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Desc: Sex Story: A lactating woman and her husband love sharing. Hope you like it.

If you've never had the pleasure of sharing a woman with another man I can easily understand your feelings. Until recently I'd never been in that position and found it odd and exciting. I was about to not only share a woman with a man but the woman was his wife. They were happily married but loved swinging in case you hadn't guessed yet.

I had been online patiently biding my time in a room I had created called 'Men Seeking Milk'. Having the screen name of Titmilker and it coinciding with my fetish of milk filled breasts it seemed natural. I was, after all, hoping a lactating woman would see the room and wish to chat. I had no illusions of ever meeting her but did hope for a picture or two.

Usually I can wait an hour or more before anybody spots the room and enters. Most of the time it's men just checking out the action and finding only me in the room. Rarely will they even take a few minutes to chat. I was pleasantly surprised when the name 'MilkyMaid' was shown. Intrigued I checked the profile and found she had recently given birth and nursed her baby. In her profile she stated she was happily married but her husband loved sharing the milk of her bountiful breasts. Just as I closed out from reading her profile she began chatting.

'Hello, Titmilker, ' she typed.

'Hi, ' I responded. 'Liked your profile.'

'Thanks. My husband helped me write it.'

'That was nice of him. Does he really share your milk?'

'Yes, but so far it's only been with our son.'

'I take it you are both looking for just the right man?'

'We are but haven't found on yet we agree is right. Before I was pregnant we did a lot of swinging but don't want any of those men sharing my milk.'

We spent the next hour sending typed messages back and forth. I found out her name was June and they were looking to getting back into the swinging life again real soon. She had sent me some pictures of her and her husband and a few of her nursing their son. I had to admit when she had stated she had bountiful breasts she wasn't exaggerating in the least. One of her nursing pictures showed her baby suckling her left breast while the right was fully exposed. According to June she had grown into wearing a 42DD bra and her picture said it was true.

Over the next few weeks I found out they lived only about ten miles away. We were both surprised and that seemed to make our chat times much more interesting. June finally surprised me by asking if I would like to meet them. I couldn't believe my luck and made plans to visit the coming week-end.

The next few days dragged by so slowly I thought Saturday would never get here. It did and I spent the morning making myself look as good as I could. Freshly showered I was nervous as I drove following the directions June had given me. An hour later I parked in front of a nice two story house in a well kept neighborhood. My hand shook as I pressed the doorbell.

June's husband, Ted, was about my height and weight. He was much younger than me and had a warm smile.

"Hello," he greeted stepping aside and waving me inside. "I'm glad we finally get to meet."

"Thanks Ted. I guess you know I'm a bit nervous. I've never done anything like this before."

"Relax and just be you. If June was comfortable with you she would never have invited you over. She'll be right down. She's putting the baby down for his nap."

I tried to relax as Ted and I made small talk. Just when I thought I had my nerves under control June came down the stairs and into the room. She was even better looking in person than her pictures gave her credit. I was well taken in watching her glide in the room wearing a partly open blouse and mid-thigh flowing skirt. Even though she obviously wore a bra her abundant breasts bounced with each step.

"It's nice you could make it, Tit," her soft voice soothing my jangled nerves. "We never did get to your name but I think I like Tit."

Her hand was soft and cool as she gently held mine. She stood five inches below my height and her blue eyes sparkled as her mouth smiled warmly. Looking down I couldn't help but notice the deep cleavage of her breasts barely covered by her half open blouse. Between the halves I saw the lacey cups of her bra.

"Actually I like hearing you call me Tit. I might add you are so much prettier in person."

"Flattery will likely get you most anything you want," she laughed. "I'm sorry about the bra but if I don't wear one the front of my blouse will be soaked. I really hate wearing the damned thing."

She went over and sat beside her husband while I sat in a large comfortable chair facing them. I gazed at her legs and exposed thighs and marveled at how well shaped they were. June very casually crossed her legs allowing her skirt to ride further up and showed even more of her well shaped thighs.

"Like I was telling Ted I've never done anything like this before."

"We still talk about our first time, too. Relax and just enjoy yourself. I'm sure before long it will seem natural and like you've been doing this for years."

"How did you come up with the name Titmilker?" Ted asked.

"A long standing fetish of mine. I learned years ago I love breast milk."

"Have you been lucky enough to find some?" June asked.

"Rarely," I replied. "I've managed to date a few single women that were lactating but it's been five or six years since the last one. I did date a wet nurse for six months before she lost her milk and moved away."

"We're sorry to hear that, Tit. Are you still sexually active?" June smiled as she asked.

"Yes but it's been awhile."

The sofa Ted and June were sitting on was large with both of them at one end. June motioned to me to sit beside her. After I was settled she took my hand and held it gently then let it rest on her left thigh. Her skin was smooth and hot to my touch. I could feel myself become aroused as my eyes looked into the opening of her blouse.

"I would hate to see you get eye strain," June was saying as her fingers slowly unbuttoned her blouse. The front halves parted exposing most of her lacy bra cups. "Does this help?"

"Very much," I almost gasped licking my lips. My eyes were glued to the large expanse of breast flesh over filling the tight cups. Without thinking my left hand reached up and cupped her left breast feeling how large and heavy it was.

"One thing you will quickly learn about June is just how much she loves having her breasts played with and suckled," Ted was saying as he caressed his wife's right breast. "Even being filled with milk she still enjoys a firm hand gripping them and giving her nipples a hard workout."

"I do hope you're thirst, Tit," June moaned lightly. "My breasts are full and in need of being suckled."

Her fingers were quick and deft at the front closure. When it was unsnapped she rested her hands on our thighs while leaving it up to us to part the cups. I exposed her left breast and gasped when her swollen nipple oozed drops of milk. My fingers held her nipple and felt it harden. They squeezed lightly at the base and milk squirted from the tiny holes designed for that purpose. Her hand was at the back of my head gently pulling my lips closer to her breast. My lips parted and surrounded the turgid nipple as they closed over her large firm flesh. Gently I suckled and tasted her warm sweet milk as it flowed from her breast and filled my greedy mouth.

"Yes," she cooed pressing my mouth more firmly to her milk giving breast. "Suckle harder and drink your fill."

Encouragement wasn't needed but I welcomed her soft voice as she all but begged. My hand cupped her large full breast as my mouth suckled. I felt her husband giving her right breast the same treatment and June began moaning louder. I felt her hand rubbing my thigh and moving higher and higher towards my growing erection. Shifting slightly gave her easier access to my crotch and she took good advantage. Before long as I suckled she was rubbing my fully engorged penis from the outside of my pants.

Ted and I spent at least half and hour nursing and suckling the milk from June's breasts before she gently eased my head away. She looked into my eyes and I saw lust in hers. Her lips fell to mine, her tongue lunging deep into my open mouth. The fingers of her hand were searching for and gripping my erection still entrapped inside my pants. I felt her fumbling with the zipper as she tugged and pulled to get it down. Once open she wriggled her fingers inside and found my rampant organ. She gasped into my mouth finding only naked skin instead of more cloth.

"I was afraid I would have to fight harder before finding you," she panted still holding my ridged organ. "Finding you naked under your pants really excites me. You're bigger and thicker than I thought and so very hard. I'm just sure I'm going to have lots of pleasure feeling this buried deeply inside me."

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