One Friday Night In College

by drsalt

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Humor, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: College freshman meets a surprise visitor.

I was your typical nineteen year old college student. I say typical because I read somewhere that nearly fifty-five percent of all freshmen are failing after the first semester. That was me. I had enjoyed being free of the reins of parental supervision too much.

The following semester I vowed to apply myself more diligently. So it was that I returned to my shared off-campus apartment that Friday afternoon to study instead of joining my roommates and buddies for beers at the Rathskellar.

I started to unlock the door but I found it already open. I frowned, thinking one of my two roommates had stupidly left us open to burglary. Then the thought occurred that perhaps the burglar was already inside and could pose a threat to me.

I entered as quietly as possible and set my book bag on the couch. There was no sign of anyone yet. I tiptoed into the kitchen and found nothing out of place. It wasn't until I walked down the hall that I heard anything out of the ordinary. It sounded as if someone was taking a shower! I turned the knob and cracked the door open. A cloud of fragrant steam hit me in the face, fogging my glasses.

I pulled my head back and took them off. I'm mildly nearsighted so the picture was still a bit foggy. I could see shadows behind the shower curtain. There was somebody in our shower! I'd never heard of a burglar availing himself of the facilities while robbing a house, so I straightened my back manfully and determined to see who was behind the curtain.

I entered the room and stepped to the foot of the tub. I pulled back the curtain and my breath stopped. Since I was very close, my eyes saw clearly. What they saw was a decidedly curvy and very feminine ass. She was wet and gleaming and (now that my heart had stopped pounding in my ears) I heard her humming a rock hit from a decade or so before. I continued to watch as she turned to rinse the shampoo from her auburn hair. I took in the front view: Nicely rounded, if slightly sagging, tits, a rounded (but still sexy) belly, and a cloud of auburn hair that covered the pouty split peach between her plump thighs.

This obviously older but extremely hot woman had my cock standing tall in my chinos. It was at that point that she finished rinsing her hair and wiped the water from her eyes. When she saw me she gave a loud shriek and a start. The quick movement of her foot caused her to slip and she landed on her pretty ass on the hard porcelain.

I dropped the curtain and backed away. "I'm sorry!" I called to her. "I just wanted to see who was using our shower."

"Fuck! I don't give a flying fuck what you thought you were doing! I'm hurt! I don't think I can get up!" Then, incongruously, she started to laugh! Her voice took on a false timbre: "I've fallen and I can't get up!" I had to smile and appreciate the humor of her joke.

"Well, I'm sorry. Do you want me to call 911?" I volunteered.

"Hell no! Just put your eyes back in their sockets and get your ass back in here and help me!" she sounded less angry. So I slid the curtain open and started to hand her a towel. "Fuck that! Just get your arm under mine and help me up." Her eyes gravitated to the tent still apparent in my pants.

I leaned forward, my face almost touching her hot wet breast, and slipped my arm around her back. She grabbed my other arm with her other hand and we managed to get her to her feet. She stepped out of the tub and only then did she pick up the towel and begin to dry off.

She smiled at me then. "Which one are you? Are you the one who's banging the cheerleader or are you the one who is flunking out?" I didn't know how she knew so much about us, but it amazed me that she seemed to lack any self-consciousness about me standing there watching her dry off her naked body. She flipped the towel between her legs, caught it behind her with ease, and sawed it roughly (it seemed to me) back and forth against her russet cunt.

"Um... I'm the one flunking," I mumbled, my eyes latching onto her hardened nipples. She grinned and swung the towel back to me and turned so I could dry her back.

"Well, I'm Jody's mother." Holy fuck! I thought. Jody's mom? I'm standing here ogling a woman who is old enough to... well, to be my mom! She was undeniably hot, but... why didn't she care I was all but drooling over her and nearly cumming in my pants? Her skin was soft and smooth. She was overheated from the hot shower. She continued to talk as I took my time drying her off.

"I didn't tell Jody I was going to drop by this weekend. I'm sorry to have surprised you like this. I really expected classes to last longer. I thought I'd have time to fix a nice home cooked meal for you all."

"Well, I planned my schedule to give me most of Friday afternoon to study. You're right, I am on academic probation. Everybody else is out drinking. They'll probably grab some bar food or stop for a pizza. It's not likely they'll be home before midnight, if then -- if they even come home at all, for that matter."

She turned again and obviously looked me over. Taking the towel back, she wrapped it around her body, somewhat belatedly. She tucked the corner in under her arm next to her breast and smiled at me again. She had a really nice smile. She held out her hand. "I'm Sally Brown." I felt my face redden as we shook hands formally. Now that she was covered up, the situation made me blush! Go figure.

"I'm Tom Phillips -- but you probably already know that," I said.

"I know the name, but it's nice to be able to put a face to it." She let her eyes roam over my face and down to my still semi-hard cock again. "Aw, it's going down. What a pity. Well, I guess we have the place to ourselves, then. Come on and tell me all about yourself, Tommy." She walked from the room and I just stood there in shock. She seemed to be flirting with me! Nobody but my family has called me Tommy since I was about twelve. It made me feel... well, I kind of liked it coming out of those full lips. I followed her swaying hips out the door.

She was moving down the hall, looking into each bedroom in turn. At that point she had opened my door and was peeking inside. She called back to me, "Which one is Jody's?"

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