Secrets and Betrayals
Part 1: Her Secrets: Gary's Story

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Desc: Sex Story: Part 1: Her Secrets: Gary's Story - Wife's secrets, Gary's story

A mutual friend introduced Gary to Alicia while they attended The University of Tennessee. It took several weeks for Gary to convince Alicia to go out with him... just once. But within a few weeks after that first date, they became an exclusive couple as their relationship became serious. She was in her junior year of undergraduate studies; he was in his first year of Grad school.

Alicia's soft, silky, shoulder length, straight dark brown hair was only intensified by her dark brown, almost black, round doe-shaped eyes. She was cute, but not stunningly beautiful, still, something about her just clicked with Gary, mesmerizing him. Her finely toned legs and the cutest little peach shaped butt had caught his attention. It had taken all of his self-control not to reach over and just squeeze those cheeks. Not until they had been dating for a few weeks had she told him how impressed she had been by his behavior. No stale pick up line and most guys tried to pinch her butt.

It was nice to finally date a girl who was tall enough to kiss him without his having to pick her up or go to his knees. Alicia was tall but was still half a head shorter than Gary. She had an athletic build, slim hips, well toned body and a very attractive bust line. She carried a few extra pounds but because of her height it wasn't noticeable.

Gary, on the other hand. could have passed for Abe Lincoln's younger brother, albeit with much lighter hair. His 34-inch waistline and 35-inch inseam made it difficult to find clothes. His kid brother used to tease him about having gorilla arms. He was actually thrilled when he finally began to put on some weight the end of his senior year of college.

Two years after they met Gary popped the question. In July after Alicia's graduation, they had the complete wedding scene... including a honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico.

They settled in a quiet neighborhood in a small suburb east of Knoxville. Alicia quickly got a job part time as a Photo Journalist for a Reuters News Service affiliate in Knoxville. She really didn't want to work full time because it would take her away from her husband too often. Her photos soon gained her considerable recognition, both locally and nationally, for her work in both scientific and conservation circles.

Gary finished his Graduate studies and started work with a multi-dimensional architectural firm located in a small community northeast of Knoxville. The firm was beginning to make a name for itself in the design industry. His demonstrated exceptional skills and abilities put him on the fast track with his company. Gary was the recipient of numerous accolades from clients(raving about his work, which lead to a number of successive promotions, culminating with the offer of full partnership in the company just three weeks shy of his thirtieth birthday.

Gary and Alicia could not have been more thrilled.

Their seven years of marriage had been good for them. Blessed with two wonderful children, their daughter Emily was three and a half, and son Shawn was just turning two. They settled into a normal routine of parenthood, developed close friendships, and had the advantage of family living close by. They seemed to be the perfect family.

It had been like a dream really; at least it was a dream up until about three months ago.

Gary repeatedly mulled over the events of the last few weeks in his mind questioning Alicia's behavior that gave him cause to believe she was in the midst of an affair. He noticed she was acting oddly. She ran for the phone every time it rang, which was strange because she used to just let it ring until one of them wandered over to it. There was the sudden increase in the number of prank hang up's when he answered, as many as four or five in a day. What had really made him curious was her sudden desire to be alone after she answered certain phone calls. She took the phone into another room or walked around all over the house talking or giggling in hushed tones as if she didn't want to be overheard.

Alicia became very moody and argumentative about little things, things that made absolutely no sense to Gary. Totally out of character for her. She became particularly antagonistic and challenging when his work schedule impinged on her weekly ' Monday, mom's night out.' She usually just rearranged her schedule to the next night if something came up, or blew it off completely. Over the last eight weeks, she had also started to go out with the girls on Thursday's. God help him if he was late on her nights out, she was like a firecracker ready to launch! On those days he needed to be home before she left at five, there was no room for deviation, as if it was carved in stone. She usually arrived home about eight-thirty in an almost giddy mood.

Suddenly she began telling him where she had been, who she had been with, what they had done. Before she never told him anything unless he asked.

Three weeks ago Gary was at Target walking towards the toy section to do some shopping with the kids on a Thursday night when Charlene, one of Alicia's friends, a) stopped him to chat. She told him she had just gotten back in town that morning after being gone for almost five months to take care of her dad and mom before and after her dad had passed on. She wanted to get together with Alicia soon so they could catch up on things and continued for several minutes chatting in her normal empty-headed twitter that Gary found so annoying. While pretending, to listen to her chatter and nodding his head in acknowledgement, he was really mulling over the fact that Alicia told him she was going out with Charlene on her nights out. He smiled and assured her that Alicia would be talking with her soon.

