Fantasy Island
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A 36 year old woman is ship wrecked and finds herself alone on a deserted island with four men under the age of 25. The boys take care of all her needs.

Julia looked around at the people on the crowded upper deck of the 3 P.M. ferry boat and was suddenly aware that she was likely the only person above the age of 25! At 36, she was still as lovely and vivacious as any of the co-eds on the ferry but the fact remained, she was surrounded by youth enjoying their last weekend of spring break before the reality of exams and classes set in for the remainder of the semester. She was keenly aware that most of the guys were probably not overly aware of her presence. She once again scanned the crowd and noticed there were certainly more males than females, although there was certainly still not shortage of bikini clad hottie girls. Julia could certainly still wear a bikini but normally chose not to after the birth of her daughter, feeling that being a mother implied conservative wear. Julia sighed as she looked at the crowd enjoying their day, knowing that her reason for being on the ship was purely work related since she had been chosen by her new company to visit White Island and help the local hotel with some of their software issues. Being new to the company, Julia found herself on the wrong end of a boring weekend job. Still, she thought, it's a nice day for a sail, I'll just make the best of it and take in some of the sights, which mostly consisted of topless hunky college males, running around the ship making fools of themselves. "Oh well, she thought, they may act like fools but they sure are nice to look at!".

Julia scooted to the end of the bench seat, stowed her laptop and purse below her feet and donned her sunglasses, covering up her stunning green eyes. Just as a tall handsome male walked by she parted her chestnut brown shoulder length hair and then removed her bulky cable knit sweater, showing off her rather tight white short sleeve cotton top that accentuated her healthy C cup bustline. Sure some of the chics on the top deck were D or DD cup, but were they real? she wondered inside as she looked down at her own assets. Julia laughed inside, her thoughts drifting from computer software to those sexy boys playing Frisbee on the deck, knowing full well that they likely hadn't even noticed her, despite her frequent glances in their direction.

Julia stood up and walked past the crowd, at 5 foot 1 inches in height, she felt much smaller than the 6 foot something men who now surrounded her. Julia could not deny that her woman senses were telling her that these boys were highly desirable, despite being a little low on the experience end of things. She could not push the images out of her head, the images of those brawny bodies pinning her to a mattress in a dimly lit dorm room. She sighed once again, as she walked to the stairwell, knowing that her age dictated that likely would never happen.

Just as Julia placed her left foot on the top stair, heading down to the lower deck, the boat lurched forward and made a horrific metal on metal crunching noise. It was all Julia could do to keep from plunging down the stairs, grabbing on to the railing just as two older gentlemen fell down the steep stairs ahead of her. Julia regained her balance and ran back to the upper deck to see that all fun and games had turned to eyes looking with disbelief overboard to see what had transpired. Julia could see panic in the eyes of those looking over board as she raced to the railing to gain visual access.

"Holy shit, we hit something big down there, it looked like a shipping container' one of the younger males screamed. Just as he repeated what he had said, screaming to those on the lower decks, the boat creaked and took on a horrible list to starboard. This was it, Julia thought, I'm going to die at age 36, in a horrible boating accident!!. She looked around as mass panic began to sink in to see that life boats were already being lowered and flotation devices were being thrown in for good measure despite the Captains' repeated warnings over the PA system not to panic.

"I better get one of those, at the very least' Julia thought. In all the panic, Julia had forgotten her cable knit sweater, purse and laptop under the bench, but this was no time for fashion and computing, so she donned the life jacket, knowing she would be cold but also knowing there was no time to retrieve personal effects. Julia found herself in a long line of people waiting to get into life boats. The men were being surprisingly chivalrous, offering up their spots to the pretty young ladies and the few children as they panicked behind them in line. "Shit, there is no way I'm going to even get into a boat' Julia thought, memories of the movie 'Titanic' still fresh in her head. As the line moved forward she could see that the number of boats was dwindling, still she wasn't going to push ahead of others, even if they were young men, it just wasn't her style to put herself first.

As the minutes dragged on, the boat began sinking deeper and deeper into the Atlantic, with a horrible tilt to the starboard. Time was evaporating for Julia as she started to think about her parents, loved ones, friends that she would likely never see again. Just as Julia had given up hope she noticed that one of the boats was filling up with young men, 'ohh shit, I better speak up' she said, I am the ONLY woman left up here!". Just as Julia was stepping forward, an older gentleman cried out to one of the teens 'let the lady on board first, you young fools' while pointing at Julia. Julia smiled as she ran to the head of the line, thanked the man, and cautiously stepped into the boat just as it was lowered below to the ship's deck to the ocean below. In all the panic, Julia had not stopped to realize that she was a distinct minority on this boat, five people, 4 of whom were men in their early 20s. Was this a nightmare or a dream, she asked herself, knowing that if she were to perish, it would be at the side of the very boys she had been fantasizing about not 15 minutes before the accident. What a way to go! She thought to herself, scanning from side to side while she yanked the straps tighter on her fluorescent life vest, cinching it around her tummy and bustline.

