Chapter 1: Ashley Returns

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Ashley Returns - Ashley Wilson had to return to her departmental reunion at her alma mater to settle a lingering feeling of guilt. She had her eyes on the offended party and wanted much more from him than forgiveness. Ashley had all the men she chose, except him. Sometimes you get what you want and then you have big decisions to make.

Ashley Wilson carried her martini to her uncovered rear deck to marvel at the vivid yellow sun seeking the Pacific horizon. Sunset falling through the spectrum of yellow to orange to purple and finally to gray. Relieved and happy, she had just finished a frustrating three-hour conference call with her volunteer board of directors. My God! I didn't think that call would ever end. Are they always that disorganized?

As the awesome spectacle of Southern California's Morro Bay framed the sunset, her thoughts returned to tomorrow's trip to her alma mater. She looked forward to partying with her friends. As the sunset turned from purple to gray in the fog, a similar dark cloud returned to haunt her. What will I say to him? How can I get out of this dreadful feeling of guilt? What if he doesn't come?

The flight to Atlanta was pleasantly uneventful. Her rental car was waiting for the hour's drive to the campus. Then she had to check into the hotel, dress, and be at the reception by seven. Plenty of time. Do I just apologize sincerely? You can't change from a slut to a lady with a simple apology, Ashley.

After a quick check in the visor mirror, she was satisfied and walked briskly across the campus parking lot to her triennial departmental reunion. She looked smartly professional in her royal blue suit with matching calfskin shoes, shoulder strap purse, and a paisley silk blouse that revealed enticing cleavage. Her brown hair was cut to frame her face and her luscious red lips. Even so, she still was apprehensive about that part of her mission. What if he doesn't come?

Every three years, graduates return in the spring for a reunion and celebration of their lives. Most other departments don't do this, but it has been a long tradition in Ashley's.

Upstairs, Bill Anderson worked frenetically to submit a research paper before the deadline. Suddenly, the department chair rapped on his door and said, "It's time for the reception, Bill."

"OK, Valerie, I will be there shortly."

These events usually bored him, but given his state of hunger, he was glad to go. The food looked good. The hospitality committee planned well. Sushi. Sashimi. Pinot Grigio. Many other tasty treats. Fifty or 60 graduates made a good turnout. The conversations and wine were planned for two hours.

Ashley saw him come in. With rising trepidation and the unsettled feeling in her stomach, her hand shook as she carefully lined up her sushi and sashimi portions with her chopsticks, and, putting the wasabi and ginger portions in the center of the plate, she was satisfied with her food art. He did come! Yes, you haven't seen him in years and you can barely hold your plate. She was relieved that he came, but dreadfully uneasy about his effect on her, and her ability to settle her issue.

She joined a group of happy alums catching up with each other's lives. Kim's eyes bulged as she said to the group, "My God, there's Erika. I didn't think she would ever show her face around here again!"

Then Kim said to Ashley, "You missed the big one last time. Erika came here on sabbatical and had this torrid affair with Dr. Anderson. They lived together for a semester, and then she told him that she had a husband in Germany. Talk about soap opera. He threw her out. She told him she was going home to get a divorce. Then, I heard that she was coming back to reunite with him. That woman has some gall!"

Ashley felt a chill run through her. She had no claim on him, but she had come here to remedy that. The very thought of that blond hair on his pillow brought on sharp jealousy. Now the blond beauty moved close to him and started an animated conversation.

After a chat, Anderson moved away from Erika to the buffet. He saw Ashley. Why does she affect me like that? Stunning in her business suit, a strand of pearls, pearl anklet, and tiny pearls in her earrings. She stood alone, but how could he approach her in his nervous state.

Ashley saw her chance. Do it now! She refreshed her wine and went to him and looked at him admiringly. She cocked her head making her pendant earring go perpendicular and smiled warmly, "... member me? I was in your classes, Dr. Anderson." She was into her wine.

He dissolved into her deep blue eyes, then stammered, "You're old enough to call me Bill." Then he smiled broadly, "No normal man could ever forget you, Ashley Wilson. Is it still Wilson?"

She was startled by the surprise compliment. "Wow! Thank you. I didn't think you ever noticed. It's still Wilson."

"I noticed you in every class. You are dramatically beautiful and your thesis won a prize. What else is there?"

"But I could never get your attention. That doesn't do much for a girl's self image." The wine must have brought that out.

Anderson blushed. "Oh, you had my attention. It was an ethics violation for me to ask you out while you were in my classes. I ogled you. I think about you often."

