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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, BDSM, MaleDom, Light Bond, Body Modification, Needles, .

Desc: Sex Story: What would you do if there was always a beautiful woman eagerly waiting to fulfill your deepest, and often their darkest, fantasy? This is the story of one woman who'd always been intrigued by exotic piercings, but chickened out each time she went to the studio. This time, her desires would become a reality as backing down wasn't an option.

Background — Phishing

From birth your skills and natural inclinations help shape the person you will become. To put it mildly, I was born with some very unusual skills. Some would call it mind control, but it started off in a much more subtle way: if I wanted you to do something, you'd want to do it as well. Over the years I've extended and refined my skills. It started with people, gradually expanded to objects, then time would slow down, and eventually whole dimensions would be created for my fantasies to come true.

Phishing: Not consciously selecting a fantasy but letting your subconscious choose for you. For most it's as rudimentary as closing your eyes, stroking yourself, and waiting for your mind to bring forth the perfect situation to get off. For me phishing is more like my gift playing match maker: subconsciously I have a fantasy I'd like to try and subconsciously you have a fantasy aching to be fulfilled.

I've never claimed to be a nice or kind person, but I've found my adventures to be significantly more satisfying if everyone involved wants the fantasy to come true, even if they only want it in the darkest corner of their soul and would never admit it under any other circumstances. I tend to avoid the people that are afraid and of their innermost desires. However, there are plenty of others who lick their lips in anticipation, hoping I'll help make one of their most secret fantasies a reality.

The following is the story of how I first got interested in piercing and is one of my most memorable phishing adventures.

It started like any other phishing trip. I'd been watching a special report on the dangers of body piercing when I felt my heart beat slowing down and the room gradually fading. Instinctively I closed my eyes as it's always easier if I couldn't see the transition.

Moments later I'm assaulted by the pungent smell of disinfectant. Opening my eyes the bright lights cause me to blink several times and I find myself in what is obviously a well stocked piercing studio. There's no door, but it would be years before I realized how much easier the transitions were if I created a central staging area where I could simply opened a door to any fantasy I desired.

Surveying the room I noticed that the wall in front of me was lined with jewelry display cases. Additionally, pictures of genital and nipple piercings adorned the walls and there was a fully adjustable medical examination type chair anchored to the middle of the room. I walked over to the chair and ran my hand along the soft leather, noticing an array of straps and stirrups just begged to be used. Beside the chair was a tray with all the supplies I'd need including three very large needles.

Replacing the cover I closed my eyes again and this time I heard movement. One of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen was now sitting completely naked in the chair. Caught in the middle of her own fantasy, her eyes were shut as she slowly caressed her thighs and chest. Her legs were pressed tight together so I couldn't see everything she has to offer, but my cock twitched in anticipation as she sensuously licking her lips with pierced tongue.

Smiling to myself I knew this is going to be a very fun night. Sometimes my gift amazes even me; this woman was perfect! Small breasts, well toned stomach, diamond studded belly button ring ... I'd always been attracted to athletic women and it was clear from her sculpted legs that she took good care of her body.

Oblivious to my attention her hands become more insistent as she spreads her legs and begins to lightly stroke her pussy. She'd trimmed the top to be an inverted triangle and I was captivated as her barely visible inner lips began to bloom with arousal.

Slowly her hand traveled up her chest to caress each breast before latching onto a nipple. Without hesitation she pinched and a stifled moan escapes her lips. As I watch she began tracing lazy circles around her clit while pinching and twisting her nipple hard enough that it started to turn and angry purple color. I could tell that she was quickly approaching and orgasm, but my erection has become almost painful and glancing to the tray I couldn't wait to get started.

"You know, we could just pierce them."

Startled, her eyes fly open and as she gasped in surprise. Her face seems to mirror the turmoil that must be going through her mind as her expression flashed between a look of 'Who the hell are you?' and 'How the hell did we get here?'

Subconsciously my gift took over and seamlessly incorporated me into her fantasy. Within seconds she visibly relaxed and, blushing at being caught pleasuring herself, dropped her hands to her sides. Taking over for her own hands, I gently massaged feeling back into her recently abused nipples.