One of the boys, a tallish muscly boy named Thor, was definitely taking charge, as he grabbed the oars and started to row in the opposite direction from all the other boats. "Where are you going?' Jay asked loudly. "Don't worry, I saw an island not too far back, remember Brian?" Thor asked his friend. "Yeah I guess, but I don't know how far back it was' Brian conceded. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it' Thor once again re-assured his new boat mates. Julia looked around frantically, feeling very un-easy that their boat was now separated from the other boats. Surely a search party would find the larger group, she wondered. Still, she remained silent, not wanting to 'rock the boat' as they say. Julia bit her lip and watched as the young men, each one nearly as brawny and certainly as handsome as the next, took turns rowing the boat to a still invisible island.

Julia watched as each of the boys rowed against the waves, trying desperately to reach the island that Thor had spoken about. Doesn't anyone have a cell phone? Julia asked desperately, knowing full well that her phone was sitting at the bottom of her purse, which was now likely sitting on the ocean floor. The boys looked around at each other, 'umm no, we can't afford cell phones ma'am' Brian replied sarcastically. Julia was slightly annoyed with the "ma'am" reference but she chalked it up to Southern hospitality. It was evident, however, from their reaction that these boys knew each other, she was an outsider looking in, but the view was gorgeous!

"I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Julia, I'm from New Hampshire and I'm scared out of my wits right now". "Nice to meet you Julia" replied Jason, a good looking boy of average build and height. "I'm Jason, this here is Jay, Brian and your paddler, err rower for the night is our very own Thor!" he said with a triumphant voice, trying to make light of a dire situation. As the introductions were being made, Julia was secretely sizing up all the boys. Jay was drop dead gorgeous, model good looks and an athletic toned body, large shoulders without being overly built up. Brian was a little thinner but no less attractive, he seemed like the nice guy of the crowd, although it was certainly too early to start assessing people's character. Jason was also average in size but seemed a little more muscly and built than the others, with the exception of the man behind the oars, Thor. Thor was the quintessential body builder with rather bulbous arms and legs and a sloping shoulders, accentuated by his tank top shirt. Julia was truly impressed, each one was different yet equally as attractive as the other in their shorts and tight t shirts. If not for the situation, she would be flirting with each of them, odds are she's score with at least one of them, she decided.

"Well it's nice to meet you all, and although this totally sucks, I feel like I am in good hands, or should I say arms" Julia smiled with a flirty wink as she looked over at Thor's bulging muscles. "Don't you worry Julia, we will take care of you, I promise" Brian said with the emphasis on take and care'. Julia wondered if he was already thinking the same thing she was thinking about until she realized that these young studs probably had no interest in a 30 something woman, knowing what their friends looked like. Oh well, it's nice to dream, she thought to herself as she sized up Brian and wondered if his innocent looks shielded a devlish interior, the kind of boy her mother had warned her about in high school. What did he think of her, she wondered, what did they all think?. We're they as attracted to her as she was to them, did they even care?

Just as Julia's mind had once again turned to loved ones she would likely never see, Jay stood up and yelled out 'there it is, over there, do you see it?" he insisted as the others craned their necks to look. "Ohh MAN, yes there it is" Thor yelped, almost as though he himself had not believed his directions. The group smiled at one another with a sense of relief, knowing at the very least, they would be sleeping on dry land tonight. Seeing the island motivated Thor as he stepped up his cadence, turned the boat into the waves and began rowing like an Olympian in the final leg of a 3000 metre race. With each stroke, the sweat flew off his brow onto the wood and metal below and the waves crashed over the edge of the boat, soaking all the castaways from head to toe. With a few hundred yards to go, and Thor's pace decidedly slower, Julia piped in, 'I can row for a bit too you know, I'm not totally useless" she added, looking down at her arms, which were likely ≈ the size of Thor's. "Don't you worry your pretty little face" Brian responded, 'you just relax, we'll take care of you' he once again remarked. Julia smiled and thought to herself 'ok, did he just call me pretty??" she wondered and did he say 'take care' again, with that tone, I wonder what he means' she thought to herself, making discrete eye contact with Brian, who was also seemingly more interested in Julia than the approaching island. Julia could feel a chill as the water crashed over the edge of the boat and drained down her body, between her cotton shirt and the life jacket. Her decision to wear jean shorts instead of pants also seemed rather unfortunate at this moment, the goose bumps growing on her athletic thighs.

Ten minutes after the group had first spotted the island the bow of the boat creaked against the craggy edge of the rock covered island and Thor threw one of the oars into the water and jumped onto dry land carrying the other oar for protection, as if he landed near a wild jungle. The other boys followed suit and quickly jumped out of the boat, nearly forgetting petite Julia who struggled to get over the gunwhale of the boat. Just as Julia was about to hop out she felt a strong hand grab her hand, it was Jay, who had come back to rescue the damsel and assist her out of the boat. Julia felt her heart race as Jay's strong hand slid against hers, pulling her out of the boat with confidence. "I bet you thought we forgot about you' Jay stated, his hand now squarely on Julia's shoulder. Julia smiled as she felt her knees go somewhat weak with Jay's touch. Jay, Jason and Julia continued to march up the rocky coast until Brian yelled back, 'hey Jay, get the boat, and Jason, could you get the oar, please'. Julia looked up and without even thinking yelled back, 'hey who are you calling a whore!". Julia was immediately overcome with a sinking feeling as she realized how her usage of such a word in mixed company could lead to an image problem, yet somehow she seemed ok with that.