Did he really say that? Again surprised, "You do? Dance with me tomorrow night?"

"My great pleasure! Where are you working now?"

"Thanks to your coaching, I am effectively self employed. I do training services, mostly on the Internet. My father died last year and left me our house near San Luis Obispo. It has a glorious view of Morro Bay and the big rock. I live there and work from home. I have more work than I want to do and I still fit in my volunteer work."

"Sounds ideal."

"I would have preferred to keep him around. I loved him. We talked. He gave me a big ear or advice, whatever I wanted."

"I'm sorry to hear that someone his age had to go. He taught at Cal Poly as I remember."

"Yes. A month before he died, he asked me for advice about his girl friend. Given that I was a lot closer to her age, I think I helped. He made me feel valued. Living alone in my childhood home without parents is a little eerie sometimes."

"How did it happen?"

She replied sadly, "Old macho thought he could work all night in his lab with that girl friend, and then drive all the way to Tahoe. He almost made it, but fell asleep at the wheel and tumbled down the snowy mountain by Donner Lake. God knows how she survived without injury, but he didn't. I miss him."

"You live alone?"

"I get a little misty when I talk about him. I will tell you later." I can't let him just mingle. "Get something to eat. I need to fill my plate. There is a corner table empty over there."

They ate side-by-side. She looked at him for a moment, took a deep breath looking away, and then spoke softly, "This is awkward for me, but I must come clean. I became seriously infatuated when I met with you to discuss whether to go for the Master's program. You spent an hour and a half in details and answered all of my questions with respect in your soft low voice. I felt that you were on my side. You seemed totally honest, which is rare in professors. You listened to my concerns." Then, feeling relieved, she gazed at him. "I left your office wanting much more from you than academic advice."

"I remember well. I didn't want you to leave. I was nervous and much taken with you. I didn't know what to do or say next."

She was encouraged by his confession. Just then, Ashley noticed Erika's eyes fixed on her. She placed her hand on his forearm to hold him, and then she fed him a bite off her plate with her chopsticks. He smiled and enjoyed it. Making certain that Erika was still watching, Ashley held his hand as she fed him another bite. Then, she kissed him softly on the cheek and whispered, "Thank you for the nicest compliment I ever received."

Obviously shaken, Anderson said weakly, "It's easy when you tell the truth. Uhh, I guess we'd better mingle before we start gossip!" She rejoined her group and he slipped back to his office to beat the looming deadline. Just as he emailed the paper and completed the task, someone knocked. Valerie? Oh, God, not Erika.

He opened the door guarding the small opening and was relieved as Ashley came in and closed the door. He sat on the edge of his desk no more than two feet from her as she leaned on the door and took a sip of wine. She looked directly into his eyes, "Before I go to the party, I want you to tell me the truth. Do you think about me?"

"Time and again. Some days I don't until I'm ready to sleep. You missed the last reunion. Kim said you were engaged. I was jealous. I figured you were married by now."

Isn't he full of surprises tonight! "I will kill her. She did not tell me that you asked about me, but she did tell me about Erika. I would have called you. I was going through a breakup." She paused, pondered, and then blurted, "Did you sleep with Kim?"

"You'll have to ask her. Had you come, you would have had the chance to turn down my invitation to dinner and the dance. If I had known then what I know now, I would have chanced seeing you after the picnic."

She paused, and then asked uncertainly, "Is the dinner invitation still available?"

"Absolutely! Please sit with me."

She smiled broadly. "Bill?" She moved toward him as he put his arms out for her and she drew closer. They had deep eye contact, which led to a long passionate kiss.

She whispered, "I really want to be with you tomorrow night. " She felt the tears welling and quickly left to go back toward the reception. That was some kiss. I wonder if there are more. But, you didn't address the big issue.

She went to the ladies room to fix her eyes and looked in the mirror. Why do you still want him after all this time? Is it just because you couldn't have him back then? What are you trying to prove? Oh, what the hell. Might as well go for the jackpot. Then, she went back to knock on his door again. When he opened it, she smiled warmly, "Will you come with me to the party? It is at a private clubhouse with a DJ, food, and drink, and other faculty members will be there."

"Only if you are my date. I don't do those things well alone."

"I won't let you out of my sight!" What a relief!

He drove her to a large apartment complex and located the well-appointed party room. They found a group to join. Lots of laughs and good stories about peoples' lives. The music started with loud fast numbers and most people were dancing, including Bill and Ashley. After an hour the DJ played softer and more romantic tunes that gave him an excuse to hold her closer and for Ashley to nestle her head on his shoulder.

