Sinful Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, Slut Wife, Sadistic, Torture, Anal Sex, Bestiality,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of a normal housewife, who reads sex stories posted on the internet. This simple sin leaves her open to manipulation by evil men. This manipulation sees her sold into the sex slave trade, where her very life is in jeopardy.

This was Thursday morning, the fourth day of my week's holiday, but as we had workmen building a garage for us, I was making myself busy around the house. So here I was in the bed room, picking up the children's clothes ready to put into the washing basket, when I heard the boss of the workmen calling me from down stairs.

"Mrs Holmlund. Can you spare me a moment?"

"Be right with you."

I made my way back downstairs to the little study where my computer is kept. The boss of the workmen had come in a few minutes earlier, asking to use my PC to find a local stockist of some parts he needed for the garage door. So naturally, I'd just logged on, and brought up my internet browser for him, and then I'd left him to find what he wanted. As I was coming down the stairs, I assumed, like most men who are good with their hands, he was like a fish out of water on the PC, and needed my help.

So full of confidence, and ready to show-off my talents on the keyboard, I breezed into the study. My confidence and literally all my breath was taken from me as I looked at the screen to see what he had displayed.

"What do you make of this?"

I stood there, not blushing, but ashen white, the blood had drained from my face.

"Well? Nothing to say for yourself? Well what about these emails, I bet Mr Holmlund doesn't know about these?"

I tried my best to sound in control.

"You shouldn't be looking in my private mail account."

"Ok then. If you want to get silly about this. I've printed a few of these emails out on paper, and I'll make sure your husband gets to know what his slut of a wife has been up to."

"No you can't."

"Can't! Who says I can't?"

"But please. I haven't been unfaithful to him. It's just words on the internet."

"So he won't mind then. Will he?"

"Please I beg you, please don't tell him."

"If I keep quiet, what will you do for me?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. Will you fuck?"

"No. You can't ask that of me. Please. I've never so much as kissed another man since I got married."

"My, aren't we the little angel. So what about these stories you've been reading?"

Well I guess at this stage, I'd better explain exactly what this man had found, and what my situation was. My Name is Camilla Erricson, I'm married to Göran, and we have two beautiful children Helle aged 3 and Björn 6. I am 32, and I've been so very wicked. My Göran is so sweet and he cares for me and the children so lovingly. I really do love him with all my heart, but! I know you're thinking, 'with true love there can be no buts'. In truth, I would never cheat on Göran, even if the most handsome man in the world wanted to date me. But I have a dark side, and like Lady Chatterley, I don't think we are given these dark thoughts for no reason.

So one day whilst idling some time away on the net, I made a search for 'sex'. As you can imagine I was swamped with sites to visit. After I'd browsed around about ten or so sites, finding only pictures and videos that I found crude. I began to think that maybe the dirty side of sex wasn't what I was looking for. In truth I had no idea what it was, this indefinable thing I needed. It was just my sex life with Göran was so safe and predictable, I thought there had to be something more. Then, reading through the search results, I saw a site that was free, didn't need you to register, and contained adult stories. I had no idea what to expect, but when I logged in, the range of material available was mind blowing.

Over the next few weeks I read various stories, some very wicked, involving rape, bondage, and incest. There were even stories of women having sex with animals! But the idea of this turned my stomach, so I avoided them. Reading these other stories got me very excited, sexually I mean, you know, wet. But even though I was now hooked on reading these stories, they were in the majority, pretty shallow, with little or no real story, just an excuse for describing sexual activity. Then one day I read a story, and it all seemed so innocent, it was only the fact of where the story was posted, that let me know something was eventually going to happen to the woman who was the main character in the story. I won't go into detail, but this poor innocent; and normal housewife was tricked into various situations, ending up with her starring in a porn video, and being gang raped.

Well if the other stories had got me wet, this one had me in a trance. I'd been fingering myself all the time I'd been reading, and it was a long story. How many times I'd come I can't remember. Well I read this same story over and over again for three days running, each time getting the same thrill, imagining myself to be the central character. This one day I plucked up courage, and emailed the author, he'd left some silly little statement at the end of his story, asking for girls from England to email him. Well I hadn't mentioned it, but I'm from Sweden, and proud of it, but I emailed him anyway.