The crowd roared with laughter at Julia's joke, making her feel more at ease, particularly Jay who was smiling the entire way back to the water to pick up the floating oar and the boat. Jay and Julia smirked at each other and parked the boat and all its equipment a safe distance from the water and ran to join the crowd. Julia could feel her generous breasts bouncing as she ran in her now clingy tight wet top and life jacket.

Julia continued walking up the hill until she reached the other four members of her life raft. The quintet looked over the smallish island and were dismayed to realize they were marooned on a tiny, uninhabited island with no supplies to keep warm as the sun was getting low in the West. "Well this totally sucks" Thor commented, throwing the oar down in disgust. "Don't worry about it, we're all alive, they'll find us for sure, we're not that far from the wreckage' Brian re-assured the crowd.

Each of the boys began taking off their wet life jackets, exposing their ripped 6 pack stomachs, much to Julia's delight. Julia was in a position to size up all her castaways, now that she was not as panic stricken as in the raft. Jay was the tall one in the crowd, probably over 6 ft 2, great face and a lean athletic body that was very tanned and well proportioned in his t shirt and shorts. Brian was tall as well, maybe 6 feet even, much thinner than Jay but still very athletic and very tempting. Thor, the oarsman, was maybe 5 foot ten and built like a brick, huge muscles, wide shoulders and enormous thighs that looked like they belonged to a weight lifter. And finally Jason, who was the same height as Thor, had a military style buzz cut and was not nearly as bulky as Thor but still had muscles to spare. Julia was surrounded by four of the hottest hunks she could ever have imagined, and she was all alone! In many respects this was one of her fantasies, playing out in front of her, yet she felt a slight fear and sense of anxiety, wondering if these boys would take advantage of her.

The boys were now standing in front of Julia in their shorts, all but Jay had removed their shirts to dry on the rocks which had been baked in the daytime sun. This was not an option for Julia, of course. Julia shivered as her short denim shorts covered little of her lower half, highliting her athletic thighs and calves. Jay joined his male friends and removed his shirt and laid it on the rock to dry, as Julia continued to size up her new found male buddies. Am I on a set of 'Fantasy Island?' she thought, wondering if Ricardo Montelbaan was hiding around the rock outcropping to the left.

"OK, we have two choices, we can sit here and wait for something to happen or we can split up and try to round up supplies and scan for the mainland before it gets dark, cause I think we're stuck for the night" Brian chimed in. "Why don't we all go in different directions and try to round up wood and anything that looks edible, like berries" Brian once again instructed. The boys all nodded and began assigning starting directions for their small remote island. "Julia, do you want to go alone, or would you prefer to go with one of us?" Brian asked sweetly. "Ummmm, ummm I'd rather not be alone, if that's ok with you" she replied coyly. Jason and Thor had already taken off in opposite directions, leaving Julia with a tough decision, Brian or Jay. "So, you pick, you coming with me or Jay" Brian asked seductively, suddenly aware he should not be staring so deeply into Julia's eyes. Julia blushed and looked to Brian, "I'll go with you" she replied, remembering his 'we'll take care of you' comments. Brian smiled as Jay turned and walked away from them.

Brian and Julia began walking in the only direction not being covered by the others, in search of anything that could help them through what surely would be a chilly night. The pair remained fairly close to each other, looking down at the ground for anything that could assist them. The island seemed barren and lacking in anything resembling food. Brian pointed to a few dried out weeds 'pre-dinner salad Julia?". "Depends, what's the house dressing tonight?" she instantly shot back, causing another laugh from Brian. "You're pretty funny" Brian returned, finding it nearly impossible to look Julia straight in the eyes, her clingy wet shorts accentuating every inch of her curvy hips and legs. "Pretty funny for an old gal, is that what you mean?" Julia responded. "Old gal, please, you don't look any older than us' Brian assured her, now very obviously scanning her body up and down, from her wet brown hair down to her curving legs. Julia blushed again, 'thanks Brian, you're very sweet, but I saw those little hotties you were playing Frisbee with on the boat, I can't compete with them, they're 15 years my junior" Julia conceded, as she leaned over to pick up a dry twig. As Julia stood up she was keenly aware that Brian had been attempting, in vain, to peer down her top around the layers of life jacket. "Oh well, she thought, if he likes what he sees I won't hide it' she thought to herself, proud that she could capture the attention of a 20 something hottie.

Julia handed Brian the twig for his collection as the pair moved on. "Yeah those girls are ok, but they're not too bright if you know what I mean". Julia nodded her head, noting how Brian continued to eye her body and face. "I guess I like a great body but I need a brain too, and a sense of humour" Brian noted, staring deeply into Julia's eyes as he finished his sentence. "Was this guy flirting with me??" Julia thought to herself, feeling a rush of sexual energy as she contemplated that a young male would be attracted to her. "Besides, they're all fake: fake lips, tummy tucks and fake boobs for sure" Brian added, talking directly into Julia's chest as he said the word boobs. "You prefer them real?" Julia asked, looking down at herself and then back at Brian. "Of course, I'd take smaller and real any day of the week" Brian added. "Of course, if we don't get picked up soon I may never see them again, fake or real!" Brian mused.

