting only inches from my cock. Claire's mother had both her hands around the shaft of my cock, it had a ten inch circumference and was twelve inch-long. I knew these dimensions for I had measured it. I was normal up to the age of fourteen then in the following four years it grew and grew finally stopped growing when I was eighteen. Just at the age when I should have been dipping my cock in pussy. Once the young women saw my monster they ran or never turned up for the next date. That was what happened tonight. On Sunday the young woman I was with was all eager until she took my monster out of my trousers. I half expected her not to turn up.

Holding it didn't worry Claire's mother. I had never seen a woman nude. She was like Claire, plump but not fat, she had wide, very wide hips and little pubic hair, what was there was grey and sparse. Two melon sized breasts and a slight spare tire on her waist. Oh I'd seen pussy before on my mother and grandmother, when accidentally while drinking our nightcap of cocoa in their nightdresses had opened their legs giving me a flash of pussy. This didn't happen often, maybe two or three times but it was imprinted on my mind. But here was a naked woman showing me everything.

I could see her clearly in the faint night-light. She stood up with knees bent and inserted my cock between her legs. I was feeling her heat against the large circumcised head of my cock, but only for a second and then I felt her head slowly encasing my cock. So this was what it felt to be inside a woman, I felt a feeling I have never felt before, oh what have I been missing all those years, I just loved it.

"Tommy, you have got a lot bigger since you went away," she said as she slid down my shaft. I was almost in a panic thinking she was going to end this heavenly feeling, but no, she kept lowering her body, lower and lower until she was sitting on my hips.

"Oh Tommy, you done this to please your mum, tell mum you got big like this just for her. You knew I always wanted a pig cock and you went and got one. I bet Claire will love this one too," she said as she started moving her body up and down.

Claire as well, was her brother shafting her as well, what had I stumbled on, I thought. The feeling I was getting left no room for lingering on other problems. For the feelings were taking all my brainpower, this old woman was giving me the pleasure, I had been denied by all those frightened young women of my own age.

Now I was giving small up and down movements of my hips in time with mum, for that seems to be what Tommy called her, so I would call her that as well. I watched how she was showing pleasure as she was impaled on my cock which must be up as far as her stomach, deep within her. I could feel ripples move up and down my cock shaft. I was holding her by her hips now, loving the feel of her flesh in my hands.

This was something I wanted to happen again and again, now I had experienced this feeling I wanted it to continue. Then I felt my climax rising almost from my inner being and then spurting deep within her body. She looked down at me and held on to my wrists. "You still love your mum Tommy, I know you do, getting this lovely cock just for her," she said falling forward and kissing me on the lips. I returned her kiss, and then she lifted herself off my slightly rigid cock and padded out of the room.

What a wonderful feeling that was, and to think that it was an elderly woman who had broken my virginity. My heart returned to normal and I dropped off again into sleep, a sleep of contentment.

"Harold, move over and let me in," was what next woke me, the room was bright, but then the sun rises early. It was Claire who was getting in beside me and she too was naked, but her skin was a lot fresher than her mothers, also her breasts were firmer looking. "I know you and my mother had got together and I knew she would have told you that Tommy and I had been lovers for years. In fact Tommy was the only man I've ever had and loved, then he had to go and get himself killed."

"Was Tommy older than you Claire?"

"No he was five years younger, we had our first sex when he was twelve," she said as her hand went down to grab my cock. When she reached it she froze and threw back the bedclothes. "Harold, you are huge, a freak. Nobody has a penis as big as yours," she cried with wide open eyes.

"Your mother never objected, in fact she loved it," I returned, holding my cock in my hand and lifting it in her direction.

"She took it all?"

"Yes she was sitting on my hips with me fully buried within her."

"Well if she can take it so can I, but be gentle. I can't believe a woman, can take such a weapon." Then she lay on her back and pulled me over her. I thought that women needed to be worked on before they could get worked up but first her mother and now Claire didn't worry about that.

I guided my large crown to her puffy labial lips, opening them up and then guiding my cock to the puckered dent. Gently pushed, slipping my hands under her hips I just leant forward, sinking into my second woman within six hours.

"Oh God you are stretching me wide," she cried out but she was reaching up for my waist as I slipped deeper and deeper, into a far tighter pussy than her mothers. Claire lifted her legs and wrapped her legs around my hips, moving them higher and higher, digging her heels into my bottom as we touch at the pubic arch, our pubic hairs touching. I let go of her soft bottom for I didn't need to hold her up she was locked into me. I lent forward and her arms went around my neck and our mouths met, she grinding her mouth into mine and her hips in a rapid movement.