Then I waited and waited. Day after day I'd dash to the PC after work to see if he'd replied. Three days, no reply. On the fourth day, I'd had to do some shopping on the way home, and by the time I got home my Göran was already there. So I just thought, it's not worth risking looking now, he won't have replied anyway. And even if he does, what will he want to say to me? So it wasn't until the next morning, Göran had just left for work; the children were having breakfast, so I opened my mail. There it was; he'd replied to me.

It was a simple courteous reply, not very personal, but he'd supplied me with a list of the stories he'd written, and told me which site they were available on. I once again won't go into detail, but when I couldn't actually find these stories, I emailed him back, and he kindly pasted the whole text of a story into an email for me. In fact it was three emails, containing Parts one, two, and three of a series he'd written.

I started reading the story, and was once again, immediately the central character. This girl was I guess raped, but not with violence, more persuasion, and circumstance. Then as the story progressed, it moved to a new dimension. I said before the thought of animal sex turned my stomach. Well now reading this, in my mind, I was this girl, and after being gang raped, they were making me have sex with a dog. But amazingly, this got me hotter than I like to admit. So I read on, this was real hard-core animal sex, not just dogs, but then horses as well. And to my shame, I loved every word of it, and I couldn't stop reading.

So that is where we are now! The builder had somehow found this story on my PC, and then read my emails to and from the author. Well I'd been ashamed of myself before, when only I knew what I'd been doing. But now this horrible builder man knew, I felt really humiliated. But if my Göran ever found out, I'd kill myself! I could never look him in the eye again.

So back to my predicament.

"My, aren't we the little angel. So what about these stories you've been reading?"

"They're nothing. I read them with my husband."

"You bloody liar! You say in your emails, your husband has no idea you read this shit!"

"But they're just stories."

"Ok then. Let's see shall we? I'll print one out, and you can read it to me."

"If I read one, will you promise not to tell Göran?"

"Well maybe. Let's see if it gets me turned on first."

He'd soon got the printer churning out page after page, and before it had finished, he'd picked up the first few sheets, and handed them to me.

"Come-on then, you sit here and I'll stand behind you."

He got up from my revolving computer chair, and sat me down. I didn't know if I would be able to read the dirty words this story contained out aloud. But I knew that I had to do something to avoid my beloved Göran finding out what a wicked woman I'd been.

As I started reading, his arms reached around from behind me, and his hands cupped my breasts. This sent such a violent shiver down into my lower tummy, and my nipples instantly became hard. I stopped reading.

"Please no. I don't like you touching me."

"I don't care what you like. You know the alternative. Now get reading, and think yourself lucky I haven't got your knickers off."

I resumed my reading, as his fingers were manipulating my nipples through the thin material of my blouse and bra. The story was now getting to the build-up of the first sexual action, and this by itself would have me getting wet. But with his manipulation of my breasts, I could feel a throbbing like I'd never felt before. It was like a really bad case of butterflies in the tummy, but not actually my tummy. It was deep in my... You know where I mean, my private part.

Then he unbuttoned my blouse, and slipped his hands back inside my bra. There was an overwhelming rush of passion as our flesh met, his bare fingers, and my naked nipples.

"P p please d don't."

"Just keep reading."

I carried on, but I was near to orgasm, and I could do nothing to control my body. Then as I read the part of the story where the woman took her first penetration, it happened. I had to stop reading, and I couldn't stop myself arching my hips forwards lifting my bottom from the seat.

"My! That does do it for you."

Said Johan (the builder) as I calmed back down and regained my seated position. I didn't reply, but just blushed a bright red. He was now stood in front of me, his big hard dick in his hands pointing directly at my face.

"Ok my little beauty, are you going to suck me off now?"

I was so humiliated by my own lack of control, but I knew that he wouldn't be satisfied until his dick had shot its load of spunk. So I made not the slightest protest, I just resigned myself to getting it over with.

Now even this I would have thought would not be worth describing from my point of view, as all I thought I was doing was to get his juices rising. But I am so wicked and my body is not under my control during sex. As my mouth opened and my lips encircled the end of his dick, my tummy started pulsing wildly. He wasn't making my control any easier; he'd now cupped both my breasts, and was busy working my senses to a crescendo. This is not something that I have done very often, as my Göran thinks it is demeaning for me. But as this big dick hardened in my mouth, I pushed hard down onto it, forcing him into my throat. I took his dick as he roughly worked my breasts and all the while my orgasm was building. As he shot his salty spunk into my throat, I gyrated my hips from side to side and moaning wildly I slid from the seat onto the floor. Johan just stood there watching me with his dripping limp dick in his hand.

