Blind Alley
Part 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Mind Control, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - This is a story of a woman who is abducted on her way home from work and forced to submit to her captor's whim. He enslaves her mind as he captures her body with his rough sex.

Susan was happy to finally be getting off from work. She had just pulled a ten-hour shift at the Music Trap and, after serving all those drinks to the patrons, she just wanted to go home, put her feet up, and have a nice glass of wine. It was Saturday night and the crowd had been crazy! The weather outside was foggy and chilly. Not at all what she had expected for mid May, even if it was 1 a.m. The thin leggings and silky blouse she was wearing wouldn't keep her nearly warm enough for the walk home to her Fifth Street loft and she had not brought a jacket.

As the cool air started to chill her to the bone, Susan decided to take the short cut home. She never liked that route because it involved some pretty dark areas and not many people traveled the back roads and alleys on the north side of town. Larrington was a nice little city, but like all cities it had its fair share of hoods and gangs.

Turning the last corner familiar to most pedestrians, Susan felt an overwhelming sense of dread. Brushing her fears aside, she slipped into the alley that would take at least a half-mile off her route. The few times she had traveled this way it had been mid day and bright and sunny out. Susan had liked to stroll about the city on her days off. Doing window shopping and checking out any new attractions was the only way she could get by on her meager salary and maintain sanity. This enabled her to find the short cuts and less visited but more interesting parts of the town.

She knew that this particular alley butted against the waterfront district. The area was a little seedy, but most of the residents were very nice and always greeted her with a smile and a "hello". Tonight she saw no one. As she tripped down the darkened path she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Quickly glancing over her shoulder to verify that she wasn't being followed, she nearly hit her head on a fire escape ladder that was hanging too low. This was ridiculous! Susan decided to shake off the concern that had her veiled and instead decided to try and think about something good and pleasurable while she walked. Aaron was good and pleasurable. Aaron was handsome and strong and had she been walking with him she would have felt totally safe. The last time that she and Aaron had gotten together he had made incredible love to her. They had played for hours, trying new positions, completely soaking the sheets with their sweat and love juices.

Now Susan felt better. She even felt a slight flush to her cheeks. Sex was incredible with her new boyfriend and he would be home from his business trip in three days. Susan couldn't wait to see him again. The latest issue of Cosmopolitan had an article in it about how to please your man and keep him. It showed everything from sexy negligee to erotic ways to make him come. That article was so tattered at the edges you would hardly believe the magazine had only been bought by her a week ago!

Turning one more time down the alley behind Taylor's Hardware Store, Susan recalled Trevor. Trevor was the clerk at the store that had helped her the last time she had gone to it. Her sink had sprung a leak and Mr. Bristol, the building handyman, had been out of town for the weekend. Susan had gone to the store in hopes of finding a quick fix and all she had gotten was a pure visual pawing from Trevor. He was a tall man, maybe 30 years old, and single as far as she could determine. He gave her the creeps and was sure that he had that affect on other women as well. She had heard tell that he had only come to live in Larrington about six months ago, and no one knew where he had come from before that. The man was plain looking with sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. But his smile was the problem. Trevor never fully smiled; he just turned up the corners of his mouth and showed his teeth. Actually he looked a lot like the Cheshire cat when he did that. You didn't quite trust him.

Susan could see the exit to the alley and breathed a sigh of relief as she snuggled her arms up around her chest for the now short distance home. Out of now where, arms wrapped around her body and a hand went to her mouth. She thought she recognized that sweet smell as the lights faded and she lost consciousness.

Awakening to a dim light off to her left, Susan tried to shake loose the fuzz that had her disoriented. She tried to sit up from her prone position but found that she could not move. Clenching her eyes shut again, and then reopening them gave her a little bit clearer view of her surroundings. She was in some sort of a warehouse, or large storeroom. The rafters overhead were bare metal and rusty. The walls she could see were rough wood with no paint. Turning her head slightly towards the light she saw large boxes and wooden crates stacked about six feet high. Hearing a rustling back to her right, she turned her head and caught a glimpse of a man's shadow. She didn't know what was going on but she knew she didn't want to stay here any longer. Again she tried to get up from where she was lying. Susan recoiled from the realization that her hands were bound and out to her sides and that her midriff also was bound, possibly by some sort of strap or rope. She attempted to move her legs, which appeared to be free since they were not flat, but bent at the knees. No good. She could feel some sort of wrapping at her ankles.

A gasp escaped from Susan as saw the man's shadow emerge into the dim light. It was Trevor! She started to yell and shout at him, never thinking to just scream. Demanding that she be released, that this wasn't funny, and that she would report him to the police, she berated the man.

