Which Side Of The Bed Did The Argument Start

by Bossbeat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: Alan and Elena are having troubles in their Marriage; their daughter Alana hating the situation pulls a stunt.

"Who slammed the door with the stupid glib remark?" Which side of the bed???? Single -side b, (Good Song if you can find it) English Beat 1980

Alana Colegate is a happy child she has two wonderful parents who love her very much she is nine years old and is returning home from school, when she sees her Fathers car in the drive way of their home, and is happy that her Daddy is home early, and maybe he will go for ice cream with Mommy, maybe BEFORE dinner, her parents have been married for fourteen years, but they have been knowing, and have been in love with each other for like forever since they were kids not much older than she is, as she nears the house she hears voices inside, that is not usual everything is usually well not quiet, but peaceful, but not today, not only voices, LOUD voices, angry voices, Alana does not like this she has heard her parents argue before, and it scares her a little, but this time it sounds different as she enters the home...

"I can't believe how you did that! What the Hell was on your GOD DAMNED mind?"

"What did you want me to do? Hit him? It was an old man, I had to swerve to Miss him!"

"You could have gone right, you went left! Right into an oncoming fuckin' truck!" Alan is furious, Elena has wrecked his pride and joy, his 1966 Grand Prix that he has had since that summer that they were first dating, he was always meticulous with that car, and kept it in good shape after all these years, today when he went to have Elena's car serviced, and their other car with a flat tire and Elena had to get to her appointment in twenty minutes, and it was way across town. And you know the rest...

"And WHY couldn't you use the other car?" He asks sternly with his hands on his hips.

"It-HAD-A-FLAT-TIRE and I had to get where I was going, and I wasn't changing that dirty old tire! It would have made me late, AND filthy. You know what I do, and looking sloppy does not come with the job, and you already know that!" Elena shouting back at Alan, she's just as furious.

"It would have taken you five minutes to change that tire, and even if it had taken longer, you could have told them why you were late, and miss that old fuck who was crossing the street, I just bet that the old geezer was gone after you hit that truck!."

"You know Alan there's no talking to you when you get like this."

"Like what? What the Hell do mean by that?"

"Nothing, it was nothing, I didn't say anything!"

"Oh no you're not! You were thinking something about me you tell me what it was!"

"No I'm not going to say what it was, all you're going to do is get even madder!"

"Madder, I'm not MAD!!!"

"Then Why Are you yelling?"

"I-AM-NOT-YELLING!" Alan says even louder. Elena can almost see the steam coming from Alan's ears.

"You are too yelling, you have been yelling so much I don't know what your regular voice sound like anymore!"

Alan rolls his eyes and waves his arms in the air"Ohh, that is too much, I don't know why I have to put up with this, every night this week, I've come home and you have something to bitch about!"

"Are you calling me a NAG?!" Elena shaking her head, with her voice rising to a higher pitch.

"If the shoe fits! "Alan's eyes grow wide with a sarcastic smile

"Well, if we're going to point out little faults! Let me tell you one that drives me crazy!" Elena smiling sarcastically" Is this...

"WHAT?"... as the battle rages Alana hears the angry words come out of her parents mouths, she is saddened by the fact that they have been arguing for the last several weeks, and does not know when, or if they will never stop, and afraid that one of them may get hurt or go away, and as she hears the ensuing argument she curls into a corner of her room and begins to silently cry.

Later on Alan is at bar downing a few beers, he didn't mean anything he said earlier, and wishes he hadn't said those things. Elena is his wife that he loves so very much, and would not do anything to harm her, he knows the words that he said had stung badly, and that he should apologize, and bring home flowers, which should help smooth things over, and perhaps a small vacation just him and her. Alana can stay with one of the grandparents. They hadn't had one like that since she was born; he can't believe it has been fourteen years already, almost twenty five years that they first met. He doesn't know why the argument started, it's only a car! She could have been arrested if she hit that man, and perhaps he would have to raise Alana by himself with Elena in prison for manslaughter, but no, even that isn't why they had the argument. He sighs to himself, "Are we burning each other out? Is this the end? Does Elena love me anymore..."

"Mommy you're not reading anymore." Says Alana to her Mother, who is in bed with their only child trying to read to her, but her mind, is elsewhere.

