by Daniel1

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Desc: Sex Story: Woman's unexpected visitor teams up with boyfriend to subject her to surprising and intensely carnal pleasures.

Her alarm rang more than once before she remembered that she didn't have to get up because she had a rare day off. It was Friday, even though she was too awake to go back to sleep, she was in no hurry to get out of bed. She was playing.

She's a blonde with blue eyes, petite and trimly built. Her face is a beautiful, girl-next-door face that you wouldn't be surprised to see at a school bake sale. But at the moment, her face is a study in contrasts. It is contorted. Her mouth is gasping, and her beautiful blue eyes are pleasure filled. Her legs are widely spread, and her hips are writhing up and down. Her hand is stroking a large, vibrating dildo up and down her wet, drippy pussy lips. After each few strokes, she holds it firmly on her slippery clitoris, causing her head to roll back and her breathy exhalations to escape in short, harsh gasps.

Now she pushes this large thing into her tiny pussy opening, which stretches and stretches to accommodate, and swallow it. And, amazingly, it travels smoothly into her, assisted by her ultra slippery-ness. Again, and again, and again she rolls her hips up, and drives her fist in, to fuck herself on this dildo-machine.

"Ooohh God... Oooohh... OOOOHHHH... FUCK!!!" She is thinking about her boyfriend, who she plans to see this evening. She is in love! And he's the kind of boyfriend with whom she is more sexually charged than she is with anyone else. He has fucked her in cars, and played with her in movie theatres. He has bought her sexy clothes and several dildos and vibrators. He has persuaded her to show-off to him the fuck pleasure these toys bring her. She would do anything for him.

"Oohh, my God... ahh... AAAHHH... I'm going to cum!!! I'm gonna cum!!!" Her hips fuck up and up faster and faster. She is stuffing the fuck machine harder, and faster into her lovely, drippy cunt. Suddenly, her body catches in a great, total clench; the machine is buried deep. "Aaaahhh... Oooooww... Shit!!!" Her body trembles greatly, spasms shake her before the clench lets her go. She goes right back to fucking her hips up and up, immediately ready for more as her orgasm continues to thrill her pussy.

Slowly it ebbs away enough for her to take the thing away from her pussy before going to Round Two. The phone rings. Thinking it's her boyfriend, she is all set to say, High sweetheart, when she hears the voice of her new neighbor.

"I know it's a lot to ask, we thought the new kennel would be ready to take Charley this weekend, but they can't! And, we have to get the rest of our stuff out of the old house this weekend! Charley really is a very nice dog, though! He won't give you any trouble! He's completely housebroken!"

She tried to think of an excuse, thinks of her special date tonight, but couldn't think fast enough. She wasn't ready for this call.

"I don't know. I don't have any pets, and I had plans of my own this weekend. Oh, but I like living in a neighborhood where people help each other out. I'm not dressed. Why don't you bring him over in a half hour, or so, and that'll give me time to put something on. I'll let you know what I think after I meet him." She hung up, and reluctantly pulled herself out of bed to get presentable.

She answered the door to a pleasant looking, middle-aged couple looking as though they were leaving their son at summer camp, for the first time. Between them sat a large, well-muscled German Shepard, big enough to be scary. But he had a pleasant look in his brown, intelligent eyes, and his set had a look of well-trained behavior.

"He doesn't bite, does he?" she asked as she knelt down to look closer into his face.

"No, no!" they both said at once. "He's real friendly!" the man said. "He really likes people!"

She reached out her hand for the dog to smell. He gave her a look of appreciation that she wanted him to know her and smelled tentatively. Satisfied, his tongue rolled out of his mouth, like a big red carpet, and he licked her hand... little slow, tasting licks, and then longer more enthusiastic licks. She laughed; it made her tingle and said, "Well, it looks like we'll be friends! Can you shake?"

Immediately, the dog picked up his right paw for a shake. She took it and chuckled again at how smart he seemed. She looked at the couple and said, "I think we'll get along fine."

After her neighbors left, she found a place in her kitchen to set up the dog's food and water bowls, and as she set them down, he was right there with her.

"Charley's your name isn't it? Well, I don't want you to have any problem finding the feed bowl!" The big dog looked at her and gave her another couple of long licks up her neck and over her cheek, thanking her. "Oh Charley, I like you too!" she said as she gave him a pat on the head and nuzzled him behind his ear. She left him in the kitchen to work on his breakfast while she changed outfits.

Her plan was to work in the yard today, and so she put on her yard clothes. These consisted of a bikini, shorts, a pair of gloves, a baseball hat, and some beat-up sneakers. She looked really cute and tasty.

