Tigress Wife

by Canius Swiss

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Zoophilia, Bestiality, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Billy Johnston was having a rotten life. His wife Donna was cheationg on him. His work life was depressing. Then when his friend James showed him the new Tigress that is at the Zoo, things picked up.

Billy was driving himself to his friend James' new job, the Zoo as a caretaker. He zig zags through the dark streets. "God my life sucks" he moaned as he pulls in the parking lot. "My wife is having an affair and my job sucks. I think I am getting passed over for a promotion."

Billy got out of his car as James poked out of a doorway and waves to him "Here but be quiet! I don't want anyone finding out."

The loud BEEP echoed the parking lot as Billy locked his car up. His shoes echoed as he runs to the door. "What is it? What's the surprise."

They passed by all the cages as James walked him through the zoo. "Hey since things are quiet in the evenings, we are seeing a lot more entertainment."

"What do you mean," Billy inquirers.

Billy felt James nudge his chest as James winks at him "You know."

"You mean sex!" Billy wows

"Yea. The Head manager is doing the gorillas. Some of the crew members are doing the sheep too." He fidgets nervously at that comment.

"Is anyone fucking the Tigers and lions?" Billy seemly brightens up at that comment.

"No one is that brave! Or stupid." James gives Billy a dirty look.

"Well they haven't met me yet!" Billy struggles to walk as he gets a noticeable tent in his pants.

They approach the tiger's cage. There in each cage were tigers galore. Male Tigers were on their backs asleep. The female tigers were grooming themselves. Then Billy stared at the one closest to the door. "Wow"

She stared back at him. They connected as they stared at each other. Billy swears that he can sense what she is feeling inside. "Oh man." He can feel the lust building inside her.

The Tigress got up and paced back and forth in her cage. She had a crazed look in her eyes as she stared hard in Billy's eyes.

Billy slowly walked up to her cage. James looked scared when he saw what Billy was about to do. "Uh hey dude." he stammered as he tried to stop Billy.

Ignoring the pleading, Billy reached out his hand to her. In his mind, he knew she wouldn't hurt him. There was no fear in his mind because he was lost in her eyes.

The Tigress reached out and pawed him. She purred loudly as she batted his hand.

Billy then started caressing her face as he looked at her. The soft fingers caressed and rubbed her muzzle "You are so beautiful. You know that right" he whispered. In reply she purred as she stuck her muzzle through the bars.

Billy leaned in as he rubbed her cheeks. Warmth filled his body as his lips pressed on hers. Being closed, his eyes helped him lose touch with reality as their souls connected. Shaking hard, her body vibrated with hard purring. Their tongues connected as his tongue slid out and pressed against her large rough tongue. As they kissed, he can feel his cock grow and get hard as it pressed against his pants. Horny ness was a new feeling that he had forgotten existed. The arousal surged through his body. Shocked, his mind froze at feeling this way. It was such a foreign feeling to him, since it has been so long.

The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity. His soft fingers kept rubbing her face as their tongues intertwined. Determination and common sense left him as his fingers kept rubbing her soft face and furry cheek.

As their lips separated, her purring became so loud it filled his ears. "I can't believe she wants me as much as I want her."

"OK man you need to chill I mean you are fucking with a tigress!" James put his hands on Billy's shoulders.

"I don't care man open the cage!" Billy had a lust look in his eyes.

"No fucking way man! She will kill you!" James crossed his arms.

The tigress growled at James. "See!" Billy pointed at her "She wants you to open the cage. She will kill you if you don't open the cage Just do it!"

"What about Donna!" James looked coldly in Billy's eyes.

Billy looked coldly at James "You had to bring that up. She is screwing Ricky!"

"You knew about that!" James covered his mouth.

"I figured it out when I came home from work early. Man that bitch!" Billy shrugged. "I saw his car in the driveway and then peeked in the window. Man what a dick. And Donna just acts non chalant about the whole thing."

The Tigress growled as Billy talked of Donna. Looking in her eyes, he can see that she doesn't like Donna at all. Relaxing her, he rubbed her cheeks with his fingers. In response, she closed her eyes and buried her face in his hands "What do you think that you can make a better wife than her?" he teased. A grin formed on her face, then, she licked his palm in reply. The purring became deafening as she lightly swiped his cheeks with her paws.

"Oh, I take that as a yes." Billy laughed.

"You are crazy man!" James shook his head as he opened the cage and grumbled "Good luck you will need it!"

Billy tore off his shirt and pants. The cold air hit his body and caused him to shiver. Looking his naked body over, she purred loudly as her tail hit the cage walls. Sitting up, she quickly sniffed Billy's scent. Wobbling into the cage, he nervously walked in the cage. Rubbing her face more with his soft hands helped ease his fear. "You are so sexy you know that!" In response, she purred and sniffed his chest. Staring into his eyes, she looked at him with lust in her eyes. A grin formed on her face as she lapped his light hairy chest with small laps. Her warm rough tongue brushed his chest and made him shiver with excitement.