The same night Gary had run into Charlene, Alicia was over an hour and a half later than usual in coming home. She burst through the door in an almost manic like state and quickly told how Charlene had gotten sick and had thrown up on the side of her own car just after she and her two friends left the restaurant. The girls had taken her home and that's why she was so late.

Gary had never felt the kind of pain he felt that night, it didn't strike him until that moment, at least not with full force.

She's cheating on me, Alicia's cheating on me, he thought.

There was no anger, no desire for revenge, or even justice. Just a deep sense of loss, coupled with the most intense emotional pain, he had ever experienced. It was as if someone or something was scraping the inside of his heart raw. Suddenly he needed to sit down as the room started to spin in circles. For the first time in his life, he felt the color drain out of his face. He wanted to scream or throw up, something... anything to allow him to relieve the pain and pressure that engulfed him.

Numb with shock and temporarily unable to move or speak he just sat watching as Alicia went upstairs and showered, as she did every night after she came home from being out

Coming out of his stupor he angrily muttered to himself as he lifted his head, eyes wide, "You idiot," he spat at himself as he lifted his head, eyes wide. "This was why she never wanted him to touch her on those nights. She was always too tired, too aloof for any kind of physical contact. Then there is the little matter of the evening showers. She's always been a morning shower person. Why only on her nights out does she suddenly need to shower at night?" Sitting there, he shook his head in disbelief; amazed he hadn't seen the signs before. Her signals had been like lighthouse beacons.

Hearing the shower turn off he thought, 'she'll dry off and put on the frumpiest jammies she owns then come downstairs complaining loudly that her back and legs hurt then say she is going to read and go to bed.'

Amazed Gary he sat watching his wife over the next fifteen minutes. It was as if he had choreographed her words and movements. She all but ignored him and soon went to their bedroom.

His heart breaking, he forced himself to act as normal as he could as he moved towards the bedroom, knowing the woman he loved had betrayed him that night, as she probably had a number of times before.

He went though the motions of his nightly routine then finally laid down next to her in the dark. She adjusted the covers as she rolled over away from him causing his pain and sorrow to intensify. He watched as her actions mirrored exactly how she seemed to be interacting towards him on these nights. She didn't seem to want to touch him, or for the most part, even look at him.

Gary lay in his bed looking up at the ceiling. For the first time since he was a small boy he quietly cried himself to sleep. After a restless sleep and getting up multiple times during the early morning hours, he finally got up at 5AM. He showered, dressed and left the house before Alicia got up to get the children ready for daycare then got ready for work herself.

That morning his thoughts kept returning to his suspicions. He couldn't accept the thoughts that kept running through his mind. Divorce... separation... living without her... without the kids... This just couldn't be happening to him, to them. They had always had a depth of trust and commitment that manifested itself in their relationship in so many ways. Especially when it came to the intimacy of their sex life, varied, intense, and passionate. They both felt free to explore many fantasies within the confines of their marriage, and were content to do so.

The next few weeks seemed almost surreal. Dipping into his retirement funds

Gary hired a private detective to follow her. He honestly hoped the investigator wouldn't find anything, but deep in his heart of hearts, he knew it was a false hope.

It didn't take the PI long to hit pay dirt thus verifying Gary's fears. He handed over the pictures of Alicia with a tall blond man whose hands seemed to be all over her. He apologized that he could not get any of them in the act. Truthfully, Gary didn't want any photos of that depth of her betrayal. His wife's disheveled hair and clothing upon exiting her boyfriend's home coupled with the intimate way they acted with each other in public and the few pictures the PI snapped at lover boy's house left little to no doubts as to what their activities had truly entailed.

The detective had managed to get three or four shots through the front window of lover boy's house. As Gary studied the pictures he noticed Alicia was wearing other clothes than she had worn on leaving their house. When did she change clothes? She wasn't wearing those clothes when she left the house or when she came back afterwards.

As he slowly sifted through the photos, there were several photos of Alicia letting the jerk check out how deep the inside of her mouth was with his tongue, while mauling her ass or her boobs with his hands. In one photo, he noticed she had something in her right hand. Studying the picture a little closer he realized it was her sexy bra and panty set clutched tightly in her hand. Gary had given the set to her as a surprise anniversary gift last year. Although she didn't openly display the intimate apparel, he knew by the vibrant blue and black color scheme accented by the black lace what it was. He had taken them off her body many times in the past. He shivered at the thought that he might never get to accomplish that again.

