The Making of a Critical Heir
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Interracial, Black Male, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman helps an older black man out with a problem.

Mark and Paula had been married for 8 wonderful years and had 2 beautiful children. They were a perfect match with him the voyeur and her the exhibitionist. Paula was always aggressive in the bedroom and thus sex was always plentiful and exciting. Paula was petite and well built with a sharp mind at 30.

Life was changing as the kids were both in school now and the house was feeling empty during the day. A part time job was Paula's answer to this dilemma. She began searching the want ads and stumbled onto an ad for a "Part time in home helper". This sounded good enough to warrant a phone call, she decided. When she called the number an older gentleman answered and she set up an appointment that afternoon to meet with him.

A sundress was her choice to wear after 30-minutes of deliberation. The address was easy to find and she arrived early to the appointment. The older man was sitting out front and introduced himself as Rob. He seemed to be an average older black man at about 75-years of age but the house was rather large and quite nice. She sat down and they chatted for quite awhile as he explained the jobs he needed done. Yard duty, cleaning and a little shopping. This sounded like it would work out just fine for Paula. Rob hired her on the spot and they agreed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 am till 2 pm. They shook hands and Paula headed for home all to pleased at what had just happened.

That evening she told Mark what she had done that day and he was completely supportive, encouraging her to have fun with it and enjoy the extra money. The next morning Paula arrived for work a little early and knocked at the door. Rob answered with a smile inviting her inside. He provided her with a list of chores and told her that she could decide what order to do them in. Rob followed her around all day, obviously lonely, talking to her. Several times he would tell her to sit down and take a break because she was making him tired. This went on for several weeks and Paula was enjoying the conversation and the $150.00 cash per week.

One day while eating lunch Rob opens a bottle of wine and the conversation gets a little more personal than it had been in the past. Paula discovers that Rob's wife had died unable to bare any children while Rob discovers that Paula does not hold her liquor very well. She told Rob that he should find a woman and have kids before its too late. Paula went on about this until Rob finally told her that he only likes a certain type of woman. The type that dress sexy, a little revealing and just a little trashy. They both laughed about this and then Paula undid the top two buttons of her blouse and said that that was the best she could do today. Laughing again Rob tells her, "We'll have to have wine with lunch everyday".

It was obvious to Rob that he needed to start having lunch at 10 am so that he could get Paula started sooner. It was obvious to Paula that Rob was lonely and just wanted the company of a pretty woman. Paula decided that next day to wear shorts and a loose tank top to show Rob a little of what he likes most in a woman.

Rob just stopped and stared when Paula walked in the door. He regains his composure and tells her how fine she looks. Paula revels in his compliments and spins around for him to see. Still basking in the compliments, she is completely taken by surprise when Rob hands her a glass of wine. She looks to Rob and jokingly says, "Hey, what is this?" He replies that he just liked how the conversation went after they had drank a little wine yesterday. Paula takes a drink, looks at him and says, "Ok then tell me what you like in the perfect woman". Rob takes a drink, not ready for that question and replies, "I like my women to be somewhat slutty."

She continued to ask questions, prodding her way into his life the best she could. As time went on the tank top worked around a little so that Rob could see a little of her boob from the side and she caught him staring. This only made her bolder and she began to bend in certain ways just to give him a better view. After lunch and another glass of wine Paula ask, "Would you like me to dress sexy when I am here or would you rather I dress slutty?" Rob looks at her as though he could not have heard her correctly so she repeats herself. In disbelief Rob answers, "Combine the two."

When Mark gets home Paula is excited and tells him all about the day's events. Mark shows his approval with a raging hard-on and tells her to dress anyway she likes.

Paula begins dressing sluttier as time goes by and quickly notices that her paycheck seems to increase in proportion to her sluttiness. She now is making $250.00 per week but has shown up a few times on her days off. She decides to take a big step and see if dressing really slutty will make any difference.

The next day Paula arrives in a short skirt with a white blouse and is not wearing a bra or panties. Her nipples clearly visible and erect stare at Rob when he opens the door. "Damn", is his only greeting. Paula steps inside and spins for him knowing that he very much likes what he sees. "What no wine?" She says. He smiles and goes to kitchen and pours them a glass. When he returns to the room it is obvious to Paula that this older man has quite the erection. He sits into his easy chair and has to shift himself as he has a tent in his pants. Paula sits on the sofa and crosses her legs across from him giving him a quick glimpse now and then.

They talk all afternoon while Paula makes sure that he knows she is not wearing panties. Rob is a little short with her at the end of the day but Paula makes sure to hug him before she leaves. While pressing against him she feels that he is still excited and assumes that he needs to be alone to masturbate. Paula steps out of the house and looks back through the window to see Rob make his way to the easy chair, undoes his pants and sits down. Finding just the right place to look through the curtains she can clearly see that he is stroking what seems to be a very nice cock. Watching this site excites Paula as she knows his thoughts are of her. His eyes closed and deep in fantasy she notices that it appears that his cock is no longer fully hard. She watches from the window as he tries to excite himself but his cock keeps softening. At this point Paula, feeling sorry for this nice old black gentleman, rings the door bell. She patiently waits while she knows he is putting himself away.