Julia smiled at Brian's candor and obvious love of the female specimen. "Damn I'm so cold and the sun is not going to be around much longer to dry me up" Julia complained. "You're never going to warm up as long as you have that wet life vest on, they take forever to dry, I'd be taking that off if I were you" he instructed her. "Ummm yeah, I know, but I think I may have a slight problem" Julia explained. "Problem, like what?" Brian asked in a naively male manner. "Well, we got pretty soaked in the boat and all I have on is this thin white top" Julia explained, looking down and then back at Brian. "Brian once again looked a little confused. "Look Brian, you seem like a pretty honest and nice guy, can you do me a favour" Julia asked in an embarrassed tone while she slowly unzipped the life vest and peeled it off her wet torso. Brian nodded his head. "I left my vest on because I don't want the other guys to get the wrong idea about what type of gal I am. I need you to be honest with, how much can you see... you know up top" Julia asked as she lowered her arms to her side, which had been covering up her chest, and tried to let Brian see without being too obvious, 'can you see anything?".

Brian seemed a little uncomfortable with the question, feeling like he had been caught. "Ummm, you mean... ' he stopped as he pointed. "Yes, up here, should I worry about the others seeing?" she asked nervously. "No, I can't see anything at all' he said, a slight nervous smile creeping across his boyish face. "Brian, are you lying to me?" she asked sarcastically. "Ummm yeah, you caught me, I can see your bra lines and umm, the dark circles too and you really have your high beams on" he said nervously. "I'm sorry if I was looking before, it's tough to not look," Brian replied defensively. Julia covered up and could plainly feel her hard nipples pressing into her foreams. Still, she felt pleased that he would be so worried that he was looking, little did he know how much she loved the attention.

"Ohh please, don't worry about it, you're very sweet, I guess we'll have to stay out here until I dry up, I don't want to cause a scene back with the others, it will just be our little secret, I don't mind as long as it's only you" Julia replied as she slid her hand down Brian's bare arm in a suggestive flirty ways. "Hey, sounds good to me, I'll let you know when you look all dried up ok" Brian assured her, looking directly at her dark and erect nipples. Julia looked up and smiled, feeling comfortable enough with Brian to lower her arms again and give him a truly outstanding view of her dark aerolas and nipples behind her clingy white cotton top.

Brian gulped as he looked at Julia's face and then instinctively looked back at her heaving bosom. "Sorry, busted again" Brian replied, finding it difficult to keep his eyes on Julia's face. "You poor thing, spending all that time with those young hotties and now here you are stuck with an old gal like me with her boobs all visible" she said, allowing her hands to drop again to he side as she how much Brian was enjoying the show. "And to think, if this was 1 year ago you'd really have a show on your hands, when I was nursing my daughter mine were absolutely enormous too" she conceded. "You're a mother!, You totally don't look old enough to be a mother and besides those girls have nothing on you, Julia, they may be a little larger but like I said, they're fake" Brian responded, once again failing miserably at keeping his eyes above her neck. "How big were you when you had your daughter?" Brian asked, pointing directly at her chest. Julia laughed at how quickly the conversation had degraded into a breast session, there were days when I could barely get into a 36D, it was crazy' she replied proudly.

"Besides, what makes you think mine aren't fake?" Julia responded, arching her back to show off her lines. Brian gulped out loud as he could clearly tell Julia was giving him the green light to further discuss her bust line, which was still very visible in the dim island light. "Ummm, umm I don't know, I just figure they look pretty natural and real, are they fake?" he asked. "Well looks can be deceiving right? Julia replied, trying desperately to confuse the young man. "Is it because they are saggy that you think they look real?" she asked, knowing full well this would send him into a defensive tail spin. "No, no, I mean, umm, no, not at all" Brian stammered. Julia coyly smiled at how she had turned the tables. Have you ever felt fake ones?" Julia asked. "Yes, Brian replied, did you see the girl in the orange bikini, hers are fake and I felt them outside her sweater once at a frat party, felt really weird to me". Julia nodded, 'and have you felt real ones?" she asked sweetly. "Ummm, yeah of course" Brian replied. "So you figure you could tell the difference between fake and real" Julia asked before stopping dead in her tracks and facing Brian. "I guess' he replied cautiously as Julia's eyes flickered from Brian's face to her chest and back again.

"Can you keep a secret from the others?" Julia asked, feeling like Brian was her confidante. "Of course" he replied. "Why don't you tell me for yourself", she asked coyly, approaching Brian. "Really, me?" he asked. "Sure, why not, what else have we to do here, now you tell me if you think I'm real or fake, like your friends". Brian slowly moved forward and started to move his hand under her breasts, then above, then to the side, having no clue where he should enter. "Oh you poor thing, why are you so nervous, just slide your hand in from the top" Julia added, pulling her top open a little. Brian gulped again and slowly pulled Julia's top open as wide as possible at the top, looked down inside and then cautiously slid his large hand down the top of her chest and then hesitated at her bra, before sliding it all the way inside the fabric. Julia closed her eyes as she felt this large young hand completely cupping her wet left breast, squeezing it and caressing it, feeling her nipple becoming hard against Brian's hand.

"So what do you think, real or fake?" Julia asked, feeling her legs go weak under Brian's touch. "I would say 100% real Julia" Brian responded as he continued to knead and feel her swollen breast. Brian could feel his cock rising in his shorts as his hand squeezed Julia's full C cup breast, rubbing it and squeezing it, his palm rubbing against her aching nipple. "You're right, very real, would you like to check out the other side now too, just to be sure?" Julia asked, pulling at Brian's free hand and noticing the distinct bulge in his shorts.

