Moving Ahead

by Old 1 Eye

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Time Travel, .

Desc: Sex Story: Robert is snatched from in front of a runaway wagon. This happens after.

I was walking down the street in Manhattan, Kansas. I was thinking about a problem we were having with a bridge I was working on for the U S Army. I am an engineer, Robert Jones, from Wilkinson County, Georgia. I graduated from The University of Georgia in 1848. I have been working for the Army since 1849. They always saw fit to post me to a basically lawless outpost, so I had to learn to fight and shoot. I did not like fighting. My mother always told me that a gentleman could solve his problems with discussion. I found that discussion often involved fists in certain circles. It was those times I was glad for my sweet mother's Scottish ancestry. I was 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 215 pounds. I was typical of the Scots in that I had strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. My dad was a Georgia gentleman farmer, and didn't mind working but was 5 feet 9 inches tall and about 140 pounds. I learned about farming, and land management from him. I also learned to fight with swords and knives from him. That is why I had a revolver and knife on my belt today.

All of a sudden there was a runaway wagon that came around the corner and ran straight toward me. The next thing I know I am waking up in a white room. A doctor came in and talked to me for a while. He told me his name and asked me what time and day it was. I answered him to the best of my knowledge. "What do you do for a living?", he asked. I told him I was an engineer. He asked me where I had studied. I told him.

At his point he said he needed to explain a few things to me. He told me I was the subject of an experiment. He and some engineers had built and were in the process of perfecting a time travel machine. I told him we were taught that time travel was impossible. "It was until we discovered some new wave forms and new physical laws," he answered. "Where am I?" I asked. He told me I was in Norman, Oklahoma. "You mean to tell me you pulled me from Manhattan, Kansas to Norman, Oklahoma?" I asked. "Yes, he answered and from 1851 to 2007." My mouth fell open, and I almost fainted.

He calmed me down and said, "You would have been killed by the wagon otherwise." I gave him a funny look and said, "Well, I guess I am better off now, then. What do you want me to do?" I asked. "I want you to allow us to interview you and photograph you," he said. "Then, what?" I asked. "We will let you return to whatever time you want, or stay here," he answered. "Alright, may I have my possessions?" "Sure," he answered, "how about some breakfast?"

We walked to the mess hall, and had a pretty good breakfast of sausage, eggs and biscuits, with orange juice, which I had never had before, and milk. We returned to the room and I was given my possessions. They consisted of only what I was wearing at the time of my moving through time. I had a hat, some clothing, my belt (which was a money belt that contained 250 dollars in gold), with its sheath and holster my pistol and my knife, and my boots.

We interviewed for about 2 and a half days. They asked me about politics, and history. They asked me about slavery. I told them I had some knowledge of it, but we never owned slaves. My mother would not have it in our house, because of the way the British treated the Scots. We talked about many other things from my time. They seemed to be very enlightened. They explained that history was very politically slanted, and that many things were left out or twisted in the history books. They photographed me and showed me the pictures on a device called a computer.

I asked for and was granted the opportunity to sight see. We went and rode in a device called an automobile or car. It was much more comfortable than riding in a wagon. I looked at the suspension system, and brakes. We went to a pawnshop to look around. I saw some gold coins the owner had, and asked him if he would be interested in buying some more gold coins. He told me that he was a collector, and would like to look at what I had to sell. I took out some of my gold coins and he was very interested. The $50 dollar pieces held his interest. He offered me $1500 for one of my coins. I told him I would sell for that, but I would prefer to trade. I looked around and was very interested in the new type guns and knives. The knives were very well made and I got a knife that he called a Tanto, and a folding knife that he called a hunter. I also looked and was taken by a cartridge type of rifle called a Remington 700, and a cartridge pistol called a Colt, like my revolver. We traded, and I was the proud owner of a .308 Winchester caliber rifle, and a .45 caliber pistol. The proprietor told me there was a coin, gun and knife show going on today and tomorrow at the fairgrounds and I should go and look around.

I asked if that would be allowable. The fellow I was with told me sure. We went to the show. I looked around and saw a fellow selling Antique knives. I asked him what my knife was worth. I had paid 12 dollars for it from a well known local blacksmith. He looked at it and his eyes bugged out. "Where did you get this from?" he asked. I told him that it was handed down in my family, and had been bought new at Manhattan, Kansas. He offered $5000 for the knife and told me it was worth more, but he could not afford to offer more. I told him I would take his offer, if he could give me an idea what my grandfather's pistol was worth. He took a look and told me that he thought it was worth at least $3500, but I should ask around and see if I could get a better offer. I looked around and was offered a price of $6200 for my pistol. I told the man the story of the pistol. I told him when and where it was originally bought and by whom (me of course), and that the original owner had been killed by a runaway wagon in Kansas in 1851. He wrote everything down, and took my pistol and holster, and gave me $6200 in cash. I had $11,200 in cash plus $200 in gold.