In the weeks that followed, Gary began making excuses whenever Alicia showed signs of wanting intimacy. He didn't need any STD problems her lover might possibly have passed on to her. He could see she was confused about his lack of desire towards her, she didn't press the issue or question why.

The detective more than earned his money when he gave Gary all the vital statistics about Alicia's secret friend. What caught Gary's interest the most was the fact the other guy was a twenty-four year old Air Force first lieutenant, Rory Benefield. It seemed he had been bragging to a whole lot of people that he was tapping a hot little married piece. Boy would that tid-bit of information fire up Alicia. She didn't like it when her husband referred to having sex with her to their friends, feeling it was a private matter for just the two of them to enjoy.

'Well, well, well', he thought. 'If this guy's superiors didn't want to fix his stupid butt, the press would have a field day with that fact'.

For the first time in weeks, Gary had a smile on his face as he walked down to his boss's office to arrange for the rest of the day off.

It was 2:30 on Thursday afternoon; Gary headed home from work early, early for him that is. His stomach seemed to be working overtime in a marvelous attempt to produce more acid than it could contain. Damn, he wished he still had that roll of TUMS in the glove box of the car. He had been through a tense upsetting morning when he received the last set of pictures. It promised to be an even more upsetting and tension filled afternoon and evening.

Driving home Gary continually ruminated in his head on his battle plan for approaching Alicia. Parking in the driveway he waited for a few minutes to allow his stomach to settle down. Grabbing his coat and removing the keys from the ignition he made certain to pick up the large manila envelope lying on the passenger seat. It contained the duplicate copies of all his evidence. Taking a deep breath he prepared himself to face his wife. He wasn't quite sure if she would be his wife after today, but for the next few hours, she still belonged to him... at least in name.

Silently entering through the front door he quietly shut it. Then he began looking for Alicia. He didn't have far to search far before he found her in the Master bath room tub, bubbles up to her chin, soaking in her favorite bath oils and humming to her self. She was engrossed in a different world and didn't hear Gary enter their bedroom, or notice him peek inside the bathroom.

Before telling he was home, Gary looked over at the bed. A flash of color had caught his attention when he walked in the room and he turned to investigate it. Quietly moving away from the bathroom door, he moved over to her side of their bed. Laid out on the bed was a sexy little red dress that he hadn't seen her wear in ages, along with her blue and black lace undies neatly folded next to it. He wondered how she was planning to get out of the house in that outfit. He noticed an old faded yellow frozen food bag lying on the floor next to the bed. Walking over he picked it up and looked inside. His stomach flipped over. He hadn't been able to figure out how she kept her "special outfits" from him. Her little spaghetti strap sandals were already inside the bag; they were the ones she always wore with the red dress she had laid out. Buried below her sandals was a large zip lock plastic bag with a plain white bra and pair of white cotton panties, folded and sealed inside for her to wear when she came home.

'Gary stood shaking his head. Alicia had really thought things out; her job required detail and it carried over into her private life. So that's how she did it. Her outfit for the night was already inside the crumpled frozen food bag in the back of her car by the time I got home.' The thought ran through his mind like a run-a-way train.

'Oh well, ' he thought, 'life is going be different now, for both of us.'

He had to be careful, he was shaking so badly he could hardly keep the volatile anger building in side of him in check; it had been boiling just under the surface for days. Gary knew if he erupted it was going to do nothing but cause deeper wounds than already existed. They didn't need anymore pain to work through; this confrontation would be bad enough.

Gary placed the 8X10 photo of Alicia and her lover kissing in a local restaurant on top of the red dress lying out on the bed. He placed a second photo, the one with Rory's hands under her blouse, obviously all over her boobs while they kissed in "Rory's" living room, strategically on her dresser.

Sighing he went downstairs and headed for the kitchen to get a beer out of the refrigerator. Popping the can open he took several swigs before he continued to lay the other fifty or so photo's spreading them out like a collage on the coffee table in front of him. Having completed the task he leaned back on the couch and waited.

The waiting grated on his nerves. Gary finished two beers, made a trip to the second bathroom to relieve himself before sitting down on the couch with his third beer. Just as he planted himself and got comfortable, he heard Alicia's cry panicked shriek of discovery followed by deep sobs.

"Oh god, oh god, nooo! Please no!" He could hear the panic in her voice as she bawled.

Her sobs drowned out any other comprehendible words.