When I regained my composure, I picked myself up from the floor, and sat back onto the chair. Johan was standing in the doorway, smoking a cigarette.

"Please. My Göran doesn't like anyone smoking in the house."

"But he'd be ok with you giving me a blow job?"

"Please. He will smell the smoke the second he walks in."

"Well at least then he won't smell your cum stain on the carpet then."

And with that he'd looked down and nodded towards where I'd been writhing about. And yes I'm ashamed to say, there was a wet sticky patch on the floor, which had leaked out from my orgasm. I coloured up bright red, feeling so ashamed again.

"Will you promise not to tell Göran now?"

He put his hand into his inside pocket, and pulled out a roll of printed sheets of paper.

"Well you were pretty good, so I guess you'll be safe for now. But I'll keep this lot, it'll take us all tomorrow to finish the work on your garage, and I guess the old feller will want some more attention again before we're done here."

"Please I've done what you asked me to."

"I know you have my dear, and very good you were. But like I say, we're here until tomorrow evening, and every time I look at you, I'll just be getting more excited. So I guess we might need a repeat performance. It wasn't that bad was it?"

I dropped my head into my hands, and never answered him. He turned and left, going out to join his workers. I went to the kitchen, collected my cleaning pack, returned to the study, and cleaned up the mess that both Johan's dripping dick and my orgasm had left on the floor. Then I noticed the computer chair also had telltale marks. Once I'd finished cleaning up, I returned my cleaning kit back to the kitchen. From the kitchen window I could see the garage, and the three workers. That is Johan the boss, and his two men. Johan was about forty-five. The eldest of his men was about the same age, his name was Stenn. The other man, was only about twenty-five, this was Loather. He was always stripped to the waist, displaying his muscle bound chest. He was built like a body builder, not one ounce of excess fat, and muscles where I didn't know muscles existed.

So as I watched these men, they had all stopped for a cigarette break, Loather, just taking the break, but not smoking. Then to my horror, I began to think that it looked like Johan was telling them about what I'd just done for him. I know I couldn't hear what he was saying, but some of the actions, and the looks on the faces of the two men listening, didn't leave me in much doubt. Now the thought that both these men might know what I'd just done was bad enough, but the reaction that this tale received from Stenn terrified me.

He was coming towards the house, and encouraging Loather to join him. They could only want one thing! I turned and ran towards the stairs, and as I started to make my ascent, I heard them coming in the door.


It was Stenn's voice booming through the house. I was only half way up the stairs, but even if I'd reached my bedroom, what could I do? They would only threaten to tell my husband, so I'd have no option but to satisfy them both to keep them quiet. I stood still on the stairs, just half way up, and I turned to face them as they appeared at the bottom.

"Are, there you are. I was calling but you never answered."

I tried to sound as unconcerned as possible.

"Yes. Is there a problem?"

They both started climbing the stairs to meet me.

"Not if you look after us like you just did for Johan."

By now we were standing face to face, two steps apart, but them being taller, our faces were almost level with each other.

"Ok. If I do the same for both of you, you promise that no one will say a word to Göran?"

"We have nothing to tell him. Do we Loather?"

"Not if I get my ball sack emptied, I don't"

"Well turn around then; we'll do it down stairs."

"No my dear. We are the ones who are giving the orders. And I say you turn around, I want you in your bedroom."

"No. I've said I'll do it for you. But I'm not defiling my husband's bedroom."

"You stupid bitch! Don't you understand! I said we are giving the orders. Now get up to your bedroom before I pick you up and take you there."

The anger and menace in Stenn's voice frightened me, and my stern resolve just collapsed, instantly turning me into a submissive slave. I turned around, and as I made my way up the few remaining steps, someone's hand was forcing itself up in between my legs.

"Please don't do that, I beg you."

The hand kept forcing and before I'd got to the top step, it reached its goal.

"You can beg all you like my dear. But if you don't spread your legs and give me some room to get at your cunt, then I'll make you wish you had! And I promise you won't like my methods. Now open those fucking legs."

