Claudia's Self Intrusion

by LeSerge

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Desc: Sex Story: A young woman discovers new ways to enjoy herself on a lonely hotel night. Deepness had never been so attractive.


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Claudia signed the check, charging the amount to her hotel room. She then stood up, thanked the waiter and headed to her room trough the small paths of the huge tropical garden of the all-inclusive hotel. However, she envied all the other guests. They were here on pleasure, and she wasn't. She wished she could wake up late, put on her bikini and lay in the beach all day tanning. But no. She was here on business, and she had to go out early in the morning and come back at night, and although the nightlife was something that appealed her considerably, she was either too tired or had to wake up too early to go out and have the amount of party she would prefer.

But it wasn't all that bad. She wasn't even in her mid-twenties and she already had a fantastic position in the HQ of a huge transnational company. Although she was very attractive, she knew she didn't get two promotions in one year because of it. She was assertive, skillful, creative and very, very intelligent. Her superiors were surprised of this girl's capabilities and took advantage of her potential. She felt very good about this, she felt important, envied by all of her friends, powerful.

There was one thing about her job that she liked the most: she had to travel. A lot. She actually spent more time away than back home with her parents, where she still lived. She loved knowing new places, new people, and the independency that traveling alone brings.

She suddenly stumbled with the last step of the staircase and almost fell. "Oops. I think I had too much wine" she thought to herself as she giggled out loud. She had showered and changed out of her work clothes before going down for dinner, so she was wearing jeans, a tight t-shirt and her trainers. She had to dress quite formal during the day, so dressing like this made feel so comfortable she loved it. She closed her door behind her and walked to the sofa in front of the TV. It was a pretty and considerably large hotel room. She had a huge bed to herself, which she liked. She sat down, and turned the TV on. She zapped for a while, not finding anything interesting to watch. She took of her shoes and stretched. As she stared the TV, she realized she indeed was quite dizzy and lightheaded. She didn't use to drink much, but she found it was an effective way to make boring nights by herself less boring.

She had her hand on her stomach. "That was such a nice dinner", she said as she rubbed her belly and looked at it, as if she had eaten a whole cow, when she actually just had a salad with chicken - and a few glasses of wine. She liked taking care of her body. She didn't want to get fat, she liked it too much. She was slender, but not too thin. She didn't want to look skin-and-bones either. Her round, dark brown eyes with their large eyelashes kept staring at her tummy, as she had lifted her shirt a bit to have a better look. She started getting conceited about her body and stood up. If there was something she enjoyed doing at night, was hanging around naked. She felt free and sexy. She unzipped her jeans and took them off. Since she just got dressed to have dinner, she didn't bother to put any underwear on, she knew she would get naked to sleep in a short while, as she does every night. She then took of her t-shirt, revealing her tits. She walked around her room, looking at her body as she walked. She sat down again in the sofa. She looked at her tits and hold them with her hands. They were round, firm, and B-cup - not too small, not too large. Just the right size for her body.

As her hands kept caressing her body, she decided that this would be a very appropriate night to have some fun by herself. Some self-induced pleasure would be very nice, and a post-orgasmic sleep was the most restful thing ever. So she slid her hands down, trough her soft, slightly tanned skin. She got to her tights and kept going until she reached her knees. Then her hands started coming back, across her inner tights, until she was so close she could feel the heat that her pussy was emanating. She kept it shaven, leaving just a small amount of hair on top of it. However, the last time she shaved she didn't like the shape she left of it so she shaved it all clean. So she was completely hairless. Her labia was swollen with expectation, and the moistness made the inner lips shine.

She went straight for it. Without hesitation, she took her index finger and slowly pushed it in as much as she could. She moaned as she closed her eyes and pulled her head back. With the finger still inside, she took her other hand to her clit, and started rubbing it with her middle finger. The other finger, the one inside her, started moving slowly in and out. After a few moments, she pushed another finger in, making her shiver and moan again. This usually was her technique for a quick orgasm.

But suddenly, she felt adventurous. She felt like experimenting. She stopped rubbing her clit, as she was already close to cumming - which she didn't want yet. She added a third finger inside her pussy. She felt the need to be filled; she wanted to feel the fullness at the maximum. And she was willing to see how far she could go. She allowed her pussy to stretch to the three fingers, and when she felt she could, she added a fourth one. Now this was intense.

Her hand was wet as her pussy generated lots of lubrication in order to cope with the large intrusion. It moved in and out easily, with her vaginal tissues stretching, trying to adjust to the object penetrating it. She'd never felt this before. It was a different kind of pleasure, different than the one her clit provided, and that she was used to. This had something unusual, something special, something related to the submission of her body having to adjust, to stretch, she felt as she was victim of her own hand, which was out of her control. She added her last finger. Now it was something else. She wasn't finger-fucking her anymore. Now we weren't talking about fingers. Now it was about her whole hand fucking her. She couldn't go past her knuckles, but it was enough to stretch her pussy as it had never been stretched before, and she loved it. She liked it too much. She felt close to orgasm again, she knew she'd come very hard and very soon if she kept going. But she didn't want to cum yet. She stopped.

She felt frustrated; she wanted to come so bad. But it was part of her self submission game. Her hand had a mind of its own now, and enjoyed teasing her. Brought her all the way up and left her there. She had to remove her hand from her pussy, if she didn't, she'd come, she was way too sensitive now. She was at the edge, and she'd fall with just a slight blow of air.

Her wet, slippery hand, wandered around. Access to her pussy was forbidden. So there was only one other place it could go. Claudia slid her wet fingers away from her stretched pussy, and headed down. She trembled as she felt the contact on her anus. She had never been very anal. A boyfriend once convinced her on letting him fuck her up the ass, but she couldn't take the pain his dick caused as he went straight for it without warning or patience.

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