Naughty Couselor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ron Samuelson is a counselor who has a problem with becoming involved with his female patients.

Ron Samuelson had been a counselor for nearly 10 years. He'd gotten his degree in counseling and then opened his practice with four other counselors to get his professional feet on the ground. After five years with the counseling firm, Ron moved out into another office area in the same town and put his shingle out as an independent counselor working in areas of marital and family counseling as a specialty.

Ron immediately had more families and individuals calling for counseling appointments than he had hours in the day. As a result, within only a matter of months, Ron's counseling practice was booming but he was at home with his young wife less and less. She kept telling him that if he didn't cut back on work time and start paying more attention to her, she would leave him. Sure enough, one evening when Ron came home from the office, his young wife, Jane, had packed her bags and left him. The divorce papers followed within a matter of weeks and Ron found himself single again.

Ron finally got himself in some difficulty one afternoon when he had an attractive young woman, Brittany, who came alone to see him about her marriage and her husband's unwillingness to make love to her. She was a very pretty young brunette, nicely built, and pretty well endowed in the chest area and Ron found himself very drawn to her sexually as he fought to try to remain detached and just counsel her regarding her marital difficulties. As Ron sat talking to Brittany, he found himself getting very turned on as he looked at the sexy young wife and heard her saying that her husband wouldn't make love to her anymore. He found himself wondering what fucking idiot would neglect a sexy young woman like Brittany and then before he knew it, Ron was figuring out how he could go about fucking Brittany himself right there in his counseling office without anyone knowing about it.

Ron sat looking at Brittany as he tried to make her share about her husband, herself and her marital problems while he basically undressed her with his eyes. He loved the sexy dark brown bust-emphasizing sweater she'd worn and he loved how her nice big breasts pressed out sexily against it. He found himself wondering what style of bra she wore underneath it and if she was wearing bikini panties or a thong or whatever underneath the skirt she had on. Ron had Brittany talking pretty freely and he began to turn their exchange of comments more towards intimate and less professional topics although he felt sure she had no idea that he was venturing into forbidden territory for a counselor and one of his female clients.

"And you're saying that your husband hasn't shown you any attention or intimacy in how long, Brittany?" Ron asked as she stood and walked over to where the attractive young woman sat as she'd talked to him.

"He hasn't made a move towards caressing me, kissing me, much less making love to me in at least 4 or 5 months," Brittany said as Ron could see the tears beginning to pool at the corners of her eyes. His heart ached as he felt how much Brittany's husband had hurt her by neglecting her sexually, but at the same time, he felt his cock aching in his groin as he thought about what a stupid man Brittany's husband was to neglect such an attractive and vibrant young woman when she would obviously have fucked his brains out if given half a chance.

Ron walked behind the chair where Brittany sat and while she continued to talk, he stood looking down over her head where her legs were spread out in front of her. Then, he leaned over, allowing his hand to graze over her dark brown hair on her head, as he continued talking softly and reassuringly to her. He felt her finally responding to his words by pushing her head against his hand as he stroked her hair, and then Ron reached down, pulling Brittany up to her feet. He stood there looking into the young wife's eyes, seeing the pain and hurt she'd been expressing in words and as she stood facing him, he noticed how nicely her rounded breasts pushed against her sweater.

"Brittany, we'll need sometime in the future to bring you and your husband together for some joint husband/wife marital counseling but this afternoon I need to do some more emergency work with you," Ron said as he tried to rationalize what he was about to do with this young woman. "You're in a very fragile state of need and I want to amek sure you don't experience a collapse from your husband's marital neglect," Ron said. He stood there, knowing that Brittany could see a huge erection in his pants if she happened to look down at his groin. He reached up, cupping both of his hands on Brittany's sexy full breasts and he waited to see how she responded to his unexpected touch of her body. Brittany looked into his eyes and he thought he saw a look of panic and then he saw a look that told him she was actually trusting him and releasing herself into his hands. She trusted him not to hurt her any further. Ron squeezed Brittany's breasts in his hands, and then he reached down, grabbing the hem of her sweater and pulling it up to her chin, fully exposing the demi-bra encased breasts underneath it. Then, Ron reached down, unhooking her skirt and removing it, leaving Brittany with her bra and a thong panty only, her sweater bunched up at her neck.