I instantly opened my legs, and with a push in the middle of my back with his other hand, I once again began walking, somewhat duck fashion towards my bedroom. He by now had two fingers up the side of my panties, and up inside me. I was of-course still wet from my session with Johan, so he had no difficulty probing deep into me.

This rough treatment, although abhorrent to me, was still making my silly hormones go wild. I hated everything they were doing. Their demanding approach, the violation of my marital bedroom, his fingers probing deep inside my private love. But hate them and what they were doing as much as I did; my body was reacting like that of a common slut. With each step I took, I squirmed myself deeper onto his fingers. By the time we were stood along side the bed, I felt myself wrap my hands around his shoulders to stop myself from falling whilst I gyrated my open thighs on his fingers.

"I see what Johan meant, she's fucking mad for it. Lets get her laid on the bed and strip her naked."

I heard the words, I knew what they meant. And as much as I could never let anyone do this to me. Here I was being laid back onto my own bed, with Stenn's finger ramming in and out of me, my hips lifting to complement his thrusting, while Loather was pealing off my clothes. I just let him! No sign of struggle or protest, my arms and legs were pulled from side to side, and up and down until I was naked.

Now Loather was on the bed astride my shoulders, he was also naked. His big dick semi-hard dropped towards my mouth. He took my hands and placed them on his shaft, and he leaned forwards dropping his dick to my lips. I just took it inside my mouth, and he started thrusting deep into my wind-pipe. My whole body was aflame, and then I realised that although I was humping my hips, Stenn was no longer ramming me with his fingers. I did have a conscious thought, but decided he must be stripping off ready to follow Loather, in fucking my mouth. So I once again drifted off, back into the land of sex and sensation.

Then as something big pushed up into my crotch, I felt myself being stretched wide to take something more than fingers. I tried to resist him. I promise I did try. But my effort was too weak, and the onslaught was too strong. It pushed its way relentlessly up inside me, stretching me like my Göran has never done. Then as I felt his body contacting mine he started a slow thrusting in and out. Well even if Göran himself had walked in at that moment, I think my wicked body would have just kept on thrusting in unison with Stenn's dick. Out of control is all I can say. Every fibre of my body was being taken to heights they had never been to.

Then Loather pulled his dick from my mouth, and started jacking himself, shooting his cum all over my face and into my hair.

"Oh fucking yes! She's a fucking slut alright. Look at her."

I was past caring what they thought; all my body wanted was pleasure. And I wanted this big dick inside me to explode, lighting the touch paper for what I knew would be an orgasm to beat all the orgasms I've ever had.

"See if you can find a camera, they're bound to have one. We've got to get a picture of her face like that."

You might have thought that on hearing Stenn's words I would have come to my senses. But no, I didn't. I carried on thrusting with my lover, and apart from licking up and swallowing the spunk that was on and around my lips; I never attempted to wipe my face clean. Instead my hands were clasped to Stenn's hips, encouraging the increase in pace that I knew would bring his thunder bolt!

I wasn't disappointed, the increase in pace had been the fore-runner to his climax. So now, as he changed to the stabbing thrusts, I could feel the warm seeds he was shooting deep inside me. My body arched itself high in the air, and my hole gripped his dick. Then as I dropped back to the bed and writhed about, my legs wrapped around his waist. Exactly how the rest of my orgasm went I'm not sure. I wasn't there. I was floating somewhere in heaven. Floods of warm pleasure were flowing through every vein in my body.

When I did eventually gain my senses, both of them were dressed and busy looking at the little pre-view screen on my Göran's camera. It came to me what kind of pictures they had on there, and what I'd just done. Why am I so bad? I go to church. I believe in God. I pray every night. And above all, I love my Göran. So how could I do what I've just done? I feel so bad.

But the photo's! They're on Göran's camera!

"Hey! You have to delete those pictures."

Stenn looked across, and it was a very black look, gone the smile that had been there a second before while the two of them were looking at the camera.

"Who the fuck are you telling what to do! If we show these to your husband you'll be lucky if you're not sleeping in the gutter tonight!"

"Please I didn't mean it like that. Please, I beg you; let me wipe them off before Göran comes home?"

"That's better. Asking and begging. I can tolerate that. But there's no way these pictures are getting deleted."

"But please if my Göran finds them."

"Well little miss computer. You'd better take them off this camera and email them to me. And no tricks, if I can't download them when I get home, then you'd better have left the country by tomorrow. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, I'll do it for you. But I will have to reduce them. They'll be too big to email."

