Anna Left Alone
Chapter 1: The Initial Encounter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Initial Encounter - Duty called me and I had to leave my new wife for a while. Some time after I returned I started to gradually notice the changes in her. Eventually, through her actions and through her own words, she unwittingly shared her story with me.

I was 31 and Anna was 24 when we got married. I had waited some time for the right person and I had found her. Anna was a really typical small town Oklahoma girl. She had gone into an ill- advised marriage with her high school boyfriend about two years out of school. As her mother and friends predicted, she found him to be an inconsiderate momma's boy that, among other things, provided her with no sexual satisfaction at all.

It all ended in a divorce and I met her within weeks of her coming out of marriage. Even though I had been with dozens of women, I was only her second man. She was, by all standards, extremely na‹ve, inexperienced, and unfulfilled. It would be a couple of years before I came to know how unfulfilled she was.

Anna was of medium build, but had really nice breasts and very shapely legs. However, the most significant feature about her was undetectable to everybody; that was, she had an insatiable sexual appetite that was just abound with massive, multiple orgasms when we were having sex.

The first date we ever had found us on the floor with my head between her legs. Within minutes, she was wailing loudly as the first of seven or eight orgasms of the day and evening washed over her. I knew then she was the one for me. In retrospect, it should have thrown up a caution sign.

I was still in the military and soon after we were married I was sent to Iceland. Four months later she came over to visit me for two weeks to celebrate her 25th birthday. We were fortunate to have accommodations right next to the airport so we were able to rush to our room.

She was wearing a short dress and comfortable shoes and not much more. I put her up against the wall as soon as we walked in the door, lifted her dress, slipped my hand under what was probable the skimpiest pair of panties in the world and was met with--sluuuuush!!!I swear that girl had a pint of cum dripping out of her.

Her panties were liquid, there was cum running down her legs, and cum below that which had been there long enough to dry. I have no idea how it was not showing through the back of that lightweight dress. I knew she was some kind of happy to see me. My chest must have stuck out a foot. Silly me.

We had a great time. I came back to the states six months later, got out of the military, and we settled down to routine married life. However, after a period of a couple of years, our sex life took a real nosedive. In retrospect, I should have been more attentive.

Then one night we were sleeping when I awoke and realized she was masturbating there beside me. I remember thinking, "my god, she masturbates". I don't why I was so taken aback with it, but I was. I have had girls masturbate for me before but she had been so reserved it never crossed my mind. I went totally hard and stayed that way.

The very next night I started working on her to masturbate for me. To my surprise she did it with ease. I would go inside her with me lying on my left side and her right leg thrown up over me and she would bring herself off. I could feel every movement as her fingers brushed my cock as she touched herself and I could feel her start to come long before she hit it.

It was great!! I recommend it to anyone. By this time we had been married about 4 years and were very sure of each other. So I pushed it a little and started to ask her to tell me about sexual things she had done in her life.

Slowly I got things out of her like the fact she had been caught naked in her boyfriend's car by the police (who did not pass it on), that she had jacked off her first husband on a tour bus one night, and how when I was gone and she received my letters and audio tapes she would get naked and had a special chair she sat in to masturbate as she read or listened. It was an incredible turn on and I could stay hard for hours just thinking about it.

However, one of the things I really wanted to know was whether or not she had screwed anybody while we were apart. Secretly, I was hoping yes because it was a done deal and I was open to an erotic true story. From her responses, evidently that never happened. She did a little close dancing with some rubbing at times, but it stopped there.

Despite her stories, I always had the feeling she was about to tell me something but stopped at the last minute. It went on for a year. One night when things were really nice she finally told me. She assumed I would really be upset.

Instead, I could never get enough of the story and asked her time after time to tell me about it. What she didn't know was I hid a small recorder just under the head of our bed and was taping every session. I questioned her for very small details each time, having to squeeze things out of her that I'm sure she didn't want to admit.

What I really wanted was for her to tell me what she was thinking and how she felt in addition to giving me the actual details. It took me months to get to the point that I felt that I had the whole story with nothing held back. Then, as you can imagine, it took a long time for me to put it all together in a fashion one could read.

But, I did it and here it is. I wish I had the bold imagination to make it up but I'm afraid that it is far beyond me. I am putting it in her words and as accurately a possible, so I have captured it in italics.

This is my wife's initial encounter.

When I came to visit you overseas I had a layover for a few hours at JFK. Even though I was wearing a very short skirt, I carried a large coat because it was cold where you were. As I sat there waiting, I started to relax for the first time in days. I had a boarding pass and you were on the other end. I had been without sex for four months and knew that was going to end soon.

I started to relax and as the anticipation started to set in, I started to very carefully rub myself through my dress which had my coat thrown over it. I kept it up for a long time, not doing it hard or fast enough to bring me off, but certainly enough to put me up on a plateau that would take nothing to bring on an orgasm.

The plane was totally packed. I had an aisle seat and was terribly relieved when I found the two people next to me was a very attractive English speaking couple from Sweden apparently in their mid thirties.

I was a little bit impressed, a little bit intimidated with him. They were going to stay on the plane for a continuation flight after I got off. It was ten at night when we took off so as soon we reached altitude, a meal was served and the lights turned out. Nobody in my area left any lights on, and I curled up under a blanket with the help of the lady next to me.