It only took moments for her to come stumbling downstairs. She was wearing a long, pale blue cotton bathrobe barely tied around her waist. Her hair was wrapped in a white towel atop her head. She ran directly into the living room only to stop dead in her tracks when she saw Gary sitting on the couch. Her face was flooded with tears, eyes puffy, and she was gasping for breath, as she tended to do when she cried hard. She stood frozen in place with her mouth open, eyes wide looking at him then at the group of photos on the coffee table and back to him again.

Gary's voice was soft with an edge of steel in it. "Hello wife. Preparing to go somewhere tonight?"

He let the sound of his voice linger in the air then disappear before he finished his statement. "I certainly hope not, I thought we should talk over some important issues together... like whether we are going to be a couple anymore by the end of the night."

Alicia's knees buckled. She hit the carpet hard causing her to fall forward onto her hands. She was suddenly crying convulsively, hardly able to hold herself up.

She kept whispering something that Gary had to strain to hear, "I'm so sorry, please don't leave me, it wasn't supposed to be this way, please forgive me."

Gary allowed her to cry out the first emotional outburst, then asked her in a calm steady voice, "Why Alicia, Why? I love you. Do you want a divorce? Do you want to put an end to us, so you can be with him? Tell me wife, what is it exactly that you want?"

Alicia jerked her head up and looked at him. Her eyes widened at the mention of the word divorce. Shaking her head vigorously back and forth, she vehemently signaled she didn't want a divorce.

"Then why did you do it? Don't I please you in bed? Don't I satisfy your needs anymore? Why? Please tell me why you are fucking some other guy!"

Alicia's head snapped backwards at his use of the "F" word. She had only heard him use it one other time since she had known him, and he had been extremely angry then, angry like he was now. He was trying hard not to allow that anger to surface but she could tell he was seething under that more or less calm exterior. She tried to talk but her words came out disjointed, her head was spinning, she was frightened and felt nauseous and confused.

"I, I didn't feel wanted, not sexy, unsure about you, about... us."

"What?" Gary roared.

She sat back on her butt and looked up at him, fear now obvious in her eyes. She drew back frightened he would attack her.

Recognizing why she was shrinking back from him, he spoke with crispness to his voice but without yelling, "Damn it. I'm sorry Alicia, I'm not going to touch you."

Gary knew when Alicia was frightened or nervous she couldn't talk coherently or for that matter think right. It would take her a while to calm down and think through what she had to say. The upside was, she was also too nervous to lie when she was like this.

Walking over to her he held out his hands to help her to her feet. She was shaking so badly she could hardly walk.

"Alicia," he said his voice still very stern. "I am going out for a couple of hours. I think you know I expect you to be here when I get back to talk over this situation, do you understand me."

His voice rose higher than he expected it to and he could see the dread in her eyes.

Helping her to the couch, he had her sit down. After making sure she was all right he went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and a towel so she could dry her eyes. Returning he held out the towel and placed the glass on the end table next to her.

He looked at her and said, "I'm sure you won't make me come and get you at Rory's house tonight."

Alicia's eyes grew wide at the mention of Rory's name, but she managed a strangled, "I'll be here."

Gary snarled, "At least this is one Thursday night that Rory won't have you."

Alicia mumbled out, "Never again," Her face showed her terror, "please don't divorce me... don't throw me away."

"We'll talk about that in a couple of hours." Turning he briskly walked out of the room. Throwing his car keys on the table after removing his house keys from his key ring he slammed the front door much louder than he meant to. He walked up the street to the strip mall to a small sports bar tucked in the corner that served some decent hot wings.

Ordering a pitcher of Killian Red and 24 hot wings, he sat in an end booth and brooded. After finishing his second beer from the pitcher, his fifth inside of an hour, his anger managed to reach its zenith. He mumbled and hissed to himself for the better part of the next forty-five minutes.

"What kind of dim-witted ideas were running around in that woman's brain, 'I didn't feel wanted, not sexy, unsure about you, about... us, '" he mocked.

"It's not like I did..."

His voice trailed off as he raised his head and stared out the window next to him. He sat unmoving for what seemed like forever as tears began to fall from his face. He didn't know what had triggered it, but as he sat there it suddenly came roaring back to him. He remembered with crystal clarity, the nine-week affair he had had a little over four years ago with Alicia's youngest sister, Kathleen. They had called it off after being together on five different occasions. They woke up and realized what their little game could cost them. Neither of them had any desire to hurt each other or more importantly, Alicia. The affair had been a horrible mistake, a foolish opportunistic tryst driven by pure animalistic lust between them. He finished the beer and the wings, paid his check and left for his home, his wife, his marriage.

Gary sat as his mind drifted back to four years earlier.