"Oh, I'm sorry Sweetheart, I tell you what? You read the rest of it Mommy has things on her mind." She replies as she gets up from the bed.

"Is It Daddy?"

"Oh, no Alana, things Mommy has to think about. No need to worry yourself, you keep reading, and I'll tuck you in before you go to sleep." Elena smiles to reassure her daughter, and she smiles back picking up her book, and begins to read.

Elena heads to the bathroom, and decides to take a shower as she strips off her clothes she looks at herself in the mirror. At thirty seven she is not bad for her age," I'm not as young as I used to be when we first met I put on a couple of pounds since I had Alana, but for a Mommy I'm not bad or am I? Alan and I have been going at it a lot, and to be perfectly honest I don't know why we went at it today. Maybe before he get home I'll put on something that Alan likes and have a little drink waiting for him, and he's right. Maybe I should have went into that parking lot, but I didn't see it and that car is like our baby, but still it is just a car," she sees the gray creeping in her hair," Maybe he's not attracted to me anymore, I was young, just a mere slip of a girl, only a few years older than Alana, he was cute, just as handsome as he is today" Elena loves Alan with all her heart, and will never do anything to hurt him, but still why is everything lately so hard? "Does Alan love me anymore?"

Later Alan comes home he hasn't been like this in a while and he knows that Elena is going to have a fit, and he will rightfully deserve it, hopefully she will be asleep, and he'll just go to bed and sleep it off, and will apologize in the morning, he checks in on Alana and she is sound asleep. Alan smiles at the form of her sleeping, and closes the door, moments later he arrives in the bedroom and there's Elena asleep, curled up in the fetal position, he notices how lovely she is when she is asleep, so peaceful, quiet, that wasn't a description he would have use to describe her way back when ever so talkative, hardly the little blossoming girl he fell for those many years ago, she is more lovely now as she was when they first met. Motherhood has been kind to her. She is great with Alana when they're together, but a holy terror when pregnant, worse when in labor. Oh, the profanity she spewed at him when Alana was born. Then after she was born she was pretty much her old self, and was glowing with pride. Boy was Elena a God awful mess, if it weren't for their Mothers and Grand-Mothers help, both of them would've been overwhelmed by Alana, and everything that came with bringing her into the world.

As Alan take off his pants to change for bed, the keys in his pockets fall out, and hit the floor making the changling sound, which makes Elena stir, and wake "MMmmnnn, Alan? I must have dozed off, I was waiting for you." As she rises the covers fall to reveal the black lingerie.

"Well I had a lot to think about. We shouldn't have argued it was stupid of Me." he states looking at her in the lingerie very impressed at his wife, she is really stunning tonight.

Elena rises and walks over to her husband of fourteen years she hugs and kisses him and..."Alan, have you've been drinking?" She asks drawing back tasting the alcohol on his breath.

"I had a couple of beers." He says with a slight grin, and a shrug of his shoulders.

"Alan you know I don't like it when you drink." she says pulling away from him.

"Elena I can have a few drinks if I wish to. I am OVER twenty-one."

Elena's head whips around looking at him, "Few? Alan, how many did you have? First you say a couple, now it's a few? Which is it? A couple is two, a few is god knows how many, HOW-MANY-DID-YOU-HAVE?" she presses Alan to answer.

"Elena! I'm not a kid! And you're not going to yell at me like one! AND I CAN HAVE AS MANY BEERS AS I WANT!" He yells back.

"So you're drunk!" she charges.

"Hell no! I am not drunk! What the HELL is wrong with you?"

"Well I'm not drunk if that is what you are asking!" she says turning her back to him with her head turned up, and arms folded, erecting her wall of silence.

"Goddammit! Elena, I said I'm not drunk and..."Alan pauses sensing the wall "Oh no, you're not doing that again! Elena! ELENA! "Still silent, not listening, not speaking, she is like stone, she is angry, and so is Alan, and he is about to say something he will regret the moment he says it "I should have walked away when you first did that years ago!" that hits her harder than anything he has ever said to her as she turns around, her face drained of color, eyes wide in shock at what he just said, Alan knows that he is in for it, and he wishes he could take every word back, but it's too late.

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