"Oh Harold, it feels wonderful, no wonder mum loved this, I feel as if you are all the way up to my throat. Never have I felt so satisfied just to have the cock inside me."

Even though this was the first time I was dominant, I knew exactly what to do and I started a slow in and out movement, making her squirm under me and letting out squeals of delight. I was feeling far more ripples that with her mother as she reached a climax, then she let out a loud screech just as I spurted my load into her. Then we just lay there.

"Claire, I took no precautions, you know that," I said.

"Harold, this isn't a danger time for me. Tommy and I never took precautions and I never felt pregnant then and I doubt it will happen now, so don't worry, just give me more of this," she said in my ear.

A short time after we both rose and showered together, another first for me, for I had never showered with a woman before this. I never realised how much fun it was and it took us all of 20 minutes to perform a task I usually perform in three minutes. Using some unused razors left by Tommy I managed to shave as well, I was taking over from him.

After breakfast I fixed my flat, it took me all of ten minutes, before I was sitting down having a second coffee.

"Please come to the meeting on Thursday Harold, and stay the night again," Claire said, while her mother nodded in agreement. It seems as though they had been talking while I worked and knew that they both had been shafted by my monster cock and wanted more. This was the best moral boost I've had in years and as I drove back home to change for work I was in a euphoric state.

I almost burst into our house, Gran was sitting having her breakfast, I suppose mum was showering.

"So you're back, I missed my good-night kiss last night," she said without even looking up from her paper.

I stood in front of her reached down took her face in both my hands, but instead of kissing her on the forehead as I usually did I kissed her full on the lips. What shook me was that she reached up and with both her hands behind my head pulled me even closer, grinding her mouth into mine. "Do that again Harold and you may get more than you expected," she said and looking me straight in the eyes. I knew right then and there that all I needed to do was press home my attentions and I would be inside her knickers as easy as I had got into Claire's and her mothers. It was this realisation that shook me as I stood back.

"Maybe I will, but not now I have to change for work," I was a joiner and had to change into overalls and work boots. I couldn't go on a building site dressed as I was.

"I hope you do," she said with a smile and then continued with her paper.

All day, it wasn't that I'd shafted two women last night but what and how my grandmother had reacted, that kept going round and round in my head. This was the night that my mother worked late and Gran and I watched our favourite TV programme. Tonight we will be alone in the house until mum came home at nine thirty, dare I try to shaft my grandmother, should I try it. Tommy had been shafting his mother and sister, maybe this was being done more often than one realised. If I tried would she scream, or even be repulsed when she saw my cock. Thank God there was no delicate work to be do today for I just couldn't concentrate. Fitting doors and cupboards I could do in my sleep anyway.

That evening when I got home while eating our evening meal, my Gran kept smiling at me. "I bet what I said this morning has been playing on your mind, hasn't it?" She asked.

"Yes it has, I was taken back a bit by what you implied," I countered.

"My at long last it has sunk in, I gave you enough hints in the past but you ignored them," she said smiling at my ignorance.

"What hints Gran?"

"Do you think I flash my pussy to everyone, I knew you were looking, why didn't you say or do something?"

"I don't know."

"You will now though won't you? You have been wondering what I would say or do. I can tell you very favourably, I was a very sexually active woman until your grandfather died. He loved his pussy as much as I loved giving it to him," she said without any embarrassment. "Think you could fill your grandfather's boots or should I say pussy?"

"I think I could at that," I said with a bit more confidence than I would have been only twenty-four hours earlier.

"We will see," was all she said. We then continued to finish our meal and get clean up.

We were sitting on the sofa when she reached round and done what she did this morning, pressed her slightly opened lips hard against mine, I reacted by pulling her towards me and returning her kiss. Then I slipped my hand up her dress without even thinking, as though she was one of my girlfriends and found she had removed her panties and what I faced was bare pussy. Slipping my finger into her moist vagina I had her panting almost right away. I hadn't been the only one who had been thinking about this all day, Gran had also.

It was only a short move to drop my track suit trousers and guide my cock towards this wet and dripping pussy's entrance. Then as I had done with Claire I just leant forward sinking the head in.

"My you are a big boy, I never realised that," Gran said from under me, then with a slight push I was more than halfway in. "Harold you are big, I should have checked just how big before, but I like the feel of you," she said holding on to my chest.