Surely, there will be an intermission soon and I can get rid of this burden.

Finally, the DJ took a break. She asked, "Can we go out and get some air?"

Shortly, they were alone outside. Now! She looked into his eyes. "When I was in your classes I was an infatuated smitten slut. I am ashamed of what I did and I beg you to forgive me. After that, I couldn't even ask you for a letter of recommendation. I felt cheap. I acted cheap."

"When you sat on the front row in your miniskirt, I knew you crossed and uncrossed your legs on purpose. Although it was dark, I could see that you didn't wear panties."

Hear me out. "I desired you that first day in your office when we sat close. Later, I watched your hands in class. I listened to your soft erotic voice three times a week for a year. You wrapped your hands around the lectern and moved your fingers under it. You stroked the underside of the lectern. You caressed the top edge of the wood with affection. Every time you touched it, I wanted those hands on me, not that damn piece of wood."

She took a deep breath and continued, "I waited so long. I had uncontrollable desires in your classes. I made a serious mistake by not coming last time. It could have saved me one whole unsatisfactory relationship."

"You, too, kindled my desire. I know it is a cliché, but I slept with you many nights seeing your long hair on my pillow and your body clinging to me. I will forgive you if you will forgive my dim-witted reluctance."

"Oh, I forgive you! Yes! I feel loads better that you didn't think so badly of me that you wouldn't bring me tonight." As the music started, they returned to their table. Ashley felt almost giddy as the terrible feeling of guilt was suddenly lifted. With that behind her, she accepted emotional equality with him. She led him back to the dance floor and nestled in his arms as the romantic music continued.

He murmured, "Thank you for inviting me. I didn't know how I would ever get to hold you and kiss you."

"I'm at the Hilton and my car is at the University. I don't want to drive. Will you take me?"

"I wouldn't think of stranding you here. Of course I will take you."

With her provocative smile and a twitch of her hips, she whispered, "You finally get it. You're taking me to a hotel?"

He put the keycard into the lock mechanism and the green light clicked on the first try. When he let her in before him, she turned around immediately and kissed him. "Oh, Bill, you have no idea what a kiss like that does to me."

He stood her by the closet and removed her suit jacket and put it on a hanger and then unbuttoned her silk blouse and hung it up as well. She stepped out of her lined skirt and he attached it to the skirt loops on the hanger. She showed a full bra, pantyhose, and shoes. She kissed him. He took the bra off and had his second big thrill seeing her picture perfect breasts with jutting nipples. He put the bra over a hanger and then put his hands alongside her hips inside the tight pantyhose and slowly drew them down, appreciating her satiny skin with no tan lines, and then removed her shoes. All of this time, their eyes were locked. He kissed her lightly tanned belly and took the hose and put them to his nose. She had a beautiful mound of dark hair. Her smell was memorable.

"God, I'm here naked and you have your clothes on. My turn!"

She took his clothes efficiently and deliberately without hanging them. Finally, when she took his briefs, she said, "I would like you on the bed."

Pressing her naked body against him and kissing him deeply, she whispered, "Couldn't we just now get to it?"

While their tongues searched, he put his fingers inside her and she was wet and torrid. Her moans were gentle at first, and then became louder. She reached her peak and gasped while making strong hip movements. He kept his fingers moving slowly. She came again.



He moved to her clitoris and kept his finger lightly active. It took several minutes to fulfill her request.

After many orgasms, she said, "I have to rest. I'm getting a stiff neck." As she recovered, she rose on her elbow and made deep eye contact. "Tell me a fantasy."

"I will if you will."

"You first."

"I wanted you every day. So, I took you to my house, removed your clothes, and put the restraints on your arms and legs so that you couldn't escape."

"This is getting good!"

"When you were restrained, I licked all the important parts. When I bit your nipples, you were ecstatic. You were loud."

"You thought this in class?"

"Sometimes. Mostly at night when I was alone. I kissed-uh--you in class where you didn't wear panties"

"Please, God, tell me that you did not sleep alone when my wet pussy craved you."

He put his finger back on her pleasure spot. "Many nights alone. When I moved my mouth to your crotch, you squirmed completely. Ever try to lick a squirming clitoris? I thought you would break the ropes."

"Oh, God!" She almost screamed as the next orgasm swept through her. "I may have broken the ropes with that one."

"Your turn."