Brian stuttered and replied 'yes I would' and tried to slide his other hand inside her top. "Wait honey, that won't work, pull my top up ok" Julia demanded as she leaned against a large rock wall and watched for the others. Brian looked around as well and removed his hand from her bra and then slowly began pulling up her top. "I'll hold it for you" Julia added while pulling up her top and holding it around her neck. Brian was now presented with Julia's white push up bra, her cleavage very long with her breasts pushed close together. "Wow, nice!" Brian added while he looked into Julia's eyes. "You like them Brian, as much as your bikini gals?" she asked, wanting to know that a 30 something gal could compete. "Ohh yes, they're turning me on so much Julia' he replied. "Good!, now feel them both, do it before the others catch us' she added in a nervous tone. Brian wasted no time in sliding both his hands into her cups simultaneously. Julia's eyes once again closed as two large hands slid down her bra, her breasts now completely enveloped by her young friend. Brian squeezed and rubbed them and massaged them together, palming her nipples, making them stick out against his hand. "These are soo not fake!" Brian stated as he looked around for the others. Without asking, Brian removed his hands and pulled Julia's bra straps down off her shoulders. "What are you doing, no we can't, the others might see' she complained. "Just quickly ok, I want to see them" Brian replied. "Ok, ok, but make it quick, I guess I can let you see them" Julia added, smiling as her hand slid up and down Brian's shoulders. Brian nodded as he pushed her straps down and then pushed both the cups down below her breasts. Her breasts fell under their own weight as Brian gasped and began rubbing and touching them again, now fully exposed to the air.

"Ohh honey, that feels really good to have them out like that, they were so cramped and wet in there, my nipples are so hard and tingly from all the water and your touches" Julia moaned. "Mmmm they are fabulous" Brian responded as he continued to rub them together and push them up and together, noting how they hung so beautifully under their own weight. "Mmm honey we better stop, I'm getting a little turned on and we have no clue where the others are" Julia asked, pushing Brian away ever so slightly. "No, not yet, please let me try something else" Brian asked as he leaned in. Julia watched as Brian licked his lips and began kissing the very end of her right nipple. "Ohh god no Brian, don't do that, they're so sensitive, I can't get carried away, what if the others... mmmmm Brian... that really feels good"... she moaned as she held Brian's head to her bosom. "Brian, please stop, you're driving me crazy, we've gone too far, please stop" she begged. Brian continued to suckle on one side and then pulled off, only to move to the other side. Julia was saying no but she was pushing Brian into her chest as she moaned and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Brian, please stop, it feels too good, you're making me crazy here" she moaned as she felt Brian's tongue circling her left nipple over and over again. Julia watched as the sun sunk in the sky and as her handsome friend suckled and licked on her like a baby on one side while fondling her other side. "Brian you're way too good at this for such a young man, those girls don't know how good they've got it" she moaned as Brian continued to bite and swirl on the very tip of her nipples before devouring the whole length. Julia reached down to feel the top of Brian's shorts, which were bulging under the pressure of his enormous hard on. "Ohh my god, you're a big boy, and so nice and hard, I'm thrilled that my breasts are turning you on so much" Julia stated as she rubbed outside his shorts. "Mmmm Julia, your tits are so great, I could suck them all night" he replied, grinding his mid section into her mid section. "Mmmmmm yes baby, suck those tits, tell me how much you love seducing your older woman' Julia moaned as she fumbled with the draw string on Brian's wet shorts and felt how Brian was now pushing her bra out of the way for better access for what was sure to be a long session. "Brian, we must stop this, we're going to get caught' she said. Brian continued to dry hump her thigh and crotch area as he continued to be more aggressive with his sucking and licking on each side.

Just as Julia has gained access to Brian's shorts a voice cried out, "What the hell!" Jay yelled out, seeing Brian and Julia against the rock, Julia's hand now squarely inside his pants and Brian clearly sucking on a nipple. Julia pulled back and covered up with her wet shirt, her bra still visibly undone. Jay approached the pair as Julia tried to cover up as much as possible. "Looks like you two haven't really come up with much have you?" Jay said sarcastically. "We're working our asses off and you guys are doing it" Jay added. "Cmon, this chick is horny as hell, let's suck both her nipples at the same time!" Brian chimed in. Julia, suddenly feeling very betrayed, looked at Brian, 'no, that was special between us, you were so nice to me and I wanted to show you my appreciation, I'm not like that, I've never been with more than one at a time" she replied, her top still barely covering her breasts. Brian moved in and pushed Julia against the rock wall again and began pushing her top up, exposing her breasts for Jay to see.

"Nice rack, don't you think Jay?" Brian asked, holding Julia's top up around her neck. "Totally awesome man!" Jay responded exuberantly while moving in for a close up view. Brian forced both her bra cups for below her breasts and began twisting her nipples again and dragging his thumb over them. "Please Brian, this is going too far" Julia complained, nearly breathless with excitement.

Julia felt powerless as her shirt was held up and her bra pulled down for both the young men to see. Julia closed her eyes and gasped as she felt Brian resume kissing her right nipple while Jay leaned in to start playing with her left side.