Deeper I plunged and like Claire up came her legs and wrapped around me, digging her heels in and locking me into her body. I wasn't fully in, and with one further thrust my Gran and I were locked together with our pubic hairs touching.

"Harold, you more than fill your grandfather's pet pussy, its now Harold's pussy, God you feel wonderful, but from now on call me Alice, I can't have you calling me Gran now can I?"

"Why not, you are my Gran. If I start calling you Alice it isn't respectful."

"Respectful, do you call what we are doing respectful, but if you still want to call me Gran then it's all right by me," she said thrusting her hips into my groin. That was a signal for me to start pumping my cock into her and all other speech finished while both of us thrust and groaned until we reached a climax. Me filling my grandmother's pussy for the first time with my sperm. The sofa wasn't the most comfortable place to shaft a woman, but next time I wanted it to be in bed, hers or mine I didn't care.

When we eventually came apart, she was astonished at the size of my cock. "Oh Harold what a beautiful cock you have and I had all that within me. No wonder I felt full. Your grandfather would have been jealous of you if he had seen the size of this. He thought he was big with nine and a half inches, but this!"

Now I knew where I had inherited my big cock, from my grandfather on my mother's side. I now wondered if mother and daughter were alike. Maybe one day I will find out, for my mother had flashed her pussy at me more than Gran.

"My you two be getting on fine, not arguing that is a change," other said when she returned finding us sitting close together on the sofa.

"We have found a common understanding Mary, I doubt if there will be many more arguments now," Gran said but digging me with her elbow.

"Oh that's great, keep it up if it stops the arguing," she said leaving us to get supper.

"See your mother has given us permission to carry on what we were doing," Gran said with a laugh.

"Yea, but she doesn't know just what our common understanding is. I bet she doesn't know I had shafted her mother and that she loved it," I mocked her.

"What if I told her, what do you think she would say?"

"You wouldn't dare, she would blow her top and I'd be thrown out," I replied now feeling worried.

When I returned the next evening, I had the feeling my mother was watching me. Gran was just sitting at the table grinning, loving the situation she had me in not knowing if she would tell her or not. All evening it was the same and I was glad that they left me to watch the late movie on my own. After it had finished I went and cleaned my teeth, wondering how I was going to get to fuck my Gran before next week when my mother worked late. For now I was addicted to sex, there was no doubt about it. I had been to the trough and I wanted to get as much as I could now.

I needn't have worried; lying in my large-sized single bed was Gran smiling up at me as I stripped. It was good that my room was at the opposite side of the house from mums, in my teens it was necessary for I had a TV and stereo in here which I used to watch and listen to. I doubt if the TV has been on for the past five years. All my childhood belongings have been put in boxes and now stored in the shed. Only the TV and stereo remain, the single narrow bed replaced by the extra wide single which is almost a double bed, in fact the room is almost bare after-all I only sleep in it nowadays.

Now I was going to feel the third naked woman, for Gran had lifted the bedclothes to let me in and to let me see she was naked also. Lying on the chair by the bed was her flannelette nightdress. She came into my arms as soon as I got in. Her breasts weren't as large as Claire's or her mothers but what the hell I wasn't going to stick my cock there, well not at the present anyway. All the interest I had at this stage was sinking my cock into her pussy. We lay hugging each other and showering each other with kisses for the next twenty minutes or so until I slipped over her and once again was sliding this time so easily into her body's depths. It was like coming home sliding into her as she let out a low sigh and wrapped her legs this time a lot higher, this time around my waist and I am sure I was in deeper than ever before.

Slow and easy she wanted it and that suited me just fine, this way I made it last. I still couldn't get over the lovely feeling I had buried in the depths of a woman, any woman, they were all wonderful, yet different, I wonder if they all were different. Now a mate once told me the best cunt was the one that you were in at the present and that was how I felt. Gran just felt right as I slowly pounded my huge meat into her willing body. Seeding her once more after a long and steady stroke, except for the end, when I couldn't restrain myself and had to have the last vinegar strokes fast like a machine-gun.

"Harold, I love you so very much, I never thought I would be laying under my grandson and loving the feel of his cock inside me, but I do," she whispered and started to cry. This was something I never expected from her, seeing my grandmother cry. I have heard her say she loves me, but not in the way she has just said it. This was a different woman saying this, this was someone who had given her all, there was nothing else she can give me. I had taken it and must never reject this love I knew deep down.

