Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Light Bond, Masturbation, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about a woman who enjoys masturbating in her car. As she describes her actions she is interupted and then joins with her unexpected stranger.

I started out the day looking forward to a long drive in the country. It was a beautiful late spring day and what few clouds in the bright blue sky looked like puffs of cotton. Events in my life kept buzzing in and out of my brain, but I couldn't help but get swept away by the wind in my hair and the rock music on my CD player. Funny, that rock music. It always made me feel free. Not free like most would describe the feeling. This kind of freedom was like when I was a teen. Promiscuous free, daring free, carefree and willing to take chances kind of free.

Today I felt good. There was no one around to judge me or remind me of all the mistakes I had made in my life. And there wasn't going to be anybody telling me how I should proceed from this point forth. I was alone and glad about it. I cranked the music up a little more and started singing along.

As the music swayed my mind to yester years, I drifted further into my euphoria. I began thinking about some pretty cool moments in my life. And not just regular out having fun and loving it moments... these were the hot moments, the ones that still make me shiver and sweat when I think about them.

Moments like that year, when I was 13, and I went on a backpacking trip with a recreation center group. Now that was some trip! There is was, signed up for my first trip to the wilderness, which I have always loved, and when I arrive at the meeting point I find out that I am the only girl going. All of the others had backed out. Now what to do? I cringed at the possibility of not getting to go. I had been waiting for this trip for weeks. I had to go for it! My mom wasn't here to stop me and the counselors didn't seem to have a problem with it... sweet! The very first night, some how, I was being convinced to skinny dip with the boys in a cool dark creek. The counselors were all back by the campsite so they wouldn't know. Daring free! I recall the young stud that persuaded me to undress and slip into the water with him. This was the same boy who later that evening quietly slid into my unzipped sleeping bag. His advances freed me to accept the touches and kisses he lavished. And I remembered the glee I felt when I touched his rock hard penis, my first, with my moist palm. God that was delicious!

Yes, I felt good today. And as the music beat in my ears and I drifted further and further into my euphoria, into a place that inevitably brought on a unique yet very familiar feeling. I was getting moist now. Moist in the most delicious place of all. A devilish grin streaked across my face and I caught a glimpse of it in the rear view mirror. I knew that look, the flush on my cheeks, and along with that brief flush came the flood of knowledge... knowledge that I would not be going home today without indulging myself in an orgasm or two.

Sometimes I sigh out loud at how many years I had not even known a real orgasm. And even more so that I had been denied the ability to create one myself. As a youth I had not played with myself like the boys do. I am unsure why as I came upon my sexuality quite young. Maybe it was because, lying in my bed at night, I had spent my time intently listening to my mother in the next room with her latest boyfriend. She was, hell still is, a wild woman. And I truly enjoyed the sounds of sex coming through the wall. I would just lie there in my panties and t-shirt being carried away by their sounds. And still years later, while in a dreadful marriage, my husband had never been able to get me off. Oh he thought he did, but I never felt that sweet sticky feeling of my own juices flowing freely out of my pussy. Not by him anyway.

But I have gotten off course! And I have a story to tell.

For some reason, I have always been turned on by taking myself to a hot wet orgasm in my car, in public. It's not like I want to get caught or that I park in a very busy area either. I am more likely to slip into a bank parking lot on a Sunday morning, or drive to the far reaches of a shopping center while on my lunch break. I have even just gone to my car during my 15-minute break at work to get off. It doesn't take long. I certainly know now which favorite fantasy is going to work best and how to touch myself. But for some reason being out in the open hits me even harder and the orgasm is even more intense.

I am off track again aren't I? Shall I go back to my story? And my drive in the country? I suppose I must :)

So here I am, driving along a gently winding woodsy road. Enjoying the sun and Barry White's "Let's get it on" on the radio, and I find myself slowly lowering my hand to my lap. I am an excellent driver and have no problems negotiating this tame road with just one hand! At first I just use the very tips of my fingers to place a slight pressure on my crotch. Then I slowly begin rolling them across my pussy lips. I love that feeling. The pressure and movement on the lips, and the brief touches that go just a bit deeper to stir my clit. Yes, my fluids are starting to flow now.

As Barry fades to "Use me until you use me up" on my favorite CD, my hand and fingers probe harder. Squeezing my pussy lips and catching my clit in a twist, my breath catches in my throat. I am now losing my stature as a proficient driver and realize it on a corner that brings me to reality as I skid just a bit. I should get off the road. I NEED to get off the road! With my hand firmly planted in my crotch, I begin scanning the road for a place to pull off. Never losing contact with my pussy and never quite stopping movement against my swollen mound I maneuver slowly and purposefully ahead. I see a dirt road cut off coming up on the right and I slow even more. Approaching it I notice a chain stretched across the entrance and anchored by two steel posts. But this obstacle is about 50 feet in and I determine that I can still pull my car far enough off the road to be out of harms way. I make the angled turn into the opening so that I am situated parallel to the main road. This will give me a clear view for any approaching cars. Don't want any surprises!

