Life is Good
Chapter 1: Solitude

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, DomSub, Harem, Interracial, Anal Sex, Lactation, Pregnancy,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Solitude - Inspired by cmsix and the excellent stories in his NanoVerse Universe - If you have not already read them I urge you to do so, not because they are necessary to understand my story, but because they are damn good stories. This is the story of Angelo Castle, an angry, woman hating, hermit son of a bitch, and how he finds true love with many different women. I borrowed heavily from Cmsix, in that this story has a Plague, Aliens, beautiful women, high technology and eager living computers.

Loneliness, privacy, isolation, seclusion, and aloneness are just some of the synonyms of solitude I felt as I used the bolt cutters to cut yet another lock on just the latest of a long series of warehouse gates. I pulled the cut lock and chain free, and pushed open the gate enough to get the Humvee through. As I turned around to walk back to pull the Hummer in up to the one unoccupied loading bay, I spotted the feral dogs silently rushing toward me. I walked to the open driver's door, and pulled out the milk crate full of hunks of fresh meat I had left on the drivers seat and dumped it on the ground. I threw the crate back through the door to the passenger's side, climbed in and slammed the door shut. Now the waiting started again, the dogs would bark and yap for a bit, and then fight each other till the last scraps of drugged meat gone. Then slowly those who had ingested enough drugs would pass out. I would then shove some more drugged meat out the narrow gap at the top of the partially open window till they were all out. Only then would I drive forward through the gate and get out with the large knife and slit the throats of each and every dog.

'Why not just shoot them, ' you ask? Because the barking and yapping is just background noise you would avoid because you already have enough problems just surviving. But gunshots are the primary sign of human activity that just has to be investigated; whether you are seeking help or you survive by preying on others. In either case, I prefer not to be bothered, I would just take care of myself, but protect what I had.

Once I had the gate closed and chained, I backed the hummer into the loading bay, I then grabbed the cordless drill, and light stand, from the back seat, then got out. There was a door about 50 meters to the west, that most likely went in to the warehouse directly, and another about 100 meters to the east that most likely that lead to the dispatcher's office. So I walked east, climbed the stairs, and just opened the door, as it was not locked. There was more than enough light to see by, so I just sat down and started with the manifests looking to see what was available. This particular warehouse supplied the Shopper Drug Marts in the region with their name brand products and of course drugs. I was going to have to get the inventory computer started up, so I walked back to get the portable generator and extension cord. I got everything set up, and plugged in, checked to make sure that the heavy duty muffler was in place, primed the motor and started the generator up, prepared to shut it down if it was too load. There was hardly any noise at all; you would not be able to hear anything much beyond 100 meters.

With power, I got the computer started, and ran the inventory program. I was looking for Glyburide 5 mg and Metformin 500 mg tablets to treat the type two Diabetes, my fifty-year-old body developed after a lifetime of abuse. They also had plenty of test strips and lancets, as well as test units to put them in. I was also looking for your basic over the counter treatments for every thing under the sun, cold, flu, poison ivy, vitamins you name it and I was going to grab it. I also had a list I complied from the Internet, before it all went to hell, including painkillers, antibiotics, and the like. The diagnostic program I snatched from my doctor's office was also helpful in that it provided a listing of necessary supplies to treat most common aliments that plague mankind.

Once I decided on what I was going to get, I printed out a list that detailed where it was all stored and got to work. Taking a five-foot stack of plastic, hinged-lid storage crates I began 'shopping'. As I got one filled I took it to the end of the aisle and stacked it with the rest. I had just finished packing a crate with boxes of sanitary napkins, (they make good compress bandages) When I heard a very distinctive frightened female voice call out, "Hello, is anyone there?"

'Fuck," I whispered to my self, "just what I needed, another stupid bitch looking for a free ride. I slowly and making every effort to be as quiet as I could, made my way to the rear of the warehouse away from the direction of the voice.

"Oh please let there be someone here," she said aloud to herself. Calling out again, she yelled, "Is anyone here? Did you kill all those dogs? Is that your truck? Please, answer me."

I continued to slowly move toward the back, once there I continued around the stack of crates, so that I would be out of sight to anyone looking down the aisle from the front.

"Please, my baby is sick, I don't know what to do, you have to help me; please help me," she said crying at the end.

"Shit - Fuck, why did she have to have a baby, and why does the bitch think it's my problem; damn."

I wrestled with myself for a bit, silently cursing myself for the various kinds of idiot I was about to become.

I yelled out, "STOP RIGHT THERE, don't move, don't say anything except to answer my questions. Do you understand?"

"Yes, yes, please help..." she said before I interrupted.

"I SAID DON"T TALK, just answer my questions. Where is your baby?"