A tall hedge on all three sides enclosed her back- yard, and her plan was to clean out all the weeds that had grown in under it. She went through the kitchen on the way out and said, "Charley, would you like to go outside with me today?" He perked up and trotted over to the door. She reached down to get his water bowl and filled it to the brim. "We better take this out with us today. You'll probably get mighty thirsty."

Once outside, she went to her toolbox and dug out a scraper, and then went to the end of the hedgerow. She got down on all fours and began to scrape out weeds. She had just gotten started when she felt a cold nose press against her leg and then heard a bark. "What do you want, Charley?" "I've got to work now!" She went back to her job and got another cold nudge and a bark. "What is it?"

She sat back on her heels and looked at the dog. He was sitting, looking at her, and between his legs was an old tennis ball she had left out in the yard. " Oh, no! I'm not gonna play now, I've got work to do!" He barked twice, excitedly, and she knew he wasn't going to quit without getting some playtime.

So, she tossed the ball out, and he ran for it so happily she had to laugh at how goofy he was. He ran it back to her, and he was glad, glad! She threw it again and he raced to get it and get back to her. Hey, she thought, I'll just do this until I wear him out. So she spent the best part of the next hour throwing the ball and watching him chase it, and by that time she was getting worn out.

She sat down under the tree where it was shady and the dog went over to his bowl to lap up most of his water. Then he came over and laid down right next to her, placing his head right in her lap, and his nose right on her thighs. It made her squirm a little bit, but she felt like he really liked her. She thought he was really cute, and she petted his big head until he fell asleep.

Gradually, she worked her way gently free, petting him and easing his head down. Still got a lot of puppy in him, she thought. Then she went back to work.

She had worked her way around most of the hedge and was working on rooting out a very stubborn plant, more like a bush, she thought. She was again on all fours, and back in under the hedge. This plant had a thick stem, almost a small trunk. She kept pulling it in long, hard, pulls, without it giving up very much. She rocked back a few times, pulling with her whole body. She could feel the sweat and the itch from working in the hot day, and from having the toughest part of the chore come up at the end.

She felt Charley's cold nose brush along her leg. "Hi Charley!" "Did you wake up?" She heard a little whine and the felt his long, thick tongue stroke up the back and inside of her leg. "Ooh, Charley!" "What are you doing, Pup?" The sensation made her head reel for a minute before she could sit up on her heels.

He sat behind her with her scraper tool that he had fetched over for her. "Charley, are you trying to help me?" she asked, and nuzzled him behind the ear. He barked in answer, his long tongue lolled out the side of his mouth in an effort to cool him down. She thought, 'that's a mighty big tongue!' Then she said "Now, Charley, I'm gonna pull out this plant, and I don't want any more licks until later, you understand?" He looked her right in the eyes with perfect canine understanding. This time, using her tool, she succeeded in rooting the stubborn plant out.

It's later in the day when she's finally able to think about a bath and about the evening she was planning. She had been to the grocery store for some champagne, caviar, cheese and fruit. She didn't want anything heavy to eat as she expected to be feeding other appetites. Her thoughts were making her skin feel tingly. Her pussy was getting moist. She's been avoiding these thoughts all day, but can't avoid it any longer. She was thinking of the lingerie she would be wearing, and the make-up she'd be wearing, her perfume, and the feeling between her legs that was growing in intensity.

As she carries her things in she hears a happy "woof" on the other side of the door. When she gets inside, she's pleased to see the house is in the same good order she had left it in. She puts her groceries down in the kitchen and squats down to pet Charley and tells him what a good boy he was. Charley's nose wrinkles, as he smells her and recognizes a deeper flavor to her scent. He licks her face and her neck, looking for this new flavor, and is about to go down, when she stands up and moves into the bedroom.

She proceeds on into her bathroom and closes the door. While she fills the tub, she strips in front of the mirror, thinking dirty thoughts. While she pins her hair up she remembers different things she's done with him, and her pussy starts to get drippy. He is someone who will do things to her no one else will do. He is someone she will do anything for. She sees her face in the mirror and smirks at her naked self, knowing that tonight, she will be Cumming and getting her mind blown at the same time!

As she rests back into the steamy, hot water her hands go to her pussy as her legs spread, and she begins to rub, back and forth, on her swelling clitoris and pussy lips. In spite of being in the water, she's slick with oily, girl juice. Even though the water washes it away, she's oozing constantly, and continues to stay slick. The pleasure sensations are sharp enough for her to gasp and swoon a little bit as she rubs more and more firmly, building towards cumming.