"I love you too Gran, and I'll always be here for you, I said hugging her close, while still embedded deep within her. We were as one, both physically and mentally we were a single entity.

I fell asleep, but when I woke she was gone and the sun was shinning in through my window. I felt on top of the world at work, getting through all the tasks without so much as a curse. Tonight I was going to Little Torres and told my mother that possibly I would be staying over, but I would be back in time to go to work. I think she suspected I had a girlfriend over there but said nothing.

The same people were at Devine's except for an African woman, who was also a teacher at the school and had come with Claire. Then I noticed that Claire's mother was missing. "Where is your mother Claire?" I asked when I noticed her missing.

"She decided not to come tonight, but is waiting for you at home." She didn't need to say any more, she knew what her mother was waiting for and I bet she wanted some also. "This is Yumi, she works with me at the school, we will get the chance to talk once we get home. You are coming home aren't you?" She suddenly said as though it was understood I would and she was calling it home as though it was mine also.

"Sure, I told you on Monday I would be coming," I said letting her know I was just as eager as she was to continue our relationship.

The fete for the Saturday was the main topic. Devine asked if I could help Susan on Friday night at her home, she wanted someone to help her, I had volunteered, for no-one else did. Susan was the cake maker and wanted all the cakes put into boxes for sale. Also there was to be the dance in the church hall the week after next, in fact two dances one on the Friday and the main one on the Saturday. Again I was volunteered, to help Myra on the Friday, which was for young people and just give general help on the Saturday. It looks as though I was being integrated into this group now.

This week hasn't been at all bad for me so what the hell, what have I to lose. Myra's husband the vicar called in and we had a long chat, but I felt it was more of an interrogation, before he left though he handed me his card. "Give me a ring when you have some time free, I could use you," Was all he said as he walked off. He left me still holding his card, which I slipped into my wallet as Susan came over and sat beside me.

"I just want to know when you will be round tomorrow," she asked in her soft timid voice. Hell she looked a mess in that cardigan, someone should tell her to wear something different.

"When would you like me to come?"

"Can you come to my house, its like this one, behind the Post Office about six, for we have a lot to do. It will take the three of us all evening to do what we have to," she said.

"Three of us?"

"Yes my mother and I will do the baking and you the packing," she said looking up at why I had asked.

Why is it that African women have such rounded bottoms, more pronounced than other races. I just loved watching as Yumi walked around, her bottom moving so provocatively that I was getting hard. Also she had as good a pair of udders as Claire, yet a lot thinner.

After supper I drove Claire and Yumi home and just followed them into the house as if it was the most natural thing to do. Claire's mother, who I found out was named Sandra was waiting for us and beamed when she saw me. I think Yumi suspected what was going on and she made to leave. "Harold, why don't you walk Yumi home, she only lives a few houses away?" I have no idea why she would ask me to do that, for I doubt if any woman has been molested walking alone in this town, but then better to be safe than sorry.

"Yea, sure, I'll drive her if need be."

"No it is only round the corner, an escort will do fine," Yumi answered.

As we walked slowly along the pavement she touched my arm with her hand, "Are you and Claire a unit, for she talks about nothing but you. I've never seen my friend act like this before, you must have something that is making her so happy, even Sandra seems infected by you."

"No, we're just good friends," I replied.

"Rubbish no woman acts that way about a man unless she is sleeping with him. Are you sleeping with her?"

"I think that is between her and me Yumi, don't you agree?"

"Well I might as well tell you straight she has told me you are a well-built man and she loves making love to you, I expect you are also servicing Sandra." She said, stopping and looking up into my face. Taking her by the upper arm I brought my lips down on to those lovely plump lips of hers. She responded immediately wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her body hard against mine, making my cock stand to attention, pressed between our bodies.

"Wow, if that's what I think it is, I can tell you are a big man. What about cutting me in on your friendship list, sorry it can't be for a few days though, wrong time of the month," she said after our lips parted.

"Would Tuesday be suitable," I answered so casually it was like making a business appointment.

"You'll see where I live, Tuesday will be great, I'm looking forward to that," she said now linking her arm into mine as we now walked a lot faster towards her home. I didn't enter, but we stood in the doorway and kissed and at the same time had a feel of that lovely bottom of hers.

I returned to Claire's house all ready for whoever wanted shafting first, but I had a feeling the same routine was scheduled as the last time. I was right, Sandra crept in but I was awake this time. "Sandra you can come right on in, your Tommy is waiting on you," I said as she neared the bed.