"In the car, with my oldest daughter, my son and my sister and her two daughters," she answered sounding afraid to say more.

"Go and get the baby, but everyone else stays in the car, if anyone else comes back with you, I will leave. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Thank..."

"Just go, get the baby, and return, just you, the baby and no one else."

She went running out, and returned about three minutes later, just her and the baby. In the mean time I finished my shopping, getting the last of the stuff I wanted into a crate; I stacked it with the rest. When she returned, she started to call out, "Mister, I am back, I brought my baby, and no one else came with me."

"Now, just start walking towards the light," I said as I turned on a flashlight.

It took her a minute or so to find me, but once she did she stopped dead in her tracks, just stood there staring at me. This went on for almost a minute, then getting tired of waiting; I walked toward her, put my hands out and asked for the baby. Which surprising enough she gave to me. Continuing on toward the office, I walked past her, around the corner, and down the centre corridor. While I was walking, it was obvious that the baby had a fever, looked like it was dehydrated, but it's color was good, no blue or yellow tint. When I got to the office, I held the brat in my left arm, and used the right to push stuff from the top of the desk onto the floor. Once I had enough space to work, I put it down, and opened the bundle the baby was wrapped in.

From behind me I heard, "Mister can I come in?"

"Yes, come and hold your baby, while I get my med kit," I said waiting for her to come and hold her daughter.

Once she had a firm hand on her daughter, I went back into the warehouse to the bay door I was parked at. I opened both locks on either side of the big door, and they started pulling on the chain to open it. Once I got the door open to head level I saw that there was another car parked in front the hummer, and a SUV had been pulled up along side. Ignoring the woman and several children, I jumped down, not bothering with the ladder next to the door. Opening the passenger side front door I grabbed my med kit. Slamming the door, I turned and headed back to the open bay door, used the ladder to climb back up and reentered the warehouse.

Back in the office, I dropped the kit on the desk's chair and opened it. I took out the IR ear thermometer, a couple of tongue depressors, and flashlight. Putting the working end of the thermometer in the babies left ear, in a moment or two I got a reading of 100.3 degrees, I gently used a depressor to open the mouth and used the flashlight to get a good look at a slightly inflamed throat. Reaching back into the kit, I pulled out the stethoscope and listen to the gurgling sound of the babies labored breathing. Wrapping the baby up again, I turned to the mother, who was still staring at me.

"Your baby has a cold or maybe a minor flu; she does not have the plague or anything else like that. I am going to collect some medicine to take with you. Just follow the instructions on the labels and your baby will be just fine." I said before I once again turned to the computer to locate the baby aspirin, children's decongestant cough syrup, and some LiquiLytes to replenish the fluids and minerals lost due to the dehydration. I also looked into their baby food inventory to see where it was.

Grabbing a short stack of crates, I turned to the woman, who as still staring at me.

"Stay here, I am going to get that medicine now, I will be right back," I told her. She just nodded her understanding and I left the office.

I found the Infant inventory, and started loading stuff in to the crates, a couple of cases of children's aspirin, and one case of a product reputed to lower fever, and a case of children's cough syrup. I cut open a flat of LiquiLytes and carried 5 cases to the bay door. I went back and started carrying baby food, formula, and a case of bottles with liners. Once I had everything stacked at the bay door, I took the crate I had put a few of everything in and walked back to the office. I took one of the LiquiLyte cans and filled a bottle, to about half full, crushed a couple of aspirin into the liquid. After screwing the lid back on, I set it aside and open the cough syrup. Filling a baby's liquid medicine spoon to the recommended dosage I once again took up the baby and slowing fed her the syrup. I followed that up the bottle. Sitting down on the desk top, I told the woman to go to the open bay door and start loading the crates stacked there into her vehicles. Again all she did was nod her head, before she left to do as I had ordered.

I sat there, feeding the baby, looking at my reflection in the glass door of the office. Why was she staring at me, I did not look any different that I did yesterday, or even that much different than I did before the plague. Sure I had lost a lot of weight, maybe forty or even sixty pounds in these last three weeks; but I did not look that much different. The baby started to squirm a bit, so I put the bottle down and moved her up to my shoulder and lightly patted her back till she let loose with a rapid series of burps. Holding her once again in my arm, I continued to feed her. Looking back at myself, in the door, I was reminded that I was going to have to figure out how to get new glasses made, the ones I was currently wearing were my backup pair, I smashed my working pair a couple of days ago escaping some dogs. These were not quite right, in that things at a distance tended to wash together.

It was at this point I began to notice the sounds of two voices in argument, but they were muffled enough that I could not make out what was being said. Ignoring them, I put the baby down so I could get a can of formula opened and poured into another bottle till it was half full. I did not warm it, as I wanted the cool liquid to drop her core temperature and reduce the fever.

