Kim and Denise More Than Neighbors
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It was a snowy day here in Syracuse, NY when your neighbor Denise walked up the stairs and startled you.

It was a snowy day here in Syracuse, NY when your neighbor Denise walked up the stairs and startled you.

"Hey Kim, sure is cold out there today eh?" Denise said as she was walking up the stairs.

"Yeah, sure as hell is." Kim replied

"Hey Kim what are you doing later?"

"Nothing just smoking some chronic and probably watch some TV."

"You uh want to come over and watch TV at my crib?" Denise asked "I got some new movies I want to watch if you're interested."

Kim made plans to meet Denise in an hour, that was enough time to shower, change and scarf down some dinner. An hour later Kim knocked on Denise's door. She opened it to reveal a very nice pajama outfit of silk.

"Wow, that looks great on you Denise!" Kim exclaimed "too bad I don't own anything like that must help when you work at a clothing store eh?"

"Yeah it helps a little with the cost, but I love your eh... sweatpants"

Kim came in and sat down on the couch, while Denise headed for the kitchen. When she returned she was holding cookies and ice cream for them both. They both settled down on the couch and turned on the movie. While the previews were on they packed up Mr. Orange (the name of her bong). Kim took Greens and passed it over to Denise; who took a monster rip, coughed, and coughed, and coughed some more.

"Man that is some sweet cheeba" said Denise

About midway through the movie they had realized that the movie sucked and they should watch something else. Kim went to her place and grabbed a movie of a different sort. It was a movie about gender identity called "Boy's Don't Cry." It was a true story of a girl who wanted to be a boy and then falls in love with this girl who thinks the main character is a boy. There is an intimate sex scene in it between the two ladies and as they watched Denise asked "Hey, Kim ever kiss a girl besides your mom?"

"Of course I kiss my friends hello." Kim replied

"That's not what I meant silly I meant passionately." Denise retorted

"No, why do you ask?"

"Well, I never have either and I was wondering if maybe I could kiss you."

After a brief hesitation and some extra coaxing by Mr. Orange she reluctantly agreed.

"Alright, but this is just for experience nothing else." Kim said.

"Right for the experience only," as she moved over to the couch to join Kim.

They looked at each other as Kim moistened her lips and closed her eyes and leaned forward and placed her lips gently against Denise's. They kissed a second time and then a third and on the third time Denise raised her right hand to touch Kim's hair. She played with her hair and slowly let her fingers move down her sides till she was caressing her back.

"There that wasn't so bad was it Kim?"

"Nah, actually it felt really good. I think I am starting to get wet." She smiled and then returned her gaze to Denise's robe. That is when Denise had started to unbutton her top and exposed her beautiful curves to Kim. Denise was 5'10" tall and weighed about 125 lbs and had full breasts that hanged down half her chest.

"I am getting wet too!" Denise replied "Would you like to touch them?" Them being her tits, they were still held up by her silk green bra and the nipples were fully erect. Kim reached her hand up and gave them a squeeze she couldn't believe that she was doing this yet it felt so natural.

Denise snaked her hand under the elastic band of Kim's sweatpants, over her thankfully flat and smooth stomach and 'innie' belly button, then under the thin elastic band of her plain white cotton panties, through the small patch of curly black pubic hair above her slit, lightly touching Kim's sensitive clit, her legs jerked slightly from the contact, to her labia on either side of the pink slit. Moisture had already gathered inside Kim's pussy, and with the contact of Denise's finger tip touching the silky interior walls, the moisture ran down her slit and into the opening closest to my rear end.

Kim's vagina gratefully accepted the intrusion of Denise's slim finger, and she slid it in all the way up to her hand, until it could go no farther. Kim hissed her breath out at the thrill of pleasure that ran through her body, and she fantasized that it was a big cock sliding inside her. She wanted her deeper inside, and more of her. Kim whimpered as the finger slid in and out, faster and faster, and as her thumb stroked across her sensitive clit, she groaned, and whispered "I am cumming!" Her body quivered with orgasms, momentarily kicking off her underwear, and exposing Denise's hand thrust inside her cunt.

"Oh, Kim," Denise responded breathlessly, "You're driving me crazy." Kim just moaned sweetly as her kisses migrated down the side of Denise's face to her neck and back up to her chin before placing another loving kiss on those sweet lips. Denise gladly accepted her kiss while she felt Kim's hands begin to move down her body tracing her ribs as she made her down to the sticky, sweet treasure between Denise's legs.

Pausing for a moment at Denise's navel she traced a circle around the intriguing bit of anatomy making a mental note to place a loving kiss there later. Denise's patience was beginning to wear thin. Luckily she didn't have much longer to wait. The teasing was about to come to an end. As Kim's kisses moved back to Denise's ear she felt Kim's hand hovering above her mound. When her hand had finally reached her swollen folds she responded by letting out a long hiss and her back arched involuntarily as her friend's fingers delved into her depths as her palm rubbed hard against her clit.

"Cum, Denise," Kim urged, "Show me how beautiful you are, cum for me!" Then she bent down and took one of Denise's poor, little nipples into the warmth of her mouth. Apparently this was all that Denise needed. The pressure had become too much and finally she exploded with a scream. Her body went rigid and bright lights flashed behind her eyes then the world went black and silent. All she could feel was Kim's fingers on her pussy and mouth on her breasts and the indescribable pleasure that they were bringing her. It seemed like a small eternity before the orgasm subsided. Kim's hand found its way to join their kiss and both of them savored the sweet taste of Denise's juices on Kim's fingers.

"Mm," Kim said as she looked into Denise's eyes, "You taste heavenly!"

"Thank you," Denise said before pulling Kim back into a kiss. Kim allowed her to, but the desire to get a first hand taste of Denise's pussy was overwhelming her. Kim chuckled lightly at her before she once again started to make her way down Denise's body though now she would kiss every inch of Denise's lovely body and not just touch it.

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