Doggy love

by Canius Swiss

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Zoophilia, Bestiality, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Billy Johnston a High school student is all set to give up on women since everyone is seemingly taken. He adopts a horny Collie bitch and 'marries it'. Then he gets a few suprises when he goes to Chemistry class and a party. Has he found his Human soul mate as well?

16 year old Billy Johnston comes home from school. He is so pissed at how lousy his day went. "Damn this sucks." Horny as hell, he throws his book bag on his bedroom floor and slams his bedroom door.

"Is it me or does everyone have someone they can fuck but me."

Bouncing on his bed, he kicks off his shoes. "I go to school and everyone has a partner they can fuck. I mean it's bad enough that all the jocks have babes to screw, but come on. Many of the Cheerleaders are doing each other!"

Fighting back tears, he gets undressed. "I am so tired of jerking off. What else can I do?" Throwing his shirt on the floor, he sighs and feels like giving up "I mean what girl would want to fuck me?" Blowing his nose, he whimpers.

As he gets naked, Billy thinks of all the stories he has read on line. "Well those bestial ones are pretty cool." he reasons. "What? Should I just say fuck it and buy a dog to fuck?"

Growing a good hard on, he tells himself "It'll be a great idea A horny dog that I can fuck whenever I want to fuck." "Oh come on!" he snarls back "Has my life gotten so fucked up that I am gonna buy a dog to fuck!"

After musing for a moment, he gets up and gets dressed. "Well OK! I'll go get a dog to fuck. But this is pretty pathetic! I mean buying a DOG for sex."

At the pound, Billy looks over all the big dogs. When he walks past them, their barking and yipping becomes deafening. They all leap up from the floor and climb the wired gates to get to him.

As he passed by the jumping dogs, he can feel his cock tent his pants "Some of these dogs are pretty hot!" he grins. "I mean I can see their dark wet pussies and man I would love to ram my cock in there!"

Just then he sees the loveliest Collie bitch in the place. She blinks her dark blue eyes. Staring in his eyes, she whimpered and walked from side to side. Seeing her soft furry side, he dreamed of caressing her soft fur and rubbing her clean chest. He stops and stares into her pleading eyes. "Well hello!" he smiles and winks at her. "I can't believe I am making a pass at her." He snickers.

Crouching down, he puts his face to the wire fence. Sensing how horny he is, she sticks her nose through the fence and wags her tail hard. As her tail hits the wire floor, He can hear the loud deafening thwapping.

Whispering, he coos "Would you like to come to my place and have some fun?" Smiling in response, she sticks her tongue through the fence. Responding to the tongue, he pressed his tongue against hers.

Reluctantly Billy pulls away and heads for any coworker nearby. "That's the one I want!" he grins and points at her. He prayed no one would notice his tent in his pants that cover his raging hard on.

After paying for her, they go to his place. "Damn I am horny!" he snickers as she leads him to his house. It is almost as if she knows where he lives. Not only that, she literally dragged him as she has taken the lead. Staring at her tight ass and wet pussy, Billy's hard on tents his pants and makes it hard to walk. "Why I think she wants to fuck me as much as I want to fuck her!" he laughs silently.

At his place, he points upstairs. "It's the first door on the right." He tells her. Her claws hitting the steps made a loud noise in the empty house Dragging behind her, he stumbled on the steps "Whoa be careful!" He laughs at her. "I hope you don't mind fucking me?" He asks her as he opens the bedroom door.

Turning around, she stares in his eyes. The look in her eyes told him that she wanted it too. "Man you are wonderful." He tells her as he undoes her leash "I mean you want to fuck me and that is so rare these days."

In his bedroom, he locked his bedroom door. Billy kicks off his shoes and they flew across the room. "Damn I need this so much."

"I'll call you Angel OK?" Angel grinned and leaped on his bed. "I think you like that name." Barking in reply, she had a grin on her face.

As he takes off his shirt, she barked again and wagged her tail wildly. "So you want a show?"

Barking again, she sniffed and blinked her eyes. Then she barked again as her tail thump his bed. "OK love I hope I look sexy to you." Slowly peeling off his shirt, she stared mesmerized at his handsome young chest. Flinging his shirt on the floor, he approached her and let her sniff his chest. Barking in response, she started licking his chest with small licks. "Oh Man!" he groaned as he felt her warm tongue caress his chest "That feels good!" he smiled. He reached over and skritched her ears. She tilted her head and bark, as she loved the attention he gave her.