I looked around and found some clothing for sale and bought a couple of pairs of trousers and some shirts, as well as some socks and 2 pairs of boots. I bought some spare magazines for the pistol at the suggestion of my tour guide. I also bought a well-made back pack, and frame to carry my purchases. I then ran into a man selling books. I bought a book about building wagons and also about repairing and making suspensions and brakes for wagons (cars actually, but I felt I could make the needed adjustments). I also bought a book of plans and exploded drawings of rifles, and pistols, and one about cartridges, powder and primers.

I looked at some more things and saw some people selling and buying old coins and figured it was time to sell out my gold and buy new things that would be valuable to me when I went back to my own time. I found out that my coins were all very collectable, and brought me a very good price, I thought. My $200 in gold brought me $10,000 in cash. So, I had $21,200 in cash and some new clothes and books. I saw an interesting gun on the way out. It was a Browning Auto 5 12-gauge shotgun. It had 2 barrels and came with a hard case for the whole shebang. I bought it, and a case of buckshot. I was stoked after the fellow who owned it told me how it worked. New type weapons were very much more effective than the weapons of my time. I bought some ammunition for the pistol and the rifle on the way out of the show, a case of 500 rounds each. I borrowed a buggy to take it in, and after returning it to the man who loaned it to me, we went on our way. It was getting late in the day, so Ed, my tour guide, asked if I wanted to stop and have some supper. I told him I could eat, so we stopped at a café and sat down after a lady showed us to our table. He asked if I wanted a drink. I had a beer and ordered a steak and salad at his suggestion. Some music started playing and people were dancing. I asked him about the music. He told me it was from a device called a compact disc, C D for short, and was pre recorded and could be played back as it was desired by the owner.

I enjoyed the music and had another beer while we ate. I saw a beautiful girl at the bar and asked if he minded if I went and danced with her. He said, "Knock yourself out." I guess that meant go ahead, so I did. She was very beautiful and tall. Her name was Williamina, but I could call her Willie. I asked Willie if she would like to dance. She graciously accepted and we went out on the floor and danced a nice waltz. Another song started and I told her I did not know how to do this dance, so she said she would teach me. I learned to dance the two step, and we had a very good time for a few minutes. I asked her to sit with us at our table if she would like, and have something to drink. I introduced Ed and ordered a bottle of wine for Willie and I, and a whiskey for Ed. I apologized for my rough clothing. I explained to Willie that I had just come into town, and had not had a chance to get suitable clothes yet. She volunteered to go shopping with me tomorrow if I would like to. I glanced at Ed and he nodded. I told her that I would really like to have the help of such a beautiful lady. We enjoyed the bottle of wine, and then we needed to leave. Ed told me I should give Willie my address and telephone number. I asked him if he had that information. He said yes and told Willie those things and we got her number also.

The next day, I was in my room listening to the radio and the telephone rang. I picked it up and said hello. It was Willie. She asked if I was ready to go shopping. I said yes, she could pick me up any time she was ready. She told me she was downstairs and that I should meet her there. I walked out the front door and she waved me over to her vehicle. It was a car called an SUV she explained, after I told her it was a nice car. She asked me what I needed in the way of clothes. I told her everything except boots. She laughed at that, and we left. We went to a clothing store and she helped me pick out some underclothes, shirts, a couple of suits and some casual clothes. Then we went and got some socks and shoes. I told her that these clothes were kind of high dollar. She said, you get what you pay for. I shelled out 2500 dollars, and we left. I was wearing some of my new casual clothes. I had hidden my pistol under my jacket, inside my belt and had my folding knife in my pocket. I just was not comfortable unarmed. Willie asked me to come to her house for supper. I accepted. We went inside and sat down and had a drink. I was a bit surprised that she had hard liquor, but this was not my time and I was accepting unusual things because of it. Then, we had a nice supper of soup and sandwiches. I told Willie that I had a wonderful time today and thanks for giving me her time. She said, "Thank you, it is not often that I have the opportunity to spend time with a handsome gentleman."

After a time of listening to her stereo, we decided it was time to take me back to my quarters. As we were going out to her car, some young men accosted us and started yelling at Willie, "Hey fruit boy, did you find another queer to be with." I was angry that anyone would speak that way to Willie. I caught the closest one and knocked him unconscious. The other three decided it was time to fight. I never learned how to fight with rules, so I had all of them down and bleeding or with broken bones in about a minute. I had taken a blow to the face, and was bleeding from my cheek, and would have a black eye soon. Willie said, "Thank you so much for protecting me from those hoodlums." "Why would they act that way?" I asked her. "Come back inside and let me tend your face and I will answer you."