Soon after I settled in, I felt the itch begin. At first I carefully and slowly satisfied it through my dress, but after a while I unbuttoned a few buttons and gained access to my clit. It was no time before I felt an orgasm coming on. I tried to be careful with my body language and breathing because the lady was leaning into me a little and I didn't want to make a scene.

However, it got the best of me and I quietly started bringing myself off, my breathing broken and my body in a constant microscopic shudder. Finally, I got up and went back to the bathroom where I came again, this time much harder.

When I got back to my seat, the lady had moved over to my aisle seat and asked me if I minded sitting in the middle because she didn't feel too well. I wasn't going to say no. Both the man and woman helped me settle in and all three of us covered ourselves up with blankets, as there was still about three hours of flight time remaining.

After 15 or 20 minutes, I started getting touched on the leg ever so slightly by the man, who was on my left. I was aware but not concerned and continued to keep my eyes closed. The touching became more brazen after a short while until finally he put his full hand on my leg. I didn't have a clue what to do. I was a small town girl that was on the first plane trip by myself, let alone an international flight.

I knew my only option was to call the steward and make a scene, but the plane was full and they couldn't move me. I decided my best option was to pretend to be asleep. After all, he was not a threat, his wife was right there, and I was going to get off the flight soon and never see him again. It seemed like the right choice-at the time.

My lack of response either encouraged him or he took it as approval, because he lost no time in exploring my legs. He slipped his hand up, causing my hem to ride up with it. Being very slow and deliberate at all times, his touch was hard to ignore. I was having a harder and harder time trying to pretend to be asleep and I think he knew so. My attempts to wish his hand away failed and he touched my panties.

Even though I knew it was coming, I still jumped at his touch. I didn't say or do anything, but it gave away the fact that I was just pretending to be asleep. I guess he was waiting for any reaction from me and when he didn't get any he continued with a very slow caressing through the cloth of my panties.

I was turned slightly away from him so there was no eye contact and his soft touch continued for another ten minutes or so. During this time, his wife had turned slightly so her face was fairly close to mine.

After that first few minutes, I wasn't aware of anything except the sensation of his fingers teasing me. How it happened, I don't know. But somewhere through the panic came pleasure from this slow teasing. For some reason, I relaxed my body a little, my legs parted slightly, and this allowed him to cup me fully between the legs.

I was mortified that it was going this way, but I was definitely being aroused. I was breathing harder and there was an unwanted little gyration as my body starting to move with his hand. He never became rough or in a hurry, but rather kept up the slow, gentle movements that he had from the start. Even though I kept looking away from him, my body kept adjusting and it made me more available to him.

At some point, he must have known that I wasn't going to say anything. He slowly slipped his hand under my panties and touched my clit, rubbing me harder and much faster. I couldn't hold myself back. I sucked in my breath and my body started moving with his hand. Almost instantly, I could feel a rush coming like I hadn't felt since I had seen you.

As much as I wanted to get out of the situation, I couldn't escape either his fingers or the pleasure they were sending between my legs. Then the impossible happened. There was no way I would ever have believed it could happen to me, but it was there.

That very distinct quivering deep inside me, the unmistakable sign of an oncoming orgasm. I don't know when he detected it, but he did. If I had any intention of trying to quell the onslaught, he squashed that idea by pressing even harder on my clit and speeding up. My stomach started those familiar contractions and it happened.

I came. With tears in my eyes my hips ground back and forth in the seat, not just succumbing to his touch but anxious for it. That little vibration my body makes during orgasm was as evident as on our marriage bed. When I slowed slightly, he abandoned my clit and slid his finger in me. Again, the touch was slow. This time, however, it was hard and strong. I didn't seem to have the will to fight it and I came again within minutes.

He knew I was his and took control of me as if I were a schoolgirl. After that, I don't know how many times I really came. His speed and pressure would vary and bring me off and I was in such a state that I wasn't really sure when I was coming or not.

This kept up for over two hours. Never once did we have eye contact or did he ask me to touch him. As far as his wife was concerned, I now think she was all part of it, if not involved. She had her face up close to mine through most of it, and seemed to have very irregular breathing at times, very heavy. I think the lady was bringing herself off.

When they turned the lights back on, we all straightened ourselves up and acted as if nothing happened. My departure from the plane was met with smiles and good-byes from them both. As I left and stood in line at customs, I could only hope that the wetness that was so obvious to me under my clothes would not become apparent to others.

So that's it. That's why she arrived to me soaking wet. And the dried cum was from it being on her for hours. I think that before she shared this with me, she has relived it a thousand times when I wasn't around. (Or maybe when I was around)

I am very grateful to the man, whoever he was. He has caused a lot more climaxes and pleasure after he flew on than he could imagine. I loved the story and asked her many times to repeat it to me. Rarely does she get into it for two minutes or more than she cums. She remembers it vividly, as well she should.

There is her story, as told by her to me. It happened in early October 1999.

And, I thought that was where it stopped. I had no idea what was to come. As it turned out, it would take me several years to piece together her full story of what happened while I was gone. And most of it was found out by accident.

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