Knowing that, even though this place was pretty isolated, someone might pass by and hear: Trevor quickly moved to silence the girl. He picked up what appeared to be a small ball with leather straps attached and crammed the ball into Susan's mouth. Lifting her head forward he hastened to buckle the strap. Susan gagged a bit on the intrusion but as her head was laid back to rest she calmed down. Now that was weird! She should be fighting for her life but something in Trevor's eyes, with his face just inches above her face, had a peaceful affect on her. He spoke softly and told her that he did not intend to harm her. He went on to say that he thought she was a beautiful woman and that he only wanted to help her enjoy herself.

This is crazy, Susan thought to herself. She again began to fight against her restraints. Trevor just watched and smiled. This time it seemed to be a genuine smile however. Susan was instructed to calm down. She didn't want to! She wanted to get out of here. She wanted to go home and have a nice long bath and a drink. Her eyes lit up with fire and she stared straight at Trevor. I'll show him my disgust and maybe he'll get scared and free me, she thought to herself.

It wasn't working. Trevor stepped back from where Susan was lying and took a long look up and down her body. She felt like she was being raped. Oh my Gosh! He intends to rape me! A renewed sense of urgency overtook Susan and again she struggled against her confines, but to no avail.

Trevor stepped forward to Susan's side. He reached down and, grasping the sheet Susan had not realized was upon her, he swept it off and onto the floor. She shivered from the wind it created. Then it dawned on her that she was naked. She was stunned. Reaching his hand out Trevor touched her skin, just below her belly button. His skin was rough, but not unpleasant upon her own. Susan shivered visibly. Trevor then ran his hands up her stomach to her breasts. He swirled his open palm against her breast, first one and then the other. Taking a moment to close his grasp and feel the heftiness of each. Susan was frozen. His touch repelled her yet she did not find it unpleasant. Strange, she thought. Her captor then took a few short steps to situate himself by her feet. She lifted her head to keep him in her sights. Seeing much clearer now, she realized why her knees where bent. She had been strapped down on what looked like an obstetrician's table and her feet rested in the stirrups at the foot of it. It was hard enough having a licensed physician put you in this contraption... but a total stranger! She couldn't see the red flush that covered her face as she thought this, but Trevor saw it. And again he smiled.

Not speaking a word Trevor looked between her spread legs. He reached his fingers into the forbidden place and slowly opened the lips of her pussy. Susan's eyes began to water and they begged for her release. Trevor had not even looked up. He continued to ply her lips and pull her apart. Susan let her head drop back to the cushioned table and shut her eyes firmly. She realized there was not a damn thing she could do in this predicament. But she knew that she could at least steel herself against his advances and give him no reason to believe she wanted him to continue.

Susan felt the hands pulled away from her privates and let out a small sigh. Maybe he wasn't going to hurt her after all? Listening, with her eyes still firmly shut, she thought she heard metal objects being clanged together. It sounded like the way utensils do, in a drawer, when you are searching for the right one. Just as soon as the small sounds stopped Susan felt something cold against her pussy. It was hard and must have been made of steel or something. The object then began to push against her vaginal lips, and fingers came in to spread her open. The cool metal moved slowly inside of her. She wasn't moist and it caught against her flesh and pulled. Trevor continued to push this into her cunt. It hurt as he made it hit the back of her vaginal canal. She felt very full.

Hearing her captor walk to her side she clenched her eyes even tighter. He leaned down to her ear and whisper into it. "Listen up bitch," he hissed. "I am going to make you feel like you never have before," he continued. "I am going to hurt you and fuck you and when I get done you will be begging me for more!" "I am going to do things to you that you will want again and again. And you will let me do it... all of it. Because I know what a wet, horny tramp you are." With that said, Trevor returned to the foot of the table and gripped the metal pipe inside of her and pulled it out swiftly. She gasped as it caught her skin again. Trevor said one more thing before he started back to his business. What he said chilled Susan to the core and yet it also set her mind ablaze. He spoke clearly and told her, "If you let me do everything I want, and IF you perform well and show me that you enjoyed it, I will let you go." "If you don't, I will keep you here for however long it takes to elicit that response". "You might as well get comfortable, I have a lot to do,"

He said with finality. Susan wanted to comply, she wanted to do as he said... but she didn't know if she could. But she would try.