Billy sat down in front of her "Man it's been so long since someone desired me. You want me don't you. You don't know how good that feels to be wanted." He closed his eyes and felt his cock start to stand stiff and hard. He slowly scritched her cheeks with his fingers as she lapped at his chest. Each time she lapped his chest, she produced a louder purr from her throat.

The Tigress got on all fours and shook her ass in Billy's face. Billy stared at her sweet ass and tight pussy and knew what she wanted. "Oh do you want me to fuck you?" She purred loudly and swallowed in reply. That told Billy that she could see in her eyes that she needed a good hard fuck from him.

He shoved his 7 incher in her face. "Is this what you want baby!" he teased. She pressed her cold nose on his hardening cock. Then she closed her eyes in approval. He leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips. He whispered "Thank you!"

He then slowly went around her. His fingers rubbed her lean chest and furry sides. When he got to her delicious rear end, her beautiful wet pussy was in front of him. He started to finger it with one finger. She purred pleasantly in response as his fingers traced her pussy lips. A smile went on his face as he inhaled her juicy pussy. It made his cock get good and hard. He then slid his finger into her wetting pussy and was amazed at how sweet smelling it was. "Wow you look so delicious love."

The Tigress' pussy swallowed his finger as she purred louder. Billy can tell she enjoyed the finger attention. Her purrs and pussy juice smell filled the room.

Billy was about to slide another finger in her pussy. The decision changed to fuck her good and hard. On his knees, he slowly poked her pussy with his meaty hard cock. As the cock tip slid between her pussy lips, the Tigress slowly roared in surprise. Billy and James got wide eyed at that reaction.

"Oh man get out of there!" James gasped as he opened the door of the cage.

The tigress swiped at him to be quiet. Then she slowly thrust back onto Billy's cock. "Oh shit!" Billy gurgled as his cock went completely into her sopping pussy. "It's OK" he commented. "She just isn't used to a good cock." The Tigress purred and smiled in reply. "See" Billy grinned as he pulled some of his cock out of her pussy. Then he rammed it back into her.

"Oh yea James! This is better than I expected." Billy grunted as her wetting juices made wonderful lubrication. He kept pulling his cock out of her, then slamming it back into her "Oh yes!" he swore as he held on to her waist. "This is so fucking!"

The Tigress growled in approval. She moved her paws to better feel his cock in her. Her claws clanked on the metal ground. She then started to thrust herself on his cock to better impale herself on his cock spear.

Billy put his arms around her waist and started thrusting to her movement. He made sure to impale her with good strong thrusts. When he thrust his cock in her, she made sure to thrust herself on his cock and purred in pleasure. She then closed her eyes and panted as she got hotter and more lust filled. He grunted as he rubbed her waist and thighs "Oh yea! This feels so fucking great!" He growled and closed his eyes. He felt his cock getting full of his cum. "Yes man gonna cum in you baby!" he snorted as his cock kept going deep in her well lubed pussy. Tigress growled in approval as she panted louder.

"Oh Yea!" he grunted as his face was deep red. He kept thrusting his cock harder into her as he kept up the crazed momentum. His cock kept slowly sliding out of her dripping pussy, then, he rammed it back in with real force. The Tigress slowly roared as she neared her orgasm. Billy's eyes were closed as he focused on his pending orgasm.

He slid his meat out of her, then, rammed it back into her again and again. He knew that he had reached the point of no stopping. He could feel his cock screaming to blow. He gritted his teeth as his thrusting of his cock into her was done with near vicious thrusts.

The Tigress slowly roared as her body shook. Her orgasm came good and strong as she dribbled juices out of her lubricated pussy. Her eyes closed as a wave of peace hit her. It was magical as her senses reached their height of consciousness. Every part of Billy's body could not hide from her sense of smell. She could smell every inch of him. Every corner of her cage, when she looked around, she could see. A loud growl could be heard from her stomach. Her hunger made her want to taste every part of her new love's body. She roared a little and shook her backside in lustful pleasure.

"Oh fuck!" Billy closed his eyes as he called out. His cock blew his load deep into her. He grunted as he felt his body became paralyzed. He froze as load after load of hot white salty cum went into her wet pussy. The Tigress smiled and panted as she happily accepted his seed. Her purrs filled the room as she accepted being his love prey. He finally regained his breath after what seemed like an eternity. "Oh man!" he groaned loudly as he collapsed on her back. She rolled on her side and pawed him. He slowly crawled up to her and stared into her eyes.

"I am so helpless love." He looked intensely in to her eyes and bared his soul. "It's like I have no power. Like I'm impotent." Her tongue caressed his sweaty face as she purred her comforting reply.

"Yea it's great that you want me. It's been a while since someone wanted to fuck me." The look in her eyes told him that she wanted to fuck him for hours "You know if we had the time, I would fuck you for so long." She smiled and purred in approval. He then caressed her face. "I am so glad we are soul mates. You and me together forever!" She stretched and rolled on her back in approval. He rubbed her belly as he whispered "I wish I didn't have to go to work. It sucks. I rather be here with you!"

She rolled on her sides and pawed his face. He leaned in to give a kiss. Her kiss told him that she was listening to him and heard every word. Her growls told him that she was paying attention and loved him back.