We went back to her apartment, and she put a bandage of my face, and told me that she was a transgender person. I asked what that was. She seemed a bit surprised and explained that she was a person that had sexual traits of man and had taken the gender of a woman, because she was a woman inside. I knew nothing about operations to have things done, so I figured it was something that I just had not heard about. I asked why those men had acted that way. She explained that many people in today's society looked down upon it. I said that I didn't understand why people could not be left alone if they were not bothering others. She smiled very wide and told me that I was a very understanding man. I laughed and told her I had been trained to be objective, and that I saw nothing wrong with her.

Willie asked if I would like to stay overnight since it had gotten so late. I told her that I thought that was a very nice idea, but I would need to call my quarters and tell where I was. I did that and then we sat back down and had another drink, and talked about many different things. I was getting an education. Willie was very bright. She had been trained to be what she called a software engineer. I told her I was an engineer. She asked what I did. I told her I had been working for the army, so I guess I was a military engineer. We talked a bit longer. Then it was time for bed. I bathed and changed into some clean underwear. Willie looked at me and said that I was in very good shape. I was a bit embarrassed, and told her that I worked hard and just naturally had muscles. "They are beautiful muscles," she replied. I blushed and asked her if she was trying to make me shy around her. She said, "No, I am trying to get you to come to bed with me." "I don't know you that well," I answered. She was very embarrassed now. "I really like you Robert. You are the nicest man I have met in years. I want you to keep seeing me, so I am trying to get you to like me better. I would love to have sex with you." I told her that I was not used to beautiful women being so straightforward about things. She said that she was straightforward because she was trained to be that way. It was simpler, and had better results due to less confusion. I told her I had never been with a woman before. She smiled really big now and said she would teach me what I needed to know.

We went into bed and lay down to sleep. Willie had the nicest bedroom I had ever been in. It had a nice big bed and an attached bathroom. We lay down and Willie came over to me. She had really nice breasts. They were not large, but they had large areolas and big nipples. "Very pretty," I told her. She held my hand and put it on her breast. Damn, she felt good. She kissed me, and I kissed her back. She pulled me to her and on top of her. I kissed her neck and ears and face. She was making sounds like I was doing okay, so I moved down her body and kissed her beautiful breasts. She really liked that and was trying to get my underclothes off of me. I stopped and removed my clothes. She saw my erection and said, "Very nice, and big too." I never really thought about it one way or another. It did its job that is all I knew. I felt down her body and was a bit surprised to find a small penis and balls between her legs. "That is what I was telling you about," she said. "That is very unusual," I said. "Can you have children?" I asked her. "No, I can not; I don't have the right parts inside for it." She answered. "I am sorry," I told her. "I am too," she said. "I can give my man good sex, but no children." "I guess that you are having a hard time finding a man to have you then," I said in a nice way. "Yes, but I am still hoping to find a good man for me to love and take care of."

She kissed her way down my body and took my penis into her mouth. I really liked that, and groaned loudly. She smiled around my penis and began licking and sucking me. I had not relieved myself lately and told her I would not last long. She did not care and kept sucking me. I ejaculated into her mouth and she sucked until I had started to go soft. She moved her mouth off me and said, "Mmm, you taste good." I held her close and told her thank you for taking care of me. She said, "Now I want you to take care of me," and pulled me to kiss her some more. I started to get another erection. She felt it and smiled. "That is what I want," she said. She pulled me on top of her again and grabbed my penis and guided it to her rectum. I eased forward and slipped inside her with only a little pressure. Damn, this woman felt good. I was sliding in and out at an easy pace. "I love this," she told me. "It feels good, Willie," I said. "I need to move faster," I told her. "Yes, Robert, Fuck me harder," she said. I eased my hands under her legs and put them on my shoulders. I began to stroke harder and harder. This was really getting good to me. Willie said, "Oh, God, oh Robert this is so good, Oh, oh, oh," and she came and ejaculated on her stomach. It was a really small amount, but she came. I was not finished, so I kept pumping hard, and in about 3 strokes I came in her. I growled and filled her. "Oh, Robert, I feel it," She said and pulled me close and kissed my face and whispered how much she loved sex with me.