Trevor then went back to work. He again poked and prodded her cunt. He ran his fingers down the crack of her ass and put slight pressure on the pucker of her ass. Susan tensed. Realizing that this was not going to be any fun for either of them if the girl did not relax, Trevor decided to help the wench along. Grabbing a squirt bottle that he had on the tray stand next to the table he walked back to the head of Susan and lifted her head. The mixture inside of it was something he had concocted himself. It contained several ingredients that would relax Susan and even make her more willing to react to his sexual advances. It was time to put it to the test. He told her that he was going to remove the gag only if she promised to behave. He made her nod in agreement. Trevor gave the squeeze bottle a squirt into Susan's mouth and she hungrily gulped the lukewarm liquid. He continued to give her small squirts and, although some of it dripped down her cheeks, Susan was thankful for the wetness. After half the bottle was gone Trevor rested Susan's head back down on the table. "Do I need to replace the gag?" Susan paused for a moment and then gave a slight turn of her head signifying "no". "Good," was his response. And then he proceeded to her side.

Trevor took several minutes touch and kneading the skin on Susan's breasts. Her gave her a rough grab of both nipples at the same time. Susan bit her tongue to keep from shouting out. The last thing she wanted was the gag in her mouth again. She was beginning to feel a little more relaxed and wondered why. Moving back down to the view of her pussy, Trevor placed two fingers on the opening to her slot. He rammed it in as far and hard as he could. No reaction but a lip quenched in her mouth told him it had affected her. He withdrew the two fingers and placing three side by side he again attached her cunt. He twisted his wrist with the fingers deep inside and wiggled them where he knew her secret spot was. It grew warmer inside of her. Again and again he repeated the ramming and wriggly. This bitch was getting hot and wet! He had so many ideas on how to torture her. He wanted her to feel so good that she could never enjoy straight sex again. But that involved training and time. Maybe he could at least get her started, and hooked in one night.

Excited about Susan's initial reaction Trevor set to probing every orifice or her body. He used a very thin vibrator coated in lubricant to stimulate her asshole. It took only a minute of gentle pressure and the vibration before her saw her muscles relax and was able to push the stick inside of her. After only three or four strokes he had the full six inches buried inside her shoot. Using a short strip of duct tape he restrained the vibrator from coming out. It continued to buzz inside her ass, and he enjoyed the muffled sound that it made.

Returning to this hot girl's fuck hole, Trevor decided to see what kind of

pain he could inflict on her and still get a positive response. Using two clamps that he had fastened at work, he placed the devices unto each one of her pussy lips. They pinched, and Susan jumped a little from the pain. Trevor left them there for a minute, allowing her to get used to them, as he returned to the taped vibrator in her ass. He put a fair amount of pressure on the tip of the vibrator, through the tape. He pressed and released the half-inch of exposed plastic in and out of her butt. Susan settled into the rhythm of it and began to push against it slightly... it felt good actually. She didn't want him to know that of course... but somehow she knew he did.

Abruptly Trevor stopped frigging her ass and she continued to buck for a few

more imaginary strokes. Nice, he thought to himself. This cunt was going to be fun. Moving back to the lips he had secured with the clamps he pulled them wide and let the cool air rush further in to her hot box. Releasing them for the moment he picked up two lengths of material. He laughed when he thought about his old man wearing these ties to church. Now he had found a better use for the ugly ties. Loosely tying one and then the other around Susan's thighs he shifted the material down into the crease of her leg, in line with her pussy. Grabbing a hold of one of the clamps he stretched her lip out to the side and clipped the other end of the clamp to the tie. Susan let out a small gasp. This bitch was behaving well. He'd have to reward her with is own thick cock after the playing was done. Repeating the same stretch of the other lip he stepped back and surveyed his work. The bitch's pussy was open and exposed. He could see the damp opening past her inner lips. He though this was just what she needed... being seen as a sex toy. He instructed Susan to lift her head and look at him. Bending slightly to the side her returned upright with a mirror in his hands. It was about 10 x 14 inches and would afford his captive a fine view of his work. He told her to look at what he had done. Susan focused her eyes upon the mirror and at first did not know what it was that she was seeing. She knew that he had spread her lips beyond anything she had felt before... but it wasn't altogether unpleasant.

Seeing herself exposed like this made the woman blush again. Trevor decided that he wanted her to see what his was going to do next. He moved to her side and placed a firm pillow behind her shoulder blades. Back to the mirror and lifting it to make sure she could see, he held it with one hand as he placed his other hand at her entrance. Her pussy was damp but not soaking the way he wanted it to be. He'd have to remedy that. He slowly inserted two fingers into her canal again. Slowly milking them in and out he looked up to see her reaction. She was staring wide-eyed at the mirror. He quickened his pace and felt her juices begin to flow. He smirked. Looking back at his bitch he told her how wet she was, how juicy her hot pussy was getting. He continued to tell her how much he wanted to shove his cock deep inside of her and make her come again and again. She looked straight into his eyes now as he verbalized his wishes. Her eyes began to glaze and soften towards him. Trevor knew that it was now or never. If he could get her hooked now she would be his to do with as he pleased. He leaned down and placed the mirror on the floor. He never missed a beat with his hand attacking her pussy. He added another finger to his arsenal and began pumping them into her harder and faster. Slowing his rhythm briefly he asked her of it felt good. And did she want him to continue... Susan nodded her head. But this was when he needed to get full control so he slowed even further and told her that she'd have to respond verbally. "Tell me what you want," he instructed. "Tell me you want me to fuck you with my fist, and that you love the way it feels". Susan was silent. Trevor regained his speed and pumped his fingers into her farther and faster. He could feel Susan's juices flooding his hand. He knew she would explode her cum all over him any time now. And so he stopped. He raised his voice and barked at her, "Tell me that you want to cum for me". "Tell me that you will do anything I want as long as I let you cum!".