Julia's arms fell to her side, powerless, as she looked down to see both her breasts being suckled and licked and kissed and bitten. Each of the boys having a different style, Brian more loving, Jay more aggressive as he bit and suckled very hard. Julia remained pinned against the wall as she once again reached down to pull at Brian's hard on, which was now nearly pushing out the top of his shorts. Julia could feel both the boys pushing into her, dry humping her thighs, as they leaned in to compensate for the nearly 1 foot difference in height. Julia could now feel the head of Brian's cock as she pushed his shorts down an inch at a time until they were fully around his hips. "Take your shorts off and I'll take care of you too Jay" Julia added as she looked down to see her hand wrapped around Brian's cock, which was by no means huge but was certainly above average in length and girth. Brian moaned into Julia's aching nipple as she started to rub his shaft slowly up and down while Jay pushed his own bathing suit down to his knees. Julia was in heaven, both her breasts being sucked and licked as she jacked off Brian, his cock now fully erect in his hands with a hint of pre cum leaking out the tip and onto her hand for lubrication.

"My turn, rub me now" Jay added as he looked up from his suckling duties. Julia smiled and caressed Jay's hair, 'don't worry sweetie, I'll get both of you off tonight, but ONLY you two" she assured them. Brian began grinding his hard cock into Julia's crotch as she reached down to feel Jay. Julia felt her knees go weak as she felt what was surely the biggest prick she had ever dreamed of. Jay was fully erect and close to 10 inches in length, she had only seen such things in movies. He was very thick as well, as Julia struggled to wrap her tiny hand around his massive tool. Julia whispered into Jay's ear 'holy FUCK that's huge', not wanting Brian to feel badly. Jay smiled and began pumping into Julia's hand as Brian moved in to allow Julia to rub them both. Jay leaned in and began licking Julia's mouth as the two intertwined their tongues in a deep kiss. As Julia ski poled the two boys, jacking them both off at the same time, Brian began unzipping Julia's shorts while pinching her right nipple. "MMMmmm god yes, pinch them like that, you're making me crazy boys" she moaned as Jay's enormous cock began squirting pre cum as well, leaking onto Julia's hand as Julia felt her shorts being pushed quickly down past her knees. Julia no longer offered any resistance as she moved her curvy hips from side to side and wriggled out of her shorts, wanting to desperately to get fingered down below. Brian wasted no time in forcing her drenched white panties down over her hips to her knees.

Julia leaned back against the rock face again and opened her legs slightly while frantically jacking Jay and feeling Brian pinching her ∆ inch long nipples. With Jay's tongue buried deep in her mouth, Julia felt Brian's fingers sliding between her thighs and towards her wet opening. His fingers slid easily between her folds and inside her, her moans of pleasure all Brian needed to hear, his finger now sliding in and out very quickly. Julia bucked her hips up and down to meet Brian, moaning into Jay's mouth and increasing the pace of her rubbing. Julia began moaning loudly into Jay's mouth as Brian fingered her aching pussy up and down, finding her tiny clit and rubbing it until it became exposed and hard as a pebble. "Julia, I'm going to cum, you better just do Brian for a while" Jay conceded, pulling back from her expert rubbing. "Ohh you poor young thing, you like the touch of an old gal like me, I must be good at that" Julia added, once again admiring the length of Jay as she slowly massaged the head to try and keep him from blowing his load.

Julia thought about jerking off Brian alone but figured he deserved a little more, so she slipped down on her knees, still with her back against the wall and began placing kisses on the tip of Brian's hard 7 inch cock. Brian gave Jay a knowing look as the head of his cock slipped into Julia's hot and horny mouth. Julia kissed and licked the head, forcing it into her mouth and then taking more and more until his entire length was buried in her hot mouth. Julia expertly sucked Brian's cock, up and down, using her hand along the base of the wet shaft for more stimulation. "Suck that cock, make him cum in your mouth!" Jay chanted as Brian reached down and pulled Julia's hair towards him. "Mmmm yeah, suck that cock, be our little cock sucker Julia' Brian moaned as he watched her head bob up and down.

Julia looked up, "Jay, don't you think you could help me get off too" she said in a sad tone watching as Jay rubbed himself. Julia lay down on the ground on her back and instructed Brian to kneel at her face as she opened her legs for Jay. Jay took the cue and got on all fours between Julia's curvy legs and pressed her legs open while forcing her panties down around her ankles. Julia's legs sprang open as she tilted her head to accept Brian's hard on. Brian, now on his knees beside Julia's head, watched as his cock slid into her mouth and she reached up to jack off his shaft again while Jay was kissing and licking her thighs. Julia groaned out loud onto Brian's shaft when Jay finally inserted his hot tongue inside her. "Ohh God, he's licking my pussy now" Julia moaned before taking Brian back in her mouth to deep throat his length. Jay began licking and sucking her folds and then darted his tongue deep inside her opening. Julia parted her legs as much as possible, exposing her dark brown triangular bush, and began moaning and groaning over Brian's tool, every time Jay would flick her hard clit.