Rob opens the door to see Paula and smiles letting her in. Paula sees the need and desperation on Rob's face and silently walks to the living room. Rob walks behind her and ask, "Have you forgotten something?" Paula turns to Rob and smiles saying in a shy quiet voice, "We are both adults. I saw you trying to masturbate and that you were having trouble staying erect. You were fully erect when you hugged me good bye." Rob looks to her and says plainly, "Without looking at you I just could not keep it up." Paula looks at her watch and says, "I still have a little time if you would like to masturbate while I am here?" Walking to the couch she sits and cross her legs.

Rob, in a trance, walks slowly towards the couch and reaches for his crotch. He stands several feet in front of Paula and drops his pants to reveal himself. His cock is semi hard but is already bigger than any she has ever seen. He slowly strokes himself while she unbuttons her blouse a little and lets the skirt ride up quite a bit. He inches closer and his cock hardens more. He inches still closer and then closer until he stands directly in front of her about 2-feet away. Paula looks into his lust filled eyes and says hoarsely, "Yours is the first black cock I have ever seen." This is all he needs and he unleashes a torrent of cum towards her. Paula realizes what is happening and sits still and quiet as not to affect his obvious pleasure. When finished he opens his eyes and sees that he has cum all over Paula. Rob immediately begins to apologize but Paula stops him laughing and says, "Nice shot. I thought you just wanted to look at me but you wanted a target." She laughs hardily and this eases Rob's fears that he had just scared her off. Her face has his cum running down into her left eye and she keeps it closed. Cum stains her blouse and skirt as well as mats her hair on the left side. They stare at each other for a moment then Paula tells him to stand still and moves to get a hand towel from the Kitchen. She reaches out and cleans his dick and hand then begins cleaning the cum from the floor. This was the most erotic thing that she has ever seen and she is speechless. The towel is soaked and she gets another one to clean herself. Paula hugs Rob as she turns to leave and says, "Thank you!"

Paula has to touch herself on the way home she is so excited. That was the most cum she has ever seen in her life. Mark arrives home and is immediately drug into the bedroom and fucked. The explanation lets Mark know exactly what caused this and gives him another hard-on.

The next day is Friday, payday and Paula wears a short dress for Rob. Rob meets her at the door and immediately begins to try and explain why. She stops him and reassures him that masturbation is normal and fun too. "I find it flattering that you would want to look at me and touch yourself. I thought it was very exciting to know that you were fantasizing about me as you were stroking yourself. You have a beautiful black cock and anytime you feel the need to stroke it, please call me or just show me. I will be happy to help you out." Paula says in a sultry voice. Rob looks down and Paula sees that tent forming in his pants. "I think you are in need right now." She whispers in his ear. Rob follows her quietly to the couch and she removes his shirt then lets his pants drop to the floor. Horney now, she calms herself as he pulls down his boxers releasing that nice semi hard cock. Only a few feet in front of her Rob slowly strokes his hardening cock at her. Rob stares at Paula's beauty and inches closer until he is just inches from her face. Instinct wants her to suck the cock in front of her but she does not want to overwhelm him all at once, so she sits still and waits for what she knows will be a full load. Still stroking himself Rob says, "I have got something for your pretty face." He no sooner finishes speaking when cum starts to shoot in to Paula's face. Her mouth opens and the second jet of cum lands in her waiting mouth. When the orgasm slows Paula says, "Mmmmm, What tasty cum you have." Then she closes her mouth and swallows. Licking her lips she smiles and says, "As tasty as your cum is you may need to start putting all of it in my mouth." Rob is smiling dreamily and just stares at the mess he has made on her. Paula uses her finger to wipe his cum from her face and direct it to her mouth. As Rob begins to soften he inches closer, bringing his cock to her lips where her mouth opens to suck him clean.

They calm down and she cleans herself up while they chat and then Rob hands her the pay for the week, $450.00. Paula smiles at Rob and says, "Thank you. You are just too kind. I wasn't kidding either, anytime you need me you just call me. For the money you pay me, I will just be at your beck and call." Paula hugs him and then squeezes his soft cock through his pants while staring at him in her sultry way.

Once home she calls Mark to tell the story and Mark just can't get enough asking lots of questions, all the while knowing that they will fuck like bunnies tonight.

