Master PC: The University of Life

by Yotna El'toub

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Edmund the geek receives an odd little program in a jokey E-mail from a friend. He claims it can control people, of to the recyle bin it goes. Does the story end there? well not quite... This is a homage to the original Master PC by JR Parz, and his fantastic Master PC Universe.

The e-mail

Edmund Gathright jumped, and gazed blearily around the room to see what had disturbed his slumber. His eyes swept over chaos, piles of empty Pot Noodle pots, discarded lager cans, and wads of paper. No, nothing had been disturbed -- all looked normal.

Edmund yawned lustily and arched his back, a vain attempt to ease the cramp caused by falling asleep in front of the PC. He vaguely wondered what the time was, and after picking up his discarded glasses he peered at the task bar. 03:23, he had only been asleep for 20 minutes! What on earth could have woken him at this time? Then he noticed the mail icon in the task bar, it was obvious then, Celia had woken him.

"Well Celia, I wonder who's writing to us at this time of night?"

Celia was as silent, and unresponsive as ever.

"Hmmm, it's from Ricky, Celia," he yawned, "with a large attachment, I wonder what he wants now?"

Celia was quiet.

Edmund wiped his grimy glasses, alleviating some of the smears, and read.


'Hi Eddy,

I thought this might be right up your street, lol.
Seems to fit in well with the old OOP work! Odd little
program I got forwarded in the internal mail here, no
interest or use to me. The dork who sent it -- reckons
it can control people -- I mean! Anyways I thought you
could tear it apart for fun. If it does control people,
maybe you could use this for the dissertation in your
Object-Orientated Programming course. I mean people
have to be the ultimate objects don't they, LOL!

Ah well time to hit the sack, alone again -- the old
charm is failing Eddy. I can't seem to get my share any
more. Real pain, as there are some right lookers around
here now, but they always seem to be busy. God too much
more and the old balls will be going blue. Still enough
of my moaning. Night Eddy, enjoy the attachment!



<attachment 10.1Mb>

JANET does not monitor the content of this E-mail. The
view expressed, and the content are entirely those of
the sender. Joint Academic NETwork.

Edmund chuckled 'Same old Rick!' he thought, as he right clicked and selected delete. Control people, what rubbish. Edmund stood up and stretched before flopping on the unmade bed. He reached down to pull off his trainers, but failed, crumpling backwards. Edmund snored. Celia's screen continued to flicker.

Sunshine streamed in through the window of the computer laboratory, the room was quiet probably due to the unseasonable weather. Edmund was relieved he had the chance to work in peace, without the usual distractions the undergrads brought with them. Working on his masters was easier than his bachelors, there was less competition and fewer idiots.

The swing door opened and Toni walked in, she saw Edmund and smiled. She walked directly towards the seated man.

"Hi Edmund, I'm glad to see you," she said.

"Really?" Edmund murmured.

"Yes, I'm a bit stuck on my dissertation; I need some advice on Java applets," Toni cooed.

The sugary voice activated Edmunds abundant over-helpful gene. He stopped working, swung his seat a little and gazed at Toni.

"Well I have worked extensively in that area Toni, how can I help?" Edmund smiled.

"I have a lecture now, but maybe I can come up to your room this evening?"

"Well that's a bit irregular but, all right. Umm, I will need to tidy up a little," Edmund replied.

"Oh no, not on my account, I like a dirty man," Toni whispered, her mouth moving close to Edmunds ear.

Edmund visibly stiffened, he suddenly looked very uncomfortable.

"I'm, not sure what you mean Toni?"

"A dirty man, I'm sure you know how to be dirty? You know, a little Java, a lot of sex..." said Toni.

To emphasise her point Toni wiggled her hips, and snuggled up towards Edmund. The startled young man blushed deeply; he struggled to find both composure and words.

"W-w-well, if that's what you w-w-want?"

"Oh, Edmund it is!" she smiled.

Edmund reached out a hesitant hand towards Toni's beaming face.

"Woo Hoo, what a result! Well done Toni, I got it all," Ashton shouted.

As the excited student burst into the lab, he waved the compact video camera above his head. Toni giggled, and then ran to Ashton's side.