Then she raised her head and started kissing him. Pressing her tongue in his mouth, she closing his eyes and kissed him deeply. He opened his mouth and kissed back. Their tongues meshed and connected as he kneeled down and sighed in passion.

After a moment of passionate kissing, he slowly peeled off his pants. "I hope you like cocks!" he teased as he peeled off his underwear. Responding to his teasing, she craned her head down and eagerly wanted to see his cock. "I think you might like it." He jiggled his cock and balls in front of her face. "I mean I worry that the sight of my cock and balls might scare you off. I mean do I look sexy?" His trembling voice cracked a little as he stood up. Standing up, he shoved his cock and balls in her face. "Enjoy love it's all yours." Nervously, he stood there and let her at it.

Sniffing, she drinks in his hard on cock. "Oh yes love!" he whimpered "I hope you like it cuz it's all I got!"

Responding to his whimpering, she slowly licked his cock tip. His eyes got wide as he skritched her neck. "Oh yes love I just want you to like me and my cock!" He tearfully begged.

Her tail slapped the bed as she slid his cock in her mouth. Then giving it a few warm licks, she let it slide out of her mouth. Then she licked his cock all over like a cone. Her tongue caressed his cock slowly as she closed her eyes. Panting, she got closer and pressed her cold nose against his dangling balls. "Oh baby that feels so good!" he closed his eyes and rubbed her face all over. "Don't stop."

Sliding his cock out of his mouth, she barked and looked at him. Groaning, He felt his cock stay good and hard as it wiggled in the air. "Oh love please lick my cock more!" he begged. "Suck me off!"

Whimpering, she turned around and showed him her wetting pussy. Shaking her ass, she looked in his eyes pleading for a good hard fuck.

"Oh I am sorry love!" He leaped on the bed and got in a 69 position. "You just want a good hard fuck don't you? Tel you what. You suck my cock and I'll eat your pussy. I read enough porn to know what to do!"

Stuffing his cock in her face, he placed her on top of him. Shoving her pussy in his face, He started tracing her pussy lips with her fingers. "You smell great!" he smiled. "You smell so delicious. I just want to eat this pussy all day!"

Closing her eyes, Angel started sniffing his cock again. Then she licked his cock slowly. Her red wet tongue covered it and slowly went over it from the cock base to the cock tip.

"Oh Fuck yes!" He called out as he wiggled his cock in the air. "Thank you Angel my angel! That feels so good!" He slowly licked her wet pussy lips. "This tastes so good!" he smiled as he kept licking every part of her pussy lips. "It smells so good too!" Slowly, he focused all his energy on tasting her pussy and licking her lips. He kept licking her pussy lips over and over as his tongue tasted her juices. In response, she pressed her pussy in his face, as his licking became more and more intense. "Damn I never knew pussy juice can taste so good."

After a few good licks of his tasty hard cock, Angel barked and pelvic thrust her pussy in his face. "What do you need a cock?" Angel barked. "You want a good fuck from me don't you?" Angel whined in response. Then, barking again, she whined and pressed her pussy in his face again.

Carefully putting her next to her, he whispered "I am new at this fucking thing. So I am a cherry. Be patient OK Love?"

Licking his face, she barked in response and wagged her tail hard. He read her movements and knew she was ready for him.

"OK love I am gonna put this cock in you. I hope I do it right!"

Slowly he got behind her. Wiggling his cock around her pussy lips, he whispered "Ready?"

Barking in reply, her wet pussy lips slowly swallowed his hard cock.

"Oh yes!" he called out as his cock buried in her tight pussy. "That feels wonderful!" He grunted, as it felt great to have her wetting pussy rub against his hard thick cock. "Oh man that fucking feels great!" he called out as he slid his cock in her tight pussy and slowly pulling it out.

Barking in reply, she started humping his cock. She thrust herself on his cock and slowly let it slide out a little.

"Oh man this is awesome." He grunted, as he slid his cock in her again. "Oh shit!" he called out as he held on to her waist and fucked her passionately.

Closing his eyes, he panted and forced his cock in her tight pussy. "Oh yes!" sliding his cock out of her pussy, he closed his eyes and rubbed her smooth furry waist. "Love this feels so great!"

Barking, she panted and humped his cock passionately. Each time she felt his cock deep in her, she growled in passion. Then she ruffed and panted as she adjusted herself so that his cock will go deep in her.

"You want it too don't you? You want me to fuck you until you cum!" She barked like she was saying, "Yes!"

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