She calmed down in a few minutes of kissing and hugging. She went and got a clean warm wash cloth and cleaned me up. Afterward, she kissed my penis and said "Thank you." I said, "No, thank you. That was wonderful sex." "It was very good wasn't it. I don't get to come very often, Robert," she said. "You are the best I have ever had," she told me. "Willie, I really like you," I told her, "I would like to see you again." "Robert, you just move in here with me and see me every day," she said. "Willie, what will people think?" I asked her. "They will think I am your whore," she said, "and I am willing to be your whore if you will stay with me." "You are too good a person for me to let you do that," I told her. "I will tell them you and I are married," she said. "Why don't we marry, Willie? I like you better than any woman I have ever seen. You are so beautiful and smart, and I love sex with you." She started crying then, just bawling. I asked her what the matter was. "They won't let us marry," she said. "Who won't?" I asked. "The law thinks I am a man," she told me. I just burst out laughing. She did not laugh. "Sugar," I said, "that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard." She started to smile, and kissed me hard. "We will move in together and be common law spouses. To hell with them," I said. She was really happy now. I caught her shoulders and looked in her beautiful eyes, "Will you take my name?" I asked her. "Yes, Robert, I will gladly become Mrs. Robert Jones," she said. "Thank you, Willie," I said.

Willie sucked me one more time that night and we made love in the morning. She could not come if I did not fuck her hard, so I did. "Oh, Robert, I love you," she said. "I love you, too," I answered. "Do you work?" I asked her. "Yes, I work from home, over the telephone," she said. "Can you take me back to my quarters to see about my things?" I asked. "Sure, Honey," she told me.

We went back to my home and I had a short talk with Ed and James the original guy who talked to me. "Are you finished with me here?" I asked. "Yes, we are. We are just waiting for you to make up your mind about where and when you want to go." "I am getting married," I said, "Can I take my wife if I decide to go to another time and place?" "I don't see why not," they answered. "She will not want to leave this time though; things are so easy for women now compared to your time," they said. We will talk about it. Willie and I got my things and took them to her house.

"I want your beautiful ass right now," I told her. She just about ripped her clothes off she stripped so fast. I took mine off fast too and we made frantic love. She came twice I was fucking her so hard and fast. "Robert, I will never leave you, ever. I need you, and love you," she said breathlessly. "Sugar," I said, "I need to tell you something important." She started to tear up. "Honey, it is not bad only weird" She calmed down, and hugged me close. "I am here because I am the subject of an engineering experiment. Some new radiation and wave forms have been discovered that allow for time displacement to actually work." Her engineering training took over and she said, "Robert, I can't believe it. We were always taught time travel was impossible." "I was also taught that in college, but this is a new discovery. I was snatched away from death, so as not to upset the time line, I think. I have been offered the opportunity to go back to any time that I choose. You may come with me, if we want to leave this time." Willie seemed struck dumb.

Willie finally said, "I think I would like to go somewhere with you that you can get another woman or two so you can have the children you deserve, my love." "Life will be harder for you there, Sweetie," I said. "Let me find out how much baggage we could take, and I will let you decide where you want to go." I got her to dial the laboratory for me. I talked to James and asked him how much baggage we could take. "It is not a question of weight, but a question of space. The displacement just switches the place within the chamber with the place where you are going. So I guess the answer to your question is 1000 cubic feet." "Thanks, James, I will call you back," I told him.

Willie and I talked it over, and decided to stay here where she knew how to act and where she could get the medical services she needed. I told her that if I was meant to find another woman and have children, I would find her here as well as in the past.

Willie made a very good living, and was very supportive of me in learning all the innovations in the world. She taught me how to drive, so I was mobile without having to be chauffeured. I still did not like going unarmed, so we shopped up a shoulder rig for the Colt under my left arm and a spare magazine and the Tanto under my right with the handle downward. My jackets were bought with concealment in mind. I went to the library often to study, so that Willie could work. I never stayed over about 4 hours at the time. Willie missed me too much, and asked me to come home and see her a couple of times per day. We really were very much in love. We made love every day, often morning and night. I kept her equipment up, the car was maintained, spotless and waxed, the plumbing was interesting and I kept it in good repair. I learned about hydraulics, and new materials for seals and cylinders. I came across some information about polymers, and studied that. I found some information on the Internet about pistols called Glock, and was very interested in the manufacturing processes. Willie bought me a Glock 26 for a present. I liked it and I especially liked the hot .36 caliber cartridge it shot. I designed and perfected a two shot camming trigger for it that was easily installed and could be set to single fire or burst. The burst mode was almost like shooting single fire due to the high rate of fire. I sent information to Glock Incorporated in Austria and told them about my design. They sent a request to see the drawings and a working model of the trigger. I sent a copy of the drawings and a working trigger. They sent an offer to purchase the design. I told them I would like to retain ownership but would license it to them in perpetuity. They agreed and sent me a check for 100,000 dollars.

Willie was very proud of me and told me that my design was so positive and compact that it would go easily into any standard gun they manufactured. I like the way it shoots best, two hits to the chest will put most anyone down quickly.

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