"Don't try getting fucking smart with me. Do you know what the fuck she's going on about?"

"I think so, but we'd be better off asking Johan, he understands these computers. I'll go and get him; you might as well get her down to where the computer is."

"Come-on then slut. Get that sloppy cunt of yours off the bed, and get that computer of yours fired up."

"Can I put some clothes on, please?"

"Well don't fuck about. As soon as I hear Johan coming into the house, you're going downstairs, clothes or no clothes."

I rushed around, only having time to pull on a pair of knickers, and a skirt. I had to put my blouse on whilst going down the stairs. My bra he'd pulled from my hand, and thrown back onto the bed.

So now I was seated in front of my PC, and downloading the pictures from the camera into a folder I'd made.

"Do you know what she means about not being able to email me the full picture?"

"Yes she's right. These are too high in quality, the file size is too big to email. Here, look at this."

Johan reached over my shoulder, took hold of the mouse, and opened the thumbnail that was a close-up of my spunk covered face. I could have died, I felt so humiliated, and there are no words to explain. I'd lain there, knowing they were taking them pictures. I felt sick, and actually started heaving. They parted like wild fire, as I burst out of the room and rushed to the toilet. I threw-up, but I was wrenching my empty stomach and it hurt like hell. So I was now on my knees, head in the toilet bowl, feeling the most wretched I'd ever felt in my life.

How can emotions be so extreme? In minutes I'd gone from pleasure the like of which I'd never dreamed existed, now down to the depths of despair, to the point where I was considering taking my own life!

How long I spent with my head in my hands on the rim of the cold ceramic bowl I don't know. But gradually I calmed down, and tried to get things into a sense of proportion. Yes I'd now been unfaithful to my Göran. And yes it was in our own bed. Oh God! How can I find any excuse for myself? I'm a bad wife, and no better than a common whore. But what is done is done. And if my Göran never finds out, then he will not be hurt. But maybe more important, my babies, they haven't done anything wrong. Why should they suffer? What ever happens, I have to get through this, and Göran mustn't find out. He'd take my babies from me, and then I'd have no alternative but to take my life. But even that would be punishing my babies for something that I'd done wrong. No. Göran is not going to find out! I'll fuck all three of them if I have to, but my secret has to be kept from Göran.

I'd heard their loud banter going on, as they'd been going through the pictures that I'd downloader for them. But until now, I hadn't been taking any notice of what they were saying.

"Look at that. You've zoomed in until her cunt is blown up to the size of a DVD, and you can see the detail of every single hair around her cunt. Look at the amount of cum oozing from it."

Yes they were not just looking at my pictures; they were drooling over every detail. I slowly made my way back, and stood silently in the doorway. I'd been there a good five minutes before any of them noticed me, their mouths were almost dribbling as they meticulously scanned every detail of the most private and sacred part of my body.

Up until now, only Göran and the doctors that delivered my babies had ever seen that part of me.

"You're back. I've explained to the lads here, that emailing will, as you say, mean reducing the quality. So instead, I'll bring some blank CD's with me tomorrow, and you can put the pictures onto them at full file size."

"But that would mean leaving them on the PC overnight."

"Yes, that's not a problem is it? They won't damage it."

"But if Göran finds them?"

"Look you weren't that worried before, leaving the emails to your boyfriend on there. And that bloody dirty story. I tell you what lads, I bet even your filthy minds couldn't come up with some of the filth that's in the stories she reads. This guy who writes them must be one depraved filthy bastard."

"Please don't say things like that about him?"

"Oh my dear! Touched a nerve have we? You don't like to hear the truth about your boyfriend?"

"That's not the truth. His stories are not filth."

"What all that fucking with dogs and horses, you don't call that filthy?"

"It's not like that."

"I beg to differ. That's all that story is about, fucking with one animal or another. The two of you are fucking depraved if you ask me."

"I know there are animals, but it's the words he uses. The feeling he expresses. The other stuff just happens. The story is what is important."

"Sounds like shit to me. But I guess if you've got the hots for this guy, even his shit smells good to you. They say love is blind. Anyway lads, we'd better get some work done, otherwise this job will end up costing me money. Now you remember; I know how many pictures are on there, and what the folder size is. So no deleting any, or down sizing them."

