Edge of Madness
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story that takes place near the sea. A lonely wife. An uncaring husband. What will become of them and their unhappy existence? The first 2 chapters have no sexual content.

She walked along the craggy rocks jutting out from the sea, the wet moss and grass cold on her feet, the wind blowing through her long dark hair. The moon was out and shone upon the water, she stopped and just stood there, looking out to sea. So much beauty to see but her eyes could not. Her heart could not feel it and her mind could not process it. She looked out into the dark sky and could only feel the dark clouds of depression filling her soul with despair. And it had been this way for sometime. How long, even she lost count. Loneliness filled her heart, her mind and her body.

She stood there with tears running down each cheek stinging her face as the wind blew it's cold night air. She looked down and suddenly realized she had only her thin cotton knit nightgown on. She made out the pale pink color of it blowing against her skin revealing each and every curve. It pressed against her full breasts, her nipples hard from the cold, showing through the thin fabric. It pressed down revealing the curve of her belly and her legs, its long hem and long ruffled sleeves billowing in the wind. A pale thin satin ribbon tied under the bust line keeping it all together.

The sight of it snapped her back into reality. Had she been sleepwalking again? It was as if she had been in some kind of gloomy trance, her bare feet taking her to the edge of the cliffs and leading her down onto the rocks. She suddenly felt very cold, an icy chill running down her spine, her heart quickening in her chest. She was brought back to reality. The bold roar of the crashing waves below, deafening in their loudness.

She turned around now and looked back at her house, her lovely big home looming in the background, the dim lights coming from the diamonded windowpanes, the dark gray wood weathered with time and sea spray. Her dream home, she had once thought, the place that would make all her dreams come true. Now it felt like her tomb.

Married to a cold uncaring husband who only thought of himself and his career. It had been years he hadn't touched her. She never knew why. He was always so preoccupied with his work. He never had time for her. Maybe he had a mistress? She didn't know. It hadn't always been like this, years before they had a normal marriage filled with laughter and love, happiness and lots of passion but where did it go? The years passed by and they didn't have any children to fill up their lives with either.

She would have liked to have a pet of some kind, perhaps a cat or a cute little dog to shower with love and fill her emptiness but he wouldn't hear of it. He always told her he was allergic to them and could just not tolerate the misery. She thought of getting a little bird or two but he said birds were even worse for his allergies. She loved birds and animals of all kinds. Once in awhile she'd spot this little red fox in the nearby woods when she's go out for long walks. She thought of it as her little friend. Sometimes it would see her and just stop in its tracks and stare at her. She'd smile at it, say 'hello little fox' softly and then it would slink away, its movements unlike any other animal she had ever seen.

For a time she tried to bring back things the way they used to be in her marriage but each time she did, she was met with failure so after awhile she gave up. She sought solace in silly romance novels, romantic movies and bottles of pills, much to her detriment, she knew. Her magic pills she'd call them. They would take away the pain for a short while but nothing ever lasts, does it? And neither did they.

She was shivering as she folded her arms around her and made her way back to the house, her feet freezing cold and her teeth chattering. She opened the heavy oak door and saw there was a fire lit in the huge stone hearth. She walked up to it and reached out her hands to warm herself.

Her husband looked up from his evening paper with disdain, "Where the hell have you been? Don't tell me you were outside like that? And in this weather!" He shook his head.

"I... I don't remember. I found myself outside on the rocks then suddenly felt the cold chilling me to the bone." She tried explaining.

"It's all those pills you take! You really are a nutcase you know that? I don't know how much more of this nonsense I can put up with!" He snapped at her as he stood up and threw his paper down upon the floor.

"I'm having a snack and then going to bed!" He snarled as he walked out of the room.

"And I expect you to come up soon too!" he added. He walked to the front door and bolted it shut, turned off the light and left.

She went running after him, "Charles! Please... please don't be angry! I'll fix you something to eat!" and she went to touch his shoulder.

"Leave me alone!" he yelled and shrugged her hand off of him.

She turned around, dejected once again and went to sit in the big chair in front of the fire. She felt very cold and pulled the dark green velveteen throw off the chair and wrapped herself in it and stared into the dancing flames. At least they would warm and comfort her.

Why did he treat her this way? So cold, so heartless... so cruel. She silently wept for a husband who no longer wanted her. She sat there till the last embers of fire flickered their last dance. They were dancing just for her, like tiny little fairies trying their best to cheer her up. But this night would end like all the others. She would take her magic pill and crawl into the large four- poster bed in their beautiful dark paneled bedroom and lie in the same bed with her husband's back to her. He'd already be snoring in la-la land while she'd lie there awake thinking, pondering and waiting for her magic pill to kick in. Then sleep would finally overtake her troubled mind and soul and release her into sweet darkness.

And tonight was no different than any of the others. She finally felt her eyelids grow heavy and then close as sleep engulfed her into a dreamless state.

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