"Why are you calling me Sandra, I want you to call me mum as usual," she replied, but she got up on to the bed and was going to return to the same position as last night. I had other ideas, this time I wanted to try doggy fashion as I had seen on the blue movies.

I turned her around and got her kneeling and then guided my engorged cock to that love-nest I had so recently been introduced to and slipped in this time so easy. I gripped her hips and pulled her on to me. This was by far the best way yet I thought, as I could even drive deeper into her and have her buttocks slap on to my stomach, like a cushion. Sandra like this way also for she was thrusting herself harder on to me and letting out little squeals of pleasure every time I drove into her. Now I felt as if I were in charge and the dominant partner, what a difference four days makes, I feel more confident now as I kept on sinking my cock into her willing pussy.

We curled up and went to sleep, still buried within her but lying on our sides, I woke while it was still dark and she had gone back to her own bed I assume. Claire didn't come to my bed until almost time to get up, but she was just as eager to have me buried inside her, even if it was what I would call a quickie. It was all over in five minutes, but the shower took longer as I prepared to leave to return home to start work.

Last night a lot had happened and my life had taken a turn, whether for the better or the worse I don't know. Maybe tomorrow evening will even open more possibilities, but I couldn't see a thin woman like Susan take my cock, or even want to, she seemed so timid.

"You're becoming a real stay-outer, I think you have a woman friend somewhere," my mother said smiling as I entered the house.

"There are none to replace you. You will always be my number one girlfriend," I said kissing her what should have been lightly on the lips, but like Gran she held my head and pressed her lips on to mine.

"I'll keep you to that statement Harold, now go and get ready for work," she said, pushing me away.

"I'm going out tonight, to help pack cakes would you believe for Little Torres Fete,"

"My you are getting community minded," she said taken aback somehow by my declaration.

"No way, just helping out," I said, and then went to my bedroom. I had just stripped off when Gran came in. She grabbed my underpants, drew them down and kissed me right on the head of my cock.

"You take care of that now, you hear I want nothing to harm it," she said tucking me back in and leaving. Were all women as sex mad as Gran once you had fucked them?

The door of Susan's house was opened by a little old woman, not five feet tall, her hair was pure white and done up with a round bun at the back of her head. She was wearing a wrap around apron tied at the waist and had two pockets where one of her hands was rummaging for something. She had a small mouth and a small turned up nose and blue, blue eyes that were piercing.

"I suppose you are the Harold I have been hearing so much about, Harold this and Harold that. She's in the kitchen working," she said rather abruptly.

Wow a real snappy bitch I thought, no wonder Susan is so timid, having a terrier like this for a mother. I made my way down the passageway where she had pointed to and she was following me right at my heels. At least she is fit enough I thought.

It was an old-fashioned kitchen, huge with a large four oven range. The range was to provide heat, hot water and for cooking on and once stoked up lasted for hours providing a steady even heat. Susan just had one of the ovens open and was placing a tray of sponge tins in. On the table were about twenty already cooked and cooking on mesh frames. At the end of the long table one had been sliced and filled with cream, I think that was what the mother was doing before she answered the door. Stacked up was a pile of cake boxes, I suppose that was my job for the night, but I couldn't see that taking all night.

"You met my mother, ignore the way she speaks, her bark is worse than her bite, she annoyed I have asked you here to help," Susan said after she had closed the oven door. She too wore a wrap around apron.

It took a further three hours to finish, but I agree with Hariot her mother that she didn't need me, I was more of a hindrance than a help. I spent most of the time drinking coffee, but at least I made the old woman laugh, which I believe was a wonder for according to Susan she was a real miserable person most of the time. Maybe it was because I was flattering her and teasing her. In the end I said I would call early tomorrow morning, to take them both to the Fete and help set up the table.

Susan gave me a fresh sponge when I left as a present for my mother and grandmother. I even gave Hariot and Susan a kiss on the cheek before I left, causing Susan to blush.

I was home earlier than I normally was, I handed my mother the sponge with the compliments of Susan and her mother. Then we spent the rest of the evening watching TV, both of us curled up on the sofa as we usually were. Somehow it wasn't the same, she was acting more friendly and hugging me. When eventually she got up to go to bed it was a repeat of the morning, a lingering long kiss. Maybe I was reading all the wrong signs, now looking at them all differently.

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