As Stenn pushed past me, he took me back towards the wall, pinning me against it. His fingers went straight back up inside me, and he stood there probing me. It was pointless me struggling, or protesting, that only seamed to make him worse. So, knowing Johan would appear in a few seconds to drag him back to work, I just let him get on with it. Well it was only a few second before Johan appeared in the doorway, but he just stood there watching Stenn manipulating my womanhood. But as I've already confessed, I'm a dirty bitch. I don't mean to be, but in that few seconds, he'd got my legs to start spreading, and I was panting in an audible way.

"Fucking hell Stenn, haven't you had enough for one day?"

"Go on boss. Let me just have one more go at her. You can see she wants it."

"Yes that's bloody obvious. But I think we could troop all the bloody sailors from the naval yard through here, and she'd want more. Look at her, my bloody fluorescent light takes longer to turn on than her."

"But it won't take me long boss. Please. I'll do and hours overtime tonight without pay."

"But you've already had over an hour out of the day, and this job has got to be wrapped-up by the time we finish tomorrow."

"Ok, I'll start an hour earlier tomorrow as well. Go on boss. You know we can get the job sorted if we pull our fingers out."

"Ok. But be as quick as you can, she don't need any fore-play. And don't fuck yourself silly, I want some work out of you when you've finished."

"So does that go for me as well?"

Now Loather had started. I heard it all going on, but I did and said nothing. Instead I'd just stood there in a trance, well almost stood. I was now spread that wide, with my legs so weak, before long I'd be on the floor.

"Oh, come-on then. Get her up to the bedroom, you can both have her at the same time, I'll take the pictures. Make your mind up whose having her arse, we haven't got time for swapping about."

So with their help, I once again was taken up the stairs, stripped, and laid back onto the bed. They were soon naked, and I was rolled over onto Loather, my legs astride his hips. Up he went, and Stenn was soon kneeling behind me. He had obviously been lubricating his dick, I guess with my love juice. But then he started pushing his wet finger up my bottom, after a few investigational probes, he decided I was wet enough to try his dick.

I felt it push, and my bottom did start to open, but I let out such a scream. I felt my skin was being ripped apart. But it was as though I'd never said a word. He just pushed, until it forced its way in. By the time they'd both been fucking for five minutes, the pain side had diminished to a dull ache. But all those demons within my being were now taking over. I was thrashing myself as hard against them as they were thrusting into me. And now I felt an overwhelming desire to swear. I want to tell them to FUCK ME HARDER. But I couldn't get my lips to utter the words.

Then as I was trying to muster my resolve, Stenn changed to his rapid pace. I knew the climax was almost here, and all I could think was I had to cum with them. Then as he jerked violently, I could feel his hot cum, what a sensation that was. And then, like the time before, my Cunt. Did I say that? Yes my Cunt contracted onto Loathers dick, then exploded with such a flood of cum, the like of which none of these guys had ever seen before. Although most of my orgasm is a sort of blank dream type memory, the pictures they took, and the comment they made afterwards, left me in no illusions as to my extraordinary performance.

This time as Johan knew what he was doing; they just left me on my bed, while two of them got back to work. Johan transferred the pictures to my PC, then he joined his men, and that is where they stopped for the rest of the day. Now I've seen lots of men working doing various types of jobs. But to watch these three men, especially Stenn and Loather, it was amazing. There was no sauntering around, and standing chatting. It was almost reminiscent of an old Charlie Chaplin or Key Stone Cops movie. Everything was being done at double time.

Then as my Göran's car pulled up in front of the house, I opened the door to greet my children that he has picked up on his way home from work. A lump comes to my throat, and as my Göran smiles at me, my eyes well-up with tears. I am really struggling to hold myself together; I don't think I'm going to be able to do this. Then as Björn bounded his way towards me, I opened my arms. The feeling as he hugged me could only be matched by the feeling I got two seconds later as Helle did the same. I quickly smothered them with kisses, and turned them towards the house. Then as they raced each other to be first to switch on the TV, I brushed the tears away before turning back again to greet Göran. As my arms wrapped themselves around him, I hugged and kissed him passionately.

"Hey Camilla. Are you trying to squeeze me to death?"

"Oh god. Sorry. Oh Göran, I love you so much."

"Hey Camilla. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just love you."

"Well I know that, but you don't usually try to prove it by choking the breath from my body. Is everything alright? Or has something happened today? And what's the workers truck still doing here?"

