They Came From Space


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Desc: : Creatures take over earth and start using them as their slaves

The bell rang and the first customer of the day walked in. "What can I get for you" the strange creature behind the desk asked.

"I'm just browsing, thanks," the equally strange creature answered.

Theses creatures where not human, in fact they where far from it. The creatures as everyone had come to call them invaded earth in the year 2074. The human race put up a brave defense uniting to fight the things, but alas their efforts were in vain for the attackers destroyed all who opposed them. Once in control of the planet they gathered up the remaining humans about 4 billion (earth's population before the invasion was around 10 billion) and sent them to special camps. In these camps were the bare necessities to preserve the humans. The creatures kept the humans alive for only one reason, slavery and in more ways then one. At least that's all human 3508690087 aka Sean thought.

"Wow this place makes the camps look like a paradise" Sean said desperately trying to start a conversation with his two for one partner, but the woman would not talk. Sean missed his camp, up until his 18 birthdays he called the camp his home. Now he was in a cage with a naked woman beside him. The creatures thought of clothes as an unnecessary expense. "The creature at the desk is looking at us maybe we'll be sold" Sean said

"That doesn't bother you, who knows what the creature will do to you," the girl said

"Hey we're a two for one deal you know so if he buys me he gets you too," Sean answered.

"Oh yea I forget"

"Well it looks like we're sold then if that's what these creatures use as money," Sean said.

"I hope this creature is not mean to his slaves," the girl said nervously as the creatures walked over to the cage. The creature took the keys from his pouch, handed the two leashes to the creature purchasing the humans, opened the cage, put the heavy collar on the humans, attached the leashes to the people, and finally handed the end of the leash to the other creature. "This collar is s- " the creature quickly kicked the girl as if saying no talking. The creature then walked out to his vehicle, dragging the two human slaves behind him. Sean, and the girl were put in the back of the large vehicle like thing and they all left the human store and headed to the creature's home.

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