"Mmmm I feel like such a slut. I've never done this" Julia moaned as she felt Jay roll up his tongue and slip it inside her. Brian's cock was buried in her mouth, pre cum leaking as she swallowed it up as fast as it was coming out. Julia formed a circle with her hand and opened up her mouth for Brian to simply move in and out as she varied the pressure around his shaft and drooled along it with each stroke. "MMMM yeah, suck that cock Julia" Brian cried as he looked down to see her grinding her legs and hips against Jay's hot mouth. "Ohhh yes, ohh God, yessssss lick me there Jay" she moaned, barely able to concentrate on her sucking activities while Jay gave her the best oral of her life. "Mmmmmmmmm fuck yesssss, ohhh god yesss' she screamed as she tried to take Brian in her mouth again to stifle the moans". Julia's words were now completely muffled as she moaned over Brian's cock and began convulsing as a first wave of orgasm rolled through her body with Jay's tongue lapping over her erect clitoris.

Brian began thrusting his cock in her mouth, 'don't stop sucking, cum for us baby' he moaned as Julia yelped out loud with Jay's licking. After the first wave subsided Jay stopped licking, looking up to Julia for instructions. "Don't stop, I can cum 10 times in one night!!: she moaned, making sure Jay understood his task was not over. Brian continued to thrust his tool deep inside her hot mouth while Julia once again felt Jay part her legs and begin licking her clit and folds. Julia lay square on her back, bucking her hips up and down against Jay with her head tilted to the right to accept Brian. Brian's cock was leaking badly now, she knew he was close to spewing all over her as she continued to pump the shaft and lick the head.

Just as Julia could sense that Brian could explode the three way was rudely interrupted by cat calls and yells from the other two!

"Very nice, we're off collecting food and you guys are screwing your brains out" Thor yells out, now standing directly over Julia's naked body. Julia closed her legs slightly but made little other attempt to cover up, she knew she was busted and knew what was about to happen. Her acceptance of this was the only shock to her system. Thor and Jason looked at each other and gave a knowing look. "She's really hot for action" Jay stated, standing up, allowing the crowd to see his massive tool. Brian's cock was now hanging beside Julia's mouth but still achingly hard as he was nearing the point of no return.

Thor and Jason wasted no time in ripping their shirts off while Julia smiled at them and shyly said 'I'll take care of all of you, if we ever get off this island, this is our secret, but I want all of you NOW" she moaned and took Brian's cock once again in her mouth and began sucking and licking the head. Thor pushed his underwear and shorts down past his ankles and stepped out of them just as Julia looked up to see his cock was by far the thickest of the three but a tad on the short side. Thor rubbed himself until he was fully erect and then fell to his knees between Julia's legs, pushing Jay out of the way. Julia continued to suck on Brian, pumping his shaft while Thor, being the take charge type, began pushing the head of his hard cock against Julia's pussy, parting her lips while Jay fingered her wet clit. "Mmmmmm yes, fuck me now Thor, fuck me while I make Brian cum I my mouth!, she moaned, feeling how Thor's thick tool entered her. Julia's moans were once again stifled, wanting to scream with Thor's thickness, ramming in and out while Jay and Thor pushed her silky thighs as wide open as possible.

"Jason, suck my tits, please, just do it please" she moaned, pointing to her right side for Jason. Jason kneeled down beside Julia and started kissing and licking her sensitive nipples, causing aching bolts of energy directly into her cock filled pussy. "Suck that cock, don't stop now" Brian moaned, seeing how Julia could barely focus on the task since the combination of having her tits sucked and being fucked was making her with desire. "I'm sorry Brian, ohhh god... Yes fuck me,,,, fuck me harder!" she moaned while still jerking off Brian. Jason watched the action and slipped his shorts down and began rubbing his 6 inch long hard cock, watching how Julia alternately sucked and rubbed Brian while bucking her hips against Thor's tool. Jay, continued to watch, pinching her nipple and rubbing her clit between Thor's thrusts.

"Ohhhh Jason, I know where you could put that gorgeous cock of yourse" she commented before taking Brian back in her mouth. "Will you take that nice hard cock and fuck my ass please!!!" she moaned before taking Brian again. All the boys looked at each other with disbelief. "OHhh god Julia, don't stop, I'm going to cum in your mouth, don't stop now' Brian yelled as he tensed up and held her head and pumped deep in her mouth. Jason prepared his cock and rubbed the head, spreading the pre cum around, while the boys watched Julia grab the base of Brian's throbbing cock and suck the end with such force that Brian tensed up and moaned as gobs of hot cum spewed deep into her mouth. Julia swallowed it all up and cleaned and licked the head of his prick until it was nearly impossible to tell he had just had his balls drained. Brian collapsed beside Julia as Thor pulled out and the boys man-handled and pulled and pushed Julia onto her hands and knees.

Thor lay down on his back between her legs and watched as Julia grabbed the base of his cock and forced it back inside her tight pussy. Julia began riding up and down on his stick, forcing her self all the way down and then back up again as Jay leaned in to massage her clit again. "Ok Jason, take me in the ass now, fill me up you stud' she moaned as Brian and Jay each leaned in to cup her dangling tits, rubbing them and pinching her nipples hard enough to make Julia wince in ecstacy.