"No nothings wrong, it's just been a long day, having to stop in with no one to talk to. I just needed to have a cuddle."

"Come here."

His arms circled my waist, and he pulled me up until our lips met. This was what I really wanted from life, a husband who is warm and caring. The kiss lasted for about thirty seconds, but was interrupted by.

"Well that's a sight you don't see much any more."

It was Johan, carrying a big toolbox out to his truck. Göran immediately put me back to the floor, as if we were still school kids that had been caught kissing in the playground.

"Ah. It's you Erricson. I wondered what your truck was still doing here."

"Nothing to worry about now, even though we are running a bit behind. We had a bit of a hold-up with the big doors. But thanks to your lovely wife and some suggestions from my lads, we all managed to cum up on top."

"So how did you get involved with helping them out?"

"Nothing really, I just let them use my PC to look for parts."

"She's being modest. Without her help, we'd never have cum up so many useful sites."

"Yes she certainly knows her way around the PC. One day I'll have to get her to teach me how to turn it on. Anyway if the problem is sorted, do you still expect to be finished by tomorrow?"

"Yes. We'll be here at 7:30 in the morning. With the early start, we should be gone before you get home from work."

"I'm just thinking aloud here. And if you have any objections, just say."

Göran had started his conversation talking to Johan, but then he'd turned to look at me.

"It's like this Johan; my wife is used to going to work, and being with people all day."

"No Göran. There's no need to bother Mr Erricson with my problems."

"No darling. Let me finish. There's no harm in asking. Johan can always say no if it's any trouble for him."

"That's right. But if there's something I can do for your good lady, I'll be only too pleased to help."

"See my dear. Well it's like this Johan, as I say she's used to having people to talk to. I think this week, sitting in the house on her own has been a bit of a strain, and I blame myself for not thinking about it sooner. But, if it doesn't inconvenience you to much. I was thinking when you or any of your men are taking a break, would it be too much to ask that you maybe come and sit in the house with my wife, to give her a bit of company?"

"Why of course we will."

"But Göran. They use their break to have a smoke, and you know you don't like smoking in the house."

"Sorry, not being a smoker, I never even gave that a thought."

"No problem Mr Holmlund. Loather doesn't smoke at all, and Stenn and I can have a quick blow while we're working. I'm sure being in the company of your good lady will be more rewarding."

"Well thank you Johan. There you are Camilla, looks like tomorrow you'll have something to keep you busy. Ok I'm going in to get my well earned evening meal now, so if I don't see you tomorrow morning, thanks for all the work you've done. Bye."

With that we went in the house. But as I looked back out at Johan whilst closing the door, he gave a knowing wink and dirty gesture holding his hand to the bulge in his trousers. Well the workmen all left, and the evening passed by, without event. In bed that night, Göran was so tender and loving, I just felt so dirty and ashamed. My only consolation was that I did all those things to protect Göran and my children. But deep down, I knew this was not true, I'm just bad.

The morning arrived, and everything went as normal, children ready for nursery and school, and Göran getting ready for work. Then I saw the workers arriving, and they all gave me a friendly wave as they passed my kitchen window. Then Göran got his things together, the children both gave me my goodbye kiss, and I watched them drive off for the day. Before I'd closed the door, I heard my kitchen door opening. This was the door that led to the garden where the workmen were.

So as I closed the door and turned around, I wasn't surprised to see them all walking towards me from my kitchen.

"Good morning Camilla. Did you have a good night?"

"Yes thank you. I suppose you've got those blank CD's you want burning?"

"Well yes I have, but I've left them in your kitchen. They can wait until later. I think you can guess what we want first. And your husband did ask me to make sure we looked after you. So we wouldn't want to let him down, now would we?"

By now they had reached where I was standing by the front door, which placed us all at the foot of the stairs. Well I guessed it had started again. But if I could just get through today, my ordeal would be over. So I resigned myself to a day of humiliation, and decided to just do as they wished without any question.

"Ok. I suppose I might as well make my way to the bedroom?"

"No my dear. Stenn has a new idea for you."

Oh god! What ever can he have thought of to humiliate me more than yesterday? Because that seemed to be his turn-on. I didn't get the impression that the sex was important to him, he just liked being dominant and humiliating me.

"Well aren't you going to ask what the idea is?"