At Alicia's urging Gary had traveled 300 miles in order to help her sister, Kat, pack out of her dorm at college since she was going to be home for the summer. Alicia had a weekend job scheduled she couldn't get out of. Instead of leaving her little sister stranded she had sent Gary, her husband and Kat's buddy, as slave labor.

Gary remembered arriving at his motel and calling Alicia at work reaching her as she was heading out to the field for the next four days. He told her how much he missed her already and that he loved her before they hung up. He reminded her that he would see her in a few days and couldn't wait until they could be alone.

He showered and put on comfortable jeans and a polo shirt then using the directions Alicia had given him the day before he drove to Kat's place. Arriving just as the end of school party was really getting underway, he found the free flowing booze coupled with no food on his stomach, and so many young women all vying for his attention had his head spinning.

He could still remember the sounds and the smells as if they were yesterday; but just how things got going with Kat was a bit hazy. He remembered how she pulled him away from a group of coed's who were touching and rubbing all over him. Sometime later, he and Kat were kissing deep and long, their tongues exploring the insides of each other's mouths while their hands roamed shamelessly over each other's bodies.

Breaking from the kiss, Kat's lust filled eyes found his, "I know this is wrong but I want you Gary. I don't care if you are my sister's husband or not, I want you." If he had been drinking less he would have said no and left. It was not an excuse, just fact. As it was, He had enough liquid courage in him to act on the impulse to ravish this foxy young vixen in his arms.

All he said was "Lead the way little sister, I'm right behind you."

Kat grabbed his hand and pulled him upstairs to her room. Once she had them safely locked inside, she had her shirt and bra off in seconds.

Turning to face him she said with mischief in her voice, "Little sister is so naughty."

She didn't wait for his response before pulling him on the bed on top of her.

He remembered glimpses of that night as they thrashed about wildly quenching the passion that had sprung up, linking their bodies together. He recalled they had sex at least three times, but couldn't quite put everything together. Waking up the next morning, he found Kat riding his morning hardness. Never had he felt this kind of unbridled passion and lust from a woman before, not even from Alicia, and behind closed doors, his wife was a wildcat.

They had been extremely cautious during their affair; never trying to force time for them to be together. When they managed to be alone, they took advantage of it, but if there was even the slightest doubt someone might discover them, they wouldn't even try.

Gary had not sought out the affair but made little effort to get out of it. Months later they both had concluded it had to stop. The morning after their fifth rendezvous they coupled one last time then they agreed to end it before the person they both loved was hurt any more than she already had been. In the four years since that morning, he had been alone with Kat many times without anything every happening, both of them were sure it never would again.

Gary remembered how guilty he felt after each entanglement with Kat. It was difficult to even function with Alicia after being with Kat the first two times. He had a hard time facing his wife; afraid she would see through him. He took Alicia out more, bought her special little gifts, paid extra special attention to her, making her feel so special when he really only wanted to make himself feel better. It had been shortly after that she became pregnant with their daughter.

He shook himself back into the present as he stopped and stared at his front door of his house gathering his strength and thoughts before entering. Gary knew when he left the bar and he started for his house he would both forgive Alicia. If she wanted to come back to him, and he would do whatever he needed to make it all work out. His almighty male ego had ruled his thoughts through this whole situation and not once had he thought past the pain he had endured. Yes indeed, he would make this work.

Opening the front door, he saw Alicia was standing in the foyer. Entering he gave the door a quick kick with his foot closing it.

Putting out his arms to his wife he said, "Alicia, I Love You."

With a heartfelt, "Oh god yes," bursting out of her lips she ran to him and jumped into his arms holding him with a vice like grip, her arms around his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist. Gary held her close to him for several minutes before he gently lowered her to the ground. Catching her gaze he raised her chin towards him and asked, "Do you want me, our marriage, and our family?"

"Yes, oh god yes, that's all I want my love."

"Then this affair has to stop as of right now."

Nodding she replied, "I told him it was over, when I saw him last Monday night. I promise you, never again."

"Then I want you to come back to me and our family. We'll find the right people to help us heal from this sickness." His tears were flowing down his face, matching hers.

She nodded again, "As I come back to you I want you to promise me one thing."

Gary nodded, thinking 'Ok, she'll want me to keep away from her now ex-lover.'

She looked him in the eyes, the pain and fear of the afternoon etched in her face. "Promise me if I take you back, you will quit screwing my sister, and that you'll never do it again... please!"

Gary's eyes widened, color faded from his face, as he slowly nodded yes. He tried to speak, but nothing would come out. He moved to a chair near the front door, sitting down with a hard thud.

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