"Hmmm," she moaned in appreciation while letting her eyes slowly explore my body.

I could feel her eyes burning into me and glancing at one of the mirrors that lined the walls I had to approve of her choice. You see, this is just as much her fantasy as mine. While I strongly preferred being tall and toned, little things like eye/hair color never really mattered to me so long as I had a good time. Judging by the flush blooming on her chest I'd say she liked the view.

With a small sigh she arched her back slightly pushing more of her breasts into my talented hands.

Using my gift I briefly skimmed the surface of her mind to ensure this is what she truly wanted. 'This is so surreal ... There I was, dreaming about a hot stud when suddenly he's right here taking over.' With a giggle she corrected herself, 'So maybe the slightly nerdy guy before isn't quite a hot stud, but he already has me dripping wet just from playing with my nipples. Imagine what he could do with his cock!'

Noting the direction of her thoughts, I flexed my erection and watched as a look of desire filled her eyes.

"So, do you want to do it?"

"Do what?" she asked with an audible gulp as her eyes hesitantly rose to meet mine.

"Pierce them, we have all the tools," I explained, gently squeezing a nipple with one hand and gesturing to the studio surrounding us.

For the first time, she let her eyes wander around the room taking in all of the pictures and various piercing paraphernalia. Squirming around in the chair, her flush of arousal only deepened as she considered my offer.

Again I used my gift to delve into her thoughts. Apparently, she'd wanted pierced nipples for quite a while. In fact, she'd actually gone to a piercing studio twice to get it done, yet had chickened out and instead ended up with a pierced belly button and tongue. She'd been worried about how much it would hurt, but it was actually the thought of a stranger piercing such an intimate area that made her back down.

Getting up without a reply she walked along the walls inspecting the pictures up close. After a few circuits she stops to study one of the pictures and a shudder went through her body. Peering around her I noticed it's one of the larger prints with a woman posed seductively on a stool, rings through both nipples and the sparkling promise of more from between her legs.

Turning towards me, that sparkle was mirrored in her eyes.

"Okay, but I get to pick the jewelry."

Sauntering over to the display case I couldn't help but notice the little extra sway to her step. Bending at the hips she examined the merchandise while I did the same.

"You are a naughty girl."

Looking coyly over her shoulder, she winked. "You know you like it. Now tell me what you'd recommend."

"Well, you can't go wrong with a captive bead ring," I replied while pointing and heading over to meet her at the last display case.

"Sounds good, but I've always had trouble with jewelry. Do you have anything for sensitive skin?"

"I know your nipples are sensitive, but just about any ring should do."

"That's not what I meant and you know it," she huffed while smacking my arm.

"Well, it looks like they have quite a selection of titanium rings. The titanium retains its shape so they'll be a little harder to put in place, but as an earth metal it won't stimulate any allergies and is less likely to be rejected. Plus they come in some really cool colors."

"Hmm, how about the gold colored titanium rings with blue balls?"

"You just wanted to say 'blue balls' didn't you?"

With a smile and a meaningful glance towards my slightly purplish nut sack, she struck a pose that clearly offered to relieve my tension.

"Careful, don't start something you can't finish."

"Trust me, I never do," she replied while sensuously licking her lips. "Besides, blue is my favorite color."

I nearly chocked when she reached over and gently stroked my still throbbing erection.

"<<Cough>> Yes, well blue will be fine," I stammered, vainly trying to maintain control of the situation.

As if startled out of her own fantasy and back into mine, she quickly removed her hand and took several calming breaths.

When it seemed that her full attention was back on piercings I continued, "I'd also recommend a larger gauge. It will hurt more initially, but you'll be able to play with them rougher later."

"That makes sense. So, 14 gauge?"

When I shook my head, she visibly gulped before timidly asking, "12 gauge?"

"How about 10 gauge?"

When she nervously nodded I grab three rings and we head back to the center of the room. Hopping up into the chair I notice she immediately began to relax and take deep calming breaths.

"I see you've done this before."

She again nodded and I decided to see just how far I could take this fantasy.

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