"Relax, Brittany, I'm not going to hurt you at all," Ron said as he tired to comfort her and reassure her that he was going to do something very good to her. He leaned over, kissing Brittany's hard nipple underneath the cup of her bra while he reached behind her back, finding her bra clasp and undoing it, and then easing her bra cups up and off of her rounded tits. He hooked his fingers in her thong, removing it, and then Ron quickly unfastened his belt and removed his pants. With only his briefs on below his waist, he helped Brittany move to the nearby couch, and he helped her lie back, spreading her legs so he could have ready access to her naked pussy.

"Ron, what are you going to do?" Brittany asked with a slight note of uncertainty and nervousness in her voice. "What do you have me undressed for?"

Without answering, Ron dove his face in between Brittany's splayed thighs and he quickly had his mouth on her horny young pussy. He knew she'd be putty in his hands if her husband wasn't showing her any attention and he knew as soon as he started eating her pussy that she'd melt in his attentions. He was exactly right. As soon as Ron's mouth touched Brittany's pussy, she began moaning and her hands were soon behind his head, pulling his mouth tightly against her hot wet pussy. It took almost no time for Ron to begin eating Brittany's pussy until he could tell from her fingers clasping his head firmly that it felt very good and then that she was actually cumming. He kept licking and kissing her pussy and she came a second time under his mouth and fingers.

When Ron had given Brittany two orgasms, he stood, slipped his briefs off, and stroked his hard cock a few times to give Brittany a chance to catch her breath. Then, he moved his cock in between Brittany's legs, rubbed his cockhead in her hot wet pussy and when his cockhead was lubed, he aimed it straight up inside her horny pussy and pushed forward. Brittany moaned lustily when she felt Ron's big hard thick cock penetrating her pussy and she spread her legs further apart for him, grabbing his naked asscheeks and pulling him forcefully deep inside her waiting horny pussy. Ron no sooner had his cock deep inside Brittany's sexy young body than she began to orgasm again. He kept on drilling her hot tight young cunt with his big cock and in only 10 minutes, he slammed his cock fully into her pussy and came hotly inside her, spurting his cumload deep inside her pussy.

Then, Ron pulled out and as he cleaned Brittany and himself up, he asked her if she felt better and would she be ready for another counseling session the next week. Brittany responded, "I think I'll need another session by this Friday, Ron."

to be continued

The Naughty Counselor, part 2

By Tom Land

Ron couldn't believe what he'd done the day before. Yes, he'd definitely been getting more and more horny from no longer having a wife at home to have sex with at night. But, did that justify him taking such liberties with a client that he'd actually put his hands on her, seduce her, and then undress her and fuck his big hard cock into her pussy? He knew if anyone ever discovered what he'd done, he'd be dead meat. He had to figure out some way to ensure that no one ever found out what he and his female client had experienced with each other.

While Ron sat there in his counseling office trying to figure out how to keep from being caught in what he'd carelessly done the day before, he found himself starting to think about another of his female clients that was coming by for a session in a couple of hours. Misty was one hot sexy young blonde wife, and she'd called and asked if he could give her some counseling about her messed up marriage. Ron had readily slipped her into his schedule and now he was sitting there enjoying a raging hardon that he had growing in his pants from thinking about how sexy and luscious looking Misty was.

Ron finally made sure his secretary was busy with some "make work" assignments he'd given her and he got his pants unfastened, and was sitting there at his desk, his hand wrapped firmly around his cock as he started jacking off, totally consumed by his increasingly erotic fantasies about having Misty there alone and vulnerable in his counseling office. "Ah, yeah, Misty, you hot sexy blonde slut," Ron said as he stood up from his chair, bending over and continuing to stroke himself as he imagined it was Misty's hand or mouth or her pussy that was fitted so snugly around his insistent hardon. Ron was getting so into his jacking off with his next client in his mental fantasies that he almost brought himself off. Finally, just as he felt the pressure growing leading to his ejaculation, he stopped his hand and fought the feeling that he was going to cum. He knew if he wasn't careful, he would shoot but he wanted to fuck Misty when she came to talk to him, and he wanted his cumload to be a full and powerful one. If he actually jacked himself off, he knew she'd get less than his best cumload.