They snuggled on the metal ground for what seemed like eternity. He kept slowly rubbing her breasts and nipples. She purred every time he gave them a light squeeze. He whispered "You like that huh love?" as he kept it up. Her purrs told him

"Yes" as she licked his sweaty face.

They rested on the cold metal floor for a few moments. Then James popped his head in "As great as that looked, you better leave before we get in trouble."

Billy swore "Dammit!" as he looked at his watch. The Tigress got up to follow him, but Billy stopped her "I'm sorry love but I don't think you could live where I live. You may scare everyone. The Tigress rubbed his chest and purred loudly as he scratched her neck "Believe me I would love to spend hours by your side and slowly fucking ourselves to spent and passed out." He laughed at that image. It seemed so right for him to do that to her. "But I can't. Not now. Damn that sounds pathetic."

"You got all week to do this. Don't worry." James told him, as he handed Billy his shirt.

"Damn it I can't go." Billy kept kissing His Tigress wife as he got dressed.

"Take it easy. It's OK! Relax!" James assured him.

"I'll be right back I promise." Billy sobbed as he held her tight. She responded by slumping to the cage floor and closing her eyes.

"This is killing me!" Billy finished getting dressed and lowered his head.

James patted his back "Don't worry man! It will get easier I promise!"

As Billy left the cage, James locked up. "See" Billy pointed to his wife "She is broken hearted." James watched her go to the back of the cage and curl in a ball.

"Damn you are right!" James whistled.

That night Billy went home. His wife Donna was already in bed. "She must be tired after fucking Ricky." He thought. He went to take a long shower. He needed the time to decide what, if anything, he can do about his Tigress love. As he lathered his body, he fought any immoral judgment he may have had about what he had done.

"I certainly didn't do anything wrong." He thought. "First she started it by cheating on me. I mean this is like an eye for an eye deal. I mean she hurt me first."

He finished lathering and closed his eyes as the hot water started to wash the lather off his body. "And besides I know everyone loves animals. So I am a Zoo or Bestial. Big deal! She loved the hard core sex as much as I did. Besides who will know what I did with her."

He then started to remember how great it felt. He smiled as he remembered the feeling of his cock in her. "Damn that felt good!" he mumbled under the shower. He remembered how insane she was pounding away on my cock. "Yea" he mumbled as he can feel her soft furry ass rubbing his crotch as she kept up the momentum. "That was better than Donna ever was." He snickered as he got lost in the memory.

He stopped himself from falling in the shower "Wow I never got lost like that before." He kidded himself. He then turned off the water and dried himself off.

As he put on new underwear and slid into bed, he saw Donna murmur in her sleep. He shook his head and turned off the light. "I hope I dream of my new wife." He smiled as he drifted to sleep.

He did dream of her. He dreamed of them running nude in the jungle. He tried to keep up with her but she was out of reach. He called out in fear as he felt his eyes get teary. She would stop and turn back to him. Then she ran to him and pounced on him like he was the prey. She licked the tears from his eyes as he struggled to catch his breath. "Don't do that to me love." He would whisper to her. She smiled at him as she apologized. They would then play wrestle on the ground. He would grin and get horny as he felt her muscular body on his naked body. He then would grope her breasts and nipples as he laughed loud and hard. She would growl and smile at that. Then she would go down and lick his cock and balls in reply. "Oh yes!" he called out as he would spread his legs apart. "Let me help you love!" he grinned as she had perfect access to his cock and balls. She looked in his eyes and smile at him. Then she slid his cock in her mouth and started to suck it. "Oh yes!" he beamed as he started to thrust his cock in her mouth. She purred in happiness as she turned around and sat on his chest. He would stare in her pussy as she licked his cock. He wrapped his arms around her waist and stared at the beautiful pussy lips as his cock got hard. "So beautiful" he mumbled as he had a wide smile on his face. Her juices dripped down and smeared his face as his cock stood erect. "Please make me cum!" he begged as he felt his cock swell.

She purred loudly as she slid the cock in her mouth and sucked it like a nipple. Billy reacted by gasping "Oh man that feels oh yes!" He then pelvic thrust and fucked her mouth in response. "Please don't stop!" he begged as pre cum dribbled from his cock.

The Tigress would slide her ass and pussy on his face and smother him. She would purr and slowly roar as she sucked his cock with such enthusiasm. She roared as she wanted to taste his cum. He gripped her waist as he thrust with vigor. "Oh yes I can't stop!" he called out. His face was drenched in her juices as he felt himself lose his load of cum. "Oh yes!" he called out as he blew his load in her mouth. The Tigress braced her self as his cum filled her mouth. She happily swallowed every drop as he was helpless on the ground spent "So good wife!" he mumbled as his dream turned white.

He woke up the next morning all sticky. Donna was gone. He felt so ashamed cumming like that. Yet he wondered if his wife felt it too.

As he got up to shower again he noticed she didn't say anything about that night. "Damn" as he saw she had gone to work "What a bitch!" he snorted as he washed himself clean. "She can't even pick a fight about this."

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