My Neighbor Cindy


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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Drew Banning couldn't believe it when he saw his new neighbor, Cindy Chung. He thought that she was the hottest woman alive. Emboldened by his lust for her, Drew installs a few cameras in her apartment under the guise of helping her with repairs. It all seems good and perfect but when Cindy moans out his name in one of her masturbation sessions, and asks to see him the next day, Drew suspects she might know about the cameras. Little does he know, he's in for a big surprise.

Drew loved himself. He couldn't help it. It had been a month since he'd through up the plan and put it in action and he still couldn't contain his glee. He congratulated himself again as he settled down in his chair in front of his computer, a beer on the desk next to the keyboard. As he sat there, Drew though about how it had all started.

About a month and a half ago, Drew received word from his landlord that the vacant apartment next to his had a new tenant. Doing the "good" neighbor thing, he went over to be the "welcome wagon." He had knocked on the door and stood in the hall, hands in the pockets of his brown slacks. He heard a woman's voice inside and when the door was opened, he was completely blown away. In the doorway stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was a tiny Asian woman, barely five feet tall with an adorable bob hair do, those perfect almond shaped eyes, a little button nose and full rosy lips. She had smiled sweetly up at him and Drew had swallowed uncomfortably and had to fight down the surge of lust that he felt.

"Hi," he had said awkwardly, trying to keep his voice stead, "My names Drew Banning. I live next door to you."

"I'm Cindy Chung," she answered in slightly accented English. She had held out a hand to him and he looked down at it. Such small hands on a grown woman, and then he noticed her skin, that deliciously silky white skin. He shook her hand, careful not to crush it in his. He had wondered if she had found him as attractive as he had found her. He wasn't that bad looking. His previous girlfriends didn't seem to think so. Drew was 5'11" with thick blonde hair that he wore crew-cut style, a weathered face from working construction, and a lean athlete's build. He could only hope.

She had invited him in, offered him a beer then sat down on the couch with him to talk. Through the whole hour of chatting with her, Drew couldn't help but notice her slim body revealed nicely in the black tank top and tight jeans she wore. Cindy was amused at his jokes, raising her hand to cover her mouth in a demure manner as her small shoulder shook with laughter. When he went back to his apartment, Drew gave a sigh of relief as he eased the huge boner out of his pants and began to masturbate, his mind filled with images of Cindy, slowly undressing in front of him, taking him into her mouth.

A few days passed and Cindy was fixing up things in her apartment. Drew had been surfing on the internet when a pop-up interrupted his internet surfing. He was about to close it when he read the flashing red letters. New and Improved I-Spy-Cam! He red over the advertisement and clicked the link. It was then that he thought up a plan. He bought a box of fifteen mini sensor-activated spy cameras, all of them the size of a button along with sound receivers. They arrived in three days and it was then that Drew volunteered his "handy-man" services to Cindy to help install things in her apartment. Innocently she had accepted and by the time the week was out, Drew had installed three cameras in her bathroom, four in her bedroom, six in the living room, and two in the kitchen. All the feed that they collected would go straight to his computer and be recorded. And now, he had a months worth of Cindy in the shower and Cindy in bed.

"Let's see what Cindy is doing tonight," he said, opened up the receiving file he had labeled CINDY. He clicked on the most recent feed. It was from her bedroom. Drew couldn't help but grin and he maximized the window and pushed play.

His computer screen filled with the scene of her bedroom. It was neatly furnished; a queen-size bed, Persian carpet, Chinese scroll paintings, a vanity table, TV and entertainment system opposite the bed, and a walk in closet. Cindy entered the bedroom, dressed in a baggy T-shirt and jeans. Her hair was mussed and she looked tired as she pulled off her jeans and T-shirt, tossing them into the dirty laundry hamper. Drew held her breath as she stopped in the middle of the room to stretch; dressed only in a white sports bra and panties. His cock stirred when he spotted the dark outlines of her nipples through the white material of her bra. He had seen her naked a hundred times, but it still fascinated him. She pulled off her bra and it joined her other clothing in the hamper as she pulled back the covers on her bed and lay back and turned on the TV. Drew switched to another camera in the room and he got a look at what she was watching: porn. He let out a bark of laughter and slapped his leg gleefully. In the month that he had been watching her, she had never watched porn. This has got to be interesting, he thought. The camera that he was watching gave him a perfect view of what Cindy was doing in bed as well as a view of the TV.