Yes! She's going to make herself cum right now. Her knees come up and her hips begin to rise and fall in slow, languid fuck motions. She rubs and rubs, and her pussy feels stabbed with sharp, pleasure sensations, becoming sharper with each rub, rhythmically building and building. Her head goes back, wetting the hair on the back of her neck. She notices, but there's no stopping for that as she begins to explode between her legs.

She feels a touch on her wet nipple, a long, slow, sensational touch. Her eyes open suddenly, and she sees the dog's big head, and he is licking and then licking again on her breast. She's startled and, for a moment, the explosion is withheld. But she wants the explosion. She decides she doesn't care. She doesn't care how the dog found a way in, and she doesn't care that he's licking her breast. She just wants to come, this is what she cares about, and she goes back after herself with a vengeance. And now, the tongue is feeling pretty good as he goes after her other breast, rubbing this beautiful nipple into a stiff pucker.

She feels herself building again and she knows that she hasn't lost the explosion that it's coming back. "Oh, OOHH, OOOHH, YYESS!! OOHHH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!! AAAHHH!! AAAHHH!!" She screams and screams. Her hips rise and fall and rise again as she cums and cums and cums again. Her head is rolling back and forth; water is sloshing out of the tub. She is very powerful in her cumming, very physical. The dog stays with her, licking and licking on her breasts and neck and ear. Even as her fuck motions settle to a slower pace, they are still very powerful until she settles down, back all the way into the tub, spent and swooning. Riding just below the level of open consciousness, but not asleep, she notices that the dog has left her, and she relaxes completely.

She opened the door almost as soon as the bell began to chime. As it swung open, I saw her lovely, smiling face, eyes and lips shiny and excited. She was wearing a short, gray, see-through baby-doll with gray stockings and g-string. She has a choker made of gray pearls, matching her gray pearl bracelet. Her hair was upswept into a French knot with just little wisps escaping, heightening her petite frame, and making her seem statuesque.

Her gray, fuck-me shoes completed her high-toned and whorish ensemble. I love this woman and the contrast she presents between her blonde, blue-eyed loveliness, and her 'fuck me like a whore's' sensuous-ness.

I also noticed the great, big dog sitting immediately behind her, waiting to see who would come in through the door. Maybe he was waiting for his master, but when he saw me, his eyes took on a guardedly aggressive slant. A low growl issued from his throat.

"Charley, No!" She stomped her foot, and all her goodies shook at the same time. "NO!!" She pulled me into the room with a look of concern on her face. The dog rolled his head low like an apology, and reluctantly looked at her. "It's O.K.! He's a friend! Friend, Charley!"

I stooped down to his level, not wanting to show fear, and held out my hand. He sniffed it and she said, "Shake, Charley, Shake!" Reluctantly, he put out his paw. I took it gently and said, "Good boy, Charley. If she likes you, you're O.K. by me." I put my hand right on his cheek and stroked back over his ear and said, "Good Dog." He smiled a doggie smile, and everything seemed to be all right.

She seemed very relieved, telling me about her neighbors dropping him off in the morning and how friendly he had been, and I could tell she really liked him a lot. She took me on into the kitchen where she had laid out a repast that included caviar and champagne, several cheeses and crackers, and a variety of fruit. "I thought you might like this", she said. "But nothing too filling, before moving on the next course!" She laughed, and I knew that her little pussy was working over time.

As we ate we talked about our day, mine spent working on things around the house, hers in the garden and shopping. I had thought about her all day, imagining what I might do to stimulate her beyond control, without settling on anything. I asked her, point blank, if she had played with herself, and she giggled. She told me about how she woke up, and screwed her vibrator and would have gone on, if her neighbors hadn't called.

Then, she got real quiet, deciding what to say next, and told me about her bath. As she talked about masturbating herself in the tub and how the dog surprised her, her face took on a flush, and I began to smell the quiet, musky odor of her moistening pussy. She finished quietly by telling me that he had been licking her in a friendly way all day. I could tell by the way she was talking that she either had not, or could not, think this all the way through.

I stood up and took her arm, and helped her to her feet. She was surprised at the abrupt transition, but I said, "Let's go darling. I want to go sit on the couch. We can take the rest of our champagne in with us."

"O.K.!" She smiled, and took my arm. "Let's go!" Charley, the dog, followed us, staying close.

I set the bottle and glasses on the end table and sat down on the leather sofa. She put one knee between my legs, and bent down to take my face in her hands and kissed me wetly. She was really gorgeous in her gray lingerie, and I kissed her back hungrily. I put my arm around the back of her neck, pulling her close, and we kissed and kissed.

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