"I came to class in a miniskirt with my panties in my backpack. I put them on after your class. You saw my naked crotch. I was unaccustomed to flaunt myself to get anyone's attention. I got nowhere with you."

"You caused me to crave you constantly."

"I went to the picnic and there you were alone. I thought I saw my chance and sat by you and put my arm around you at the table while we were all crowded together. You had been playing volleyball and had a man smell that drove me wild. You ignored my hand on your leg. I was crushed. No man ever ignored my hand on his leg."

"Ashley, I..."

"When I went home, I took a long hot bath and imagined your being there to dry me. You were not there, so I started my vibrator and imagined you in all kinds of places. As I had many orgasms, I saw your face above me. After that, when I masturbated or used the vibrator, I saw you right there. That's my story, almost. No one was ever in your lab after class. Some days I had to rush there immediately and take care of myself. It was that bad."

"Hey, that fantasy calls for a celebration!" He kissed her again and again. She found his erection quickly and turned her back to him. She put his hand on her breast. She lifted her leg to put him in and he plunged to the end. As she backed into him, her approving moans and gasps fueled his fire.

"Pinch my nipple."

"Like that?"

"Harder. Yes, like that."

She had another series of orgasms. He was out of control. "I will be over soon. Get what you want before I lose it." And, then he lost it. Powerful surges kept coming until he was empty.

They stayed in the spoon as their passion subsided and they could finally breathe normally and talk.

He resumed their face-to-face embrace. "You thrill me."

"That made me feel incredibly good." She put her arms around him and her breasts against his chest. Then she paused and captured his eyes. "Are you working this summer?"

"No, I'm spending full time writing. I'll go to some cool place for a while. It isn't pleasant here in the summer."

There was another silence and she came closer. "I wish you would visit me. The climate is agreeable and I came from California to this reunion mainly to ask that simple question. Will you?"

"That is the nicest offer I ever had. Of course I will. Ashley? You delight me. You're sure?"

She tightened her hug, "I'm not sure of many things, but I'm sure of that. You may stay as long as you like. We'll have fun." Then she worked up her courage, Uhhh, will you tell me about Erika?"

"I will tell you about Erika later. Now, I have a request. I want you to pack your things, move to my house and stay with me until you have to leave."

The offer got him more affection, and then she asked, "Why move right now?"

"I'm embarrassed to tell you. I have a hungry dog who needs me."

She burst out laughing. "You have always been difficult! I have never lost out to a dog before! Give me a few minutes." She chuckled regularly as she packed. "Lost out to a damn dog!"

"Before you dress, please put your arms over your head and turn around slowly so that I can memorize your body. I have never seen you like this."

He recorded the beautiful shape of her butt as the little points stood out. Then she came to the edge of the bed and put her leg up, fully exposing her crotch in his face. "Memorize this, too. You never got a good look in class. Think about it every day."

The Miracle Maids came today. At least his place was decent and the bed was made with clean sheets. Benny met them at the door yapping in absolute hysteria. As Bill carried her bags in, he asked, "Do you want your own bathroom or do you want to share?"

She was pleased. "I will share yours if there's room."

They sat close on the couch for a while waiting for Benny to calm. Finally, he hopped up and sat between them. She caressed his ears as they made small talk. Then, Benny walked over her lap and turned to lay with his head on her legs, almost asleep.

Before retiring, they opened the windows to enjoy the cool night and listen to the frogs. She snuggled next to him in his spoon touching all possible skin. Benny slept on her side of the bed. When Bill awakened in the soft morning light, her face was close and she gazed into his eyes as she kissed him.

"Now I want to realize my other fantasy. I want to kiss your other lips."

"That sounds right to me! No ropes, though."

He put his mouth on those lips he had desired for so long. Her woman smell made him want to taste it all. She responded quickly to his tongue and gripped his head tightly between her thighs as she violently thrust her hips. He rested and then tickled the tip of her clitoris with his tongue as lightly as he could. She moved into another zone and had more violent spasms.

After they settled, she whispered, "Maybe next time you better use the ropes?"

He made breakfast. His fantasy had never included breakfast before. He set the table so that they could look across. She changed it so that she could sit next to him. She put her arm around him, "No man has made me a delicious omelet since my father died. Snuggling with you in your house gave me a sense of well-being. You do know how to make a girl happy. Having my own loving dog makes me feel important! Thank you for bringing me."

He laughed at that. "Benny really took up with you! That is rare."

"I didn't really lose out to a dog."

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