"C'mon, baby," he murmured, "Let's see what you're going to do."

Cindy watched the porno silently at first, before becoming slightly restless, shifting on the bed. She bit her lip as her hand moved down her body, skimming over her flat belly to cup her crotch through her panties. Her index finger began to lightly skim over the material before she pressed in harder, shoving the material so that it was wedged between her outer lips. Moaning softly, eyes still on the TV, Cindy began to rub her finger back and forth on what Drew assumed was her clit from her reaction. Her legs spread wide, knees bent up slightly as she rubbed harder. Soon, it seemed she couldn't take the barrier anymore and wriggled out of her panties. Drew moaned when he saw that her bare slit was glistening with juices already and he began to jack off when Cindy drove a finger into her wet hole.

"Ahh... yes!" she groaned softly, her eyes closed now and head pushed back into the pillows. Drew could hear the wet slapping of Cindy's hand against her pussy as she got louder and louder until finally she came with a small shout, her whole body rigid. "Oh Drew!" Drew couldn't believe what she was saying and he came hard, groaning loudly as his milky white cum spurted from his jerking cock.

"Oh jeez, oh fuck," he mumbled, stopping the recording before collapsing back. He stared at the ceiling, the hazy mist induced by his orgasm slowly clearing to give way to reasonable thought. Does she know? If she does, then how did she find out? I hid those cameras really well that even I couldn't find them without looking hard! Shit! Drew prayed that she hadn't found them, but she didn't seem to be angry about them, if she was, she could've sued me. Drew cleaned himself up and scrubbed a hand over his face. He cursed himself repeatedly as he took a shower, and was still cursing himself as he fell asleep that night.

It was Saturday the next day, and Drew was woken up by the phone ringing. Sleepily, he groped for his and brought the receiver to his ear.

"Hello?" he mumbled.

"Drew? Did I wake you up?" Drew shot up in bed. It was Cindy.

"Oh, no, I was just, oh, it's okay," he managed.

"Oh, okay. Do you think you can come over later?" Cindy asked, her voice soft, hesitant on the other end, "I-I need to talk to you about something."

"Okay, sure, I'll stop by," Drew said, "What time should I come by?"

"Um, do you have anything to do today?" she asked.

"No, nothing."

"Then stop by around ten if you could," Cindy told him. The door will be open.

"Sounds great, I'll see you in an hour."

"Thanks. Bye." She hung up and Drew let the receiver slowly back into its cradle. He took a hot shower and thought of all the things she might want to talk about with him but the only one that came up in his mind were the cameras. She's going to ask me about them, he thought, she's going to demand why I put them in her apartment then she's going to call me a pervert, maybe throw things at me, the she'll call the cops and have me locked up. Drew cursed himself all the way up to the point where he stood in front of Cindy's apartment door.

He took a deep breath and knocked.

"Is that you, Drew?" Cindy called.

"Yeah, it's me, Cindy."

"Come on in then. The doors unlocked." Here goes, Drew thought. He opened the door.

The apartment was dark but he could see the soft grow of red light coming from the living room. He groped for the light switch.

"Don't turn on the lights," came Cindy's voice, "Just shut and lock the door behind you." Drew did as he was told. "Come on in, Drew," Cindy said, her voice dropping to a whisper, "Don't be shy. You weren't shy when you put those cameras in my bedroom." Drew felt his whole body go cold and he walked into the living room. He was shocked at what Cindy had done.

She had closed the curtains of the windows set up four large red Chinese lanterns in the corners of the room so that they cast a sensual red glow. Two red candles were lit on the coffee table, along with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Cindy sat waiting for him on the sofa dressed in a maroon silk robe. She smiled up at him and stood up.

"Please, have a seat," Cindy said, gesturing with her small hand to the sofa. "So we can talk more comfortably." He sat down awkwardly on one end of the sofa. This was either a sex fantasy from true or a nightmare from hell. His mind couldn't decide which one it was but his body sure was. Drew could feel the beginnings of an erection coming on. Hastily, he crossed his legs.

"So... you found the cameras?" he managed.

"Yes, I found them last week," Cindy replied. "Would you like some wine?" She popped the cork and Drew started. "Relax, Drew," she cooed, pouring out two glasses, "You seem like a very nice man." She offered him one of the glasses and Drew took it from her and gulped it down.

"H-How did you find them?" he asked nervously as she refilled his glass.

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