Ron kept his hand wrapped firmly around his hardon, and he looked down, loving the realization that his cock was already leaking a huge drop of pre-cum. Yeah, he knew he was fucking horny but now there was no doubt. He was primed for a hot fuck and his next hot pussy was right between his next client's shapely legs. He could hardly wait for Misty to arrive so he could get her on her back, spread her thighs and bury his big horny dick right up inside her hot sexy married pussy. Before he felt himself reaching the point where he knew there would be no stopping himself from cumming, Ron finally stopped stroking his dick and got it safely back in his briefs and made himself look presentable. He was ready for Misty's arrival and counseling session now.

Thirty minutes later, Misty showed up for her 50-minute session of counseling. Ron knew Misty had given birth to a baby girl only 4 months earlier but he also knew that some months before she'd reached fullterm and given birth, her husband had begun neglecting her sexually. Misty had some major issues going with her own sexual needs and desire to be loved by her husband and the burden of the new baby and no man to meet her needs as a healthy sexual woman.

When Misty came into his office, Ron fought the almost instant erection he felt starting in his pants. He'd been horny from his earlier jacking off session, and when he saw Misty, her appearance started getting him aroused all over again. It wasn't that Misty looked all that hot, but the telltale signs of her own sexiness and beauty were all he needed to fire his illicit lusty passions. For one thing, the minute Misty took her coat off, Ron could clearly see both of her nipples pointing out hard against the cups of her bra underneath the top she was wearing. He knew she must still be nursing her new baby, and Ron knew that any woman still nursing and feeding a new baby had nipples that were much more sensitive and easier aroused than the normal woman's. His cock started flinching in his pants as he showed her over to a seat on the couch along the office wall. Ron sat down in a nearby chair and tried to conceal his growing erection for a little while until he was ready for Misty to know how much she turned him on.

"What seems to be the problem, Misty?" Ron asked. In no time at all, Ron found tears appearing in Misty's eyes and he could hear the distress in her voice that her husband wasn't interested in her sexually anymore.

"He never wants to make love with me, and I'm so horny that I could scream sometimes," Misty said. She moved around on the couch a bit to get more comfortable, and Ron loved how her full rounded breasts, probably somewhat larger than they normally were since she was nursing, pressed out more firmly against the material of her top. He loved how her short blonde hair that was nicely cut and styled framed her pretty face, and Ron quickly realized that he was going to make his overt move on Misty very shortly.

Misty continued to talk and as she seemed almost lost in having someone listen to her finally, Ron got up, walked over and sat down next to Misty on the couch. He looked into her pretty blue eyes, and he let his eyes roam down over her fully dressed body. Fully dressed for the moment but she wasn't going to stay that way for very much longer.

"Misty, it sounds like you've come to a major crisis point in your life, and I'm so pleased that you've come to me," Ron said. "So many women have similar experiences but a lot of them turn to prescription drugs, or even get suicidal because they think they're no longer sexy and attractive to any man," Ron continued. "I want to show you that you're even sexier now than you were before you got pregnant," he said as he moved closer to Misty.

Misty looked into Ron's eyes as though she was only hearing him for the first time. He stared into her eyes and then he let her see his gaze move slowly down from her face until his eyes were focused on her rounded tits with their twin peaks poking out hard against her bra and top. "You are a very pretty and very sexy woman, Misty," Ron said. He leaned over, and covered both of her breasts with his hands. He knew he had as much chance of Misty smacking him as he did of her responding to him in the way he was hoping for. Misty's eyes began to tear up even more and Ron could feel his cock growing even harder as he realized he'd struck gold.

