Jim and Sharon
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband finds out that payback can be a bitch... a wife discovers care should be used in revenge.

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Our kids were gone now. Off living their lives, either in college or out on their own. Sharon and I had gotten married right out of high school. My name is Jim. This is my story of how I messed up my marriage, and how we ended up living the life we do now.

Sharon had always been a very beautiful lady. Her long black hair cascaded down around her shoulders, enhancing her body as she walked or stood. We dated through high school and after graduation, during my first year in college, we got married.

Our sex life while often, was not probably as exciting as most people's. Sharon didn't care to perform orally on me, usually I felt lucky to get a lick or two and a real good hot night would entail her actually letting me into her mouth a little ways.

Mostly our sex was missionary position and once in a long while, if she was really worked up, maybe doggie style. I think she was more concerned that she didn't appear to be slutty or liking sex too much. Proper being a key word in her thinking.

Anyway, we loved each other, so the sex really wasn't an issue between us. If I pressed, she would almost always offer herself up to me. No bad feeling or anger either. Our love for each other giving us respect for each other too. There were times when I wanted to try something, but didn't out of deference to her.

Life went on and one day I realized that I was forty eight years old, and hadn't experienced many things that I always dreamed of doing. I guess I went a bit middle-aged crazy. I had gotten a bit... well, I had a paunch over my belt line and some large love handles.

In my desire to change or capture some kind of youth I had missed, I decided to start working out. I joined a gym near where I worked and began to work out four times a week. I became a serious body builder in a matter of three weeks, really trying my best to change my shape and get fit too.

In the process of my workouts I obtained a trainer to assist me. My work life was boring and I am sure that it had showed since I had been passed over for the last three promotions. I felt like I had little to lose, and my workouts provided me a way to escape the painful knowledge that I wasn't going to go up to where I had dreamed of being. I guess the whole thing between Sharon and I started about four or five months after I started to work out. I began to notice a difference in my energy levels and I began to see a bit of change in my shape. The amount I worked out seemed to become longer the closer I came to achieving my goals.

My trainer had become a ghost. He would be there if I became stuck in a routine or if I needed a boost, but mostly I was now on my own. I had built up a confidence that I had been lacking for quite some time. I was feeling pretty damn good all around.

One day I stood in front of the mirrors at the gym and was giving myself a critical once over, looking to see what needed more work. This young lady came up behind me and stood looking at me too. She was about the same height as Sharon, and had dark hair too.

Other than that, her body was tight and toned, very athletic. Her breasts, while smaller than my wife's, still had a nice shape to them. I could see her hard little nipples sticking out under her skin tight warm up suit.

She admired my body and made a few comments to me about it, causing me to blush. I was probably old enough to be her father, and I could see that she was coming on to me even in spite of our age differences.

Over the course of the next few weeks she was around when I was almost constantly. Eventually she asked me if I would spot for her as she used free weights. Since that seemed like an innocent enough request I did.

Of course, she soon had me doing free weights. I had been using machines only and not needing assistance at all that way, but her knowledge of free weights and her enthusiasm captured my attention. She showed me the proper ways to lift and pretty soon we were working out together, spotting each other as we did.

I'd come home from the gym upbeat and even though a bit tired from the workouts, wanting to chase Sharon around the house. She was getting a bit tired of my daily pressure for sex. I guess my energy levels had begun to change my needs sexually and I forgot that Sharon wasn't in shape like I was.

Matter of fact she had let herself go quite a bit after the last baby. Her tummy had a paunch and she was carrying quite a few extra pounds on her hips and sides too. I could still see the beauty I had married years ago, but she was hiding it for the most part.

One night we had a fight of sorts over sex. A first for us. I came home and wanted to play and Sharon had enough. She read me the riot act over my increasing sex drive and how tired she was taking care of the house. I fired off something about her body and how she had let herself go too far. I felt bad as I slept on the couch that night. I had hurt her feelings not meaning to.

A week later, at the gym, Gwen, my workout partner began to come on a bit more. I didn't notice it at first. Then one night she actually rubbed against my cock with her hand as I was lifting a bench press. She straddled over my chest to spot me, claiming it was better for her to do it that way.

As I began to lift her hand dropped as she bent down lower and I felt her rubbing my cock. I got hard almost instantly. I was struggling to set the weights down on the catches as she continued to stroke me through my shorts. I heard her laugh as the weights went onto the pegs.

She had managed to get my cock outside of my shorts and was pretending to cover me with her hands. What she was doing was stroking me as I tried to get out from under the bar to stop her. I banged my head pretty hard and laid back down. She lowered her body down onto my chest and I found myself trapped.

Her back to me, she played with my cock for a bit them tucked it away back in my shorts.

"It looks like it needs some attention Jim. It's so hard and purple. I'll bet it hasn't seen a nice tight pussy in a long time has it?"

"I'm not going to answer that. What are you trying to do? You know I am married. I can't..."

"Oh come on Jim. We're both adults here. I have been trying to get you to come on to me and then I realized that I was going to have to take matters into my own hands... so to speak. I can tell you want me. Look how hard you are."

"My wife... look what you did could get any man hard. Yes it felt kinda good, but I'm happily married and..."