Hating to pull my hand from its seat of pleasure, I place the car in park and turn off the ignition with my free hand. I then release my safety belt and reach down to tilt my seat back slightly. I check the road, both ways, one more time. All clear. I can feel my heart beating in my throat as I reach this hand down to my waistband. With gleeful anticipation I fumble with the jean button left-handed and manage to pop it. Thrusting my hips and stomach slightly forward I lower the zipper. Licking my lips and breathing in deeply my index fingers find the top of my silk panties. I glance down and see my whole right hand slip into the warmth of my crotch. Very slowly I make contact with the ripe outer lips. And then I had to touch my clit NOW! Sliding my fingers into the folds I find that joyous nub. Only spending a moment on direct contact I forced my hand further and felt it enter the moist cavern it is longing to explore. At first I played only among the inner folds, wetting my fingers with the sweet juices, but then worked them further into my hot tunnel: first one finger, then two. Shifting in my seat I gained greater access. My hand was sopping wet now. Slick and wet my fingers alternated from my clit to my pussy. I knew now that I had to quickly find that ultimate place of sheer ecstasy. I feverishly located my clit one more time. With my finger very well lubricated I found my sweet spot, only slightly above the head of my clit. Still on its base mound I pulsed my finger back and forth, feeling the fever inside me rise. Recognizing the twinges of an oncoming orgasm.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard some noise, undetermined at the time, but I was in a trance. Desperately needing my release I ignored all outside forces and continued frisking myself.

Instantly shocked back to reality, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Startled, my fingers stopped their gyrations. Swinging my head to the distraction I found myself face to face with a man! Not just any man, a policeman! Oh shit!

At that moment he stooped slightly to see inside the car. I froze! Here I was: glazed eyes, flush faced, and with my hand buried down my pants. The look in his eyes told me he had seen everything. He knew exactly what I had been doing. I am sure, even though I was close to slipping into shock, that I had caught a glimpse of his momentary smirk.

I did not move. Not even an inch. And then he spoke. With a voice as smooth and sweet as honey he said "Good afternoon ma'am". And then he smiled, this gorgeous erupting smile. I am sure that my breath caught once more. He knew it, I knew it, I am sure the whole world knew it.

I am not a quiet person, and can always be counted on to give a punch line or a giggle-inducing catch phrase to a tense situation. Not this time. I just sat there. Not because I had just been caught masturbating by a complete stranger. Not because he was a cop. I was caught, yes, but by his smile, his eyes, his scent, by his broad shoulders, his hand still resting on my shoulder. Is this what they use the word rapture for?

In an instant my mind snapped. In my head, I was slipping out of the car door, saddled up to this strapping stranger. My leg was raised up and wrapped around his buttocks. I was grinding my pelvis into his and he was wrapping his arms around my waist and burying his lips into the nape of my neck. Whoa!

But then he spoke again and I was catapulted back to my seat and my body. I found myself hanging on every syllable as he gently and softly explained to me that I could not do what I was doing in a public place. No wait! He used the phrase "in such a public place" In that instant I realized this man was not going to slap me into cuffs and haul me off to the nearest barred room.

He quickly proceeded to tell me that he had a suggestion. Huh? This sweet man then squatted down to my level, used the hand on my shoulder to give me a little rub and squeeze and told me that just up the road there was a remote picnic area, and that if I wished him to, he would show me where it was so that I could "finish my business".

I couldn't believe my ears, or my luck. Silently I nodded, and he read the gesture as I had intended. He gave my shoulder one more squeeze and said, "Follow me". Without another word he turned back to his patrol car. I think that I finally breathed again. But then I looked at him in my rearview mirror. By seeing his fine ass and uniformed body, my breathing stopped once more.

Mentally shaking myself back to my senses I realized my right hand was still in my pants. Reluctantly I withdrew it and reached up to start my car and set my seat back up. After turning down the radio and buckling my seat belt I shifted into drive and waited for my escort.

I must be crazy! Following this stranger to God knows where. But I was going to! Sieze the moment. Be young again. Be daring, be carefree, promiscuous. Oh yeah!

The patrolman's car moved slowly past me and I followed him off the shoulder and onto the road. We went slowly, maybe 15 or 20 miles per hour. I don't think we traveled more than a half-mile when his blinker went on and I followed suit. We turned down another dirt road that was not barred by a chain. The road was more like a trail bordered by wild shrubs and brush like the brambles I had picked berries from as a child. Abruptly the road opened up into a grassy patch of land. All around were tall ancient oak trees and situated just at the edge of the 1/2 acre opening there appeared to be a cement picnic table and two weathered concrete benches.

The driver ahead circled his car back around behind mine, proficiently blocking any chance of a quick retreat for me. What was that twang in my chest? Fear? Excitement? I didn't dwell on it though. Instead, with a mild shake in my hands, I once again turned off my engine, undid my seat belt and reached for the door release. As quick as whip my new friend was at my door and opening it for me. He even extended his hand to assist me up. How charming- but was I reading more into the situation than he intended?

Like a lightning bolt, reality came rushing in when I felt my jeans slip on my hips. They were still undone! Ever the gentleman thus far, my rescuer firmly grasped the hand he held at the same time lowering his other to my waist, catching my pants just before they slipped past my hipbones. The electricity that was flowing through my hands and hips ignited a fire in my eyes that I was sure he saw clearly.

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