Terri's Fantasy

by gshumour1

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Desc: Sex Story: It started when I went out with my friend Tracy for a drink. She asked me if I had ever heard of women having sex with dogs. I said no, she gave me a story she had downloaded off the net. When I got home my husband had gone to bed. So I read the story, it wasnt long before I had my knickers off and my fingers in my pussy. I came three times before l went to bed.

It started one night when I was out for a drink with my friend Tracy. She asked me whether I had ever heard of women having sex with dogs, I said no. Tracy gave me a story she had downloaded of the net.

Before I go any further I will tell you about my self, im 5 ft 5 ins tall with a curvy 38-26-36 figure. With long brown hair and brown eyes.

When I got home my husband was in bed, so I sat down and started to read the story, it was about a young woman and her dog. The dog started off by licking her pussy. The more I read the more aroused I became, and it wasn't long before I had taken my knickers off and was playing with my self. I don't know why but the thought of a dogs long tongue licking my pussy really turned me on. I was reading the story and fucking myself with my fingers, occasionally bringing my wet fingers up to my mouth and licking and sucking my lovely tasting juice.

Before I had finished the story I had made myself cum three times.

I went to bed, but I couldn't go to sleep, all I could think about was sex with a dog. I have a black Labrador called Jojo and I wondered if I could try it with him.

The next day I got the e-mail of the author of the story I had read. I e-mailed him saying how much I enjoyed reading his story, and how wet it made me. I also asked him if it was normal to be so turned on by this sort of story. He replied that a lot of the women he knew get turned on by it, and a few had realised there fantasies and being fucked by a dog, he then said how much they had enjoyed it.

The next night when checking my e-mail I found a couple of short movie clips. Which showed a woman on her hands and knees with a dog fucking her. Whilst watching these I could feel myself getting wet, I quickly took my knickers off opened my legs, and pushed two fingers in my sopping wet cunt and fucked my self, imaging it was a dog cock going in and out of my cunt, I came twice before the film ended. And went to bed determined to find out more.

I e-mailed Paul the next day asking him how to get started. He suggested getting Jojo to lick my pussy to start, and to put some honey on my pussy.

Just thinking about Jojo licking my pussy made me wet, and I couldn't wait to try it.

so the next time I was alone in the house I stripped all my clothes off, and sitting in a chair started to play with myself, rubbing my tits, playing with my nipples, pinching them between my finger and thumb, until they came out nice and hard, making them tender to my touch.

Sliding a hand down I opened my legs slid a finger down my slit and pushed it into my cunt, I had never felt myself so wet, I knew I could wait no longer.

I smeared some honey on my pussy, pushing some into my cunt. Calling Jojo across I pulled him between my legs. After a couple of sniffs he stuck out his tongue and licked my pussy, the feeling of his long tongue licking my pussy was fantastic. I opened my legs as wide as I could, so his tongue had easy access, I then laid back and let him lick me, I put my hands back onto my tits tweaking my nipples and grabbing my firm tits. Jojo's tongue was pushing into my cunt I had never felt anything like it before and I heard myself saying go on Jojo lick my pussy, make me cum, I felt my body start to shake and tremble, and knew it wouldn't be long before I came.

I let out a groan of pleasure, and my legs clamped Jojo's head as I shouted FUCK IMMM CCCCUUUUUMMMMMIINNNNGGGGG, Jojo kept on licking I can never remember cumming as much as this before. His tongue working on my pussy was getting me going again. Looking down I could see his cock poking out of its sheath, I leant foreword and gently got hold of it, sliding my hand up and down his sheath like it was a mans cock. Before long all of his cock was out, I was surprised how big it was, bigger than my husbands.

The end was pointed and the cock was red and veined, there was a clear juice dripping out the end. I let some drip onto my hand, and I bought it up to my mouth and licked it. It tasted quite nice.

Jojo's was still licking my pussy and I came again coating his nose in my cum, Jojo seemed to love this, and licked even more.

Looking at the time I realised that I had better get dressed as my husband would soon be home.

The next time it was as if Jojo knew what was coming, he followed me about pushing his nose into my pussy every chance he got. This made my pussy wet, just thinking about his long dog tongue licking my cunt, and the feeling I got as it entered me and licked me inside.

As soon as I had my clothes off he started to lick me. I laid on the floor and he got between my legs and licked my pussy. He didn't need any honey this time, so he must have liked the smell and taste of my pussy.

I pulled the lips of my fanny apart so Jojo's tongue could get in further my clit was standing up hard and very sensitive and his nose was pushing against it as he tried to get his tongue deeper into me

I was moaning and groaning with pleasure as his beautiful long tongue bought me nearer to a orgasm. My whole body seemed to tingle with lust and pleasure as his tongue did its work. My breathing was becoming faster, and my stomach was quivering as I felt my first orgasm getting near, I pulled Jojo's head closer to my cunt as I screamed out loud and grabbed both off my tits pulling my nipples hard as my body shook with the force off my orgasm.

I pushed Jojo's head away, and getting on to my knees, stroked his head, and told him what a good dog he was.

Getting hold of his cock I gently started to pull his sheath back to reveal his big cock. There was a lot of precum dripping out of the end, so remembering what it tasted like last time I put my head down and licked it. It tasted better than I remembered so I put my whole mouth over it, sliding my lips up and down his big cock, I could taste his love juice as it ran into my mouth and slid down my throat.

Jojo started to fuck my mouth with his cock, so I tightened my lips around his cock and let him carry on. I could feel the end of his cock hitting the back of my throat as he pushed harder and faster.

My hand was on my fanny fingering myself and rubbing my clit, which was hard and stuck out like a little cock. My love juice was running out of my fanny and down my leg, I was that wet.

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