"Happily? Come on Jim. This isn't about your marriage. It's about our needs. You know we both want this. I want your hard cock just as much as you want my tight little pussy. It won't hurt for us to check each other out one time. Live a little."

"I can't. I love my wife. I can't cheat on her."

"Don't you find me attractive Jim?"

"Well... yes, but..."

"I see you looking at my tits when you don't think I can see you. I know you want to lick and suck them. Don't you?"

"Yes but..."

"Haven't you also checked out my pussy outline quite a bit too? I see you licking your lips from time to time when you stare at my crotch."

"Yeah, well those tight clothes..."

"Tight to show you what I have to offer you Jim. I have wanted you for a long time. Come here baby, let me show you what I want."

She took my hand and led me out to her car. She pressed against me as we stood outside and ran her hands over my chest and down to my cock. She squeezed my shaft and then undid her top to release her breasts. I couldn't help myself.

Before I knew what had happened, we were in her car, fucking hard and fast. Her pussy was so tight and wet I marveled at just how it felt. Her tongue was busy in my mouth as I rammed into her. Her hands busy caressing my body.

Afterwards, sitting side by side in the back seat she nestled her head under my head and lightly kissed my chest, licking my nipples and then sucking on them a bit. I found my hands caressing her breasts, feeling her firmness and her hard little nipples, still begging for more.

She drove us to her place, which was just a few blocks away and we spent an hour in her bed, fucking. After the second time we laid together and rested a bit. I got up to go back to the gym and as I stood Gwen sat up and took my cock into her mouth.

I stood there and watched as she began to suck my cock like a pro. I had never had a blowjob like this before. Her lips were tight on my shaft as she would go down, taking me all the way inside her hot mouth, then she would slowly raise up, letting my cock slide ever so gently through her lips. She was savoring every inch of me, looking into my eyes as she did.

It didn't take long and I was warning her I was about to cum. Instead of pulling off, she grabbed the cheeks of my ass and really began to jam her head up and down on my shaft. I began to cum when her lips were on my balls, and she didn't stop or pull off a bit. I shot my load deep into her throat, a first for me ever.

As I drove home I felt guilty and ashamed. I had cheated on my loving and faithful wife. I had also had the best sex I had ever had too. I was torn for a while and almost told Sharon at one point. I then decided that would hurt her too much. I was going to treat this as a one time fling and never do it again.

Except, I didn't. The next time I went to work out Gwen and I ended up at her place again. We had more hot sex... Gwen let me cum in her mouth again, and I got to lick and suck on her pussy too. After a few weeks it was the rule rather than an exception. I forgot about my earlier feelings of guilt. I felt like quite the stud too.

One night we were having sex and I took a small break to clean up a bit. As I came out of the bathroom Gwen met me at the door, still naked. She jumped up into my arms and as I grabbed her bottom, her legs went around my back. I felt her pussy slipping along my cock, inhaling me to her depths. We fucked standing up like that until we both came.

It was the most memorable sex I had ever had up until that night. As I left her place I saw a familiar car across the street. It was an old friend and his wife. I had been caught. I sweated it out for a month, then decided that they hadn't realized who it was they saw coming out of Gwen's place. Boy was I wrong about that.

They had not only seen it was me, they had put two and two together. His wife called Sharon, who knew about it for six months before dropping the bomb on me one night. I sat in my house, feeling the hurt and pain I had caused my loving wife and not being able to fix it. I felt as low as I had ever felt. I was sure I had lost her with my crazy middle-age crisis.

If I had known the can of worms I had opened up by cheating on Sharon, I would have never done it. Even though I had enjoyed it, the pain I had seen in my wife's face had cut me deep. I hadn't thought or even given a little thought to how it would hurt her. I had only thought about my pleasures.

What happened was one night soon after that fateful night, Sharon mentioned that she wanted to get back into shape. She told me that after seeing me get so much energy and begin to look so studly again, she wanted to do the same. I encouraged her, since I saw it as a winning situation for me.

Then she told me she wanted to go to a different gym. One closer to our home. I tried to get her to go to the one I went to, hoping that would help me to stop my fling with Gwen. Sharon insisted that she wanted to go workout by herself instead.

I next tried to talk her into letting me go to that gym and we could work out together. Sharon wouldn't budge on that either. She told me that she wanted to workout by herself that I would be a distraction.

I went along with her, hoping that I would be able to either get her to switch or that I would switch to her gym. What I didn't know was that Sharon already knew about Gwen and I and she had a plan to get even.

The first thing I did notice was that our sex life dropped to nil. All that meant was that I was going to Gwen more and more. Had I known that Sharon wasn't having sex with me because of my cheating, I would have quit and hoped for her to forgive me. I still did, after all, love my wife.

I was confused by how it all happened. I know that I should have been much stronger in my resistance and probably even quit going to that gym. I know that Gwen was just out for some sex, no strings attached. She liked older married men because they didn't kiss and tell. They also didn't want to marry her either.

I was an easy mark and Gwen put out the right words and actions to lure me in. I was willingly led into her web. I am not excusing my actions, what I did was wrong and so hurtful to the one person I loved most in life. I was the lowest form of life and felt so too. Only my knowledge came too late for both of us. The damage was done.

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