A few days pass and it's Monday again. Paula can hardly wait to see what Rob will have in store for her. She dresses in one of her sexiest dresses and heads for Rob's house. When the door opens Rob is standing there naked with his hand on his cock. Paula smiles and says, "Did you miss me. You look kind of like a Viagra commercial." They both laugh and Rob moves closer putting his hand on Paula's shoulder obviously wanting her on her knees. Dropping to her knees as his slut, she stares up at his cock and watches it move closer to her face. His hand barely moves as he strokes it at her waiting face and moves even closer. The head of his cock is now at her face and he uses his hand to pull it upwards above her face bringing his balls to her mouth. They brush her lips and she opens her mouth to suck them in. Rob watches as this beautiful woman becomes his slut and services his balls properly. Paula rises up slightly sucking a path up the side of his dick and sucks the head inside. She pushes down until she feels him starting to enter her throat. Standing suddenly, Paula just reaches out in slow motion and takes a hold of what she craves most in life and leads him slowly towards the couch and begins slowly stroking it up and down. Rob watches her and notices that she is totally absorbed into what she is doing, staring at his cock like she is worshipping it. Rob sits down and she pushes him over to where he is laying on his back. On her knees next to the couch Paula stops only to inspect his balls and then continues her erotic massage. The smell of his cock fills her senses and her face moves ever closer allowing her to see every detail. Not trying to hold back any more she brings her face to this hard cock and rubs it across her cheek and nose. Her tongue touches the large purple head swirling around it and she sucks it into her mouth. Her mouth pulls off of the head and slips down the side to the base still sucking and licking.

Paula slows and looks to Rob while still holding his cock and says, "You have a beautiful cock. I can't believe that you haven't got 50 kids scattered all over the city." Her lips go back to his cock while Rob smiles and watches as though it's all just a dream. Suddenly he tightens to release a nice surprise for Paula. Sperm begins to erupt in squirt after squirt until it slows to nice steady flow like a small volcano. When Rob opens his eyes, he sees that Paula's face is covered in cum and it is pooling around her lips that are locked on the base of his cock. He can see it dripping from her hair as her mouth begins to work its way up the shaft and slides down over the head again. Rob's eyes get wide when he sees that Paula is cleaning up his cum with her mouth, swallowing his cum. He looks to her lustfully and says, "Clean up all this cum baby."

Paula proceeds to lick and suck up all of his cum and is quite the mess when finished. She looks to Rob smiling and says, "I had better go clean up." He can only grin at this and tells her, "I think you should wear my cum for the rest of the day." Standing up she smiles through the cum and says, "I would be very proud to wear your cum."

Paula pulls herself back together and begins cleaning the house. Retrieving a robe for Rob they talk like old friends. At one point while not looking at Rob Paula ask, "You don't mind that I'm white do you?" Rob is quiet and does not respond until his hands touch her back and begin to hug her from the rear. Paula stands accepting his touch as he replies, "Watching my old black cock disappear in your pretty white mouth is what dreams are made of." Paula can only smile at his praise of her work.

At the end of the day Rob walks to the table and retrieves an envelope for Paula containing a bonus for her good work. Opening it she is stunned to see $250.00. She looks to Rob and says, "Thank you." "You are very welcome and I am sure there will be plenty more bonuses for you in the future." Rob replies as he admires the sperm dripping from her hair down onto her shoulder. "As my own personal slut I will see that you are well taken care of."

Mark is calling when she arrives home and Paula proceeds to give him all of the details. Still wearing Rob's cum she touches herself while Mark listens to her exciting story. Paula bathes because the kids will be home shortly and tries to collect herself to make it through the rest of the day until Marks gets home.

The next morning Paula shows up bright and early at Rob's to find him eating breakfast and sits to talk with him. "I know that I am only supposed to work 3 days a week but I hope that you don't mind me coming over a little more often. Mark, my husband, and I were talking about you last night and he thinks that what I'm doing is sexy as hell. We had sex almost all night after I told him about yesterday." Rob's only response was, "You told your husband?" "Well certainly, I would never cheat on my family." She answered plainly. They were quiet for a moment when Paula says, "I am sorry if you thought I was cheating. I am just a sex crazed housewife giving sexual favors to a friend that happens to be a very nice, older black man."

This seemed to calm Rob and he seemed to blush. Rob sat at the table while Paula washed the dishes she turned to face him saying suddenly, "Will you have dinner at my house this evening? I really think you should meet Mark and I just know that you two will be friends. Please!" Rob agrees and Paula tells him that she will come pick him up at 5 pm.

When finished with her work she walks to Rob and drops to her knees in front of him and looks to his eyes saying, "Can I do anything else for you?" Looking at this woman on her knees offering herself to him Rob struggles to say, "If this were 50 years ago I could do this all the time. At this age I just can't. The next time I see the doctor I will request a little help but for now you will just have to be happy with now and then." Smiling Paula rises up and then sits on his lap looking at his face she whispers, "Anytime you need me you just call."

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