"That's the first time I've had a man's hands on my breasts in more months than I can remember, Ron," Misty said. She pressed her breasts against the touch of his hands on her breasts, and Ron could almost imagine Misty naked with him already. She began to quietly weep as his hands began to knead her twin breasts through her top, and then Ron let his hands slide down and up under her top. He figured a sexy woman like Misty probably wore front-closure bras, and he was right on the mark. He found the clasp of her nursing bra in front, quickly undid it and he pulled her top up over her breasts and gathered it at her neck. Then, as Ron could see that Misty was going to give him no resistance at all, he stood and undid his belt, unzipped his pants and he pulled his briefs off to finally reveal to Misty's gazing eyes the huge erection he'd had in his pants since she'd arrived.

With Misty's full milk-filled breasts bared and his cock bobbing in the air, Ron reached down, grabbing the hem of Misty's short skirt and he pulled it up to her waist, leaving her sitting there with only her black lacy thong panty covering her groin. Ron caught the whiff of a sexy aroused hot pussy as he pulled Misty's thong panty off and then spread her legs to position her for the hot fuck he was going to deliver to her. He loved seeing that Misty had a smoothly shaved pussy. He could see she'd done as much as she could to attract her husband's attentions, and now he was going to be the lucky beneficiary of his neglect.

"What do you want me to do?" Misty asked, probably trying to either be as willing and compliant with Ron as she could, or acting like she really didn't know what he had on his mind so she could claim later that he'd seduced her totally to her surprise.

"I want you to spread your legs, Misty, and help me guide my cock inside your pussy," Ron said. He wrapped his hand around his engorged hardon and he aimed the full swollen head of his cock straight up into the baby-smooth pink lips of Misty's hot horny pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, ohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm," Misty moaned as she felt Ron's big thick cock spreading her pussy lips that hadn't been penetrated by anything but her own fingers in months. She was so horny she could hardly stand it. Misty spread her legs even further apart as she felt Ron's thickness entering and spreading her pussy and when he felt the hot wetness of her pussy beginning to take his cock inside, Ron pushed firmly, feeling her take several inches inside on the first thrust. Ron pulled out slightly and then he thrust his ass forward, feeling his entire cock buried inside Misty's tight young pussy on the second penetrating thrust.

"Yes, fuck me, Ron, fuck me, please," Misty moaned and within just a few more in and out thrusts, she began to orgasm with his cock rampaging in an dout of her hot tight pussy. Ron felt his cock amply lubed up with Misty's wetness and when he established a rhythm of his hard dick pounding the sexy young wife's needy cunt, Ron bent over, taking Misty's left breast in his hand and he guided the nipple straight between his waiting lips.

"Oh yeah, suck my breasts, yes, yes," Misty moaned. She felt Ron's hungry mouth close over the fullness of her aroused nipple and within just a few sucks, her tit began rewarding him with a full sweet stream of her ample mother's milk. Misty threw her head back, relishing the feel of having her pussy well fucked and feeling her lactating titties delivering a snack of her mother's milk to Ron's hard continual suckling.

Ron kept pounding his cock in and out of Misty's hot pussy and then he felt himself on the verge of orgasm. Just as he moaned he was going to cum, Misty started to orgasm again, and Ron switched his lips to her right nipple, sucking it hard and firm as he felt his jism exploding deep inside her hot tight pussy. Misty kept cumming and then Ron pulled his cock out and slid down to suck Misty's pussy that now had his cum leaking from it. With his mouth on her pussy, Misty came a third time and then Ron turned Misty over onto the couch, her face buried in it as he moved behind her naked ass, and he guided his cock inside her hot pussy lips again, quickly settling inside her and started to ardently fuck her again. He kept pounding in and out, cupping her lactating breasts in his hands, until he felt himself ejaculating and he kept his cock buried inside her until the last spasm of jism had ended. Then, he kissed Misty's naked ass and helped her get dressed.

Before Misty left his office, Ron said, "Misty, I'll expect you this same time next week." She smiled willingly as she turned to leave.

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