With her rear lifted in the air and her face down near Thor, Julia could feel Jason parting her cheeks and climbing on top to slip the head against her opening and then pull back slightly. Jason wet his finger and wiggled it inside her ass, watching as Julia squirmed and yelped in pleasure while riding Thor and bucking back and forth on Jason's wet finger. "Ok, take me now, put it in" she commanded. With her ass properly lubed up, Jason began pushing his head inside her tight rear end. The other boys chanted 'fuck her ass, fuck her ass!; while they watched Jason slide deeper and deeper inside her butt and then pull out, before sinking deeper inside her again. Julia was completely filled up, her pussy and ass completely drenched as she bucked back against her studs. "Cmon up here Jay, I'll try to suck that horse cock of yours!"

Jay got on his knees in front of Julia and offered his huge cock for her to suck. Julia did her best to take the head in her mouth, knowing she could not use her hands since they were on the ground for support as her head was being bashed into Jay with every stroke in her rear. Julia tried to focus on her sucking as she rode up and down and felt her ass being filled with young hard cock. "mmmmm yes... suck that cock, mmmm be our cock sucker' Jay maoned while Julia sucked the wet shaft and took his enormous head deeper in her mouth. "Mmmmm God I am the island whore aren't I, fuck your slut' she moaned, taking Jay's cock so deep she gagged on her words. Brian reached under and began twisting her nipples much harder than before, rubbing her titties together and grabbing them as she bucked up and down. She looked into Brian's eyes, feeling those other three cocks inside her and wanting so badly to make sure Brian was pleased as well.

Jason's cock was the perfect size for Julia's ass, just enough to stretch it out and cause her pussy to ache with every stroke. Jay's enormous cock was beginning to throb as Julia performed oral on him, feeling that all three boys would cum inside her in seconds, judging by the sounds and moans. Thor was first to indicate his need to cum, moaning out loud, "I'm gonna cum soon baby, your box is so tight" he screamed as Julia continued to pound up and down so hard that Thor grabbed the base of his cock, pushed Julia off and spewed a huge load of cum all over her tummy and pussy hair. Thor continued to pump his cum over Julia, knowing that the next man in would want a clean pussy.

Thor removed himself from under Julia and watched as Jason continued to slowly fuck her ass, deeply but slowly, driving all the way in each time as Julia pumped her ass back against him. "I'm ready for you now Jay, put that huge cock inside me and make me cum!!!" Julia demanded as Jay fell to the ground and slipped between her legs. "Ohh god, will that fit in" she whispered as she grabbed the base and lowered herself onto Jay's full thickness. Julia slowly lowered herself until 6 inches were inside. Julia began pumping slowly up and down, forcing Jay a little deeper with each thrust, cautiously but impatiently she moved faster with each stroke, stretching herself out until finally all of his 10 inches was inside her. "Ohhhhhhh fuck, that's so deep Jay' Julia yelled, nearly passing out, being so filled up at both ends. Within seconds she has resumed her earlier pace, grinding up and down while Jason slowly fucked her tight ass. "Brian honey, please rub my clitty, I need to cum now" she pleaded, knowing the others would cum soon too. Brian complied and reached between her gorgeous legs and found her aching clit and began rubbing it between thrusts.

"Yessssss, yessss, yessss fuck me boys, make me your island slut" she demanded, bucking her hips against the two cocks inside her, while Brian rubbed her clit and Thor played with her right nipple. Julia leaned forward, put her hands on the ground and looked down at Jay, whose face was telling a story of pure need to cum. "I'm gonna cum inside you baby" Jay stated, pumping deep inside her. "Yes, I want you both to cum inside me, mmmm cum inside my cunt and my ass!!!!" she screamed as the two boys rammed her. Julia could feel her own orgasm building as the two boys hardened up inside her. "Brian, make me cum honey' she yelped, feeling her body convulse and spasm under his finger just as Jason buried his cock deep in her ass and spewed his cum deep inside her. Jason left his cock in her ass as she pumped up and down on Jay until he let out a guttural moan and tensed up, feeling her tits swinging against his chest as she pumped up and down, forcing his cum to spurt deep into her hole, their moans equal in volume as Julia screamed out in ecstacy, cumming harder than she had ever in life with two cocks still rammed deep inside her.

Julia and the two boys collapsed together on the ground as Brian and Thor watched on, their erections long since subsided. Julia gasped and breathed out loud, her chest beet red with flush and her nipples still achingly long and hard after so much attention.

The quintet reveled in their sensual evening, realizing that their activities were now being conducted by the light of the moon, not the sun. Julia began collecting her clothes and hooked up her bra and pulled her now dry top over herself. The boys also began dressing, taking their time as they admired Julia's curvy body, not sure if they would ever see her again in this light.

The group found a quiet, dry place to sleep and slept the night away until the morning when they were awakened by the blast of a Coast Guard clipper a few 100 yards off shore. Julia wiped the sleep from her eyes and looked to see that she had been snuggled up with Brian all night long. The group quickly raced to the shore and flagged down the boat, knowing there would not be a repeat of last night's activities.

Julia was elated to see the ship, but felt a slight sadness that her time with her new found young studs was over. "Back to reality" she thought, as she pulled at her hair and fussed with her clothing.

Everyone boarded the boat and sat together, discussing what they would do once they reached terra firma. Julia found a piece of paper and a pen and furtively scribbled down a note, her name and her phone number and crumpled it up and slid it inside Brian's pocket. Brian acknowledged the transfer with a nod and watched as Julia exited the boat towards the Coast Guard offices.

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