Susan let out a squeak and whispered, "Yes". "That isn't good enough wench!" Trevor barked again. He slowly ground his fist against the whore's mound and clit. He increased his pressure on the button as she pushed back against him. Growling, he instructed again, "I want you to tell me you want this. Tell me your hot cunt wants to cum all over my fist. Tell me!" Susan could stand it no longer. The burning in her pussy felt like a hot poker. "Please fuck me. Let me spray my hot cum all over you... PLEASE!" she begged.

With that said, Trevor instigated a second assault on the already bruised cunt. He screwed and pounded his fist and fingers into her again and again. Susan bucked and moaned deliciously as the man she had despised made her explode in orgasm. But Trevor was not done with just one orgasm. He removed his hand from her swollen pussy and reached onto the tray beside her fucking bed and returned with the toy he had picked up from the little adult store at the edge of town. He recalled seeing it hanging on the wall at the store and thinking there was no way a woman could take that size dildo inside of her. He immediately bought it so that he would have the chance to find out. Squirting a good amount of lube on the shaft and tip of it he allowed Susan to catch her breath. Then he placed it at the entrance of her fuck hole and again began to grind it into her.

At first he thought there was no way she would accept the tool, but as he played with her swollen clit and wriggled the tip of it against her pussy he felt it slip in. With steady pressure and the rubbing against her clit she opened wider and wider to accept the huge cock. Faster and faster he drove it inside of her. Then he stopped... Susan was in ecstasy, moaning and groaning and grinding against the dildo. Trevor had to get some of this action. He reached down and undid his fly and dropped his pants to review a hefty sized cock of his own. He was harder and more swollen then ever before. Using the juices flowing from his bitch, mixed with the lube dripping from the dildo he drenched his own cock with lubrication. Then pushing the fake cock as far up into Susan pussy as he could, he reached down and ripped the duct tape from her ass.

Withdrawing the spent vibrator onto the floor, and leaning into the dildo to keep it in place he grabbed both of Susan's hips and pulled her ass farther off of the table. He wanted to be able to bury himself full inside her. Then stepping up onto the small platform on the bottom of the table he again used his body to bury the dildo back into her pussy. Taking careful aim and giving a fast slam of his hips his cock hit home at the entry to her ass. Susan flinched just a bit but then they both felt the thick cock slide into her glory hole. Trevor grabbed a hold of the dildo once more and began twisting it inside of the hot bitch's cunt. He pumped his own cock deeper and deeper into her ass. He could feel the dildo grinding against his own cock through the wall of her pussy and it felt fantastic. He could feel the liquid in his balls rising to his cock, longing to flow into the hot, tight box he was buried in. Trevor then told Susan he was going to make her cum. That his hot cum and this fat dildo were going to make her blast her juices all over him.

She knew that he no longer had to instruct her. She was now a willing partner. Her own mind was swimming, feeling this pleasure she had never imagined before. She wanted this to go on forever but knew her own orgasm explosion was at hand. With a deep guttural moan rising to a joyous gasp of pleasure she came once more. It felt like fire inside her burning to get out. She felt Trevor's cock throb and explode inside her bowels as she milked both him and the dildo inside her pussy. Exhausted and spent she collapsed back onto the pillow behind her. Panting and sweating Trevor crumpled to rest onto her stomach. That was incredible he thought.

Feeling that kind of power and control over someone else. Being able to do what I want and try anything, he mused. I have to have more of that. AND I have to have more of sweet Susan's hot cunt. Chuckling to himself as he withdrew his cock and the dildo from inside of his bitch, he recalled that he knew Susan did not need to work tomorrow. He knew, through his surveillance, that Susan's boyfriend was not coming back into town for a few days. And the hardware store was closed on Sunday. He had more time to experiment with his new toys and the woman that had made his balls swell the minute he had laid eyes on her.

Moving to Susan's side as she rested, Trevor draped a light blanket over her panting body. He admired her full lips and thought about getting them around his thick shaft. He'd let her relax for just a bit now. Then the fun would begin again.

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