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Desc: Sex Story: My wife is taken to a private club to be used as a whore by a black boyfriend who is a probation officer. She is fucked by the largest cock she has hd to date. I comme watching her take this cock on a tape made by her boyfriend

For the fifth week in a row, my wife Tam went on a Friday night date with one of her black lovers, probation officer Terrell. She loves the excitement of playing a little on the wild side and he provides just that.

I flew in from a week on the road at 4 pm on Friday, so I picked up our daughter from her Grandmothers and waited for Tam to arrive home. She came in at 9:15 from work, immediately gave me a deep kiss and headed for the shower. I was doing reports and waited for her to come out for a fashion show as she usually does. She has really learned how to dress to tease the senses. She came into the family room and did a pirouette. I could only admire her style. The dress she had on was a white rayon-silky party dress that laced up the open front from her waist in a criss cross pattern and the skirt flared out in four layers to mid thigh. The top had built in bra cups and depending on how tight she laced it up would fall open or stay closed. The bra cups were cut wide in the middle so no matter how tight it was laced; the swell of her breasts could still be seen. She had it almost hanging open with the tie ends hanging down on both sides. The skirt was just film on the lower layer and exposed 3 more inches of her legs. The next layer was more opaque and the view was only a shadow. That view in shadow appeared to be within an inch of her crotch. The other two layers could not be seen thru unless the upper ones were raised. Garter clips and the lacy tops of her stockings could be seen thru the bottom two layers of her skirt. Standing in white heels she looked so good that I became hard just looking at her. She was smiling as she asked "do you think this will do?"

She reached down and with both hands slowly slid the skirt up exposing her lingerie. She had on a pair of panties that matched the lacy pattern of her stocking tops. They were just for show as they didn't conceal her pussy. Holding her skirt with her left had she pushed the top of her panties down to the top of her slit and just to the left was a small yin-yang tattoo. She was watching me intently and I leaned forward to look at it closely.

"It is a temporary, of course. I want your opinion on how it looks." I said "it's OK I guess but not really something that should be permanent. You look fantastic! You will probably be molested just going from here to the car in the drive. Do you know where Terrell is taking you?"

"He mentioned several times that the guys in that private club we went to before have been asking him to bring me back and I told him I would go".

"The one where he pimped you out as a whore? Are you going because he asked you or do you really want to?"

She grinned "the thought of going in the club returning as his whore makes me horny as hell. I expect to get used and abused from the start and it makes me tingle with anticipation just to think about it."

I slid one finger inside the crotch of her panties and pulled the right bra cup aside just enough to suck on her nipple. She was already wet and her nipple hardened in my mouth.

I released her nipple from my lips and continued to stroke my finger my finger lightly against her clit. "I'm Just checking to see if you are ready, sweetheart." She kissed me hard, grabbed my cock hardening in my pants and told me "Terrell is taking his camcorder so you can see later how much fun I will be having. Now, who is teasing who?" She was squeezing my hard cock and asked me "if you want to see that tape do you think you should stop?"

"Ahhhhh, OK, sweetheart but you better save a little loving for me."

She laughed "when have I ever left you hanging when we get together after one of my dates?"

I agreed "never lover. See if you can bring the tape home with you and I will take it back to him. Have a fucking great time."

I gave her a kiss back and she straightened her dress. The aureoles of her breasts were almost visible to anyone standing by her. She then went out to her car and waved to me as she backed out.

I watched a little TV and imagined anything and everything she could be doing and the anticipation was nerve racking. Every once in a while my cock would be hardening from lascivious thoughts and I would stroke it gently and stop short of coming. About midnight I fell asleep on the couch and about 4:30 am I heard the door open that enters the house from the garage.

She was smiling with her hair in disarray looking wet and stringy and there was no makeup left on her face. Her dress looked like it had just been washed it was so wrinkled and appeared soaked in spots. She stood between the coffee table and the couch right at my face. She bent over slightly and again pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist. Her ass cheeks had black marker writing on her, ' THE END'. I laughed at that. She had several hickeys on her pubic mound near her temporary tattoo and on her belly. Her panties were stuffed in her pussy and she said "Terrell knows you love to see how well I have been fucked and he stuffed them up me for you to remove.

I led her into our bedroom and laid her on the bed after pulling her dress off. She had hickeys on her tits. I spread her legs and moved between them. I kissed her inner thighs above her stockings noticing she had love bites there too. Her labia were swollen a little and the whole genital area was red. I gently pulled her cum soaked panties from her hole. When they came free, almost immediately semen started to ooze out down her butt cheeks. I parted her pussy lips and viewed her ravaged love tunnel. I could see deeply inside her open vagina that was swimming in fluid.

"How many guys have fucked you and left their cum there?"

"Only two guys came in me without condoms. Terrell left his spunk in me and he let Sammy, his nephew, fuck me several times bareback. The other guys came on my face or in my mouth. I had about 10 loads of sperm in my mouth or on me. Several guys came on my tits."

She reached in her handbag and handed me a cassette. I put it in the player in our room and started it

Tam was standing next to a bed with her arms around a large bald black man that was kissing her and pinching her nipples. The top of her dress had been pulled down leaving her tits in the open. Another guy was on his knees behind her pulling her panties down her legs. Another football sized man was at her left side holding up her skirt and it appeared he had his had in her cunt. She stepped out of her panties when they reached the floor. The man on his knees put his head under her dress in the back and she squealed and jumped when he attacked her ass. The big guy grabbed her dress hem with both hands and pulled it up and over her head. The guy biting her tits pushed her back on the bed.

Tam commented "he bit me on my tush and stuck a finger in my ass. I already had someone's fingers in my cunt."

I laid down next to Tam on the bed and watched her on the TV while I played with her slick puss. She slowly stroked my raging hard on while watching herself on tape.

I could hear Terrell's voice off camera telling the guys it was time to get the action going. He told Tam to kneel on the bed and had a guy named JJ to be the first blow job. He climbed on the bed in front of her with his dick bobbing. She took him in her mouth and was sliding her lips over his glands. On occasion she would stick her tongue out and lick under the head.

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