Waylaid Business Trip

by Fishgullet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A blizzard traps a man with a female boss from hell at a remote hotel.

My boss stuck his head in the door and told me to pack my bags. Sales had hooked a big fish and wanted someone from Tech Services to come to the final pitch to answer all of 'those' questions. Apparently it was my turn and no amount to complaining was going to get me out of it.

The sales team were insisting on leaving in the afternoon so that they could have the evening to cram and prepare. I arrived at the parking lot in a tie with matching socks, which was a first for me, and met the "Resource Team" in the parking lot. The team was a bunch of blowhard guys with hair, big hair. We shot the bull in our heavy coats in front of the company car waiting for the team leader to arrive. A cherry red BMW slid silently into the lot and all of men suddenly straightened and shut up. When the car pulled up even with us, a bitch goddess with her ice blonde hair in a bun, leaned out and ordered us to get in the car. Jake, standing next to me, grabbed my arm and told me, "Our car is full, you are riding with the team leader. Her name is Katrina"

Thanks guys, you assholes.

I clambered in and introduced myself. Katrina made it clear that she knew who I was and there would be no smoking, eating, or drinking in her vehicle. The presentation was 3-1/2 hours upstate and I figured I would be counting every minute of the drive. Off we went. Katrina, concerned for her overpriced baby, drove the speed limit and soon the other car was far ahead and then out of sight.

After two hours north and a few false starts at conversation, the sky turned from overcast to very dark and ugly. Katrina turned on the radio to check for a weather forecast (I wasn't allowed to touch any buttons) and the winter advisory had turned into a blizzard warning.

There was no exit off the highway near and soon the snow began to fall; Katrina became anxious. No cars were ahead of us, or behind us for that matter; the highway was empty. I suggested we get off at the first exit and she agreed nervously. Katrina was holding the wheel tightly and her knuckles were turning white. I was idly wondering if she was going to hyperventilate as well. The snow began to pick up and fell thickly by the time we hit the next exit. At the bottom of the ramp we found a gas station and motel.

"Why dont you pull into the motel" I suggested, "I'm sure you don't want to turn around and try to go back in this." She nodded her head sharply and pulled into the lot. There were a lot of cars. Katrina seemed to regain some self-control as we walked into the lobby and she offered stand in line and get us rooms. Well, duh, she had the company charge card. My cellphone had no reception so I placed a quick call at the payphone to the wife telling her where I was and all was well, more or less.

As I hung up Katrina came up to me visibly shaken and told me that the place was booked and she could only get one room, with a king size bed. Her self-control seemed to be slipping again, which I found even more annoying than her controlling bitch face.

"Don't worry," I told her, "I can sleep on the floor." She pulled around to the room and I grabbed the two small bags from the car. Katrina's hands were shaking so bad that she couldn't get the key in the door. Now even more annoyed with her because of the snow on the back of my neck, I snatched the key from her and opened the door; with a hand on the small of her back I gently pushed her into the room.

It was typical ugly room with an old spread and curtains. Katrina walked past the bathroom to the bed and froze, just froze. I was afraid she was going to go catatonic on me. I reached into my bag and pulled out the small pint of bourbon I carry on such outings and handed her the bottle. She looked at me with fear in her face as I wrapped her hand around the bottle.

"Here, have a drink," I said and she did not move. With starch in my voice I insisted: "Take a swallow, now," and she did.

As the liquid burned the back of her throat, it became obvious to me that this bitch was completely lost. An evil thought came to my attention and my dick twitched in my pants. I was thinking that this snowstorm was suddenly full of interesting possibilities.

"I know your scared," I began my seduction. "Do you want me to help you to get through this?" I asked her and she nodded weakly. My hand took her chin and turned her eyes to look into mine. "If you want to get through this, then you are going to have to trust me and do everything I say. Can you do that?" She nodded again.

"Take of your shoes and hose, and make yourself comfortable on the bed," I commanded.

She put her hand on my shoulder and tossed her shoes on the floor. When she got situated I handed her the bottle again and told her to take a big swallow. Katrina's eyes began to water as the liquor hit. I told her to let her hair down and I watched the blond locks fall around her face framing it. She was gorgeous; a healthy, athletic figure in repose.

I told her we were going to create a little fantasy and make this whole terrible day go away. She smiled a little at the idea. I explained that we were going to have fun and forget everything but the two of us.

I sat down next to her and put my hand on knee. "Tonight I am your lover who will protect you, keep you, and give you magical pleasure. Do you trust me?" She nodded again but I stopped her with my hand on her chin again. "No, you must tell me."

"I... I trust you," she said softly locking onto my eyes. I told her I trusted her too. I suggested she shower and come back wearing her towel. Katrina returned 15 minutes later and I pointed to the bed and told her sit back down. As she leaned against the headboard I put my hand back on her leg.

"Katrina, I know you trust me now and I want you to show me your pussy". She hesitated and I told her it was "okay" to encourage her. She opened her legs I saw her mound covered in soft brown hair and the lips were shaved. She definitely was not a natural blonde. She was embarrassed and I told her I was not going to touch her. She looked puzzled until I took her hand and placed in her crotch.

"Play with yourself," I ordered. "Make yourself feel good."

She began to stroke her lips slowly while my hand rested on her thigh. She slipped a finger into her slit and into her hole. Another finger followed and soon she was rocking her hips to a silent rhythm. I commanded her to take her other hand and play with her tits. The towel fell away and she began to moan as she rolled her nipple. I started rubbing her thigh and she picked up the pace until she cried out and came on her two fingers.

When her orgasm stopped I pulled her hand from her pussy and stuck her two fingers in my mouth. Her pussy juice tasted tangy, almost exotic. "That was wonderful, " I said at last, "I'm so glad you trust me." Katrina nodded and said simply, "I trust you."

"Can I trust you with my cock?" Katrina's eyes went wide for a moment and she nodded. I took her arms and placed them on my belt. She took the hint and undid my belt and dropped my pants and underwear while I pulled off my shirt. Still in the bed, she stood on her knees and I noticed just how firm her breasts were and how the brown nipples jutted out, a wonderful handful that I just had to touch. I cupped her breasts and began to caress her nipples with my thumbs. She began moaning again so I stopped.

I brought her lips to my chest and she began licking and sucking on my nipples. My hand on her head forced her to kiss down to my stomach. I sat down on the edge of bed and told her to get down on the floor on her knees. She complied and without anymore prompting, reached into my lap and took my cock into her mouth.

My cock had been hard for some time and I knew holding back would be difficult. I removed her hands from my shaft and placed them on my hips. I told Katrina to suck the best she could. She smiled up at me and began to swirl her tongue around my dick; she began to pump her head up and down. She popped my cock out and coated it with spit as she licked my balls and made her way back up to my crown. She made it sound so deliciously nasty. She sucked my cock back in with a large slurp and began to pump and suck. My hips began pumping and I felt a surge in my cock I couldn't stop. With a yell I spurt ropes of spunk down her throat as I pumped my cock into her gullet. She grinned as the white stuff spilled out of her mouth onto me and the bed.

"Feel better?" I asked. She licked her lips and said "yes." I told her to clean up and get dressed for dinner.

Back in our clothes but not her hose, she reached for the door when I took Katrina's shoulders and pinned her gently to the door. I looked her in the eyes and kissed her, easing my tongue into her throat. She tasted vaguely salty and our tongues danced the tango. She thrust her hips into mine and began to rub her mound against my cock. I stopped her and told her there was much more to come tonight and that I hoped she would behave herself at dinner. Katrina giggled; the ice bitch actually giggled at me and I beamed.

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