"I assumed you were going to tell me whether I asked or not."

Then Stenn spoke up. Usually he'd shown his deference to his boss, by keeping quiet while he'd been talking.

"Don't you get disrespectful again you slut. I thought we'd taught you yesterday who was in charge around here."

He had a way of making a simple statement sound like it was a threat to slaughter or mutilate you. My feeling of 'Oh God!' was now more one of 'Oh Shit!'

"I promise I wasn't being cheeky, I just meant I was waiting for you to tell me what you wanted me to do."

Johan took the lead again, and Stenn thankfully backed-off.

"See Stenn, there was no need for that kind of attitude. Our little Camilla is going to do us all proud today."

Then turning to me.

"Aren't you my dear?"

"Yes. I'll do what ever you want."

"I think you meant - Yes Master."

"I'm sorry Master. Yes Master."

"See we have an obedient little whore who will do our bidding. Ok slut, run up them stairs, and fetch your husband's camera, and be quick about it."

I didn't want them to take any more pictures, especially with my Göran's camera. But I'd decided to get through the day by cooperating, so like the obedient little slut I was, I scampered up, and returned in seconds with the camera.

"Good girl, I'll have that. Now before we go outside, I think we'll all go and do what your husband asked. We'll spend our first break in the house with you. Come-on then lads we'll take our dirty old work trousers off, and leave them in the Kitchen where we left our boots."

"But what if anyone calls to visit me?"

"Well it was your husbands request we kept you company, and he wouldn't want our old clothes mucking up your lovely posh furniture."

They were all soon seated along our big leather settee, in our back lounge overlooking the garden. All three of them had boxer shorts on, that were lowered to give me access to their dicks. I was about to kneel on the floor, to start working on them.

"Get stripped off first, and don't rush. Put some music on, and let's see you move your body."

We can all think that we're good movers on a crowded dance floor, with a few drinks bending the mind. But being asked to dance about at 8:00 in the morning, stripping my clothes off as I go, with three men watching while they work on their rampant dicks, this was not going to work however hard I tried.

I put the music on, I danced about, I stripped naked, and then I danced some more. But I didn't feel sexy, and it was fairly obviously not doing that much for them.

"Ok slut you can stop dancing. Get yourself down here and get your mouth working on our dicks."

"Hang-on boss, you've let Stenn try his idea out, what about me getting her to do mine?"

"Yours? I didn't know your brain had ideas. I thought you were all brawn and no brain."

"That's not fair boss I pull my weight."

"Well we know you pull your plonker. But go on then Einstein, lets all hear what your idea is before I agree to it."

"Well you know the sun-trap?"

Now before I carry on with the rest of their conversation, maybe a little more explanation is required. We are lucky in that our garden is not overlooked from either side, and we have two meter high fences that are lined with seven meter high trees that can't be seen through. But as the garden is fairly narrow, the sun can't actually get down into the garden for sunbathing until mid-morning. So my wonderful Göran had designed a sun-trap on the roof of our garage. That was what these men were doing, reinforcing the garage roof, and building a stair case along the side wall of the garage. Then to prevent prying eyes, and to stop the north wind, they were erecting a high wall on the other side of the garage. This gave me a raised sun deck that would catch the first-rays of the morning sun without the trees causing a shaded area. And the high wall that was behind me would give total privacy. So when Loather said you know the sun-trap, it was this new present of mine he was referring to.

"Well you know the sun-trap?"

"We ought to, that's what we've been building these last few days."

"Well wouldn't it be good to have her out there in the open air? Maybe lying on her sun bed reading us one of those stories, while we take her in all kinds of positions."

"I like it. I think the boy has been using his head for once. I know once she starts reading that filth, that she goes crazy. And once she's got going, we'll be able to do what we want with her. But we've still got this job to finish, so we'd better give ourselves an hour as a limit."

"But boss, surely we haven't got that much more to do to finish the job. Can't we just bang her till we're whacked out?"

"Sorry Stenn. We'll have one hour, then I want you both to get back to work. If as you say we haven't got much more to do, then as far as I'm concerned, once the jobs in the bag, you can bang her until you see her husband's car pulling onto the drive. I know that would give you a kick, seeing her greeting her husband, knowing your cum was still oozing from her cunt."

"Ok boss. But I bet we're finished before 12:00."

"Well that gives you all afternoon to bang her in what ever way you want."

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