I pick her up again and continued her feeding; the argument out side had gotten louder in the mean time. I got up with the baby and headed into the warehouse, where I could hear better.

"... uck, we are not going to be going with him, we can take care of ourselves," yelled the sister

"Suite yourself, but me, Heather, and Greggy are going with him. You can just go back to the house, and try to survive on your own," screamed the baby's mother.

"You can't just go off with some man, just like that, he could be dangerous or even some kind of sick'o pervert," argued the sister.

I continued to walk to the open bay door, and the screaming continued unabated. When I got to the door, I stood there, the sister noticed, and just stopped in mid-scream. The mother continued for a moment or two, then she too turned and stared at me.

What surprised me the as I stood there, was the fact that I was not angry, or even mildly annoyed. As I looked down at the two women, I was shocked, to find myself thinking of them as my women. That I was not even bothered by this would have shocked me, but I was not even capable of thinking that at the moment. As I examined them, taking in everything from their tits down the narrowing curve of the waists to the where their hips flared out, till I found myself totally focused on their valley at the top of their long legs. Now I was getting mad, there they were, my women dress in pants and boots when they should be dressed in... What? Dressed in... What was I thinking, and why was I even thinking it. I had given up on women, a couple of months before the plague that last one as a total bitch.

Confused, I moved the baby to my left arm, and used the right to climb down the ladder. Walking to the baby's mother, I held out her daughter, which she took after a few long moments delay.

"She is going to be fine, the fever is already going down, the liquids, and medicine I feed her are already allowing her to breath easier," I told her. She dropped her gaze and said, "Thank you, Sir." The sister, also dropped her gaze too, and she seem to be flushed. I noticed that both were also standing straighter and had their chests thrust out, and they standing in the classical pose with one leg in front of the other.

Pulling myself together, I told them, "It is going to get dark soon, get those supplies loaded so I can close up the place."

Their only response was a muted "Yes Sir." The mother handed the baby of to one the older girls, and then both women almost ran to the loading dock, each grabbed a crate and carried it to the SUV.

I climbed back up the ladder, and returned to the office. I repacked the med kit, turned of the computer, disconnected it, and put it with the kit. I packed up the portable light stand, and then grabbed the extension cord and started winding it up as I headed out the door. Once I got to the generator, it had automatically gone to standby as the load was removed, and was now silent. Taking the generator and extension cord I returned to the Hummer, and stored both away. Returned to the office once again, I grabbed the kit, computer, and crate with the miscellaneous baby supplies I headed into the warehouse. I put every thing down by the open bay, then went to the closest stack of my own supplies and pushed it to the open door; then I went about getting the rest of the stacks moved to the door.

By the time I returned with the last stack, the sister had broken down my stacks and the mother was carrying them one at a time to the Hummer. Where the daughter, who was in the back, was taking them and stacking them inside. The baby was in a car seat / carrier combination on the ground off to one side being watched over by a preteen boy. The two girls, being maybe fifteen or sixteen were moving boxes and Safeway plastic bags full of groceries, from the car to the SUV.

Everything was being taken care of so I just sat down off to one side, out of the way, while my women finished the work. That thought bothered me, these were not my women, I did not even know them, and here I was thinking about taking one of them back to the office and having her suck my cock while I grabbed the hair on either side of her head and fucked her face. I was hard, harder than I have been since before my wife died fifteen years ago. And what was making me hard was that I knew they would not only allow me to do this, but that they would actively cooperate in their own brutal rape.

NO! I was not going to let that happen, jumping down to the ground, I grabbed the last two crates took them to the back of the Hummer. I gestured to the girl in the back to get out, when she did, I threw the two crates into the back, closed up the hatch, and walked around to the drivers door. It was at that point I noticed the absolute stillness of everything around me, and the total quiet that had fallen. I could hear the steady ticking of my watch, and I was almost able to hear my own heart beat. Turning around, I saw that everyone by me was frozen; even their individual hairs were frozen in place.

"Excuse me Mr. Castle, I wonder if I might have a word with you before you make any final decisions?" ask a dry rasping voice that seem to come from everywhere around me all at once.

"No!" I replied. "I will not talk to a voice in the air, and I don't care how obviously powerful your are."

"Very well Angelo, may I call you Angelo?" came the reply from behind me to my right. I slowly turned to see one of the most hilarious sights I had ever seen up to that point in my life. There standing before me was one of the so called 'Grey Aliens' dressed in a three piece dark pin stripped Armani like suit. On top of his head was a black derby and he has carrying an umbrella that he was using as a cane.

All I could say was, "Angelo will be fine."

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