"I can't believe he fell for it, Ash"

Together the laughing pair headed for the lab door.

"See you, Edmund - we will have some fun with this, Thank you," said Ashton.

Edmund continued to stare at the door, long after it had stopped swinging. Eventually he shrugged, and turned back to the computer screen. His defence mechanism kicked in, the humiliation faded. Edmund's mind concentrated on the application layer he was writing. However, somewhere in the back of Edmund's mind a small voice whispered, ignored as it was, it still whispered. 'One day, just you wait, one day, ' the words resounded with venomous, if unheard intent.

The day passed in a blur of activity, and Edmund's seething temper was forgotten. Whistling tunelessly he left the Lab for the short walk to his room. He wandered up the corridor concentrating on the syncopation between his squeaky steps on the polished floor and his whistling. Edmund turned the corner into the reception area, and stopped dead. To his amazement, the foyer was full, full of excited students gathered in awe around some unseen event. Curiosity got the better of the young man, and he edged into the crowd to find out what was so enticing.

Edmund had forced his way almost to the front of the scrum when he heard his own voice. 'W-w-well, if that's what you w-w-want?'. For once Edmund knew exactly what the phrase 'blood run cold' actually referred too.

"Hey, everyone it's our star, Edmund!" shrieked Toni.

Suddenly every face swung in Edmund's direction, the cat calls and laughter began. Even as the young student fled fast across the quadrangle the cruel, mocking, hilarity still had not subsided. Soon enough he stood, panting heavily, in the refuge of his cluttered room. He threw himself onto the bed and beat the headboard viciously with his clenched fists. Edmund only stopped when he noticed the antique pine was smeared with fresh wet blood. His head felt into his damaged hands and a primal scream welled up in his throat.

"Why me, what did I ever do," he roared.

He flew off the bed and started furiously rummaging through the detritus in the room. Finally he emerged triumphant, holding a bottle of golden liquid. Savagely Edmund tore the seal off, and delivered a liberal slug of the amber fluid into a tea cup. He hesitated for the briefest second before downing the drink in one.

Edmund's face, never his greatest asset, crumpled into a distorted mask of disgust. Shaking, and spluttering he refilled the cup and swallowed the distilled liquid. His father's words spoken last Christmas returned to him.

"Now I know you don't like the hard stuff, but this will come in handy if all this IT work gets you down! It's my favourite scotch, Edmund it's known to work wonders."

Favourite or not, Edmund almost retched, but supreme will power kept the burning concoction in his stomach.

Then the alcohol hit his bloodstream, and he relaxed; flopping onto his bed with an unanticipated fit of the giggles.

"Fuck 'em, fuck 'em all, I don't care!" Edmund slurred.

He stood and staggered to Celia, even inebriated, his hands soon brought her purring into life. He had mail.

"Hi ya Rick, how are you mate?" Edmund spluttered at the screen.

The screen flashed once and spat out the message.

'Hi Eddy,

How's that little program going, any use to you?

Let me know.



JANET does not monitor the content of this E-mail. The
view expressed, and the content are entirely those of
the sender. Joint Academic NETwork.

Edmund blinked at the screen, trying to take in the information. Why had Ricky started to use such a fuzzy font?


Edmund stared at the screen blankly, then a twisted grin filled his face.

"Program, here program, lil' ole Master PC -- where are you" Edmund giggled.

Clumsily, the mouse pointer found the recycle bin, opened it, and restored the file.

"Okey Dokey, Mr Master; lets install you and see how good you are."

The installation routine flashed before Edmunds uncoordinated eyes. Finally a box flashed up.

'Program installed! Run now?

The cursor wavered across to OK, and the mouse button clicked.

A simple interface popped up before Edmund, Masters details fill in now or skip?

"Oh just get on with it," Edmund demanded, jabbing skip.


He halted, and scratched his head, the names just would come. They were in his head somewhere, but shrouded in alcoholic fog.

Finally, triumphantly he typed.

Celia: PC.

Edmund laughed at the little spinning graphic that appeared. It looked just like Celia, but how hard was that? After all PC's all looked the same. It was kind of neat the way it had a tiny image of the Master PC program on the screen though. He blinked woozily and gazed at the option bars.




Body Modification

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